Officials break up illegal roadside vending

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit touring the Roseau Market in 2009.

The Roseau Market Authority had to displace several vendors today after some were caught selling agricultural produce on the road side in Roseau.

Superintendent for the Roseau market, Julius Carbon, told media that authorities had to force people out, most of them Haitians, after warning several times about their vending on the road side, an act considered against law.

Carbon told an afternoon ‘Kweyol’ program on DBS Radio that the Roseau market is the location designated for the selling of agricultural produce in the city, and that while some are observing the law, several others are just not.

He said authorities were mainly giving a strong warning today to further inform vendors selling agricultural produce on the roadside that their actions were wrong, but he vowed officials will be tough on those disregarding the rules.

When asked about sufficient room in the Roseau market for more vendors, Carbon said: “There is space in the market and that the conditions there are favourable for vending. There are people in the market for many years and they are satisfied.”

He noted that many vendors out of the market are selling their produce at a greater price than what is offered by market vendors.

“We don’t want people to lose their money,” he said, “we are offering people…assistance to help them get profit.”

“We want the people to live,” Carbon stated, justifying the action of authorities.

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  1. September 6, 2011

    The problem can be solved very simple,with a simple law to all venders if they have anything to sell do so in the market and pay for a stall.
    Any vender who sell on the street without a licence should pay $100.00.where the vender sells his/her goods should be approved by the state official.this is fair trading to all concerned Knowing the law and the cost of breaking the law is a fine.
    At the moment the shops are paying the taxes.and the venders are having a free ride on those who are paying the let us have order so everyone pull the rope together and not play the cheating game called poor excuse to have an addvantage over the other for free.
    Dominicans are not French or Spanish and speak English we should not allow Hatians to do what they want but allocate them to live outside and work on farms or send them back if they break the law so they know the score,one strike and you are out.
    We are a poor Island and sympathetic to help Hatians to live and do well and work where labour is nescessary,to help farmers.
    Surely the venders are haveing compitition because they should be in the field and not in Roseau Streets selling,The farmers need help with their produce and the farm hand is in the streets of Rouseau husleing for space in Roseau.We need them in the villages to work and populate

  2. Kiesha
    April 30, 2011

    I hope these comments and feedbacks are being past on to those in authority trying to make change for the bettee. Its not a very pretty site walking around Roseau and seeing vendors in every corner. On the other hand they need to make a living, and it needs to be done in a proper , and legal manner. Its time we have Proper structure in the way we do things in DA

  3. pat
    March 27, 2011


  4. Thank You
    March 24, 2011

    I want Portsmouth Town Council to send the same message especially to the Haitian Vendors.
    vending should be prohibited on the sidewalks. Every time i go to portsmouth i have to skip the sidewalk due to vending done there. So this should apply all around, let the people go inside the market and vend. I see the tables of the market all on bay street and the market is vacant. the tables should not be allowed to leave the market. i know there is sufficient space atthe portsmouth market.

  5. vigilante
    March 24, 2011

    Great work, it would be good if the planning division could follow suit and stop the illegal squatting all over the island especially in housing areas. They are creating problems for other land owners- an illegal activity is an illegal activity in any way, shape or form. Prime land that can be developed and sold to law abiding citizens is being pilfered all over and nothing is being done about it, a number of years down the line it is sold to them at a $1.00 a square foot, this is disgraceful and says alot about our politicians. One may critisize my entry and state what does it have to do with the removal of stalls in Roseau, but it is the same principle and it would be great if the planning division would get some backbone, forget the politicians and do the job that they are being paid to do.

  6. HMMMMMM(the psychic)
    March 24, 2011

    Bondiere oiye…but what is wrong with those Haitians nah? Everywhere they go they trying to spoil people country . Even here in the U.S . I saw a haitian lady selling bakes on the roadside. LOL and mind you she only informing haitians that she selling bakes eh. Little did she know that I understood creole and overheard her telling another she selling bakes and whether she was interested in buying. The lady was standing there like is bus she was waiting for. And, during summer season there is another one selling limes on her doorstep. Ha cher man

    • TeteMorne I from....
      March 26, 2011

      So what is wrong in selling bakes by the roadside then? D’you know how difficult it is to find some good island bakes in the US?

