DEAR BELLA: I paid for everything, now can’t get over this girl

Dear Bella



I need your advice on how to get over this girl that I somehow can’t get over even if I know for a fact that she is bad for my health.

We met during a popular annual event last year and we hit it off very well. She introduced me to her mother and she was very nice to me.

I am not really handsome but I figure if I spend heavily on a woman-especially those in Dominica- then you are in for a long time.

Bella I would buy her mother lunch, dinner, take them out and all. And her mother loved that. I bought clothes, shoes, hair and even ham and turkey Christmas gone. Cellphone costing $900 even.

And even if she is just 16, her mother didn’t mind because I was helping them out.

I thought at first her mom would say I was too old because I am 33. But she didn’t mind at all.

But all of a sudden, the relationship got cold. Her mom wouldn’t send her at my house again and even the mother cold with me.

I distanced myself and then last week she told me she wanted to end the relationship.

Next thing I heard she have a new boyfriend and the mother always up and down on his ride.

I guess she didn’t remember when I use to walk all the way Morne Bruce to bring food for her.

I miss her and I know I shouldn’t because I feel that they were using me.

So, I am asking if you could help me get over her. Like not to think of her again or even remember the way she hurt me.




Hello Walker

I don’t know if you expected anything serious to derive from a relationship with a 16-year-old.

And you could be right in your thinking that you were used.

Sometimes things happen to allow us to realize our mistakes and to save us from the catastrophe that we create for ourselves.

Condition your mind and tell yourself the story ended the best way.

Find someone more mature if you really want a serious relationship. You should never try to buy love using material things.

Furthermore, a mother “selling out”, her 16-year-old girl for monetary gains is clearly a red flag. It appears that this is a pattern.

Moving forward learn that money cannot buy you love irrespective of how society may put it.


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    February 18, 2020

    I think you got what you deserved.
    This is a child in school and you’re 33 years pursuing her WTF.
    Young girls get infatuated with older men for various reasons, there’s always a bunch of teenagers that find people their age immature even though they are.
    It’s the responsibility of the older man or woman to know that type of relationship is not appropriate, be the adult, set boundaries.

  2. DominicanBeauty
    February 1, 2020

    From the moment I heard that you were 33, and she 16, my perspective changed completely. This is too common in Dominica.

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  3. look it
    January 30, 2020

    There’s no ifs or buts ,may be the young lady does not even know who her father is. Men are so handsome yet always get the blame. The man thought he was helping a fatherless child who was in need, but little did he knew, that 16 year old had more experience than he. They sleep out and rush home in the morning, put on uniform and go to school. To make a child for a man and another man bring them up. You never hear a young couple get married. We all have to take the blame for bad upbringing. Shame on labour they been in there long enough.

  4. sugarmama
    January 30, 2020

    awa my broda awaa u can do better than that

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  5. Taipan
    January 30, 2020

    Dominican a bunch of hypocrites, the girl is at the age of consent and her mother knows, and even enjoys the money. People always say “what a big man doing with lil girl” what is little about a 16 year old? he was wrong to fall in love he should be old enough to see what was happening. just make your lil high bomb next time and keep your heart out of it.

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  6. January 30, 2020

    My friend. You should be jumping for joy right now. You already know that you were being used. First reason. In no time your wallet would run dry. Second reason. 16 years old is too young for you. Clearly her mother is behind all this. I think she did you a big favour so enjoy it. Don’t worry there is someone out there for you. Next time be very careful money can’t buy love.

  7. ADULT
    January 29, 2020

    Why is a grown man messing with a child? Her mother is so wrong. Woman, this man could be your child’s father. Mr. Walker …Stop the madness….you don’t have to buy anything for the house. Why are you buying clothes, a cellphone for $900, ham, turkey, hair, lunch, dinner and what you forgot to mention is you’re “paying for the sex”. You’re a foolish 33-year old boy. Leave these little nasty girls at home with their nasty mothers…who are encouraging them to do wrong and making you feel as if they really love you….Jack.
    Mother’s need to raise strong black men and women.

