Dominica loses three centenarians (one to COVID-19)

(Left) Elizabeth Auguiste, (Top right) Angelic Lavinier, (Bottom right) Anastasie George

Less than a month after being celebrated by the Dominica Council on  Ageing (DCOA) and the nation by extension, Dominica’s centenarians, ranked among the highest per capita in the world, have lost three of their fellow gems- the most recent, due to COVID-19.

In a media statement, DCOA broke the news that centenarian, Elizabeth Auguiste of Crayfish River, had succumbed on the evening of September 15 to COVID-19, ending a brief stay at the COVID Hospital in Portsmouth.

According to the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the DCOA, Leroy ‘Wadix’ Charles, the 107-year-old was bedridden and suffered from painful knees, an occasional upset stomach and weakness.

Jennifer Tyson, the daughter and main caregiver of the woman who had this year, assumed the status of Dominica’s oldest living person, remembers her mother as having worked hard, manufacturing castor and coconut oil as well as farine and other such products.

Elizabeth, who brought forth 12 children -seven of whom have already died- was awarded by the Ministry of Carib Affairs and the Kalinago Council for agro-processing.

The Council remembers her as a community luminary, loved by all those who knew and paid attention to her.

Charles goes on to state that the departure of Auguiste due to the dreaded corona virus leaves a feeling of “helplessness” and a very loud question in the mind of DCOA members, what do we do?

“The best answer is first, to continue to observe all the protocols as far as is possible; secondly, to build and maintain one’s immune system with all the good and natural things that surround us, including our vitamins and minerals; thirdly, research and listen to the available information and make the best decisions, including vaccination, for your families and fourthly, trust the Most High,” he suggested.

Charles added that Elizabeth Auguiste or “Ma Willy” as she was known by all, is gone and “what is left is her example of commitment to family, a deep sense of responsibility, and her love for community. May she rest in eternal peace.”

By March of this year, the number of living centenarians in Dominica had risen to 27, but over the past few months, seven of these individuals have passed on. In addition to Auguiste, Angelic Lavinier and Anastasie George are among the three who died most recently.

Lavinier, who would have celebrated her 101 on 23 November, passed away on Sunday, September 25, 2021.

Born in the vibrant community of Grand Bay in 1920, the former cook also worked as a labourer on the Melville Hall and Geneva estates in her younger days.

As for George, who hails from the community of Bath Estate, the DCOA has confirmed that she too died of natural causes on October 11, 2021.

‘Ma Jazz’ as she was affectionately known was born on 22 July, 1919, and spent her younger days working as a vendor at the Roseau market and would walk from Roseau to Morne Daniel to get mangoes. She also worked at the Newtown Lime Factory for many years.

With the passing of Ma Willy, 107-year-old Anastasie Charles better known as “Ma Maggie” of Wesley who was born 26 April 1914, now takes the position of Dominica’s oldest living centenarian.

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  1. The messenger
    December 8, 2021

    Why a 107-year-old bedridden lady was taken to Portsmouth? Why are they taking the Elderlies to Portsmouth? People who have their homes. Where is the preventative medication – zinc, Vitamin D, C, the other stuff they should just encourage to give the elderlies? Why the vaccine agenda when we fully know that every year at a certain time we have the flu. It is a fact that covid does not kill. Person die of other sicknesses. So now covid replace all sicknesses? Stop using the Elderly saying they died of covid. This is not true. Remember God is watching. Nothing can be hidden. Stop the deception & allow persons to hear the other side. All of you saying that the vaccine will prevent death, let me remind you, it is appointed unto man to die. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated will die unless he comes then those alive (worthy) will be taken up with him. Stop the myth, repent. Vaccine, not Jehovah. stop being used 4 vaccine agenda. The big shots getting rich on you. Ask for wisdom, do not fear

  2. Anti-VAX
    October 19, 2021

    Let the lady soul rest in peace and stop using her death to promote vaccination…I believe in naturally immunity and absolutely nothing is goin to change that

  3. Mark
    October 19, 2021

    @Jules Vert, you claim you did not take the vaccine because of self preservation. Really. You must be one in a million. Then what was the point of getting vaccinated? People take the vaccine to protect themselves and others. There is no other reason for taking the jab. Plain and simple.
    I am fully aware that vaccinated individuals can still be infected and die from the virus. No vaccine manufacturer has ever proclaimed 100% efficacy so it would be naive of me to believe otherwise. Let’s quit playing the game of rights and freedoms and just come clean.
    You either believe in the benefits of the vaccine or you don’t.