  7. Prestige
    March 24, 2011

    I second that motion. Can’t even pass on a sidewalk. have to be all in the road.

  8. Dominican Abroad
    March 24, 2011

    good, control, else very soon all of Roseau will be one big market,

  9. voices
    March 24, 2011

    Mr. Carbon it was high time that this practice ceased! the place for vending, selling of produce is in the Roseau Market…no discrimination but the Haitians were just setting up stalls all over the place making the town look so dam untidy, and even giving the Dominican vendors problem in the Roseau Market….we need to put them straight if not we will be soooo sorry we had given them an inch!

  10. happy
    March 24, 2011

    It was about time them Haitians don’t even want to move to allow somebody pass… on Tuesday while I was passing around pumpkins area I heard two of them in a conversation saying oh they not moving for nobody…. Are they the law makers of this country?

    Now at the front of Courts have a set of them and lord knows is the that in charge of the sidewalk you cannot even pass.. is either you squeeze between baskets or pass on the street and you cannot say a word about it, they will give you your share of maypwie…

    It was about time they do something about them, but they not out for long they will be back by next week!

    GO IN THE MARKET AND PAY $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOPPERS KNOW WHERE THE MARKET IS!!!!!!

    All around Roseau is a set of nonsense with them vendors Haitians and Dominicans….

  11. Roger Burnett
    March 24, 2011

    Is it only selling agricultural produce that is illegal? What about other items? At while we’re at it, what about parking on the pavement?

  12. ...
    March 24, 2011

    Is not only the haitians it affects. our local hard working farmers too. so, are we going to stop super markets from selling vegetables so everyone can go to the market to buy their vegetables? tha’s why pple move from the Market to the side walks. let’s look at a civilized and modern way to deal with this thing.

  13. cautious
    March 24, 2011

    but wait… so what you trying to tell me here is that Haitians have land now to be farmers and even come and sell there provisions at a more expensive price than the Dominican farmers themselves? to funny oh to funny

    • happy
      March 24, 2011

      they renting the land from people… and their produce is not more expensive is just that they need to understand Dominica have laws

  14. Voice from the Wilderness
    March 24, 2011

    This country is really suffering from intellectual fatigue.Dominicans occuppy gutter positions in every other country on earth yet u all despise the Hatians people so much! If the law is law as most of all u admit, why have not u all demand the DEAR Leader to step aside beuz he flagrantly violated the supreme law of the land?

    Voice fr. the wilderness

  15. Wongping
    March 23, 2011

    DNO thank people,while it’s true we in modern times,RAFOULE in the 60’s was comming down with a suitcase to sell clothes.strangers usually do what the nationals won’’s true I am against voodoo and the neverending instability,but this is no reason to criticise haitians.every DA family has someone in BACKOFF.CARIBBEAN INTEGRATION!!

    • cautious
      March 24, 2011

      but what voodoo have to do with them people not following the law…(Caribbean integration my foot) you still have to follow the law of the country

      • Wongping
        March 24, 2011

        Now I know u have left DA

  16. Wrong means wrong
    March 23, 2011

    The article said most of the people were Haitians NOT ALL. I remember clearly that even before the Haitians there were people, Dominicans, selling their produce on the road side. I am quite certain if we go to other areas of the city there will be other people who are not Haitians.

  17. Anonymous
    March 23, 2011

    there are standards in every country, no road side vending means just that. Those in front of Courts taking all the side walk.

    • Pay up
      March 23, 2011

      LMAO!……Walking in the Courts area has become a hazard to the pedestrian. Pay the $5….its the same as a pound of tomato!

  18. da in ny
    March 23, 2011

    those Haitians need to know where the market is …next time fine them….

  19. For the ppl
    March 23, 2011

    That just ain’t right :( these ppl need to make a living just like they do. Y don’t they go stop those that r selling drugs to the youths!

    • jay
      March 23, 2011

      They can make a living legally, without cluttering up the sidewalks. Pay the 5 dollars!