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    • Concern
      January 30, 2020

      Sadly that what the uwp to cover up their sins and no one care to increase the age of consent back to 18 now our girls like pawn in the power games sad fix it labour to many under 18 in the labor rooms.
      The cycle repeats.

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  8. Bwa-Banday
    January 29, 2020

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ! Pardner you joking man.

    A damn hard-back man like you there fooking a child and when she walk away you even have the ordasity to come here looking for help/ sympathy? I have help for you all-right! Give Bella your phone number or address and I will come give you help to be LOCKED UP in the cells at PHQ. Also I need the mother number and name so she too can face justice for being an accessory to the crime. What a waste of a mother!!I Selling he daughter for “things”. I will make damn sure the officers at HQ secure a conviction so you can find a real girl-boyfriend in stocky.

    Having said that, if I were you I would run away real soon because Kings Hill/ Morne Bruce area is small and gossip runs rampant so its easy to find all involved. Go get a life before you get one in jail compliments DNO. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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  9. Gerige
    January 29, 2020

    My broda doe worry with Dem hipocrit that posting ther comment ther.. the woman 16 age of consent … She agree to talking her bord.. I just doe like what she do after u organize her… That’s how D.A woman be boss they eating up man money and use them.. the. U seeing them with other man rolling .. you doe see how she run for another man with ride … My brother doe dig u bords already … Mamzel them not goin nowhere .. just now a man goin plug mamzzel

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    • Casio
      January 29, 2020

      Blame the men. The women only doing what we used to do. Take advantage of stupidity. also maybe he had hopes of being the one to plug her. now he have to watch her with a next man yout. gopwell

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    • Sighhh
      February 1, 2020

      Must be a joke dat dere. That is why we doesnt move forward. cuz it have too much tehbeh here with just a stupid mentality. I not even arguing dat.

  10. Da Girl
    January 29, 2020

    First of allllll padnaaaaaaaa!!!!! You are a hardbackkkk 33 year old. What de a**** you doing with a 16 year old???? Both you and the mother should be beaten and jailed with hard labour. It looks like the mother prostituting the child. Then when the child comes homes pregnant or sick with disease she will want to break her two legs sakway mayshastay!! Wicked sick people!! Leave the child alone and go look for someone your own age!!

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    • Man bites dogs
      January 29, 2020

      Man I came on this forum not to be hard on you but after reading what Da Girl, had to say, she is right on que what hell a big man like you doing with a baby girl sixteen years old she is right to take you for a Mug you are a cradle snatcher as Da Girl, 10 out of 10 said go find yourself a hardback woman.

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  11. Casio
    January 29, 2020

    People say this is common in poor countries. Nonsense. In my time when growing up we were poorer, whether you were ugly or not, you got and kept your woman based on how much “game” you had. You had to be able to approach and speak to a girl. Win her trust, be able to break down her objections with wordplay and style. These days these fools think you need to pay women and spend on them endlessly for them to be interested. They arent interested in you. the are in your money. With songs promoting prostitution with words like “no money no love” and “i will buy you ferrari i will give you everything”, no wonder u think is how it works. You young men need guidance and schooling from those of us who were really doing it 20 30 years ago. Then again in my time the women werent so money hungry and greedy. we had actual ladies who had morals and values. These days too many of these young ones and their friends want to act like hoes. Only want you if you have money to spend will the see…

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    • Casio
      January 29, 2020

      light on you. On the flip side as a young man still im open to older ladies looking for companionship and willing to put their money where their mouth is. When in Rome, do as the romans do. Right now we in modern day rome. political curruption, incest, debauchery, all kind of makakwi going on in DCA

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      • EIFILE
        January 29, 2020

        Mr. Casio, you so spot on these messy people and they hate the truth. When they were giving brains, where was he? LEAVE quietly and count your loses, he is not handsome and, still exposing himself to the public. A cradle snatcher, wait till a 13 year old got hold of him.

