Dominica Civil Liberties Foundation concerned about police detention of American visitors


The Nature Island Dominica Civil Liberties Foundation (NIDCLF) has publicly expressed its concerns over the actions of the Dominica Police Force (CDPF). The CDPF detained seven visiting Americans for seven hours at the Police Headquarters last Sunday, questioning them about their presence in Dominica, despite lacking any evidence to justify the detentions.

NIDCLF views this action as further proof that Dominica has become a police state, with the CDPF leadership acting as an arm of the political directorate. The incident raises disturbing questions about the CDPF’s conduct. NIDCLF questioned whether the same action would have been taken if the visitors, one of whom has been visiting Dominica regularly since 2003, had stayed at a hotel or resort owned by a government supporter. They also questioned if the same action would have been taken if the visitors were nationals of a country with close ties to the government, or if they were linked to the sale of Dominican passports to persons of dubious character.

The NIDCLF juxtaposed this incident with the police’s complicity in enabling individuals, including wanted fugitives and those intending to break Dominica’s laws, to enter Dominica with virtual immunity. Examples include allowing British mercenaries to enter Dominica for a nefarious purpose, escorting Dominicans resident abroad to vote in national elections in violation of Dominica’s electoral laws, enabling a foreign fugitive from justice to live in Dominica for nine months under the protection of the CDPF and the political directorate, and enabling a foreigner to illegally restrict the rights of Soufriere residents to use a public road.

The NIDCLF is calling on the Minister of National Security to explain to the Dominican people why the police were directed to take this action against visitors to Dominica. The members of NIDCLF urge all patriotic Dominicans to condemn this latest act by the police and to engage in peaceful protest to voice their strong opposition to what is taking place in Dominica.

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  1. DeEyesHaveIt
    April 3, 2024

    Nature Island Dominica Civil Liberties etal …
    Boy allu good in that Dominica wi. Who is this “organization”? Where allu come out??? Which Dominicans you representing and speaking or seeking information for???

    Too much Zahfeh allu have!!!!

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  2. Ibo France
    April 2, 2024

    The CDPF is just a ruthless, fictional, police organisation. It operates at the whim and fancy of an unlearned, corrupt, avaricious despot.

    The vast majority of members of this rogue force act as though they have sworn an oath to the ‘I run tings’ PM instead of the constitution. Now, their ill-advised arrest of these wealthy, law-abiding American tourists has deprived the local, comatose economy of much needed injection of cash. It has also done serious reputational damage to the country.

    While this dastardly action was being committed by the cockamamy police in Dominica, Roosevelt was in China making a pappyshow of himself while humiliating his countrymen.

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    • April 5, 2024

      For you, anybody should commit crimes in Dominica with impunity and that is Democracy at its best. Why don’t you take some time off from writing YOUR toilet garbage on DNO?

  3. Juanita
    April 2, 2024

    “The NIDCLF is calling on the Minister of National Security to explain to the Dominican people why the police were directed to take this action against visitors to Dominica.”

    Shouldn’t this request be directed instead to the man who publicly boasted on a political platform in the middle of Roseau that ” I run things in Dominica?”

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    • if we knew better
      April 3, 2024

      no because he will deflect and say some rubbish, dominicans will laugh and grin, 2 chebe saw will pass and it will become a forgotten joke like every major issue in Dominica. the Choksi matter, the missing CBI money, the giving away of our parrots, to name a few unsolved mysteries swept under the red rug.

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      • Labour power
        April 4, 2024

        For 24 years all you talking about boots on the ground and demonstration.Shame all you doe have and lazy all you lazy.De majority of Dominicans know all you is a bunch of do nothing aholes.Everything all you do failing and now all you have Lennox Linton suffering with de Dunning-Kruger effects.

        • if we knew better
          April 5, 2024

          Meanwhile the Majority of Dominicans living and WORKING in Dominica want to vote DLP out. the majority of Dominicans the go to the Red clinic and the special needs department for their weekly or monthly hand out are DLP supporters. Many of those i see at rallies for DLP are the same ones waiting downstairs Fin. Center to ask for their handout. We know the reality. Many of the UWP supporters you see marching are retired elderly people. YOU IDIOT. Most of the UWP supporters are middle to upper middle class professionals. people who have full time jobs and owners of businesses. they dont have time to walk around roseau but know that their individual vote counts. they know that if Skerrit didnt have to fly and ship in thousands of diaspora, uwp would have won 2 elections ago. we know that. but you refuse to accept reality. Go on have another shot of rum. there you strong.

    • Gary
      April 4, 2024

      Lol, you love recycling nonsense nothing new, why do you think the PM has time to engage people playing childish games, when he has important things to do with taking care of the Nation business. Looking forward to the next episode of the soap-opera.

      • Gary
        April 7, 2024

        The above reply should be directed to Juanita

        • RandyX
          April 11, 2024

          I thought you were talking to yourself, since nobody else listens to you anyway. You are one crazy SOB!

  4. Mark
    April 2, 2024

    NIDCLF should have found out the reason for the visitors’ detention rather than posting this piece which is highly speculative. We expect more, facts not speculation from a highly reputable organization such as yours.You post then ask the minister to address the matter, in other words, placing the cart before the horse. The organization loses credibility whenever it writes the way the article was written.
    It smells of politics and comes across as one more attempt by the opposition forces to throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks.
    Bear in mind when you choose to go the negative route that we’re all Dominicans so never knock the island. We are an island but those articles travel well beyond our shores. What hurts one hurts all therefore always remember it’s “Country before self”.
    The word of the day is “PATRIOTIC”.

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    • Gary
      April 4, 2024

      You are right, country before self, but these guys are adepts at promoting themselves and worshiping their intellect. Why can’t they leave their comfort zone and come on down face the Dominican populace and get elected, form a Government so they can implement their plans envisioned for Dominica. We have to be watchful of Foundations.

  5. Bwa-Banday
    April 2, 2024

    There we go again! :twisted: :twisted:
    Another organization complaining, though legit and expects the Cabal and CDPF to stop and listen or even comment. BREAKING NEWS…..they dont give a rats arhasse because all Dcans do is talk, talk. talk, keep meetings and walks like that is going to change anything. Come on people, when are you going to realize that a few of us have to start the protest all at once in multiple hamlets for others to follow. We are belching too darn many air bubbles!

    During the last DO NOTHING Sunday afternoon meeting, Hilary openly called on us to hit the streets until we get what we want but everyone went back home after the meeting. These meetings and walks will do nothing to reverse the current trajectory. YES we need action because we have spoken enough. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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