      • good
        March 24, 2011

        Sure they can! we must learn to do things orderly! @ For the ppl…you are on a different wave length…cause this is not the matter at hand….learn to comment and make sense and avoid sounding like a fool!

    • Informant
      March 24, 2011

      While some may see it as taking another man’s bread, it is really not good to be selling the produce on the road side as this creates a number of risks for pedestrians and creates the possibility of accidents for drivers who have to focus on avoiding persons who now have to walk on the road rather than the sidewalk because they are occupied with vendors.

    • Dominican living in the BVI
      March 24, 2011

      The Haitians needs to obey the laws the market is big enough. I living in a country and you do not want to see the size of the market. I have been always saying Dominica has a big market. Let them go to the market all where they go is trouble.

  20. Dominican Man
    March 23, 2011

    Re-open the old market and lease it to the Haitians very soon we might have to Divide D/ca in two one half to us locals and the other half to the Haitians and thats being polite and not hateing. I will rest my case for D.N. post my comments.

    • tete lalay
      March 23, 2011


    • TAMPUS
      March 23, 2011


      • Peter George
        March 23, 2011

        Agree with you so much, why do you think whenever they try to go to Dominican Republic, the USA, and other countries they are not welcome there, their native language is creole also they do speak French and they are not welcome in no french speaking countries and to say the least all they do care about is themselves, law is law they need to obey the laws of the land , just a matter of time when it is all said and done Dominicans will come to realize that they are not to be trusted, this is one of the main reason why my parents inform relatives that they should not rent their houses for them, before coming to England in the early 70s, as a child i always heard about them and having them in Dominica Lord Deliver The Land Of MY Birth

        • charmed
          March 24, 2011

          get your facs straight before you speak

          youwould be suprised that Haitians are getting frech citizen ships and dominicans arent getting…
          when you go to the la perfecture in Guadelope and Martinique even France and count the haitians against dominicans and see the results..

          it is dominicans they do not want … the haitians bring produce and dominicans bring violence..thats what they say..

          i leaved there so i can tell you.

        • Stupes
          March 25, 2011

          @charmed: Oh please!

  21. Sotness
    March 23, 2011

    Offering more than 1 Market place in Rosea will allow for competition and give vendors more options. It will also stimulate more revenue for everyone involved as long as the Markets not right next to each other.

    • good
      March 24, 2011

      now the best idea ive heard in this forum for the day!!! why do we need to have one market in one place!! it would be so convenient to have 2 …that would ease on the congestion too. time to start thinking out of the box!!!

  22. miami
    March 23, 2011


    • Neutral
      March 23, 2011

      Dominicans are no different everywhere they go. Yes I am Dominican.

      • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
        March 24, 2011

        You state that “Dominicans” are no different everywhere they go? I object to that! You have committed a grave error.
        Which Dominicans are you referring to and how many of them?
        There you go generalizing again, placing all Dominicans in one basket and insinuating that they are all one and the same.
        We are Dominicans but we are not all one and the same. This is a mistake which some people make. It is like saying that all blacks – West Indians are one and the same or people of a country are one and the same. Surely everyone should know better that people of one country are not one and the same.
        As an example, we are not from an identical family; not nurtured the same way; do not all possess the same education; not from the same socio-economical background and there is more…
        I reside in another country. On some occasions, based on certain discussions, I have to inform and remind some people, whether they are Dominicans, non-Dominicans or non-West Indians that “we are not one and the same” and are not all in the identical category. You should know what I mean. If not, put on your thinking cap and give it a good thought.
        It is necessary to think before we speak, write and act. You are a typical example of judging every Dominican as being one and the same. I will inform you further that it is an insult to those Dominicans who are also disciplined people and who conduct themselves in a gentlemanly and ladylike fashion to make such a statement which includes them.

    • TAMPUS
      March 23, 2011


      • ?????
        March 23, 2011

        are you for real? what if Domnicans oversea’s are asked to return to their country? Do you know that almost half of Dominica’s population is abroad?, we need to be tolerant of others as we would like others to be tolerant of us.