  12. Ripe patat
    January 29, 2020

    Politicians do it so Mr. Walker thinks its okay I suppose

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  13. Original. Walker
    January 29, 2020

    But. Why is my surname them people want to use as name na.. gasa when u making your post. Put your name!!!!

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  14. zandoli
    January 29, 2020

    Sadly this is very common in poor countries and Dominica is no exception. Adult men thinking they can use their money to buy their way into the pants of young girls. The saddest part is, the mother is complicit in the exploitation of her daughter for personal gain. Instead of instilling a sense of pride in her daughter and encouraging her to work hard at school to accomplish her dreams and independence, she is grooming a child to use her body to gain favor. She should be jailed for child exploitation. And so should the guy.

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  15. For What It’s Worth
    January 29, 2020

    As the saying goes: “A fool and his money are soon parted”.

    You are nothing but a cradle snatching weasel who got exactly what you deserved. You tried to play the advantage of age and money but wound up a loser after the script was flipped on you.

    All I can say is you are very fortunate I was not not the father of the precocious teenage girl who is half your age.

    Grow up and start acting your age!!!!!!

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  16. January 29, 2020

    What is up with grown men chasing little girls anyway? Stop being afraid of real women.

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    • Casio
      January 29, 2020

      Because they are easier to fool. Dont have as much going on in their lives as grown women and all want money, especially if they arent working. The growm man acts like a sexual predator, using his money as bait because in the end the little girls want to be able to show off to their friends the material things they have, and some even the man who has been giving it to them (regardless of if he is married or not. they have NO shame). To the older man he gets to feel some excitement with a young attractive girl who he may feel is “fresh meat”. They want to act as a guide to some of the girls, but in reality it is just sex. a new young conquest. shovenism. On the flip side i am open to older women who are looking for a younger man if any are interested. Fresh meat available in that regard. Same terms and conditions apply.

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      • Amazing Face
        January 29, 2020

        @ Casio: The word is chauvinism.
        You like the taste of big words on your tongue so learn to spell them.

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        • Casio
          January 30, 2020

          Amazing Face i hope your face is really amazing eh. Lord knows. Non the less i thank you for the spelling lesson. You must have been a spelling bee champion in your time. you know all the words boy.

  17. DC
    January 29, 2020

    I am so outraged, I have to exhale again. You are such a sick individual to come here looking for sympathy. My only concern is the young lady who has been victimized by two adults, sadly, her mom and you. Man get out of the City, our young ladies are safer with vultures like you out of Town!

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  18. DC
    January 29, 2020

    Both, you and the mother should be jailed for taking advantage of a sixteen year old child. Sad shame!

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  19. Concerned Citizen
    January 29, 2020

    Awa that is a joke. That CANNOT be real. A 33 year old man loving a 16 year old girl? And be even want her back? Stupes I not even going to waste my energy.

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    • SoCrates
      January 31, 2020

      Some have addressed the root of the problem, that being the age of consent in Dominica. I’m getting the impression that the age of consent in Dominica is 16, therefore no criminal charges can be brought against the man or the mother. The age of consent should be changed to 18 years of age allowing for people like the mother and the “man” to face criminal charges. There’s so much in Dominica that is struck in the dark ages and is reminiscent of a backward third world country. We talk about how much progress have been made, but so much remain the same..TIME FOR A CHANGE

    • candid
      January 31, 2020

      Concern, you are not wasting energy, the girl needs your advise. At 16,she just left school and should be in college persuading a career ,instead she prefer to use her platform as a sponge, by the time she became 20,she will be of no use to any man.Men deserve respect. The man was being helpful and kind hearted. Horse is always a horse. End the matter this should never appeared on line, this was private.

      • DominicanBeauty
        February 1, 2020

        You sound like mr walker.

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