  4. Lin clown
    October 19, 2021

    Jules Very,Mark is asking you,WHY DID YOU TAKE THE VACCINE?All the BS you posting,you are not answering the question.If it is for your freedom,why don’t you tell people take the vaccine to make them FREE?HYPOCRITE.All crooks and traitors taking the vaccine,but would not advise people to take it.

  5. Mark
    October 19, 2021

    @Jules Vert, the question to you is, why did you take the vaccine? Was it because it was your right to do so or was it because you saw value in being vaccinated. Why would you not honestly promote something that you found to be valuable? You cannot have it both ways, supposedly receive the jab but then say to others, it’s your right not to take the vaccine.
    This talk about rights and freedoms doesn’t make any sense. You either believe in the benefits of the vaccine or you don’t. Plain and simple. Stop the nonsense talk.
    Deep down, I believe you’re an antivaxxer. You protected yourself (smart) but will not encourage others (deceitful) to do the same.

    • Jules Vert
      October 19, 2021

      Mark, don’t pretend that you don’t know that some vaccinated die with COVID while some unvaccinated may have COVID and not show any symptoms. What protection does the vaccine provide if your own immunity itself does not assist? Don’t pretend you know answers when you do not. If you know me you would know that my taking the vaccine was not about self-preservation, and encouraging people to make their own choice is really about our freedoms than anything else. People like you and Shillingford will hijack a really good article about the seniors in our society to try to push an agenda.

  6. Jules Vert
    October 18, 2021

    Why are hatemongers and seemingly educated people like Dr. Shillingford ever so ready to encourage division and hate at every opportunity? So here’s a disussion about vaccines and people’s choices and he has to try to introduce politics and religious division. It goes to tell you that education alone does not dispel ignorance in people. I am vaccinated myself but I respect the right of people not to vaccinate if they so choose. Have a little humility and respect for others, if you don’t mind.

    • Watching
      October 18, 2021

      Papa skerrit tthey listening too..they want cool out smh. All the heads of govt have a deadline to get a certain number of vaxinaated people from their country. Other wise they lose skerrit carcar boiling that is y he trying to threaten us although he said it will not be hear him…and the others following suit smh

  7. Dr Clayton Shillingford
    October 18, 2021

    “The best answer is first, to continue to observe all the protocols as far as is possible; secondly, to build and maintain one’s immune system with all the good and natural things that surround us, including our vitamins and minerals; thirdly, research and listen to the available information and make the best decisions, including vaccination, for your families and fourthly, trust the Most High,” he suggested.”

    I disagree with above . this sounds like an anti VAXXER .the best answer and FIRST STEP is to get vaccinated as soon as possible . The other steps are secondary and I do not know if the most high has anything to do with this…In the US the pandemic is nowhere near resolution because many Republican right wing religious fanatics are ANTI VAXXERS

    • We the People
      October 18, 2021

      There you go again. What is wrong with that statement? Is it not better to build your immune system naturally than with drugs?

      It’s the same artificial vitamins that are given to COVID patients. So as far as I see it, best we take the natural stuff doc.

    • Jules Vert
      October 18, 2021

      Why do the ignorant like Shillingford always have to make it about politics?

    • The Messenger
      December 8, 2021

      Dr. Clayton Shillingford, all due respect to you, what don’t you agree with? Are you a Dictator? Are you an Atheist? Don’t we have free will? Can’t we make a decision with all available information? How many sides to a coin? Why add a political twinge into it? The Most High is the Great I am. Read Genesis about Noah and Ark. He preached but they laughed at him because what he was doing was not looking normal but he obeyed the Almighty. Read again in Exodus when Moses went to the Mount for the tablet commandment written by the very finger of God. The people made a golden calf to worship. What does this vaccine remind you of? The Golden calf to worship instead of the Creator. Now, this has to happen to fulfill scriptures .. the way for the mark of the beast. This is a test whom do you serve? Is it the vaccine or Jehovah? Now Doc you know the truth but you align with the crowd. Where the crowd dominates, Jehovah is not there. You know too well the deception not to cure but make…

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