        • Stupes
          March 25, 2011

          What does being tolerant of others have to do with anything? They come in people’s country they have to obey the laws. Dominica aready give them a little help by making them escape their misere in their country and that is the thank you they choose to give us? Better luck next time. they will stay and rot in their wonderful land.

    • Peter George
      March 23, 2011

      You are right Miami, there reputation in Little Haiti in Florida is very disturbing, they are involved in high level crime and many are wanted in the USA, they are heartless people sooner or later they will want equals rights in Dominica and also take over the Island, all of them need to go back to their country even i have no sympathy for them at all, many of us noticed since they landed on the shores of Dominica, our Beloved Island is not what it used to be, those who are in favour of them are those involved in their dirty works, Dominican would not have given the opportunity in Haiti as they have in Dominica, a few days ago on BBC we heard about them shooting on on their own who help Haiti , Dominicans beware and take note

      • outrage
        March 24, 2011

        so you think no dominicans have every gone abroad and made nonsense, yes hatians have a bad rep, but how can you think they would return to haiti, after the earth quake and hurricane mess, i think that all haitians should have to register with the goverment, and if they are found to be in dominica with out the proper reqirements then they should be sent back to haiti.

        the market a mess with illegal traders and paro, the paro getting so bad since those chinese bring harder drugs to dominica, its not weed they just on any more, how we expect tourist to enjoy the experiance if they have paro always at them, i see it so many times,they get so vexed that they return to the boat or walk in de direction of where they staying but the paro just follow dem and then say harsh thngs to them. you not think its time to clean up dominica of the people that cause de problems in dominica, and it just not haitian trading illegally you no

        • Boldface
          March 25, 2011

          That is their businessif they send them back. A problem they want to start here. But i just want all those Haitians in Dominica to know that this is not haiti and we will not stand for their nonsense. Everything for those damned haitians is a riot and a fight. Tell them to start it and they will see where they will end up. Think they going to come and spoil my lovely Dominica more than how they spoil it already? They well Lie!!!!!!!!!

  23. woman time
    March 23, 2011

    i agree lee… One time i could not even enter my bus on the the bus-stop cause some Haitians there blocking the path… I mean I understand that they have to make a lil money, but not at the expense of pedestrians and motorist bonjay. Go to the market…if ppl need the produce, trust me they will find you there.

  24. The real 100% Dominican and Proud
    March 23, 2011

    It was about time. Walking on the streets of Roseau had become almost a nightmare in recent past. Additionally, I have noted that some vendors are actually blocking streets where traffic could be flowing and/or cars parked. I would recomment that this measure be extended to the street vendors on the Bay front (especially in the area of the Post Office) and other parts of Roseau. It’s high time that an attempt is made to clean up the capital.

    • C'est La Vie
      March 23, 2011

      I agree. Everytime I pass on the bayfront I have to walk in the street….this is ridiculous. Infront LIME, Whitchurch, Courts, Shillingford, Nassief, you can hardly walk.

      Ever wonder why they don’t vend infront of the banks, Ministry, or the Chinese Stores……just wondering.

      They sit on the roadside by Wayne Feeds and won’t pay $5 to use the market.

      SaKway tonneh man!

  25. Muslim_Always
    March 23, 2011

    Is it that the some of the Haitians are trying to avoid the $5 stall fee why they are illegically by the roadside?

  26. love
    March 23, 2011





  27. danno
    March 23, 2011

    how they expect ppl to survive in dominica when they just throwing them out.. smh on dominica

    • lee
      March 23, 2011

      If you want to sell pay your $5 for Market space.

      • Peter George
        March 23, 2011

        This is a $5 save, remember the Haiti who staved himself to death in Antigua airport refused to buy himself a bottle of water only to find out that he had over $15,000 taking back to Haiti this happened a few years ago, this is what they do all over,

      • sexy girl
        March 24, 2011

        and the cost not even much nuh! we must learn to give up to gain! pay the market fee!

      March 23, 2011

      Whats wrong with using the market?

      The little bit of pavement we have is not the right place.. Like Lee said, let them pay the $5 charge.

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