Dominica Situation Report and Priority Needs

As word of the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Maria  on Dominica on September 18th has spread via the internet, social media and word of mouth,  expatriates, friends and patrons of  the island have been left frantic for confirmation of the well-being of loved ones and the general conditions on the ground.

Due to telecommunication on the island being completely cut off immediately following the disaster, it has been difficult sorting out the facts from exaggeration and even fabrication. Despite the maelstrom of communication from various sources we at DNO, being currently functional only from our US base, have chosen to report information which is verified, pertinent and useful.

As such, the following link contains a genuine glimpse of the destruction which has been unleashed on Dominica by  Hurricane Maria.  Additionally, there is a list of priority needs for the island as provided by the OECS. We will continue to post updated images and information as it made available to us at DNO.

Link below.



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  1. Evelyn Pritchard
    October 3, 2017

    Hi everyone, I am desperate for news of Errol Alexander aka Ral who lives in Pottersville. Does anyone know if he’s okay?

  2. Ruqayyah Nicholas
    September 30, 2017

    In the Name of God, most gracious most merciful.

    I am looking for my husband’s family who live in Tete Monte, Grand Bay. Leona Luis, Clem Luis and her children, Wilma Nicholas.

    We have not heard any news about anyone in Grand Bay. None of our friends from Dominica who live in Florida or St. Thomas VI has heard from any family members in Grand Bay. Please help if you know anything about them. We are very worried.

    Blessings to all people of Dominica, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Barbuda, Antigua, Puerto Rico, and all other Caribbean islands affected by the mighty force of nature. This is not the time to cast blame or say what you believe God is saying or doing to anyone because only God is the judge of all things. He is the mighty God, most powerful and in Him we put our faith.

  3. ElJuana Hermansen
    September 26, 2017

    I am hoping to hear information about Reginald Morgan, Petrolina of Grand Fond and Raz D of Delices. Happy to hear Moses James and family of Zion valley are safe.

  4. Bradley Austin
    September 26, 2017

    Good morning all,

    I want to know what’s happening in grand bay!

    There is not enough information being established!

    I have not spoken to my family for a week now!

    Solo is my grandmother and I’m concerned for her so if anyone has any feedback on the grand bay situation please get in touch with me.

    My prayers are with you all x

  5. R wilkinson
    September 25, 2017

    They need food and the other essentials. They also need a programme of replanting of fast-growing crops. Dominica has very rich soil. So the problem is not nonarable land. they must be encouraged to get planting immediately.
    Emphasis must also be placed on restoring water supplies – the basis of life.

  6. R wilkinson
    September 25, 2017

    The thing is: we have to learn from this terrible event because if we don’t, we will be caught out again. It could be next year.
    We need hurricane-proof backup systems for the utilities – deep-sunk water containers/wells in each district, massive hurricane-proof warehouses for storing foodstuff etc and there should be mandatory standards in house building. Like near hurricane-proof roofing etc.
    Finally, it is a bit disappointing that scientists have not found a way to divert or dissipate hurricanes. Something like an ice crystal bomb that could cripple a hurricane when it is in its infancy.
    Surely the cost of such measures would be infinitely less than the human and financial cost that a hurricane can bring.

  7. Ralph and Stella flach
    September 23, 2017

    Would like news on Lagoon,Portsmouth the Alexis family, the telematics, Marcus Daniel,Sandy Madiba king-king,,the wilsons,Bernard,bird man, Joe and dodi very concerned Stella and Ralph flach

    • Vee
      September 27, 2017

      There were no deaths in lagoon. Basically all wooden structured are down. I live in lagoon myself but left Dominica yesterday with my kids. The situation is very ugly.water was restored but can’t ‘ve consumed

  8. Puis Goran
    September 23, 2017

    If you habe news of Sandy Madiba tell me

  9. Amanda Cooper
    September 22, 2017

    I am trying to establish if Howard and Marilyn Eckel are ok. They were last known to be in Portsmouth and close to or on the University Campus…I believe Ross university. Their elderly mother in the U.K. Is worried as there has been no contact with them since Maria hit. I know all communication is lost currently and that the situation is dire but if anyone can tell me anything about them I would be very appreciative.

  10. Taiwo Williams
    September 22, 2017

    Has any central distribution post been established? Where can people leave non-perishable donations to aid the citizens? Has there been any type of organisation to facilitate this tremendous task?
    Surely this should have been the priority of the PM before leaving on his mission. There are homeless, displaced, hungry and traumatised people, children and babies! Where is the President? Where are the government ministers? His advisers? What about the opposition party?
    A humanitarian crisis is developing on this small island, Mr Skerrit needed to prioritise in my humble opinion.

    • Ruqayyah Nicholas
      September 30, 2017

      Please Madam Williams.

      The prime minister is only one person. He cannot do everything by himself. It is very easy to criticize when you are not there to deal with the severe crisis. The first priority is search and rescue as so many Dominicans cannot be found or cannot be reached because the rivers came together and destroyed entry into certain parts of the country.

      He went to the United Nations to plea for help from the world, as he said Eden is no more, but can be rebuilt. As a result, medical personnel from other countries are already on the Island to assist with the medical needs of the people.

      Please now is not the time to judge or to put politics in this situation.

  11. Tahmid Bin Hannan
    September 22, 2017

    hi i am looking for Mr. Arif Zaman(brother-in-law) and his wife Ekra Zaman(sister).i live in Bangladesh.i have not heard from them since the hurricane maria happened.his number is +17672760343.if you can contact with them plz inform me.
    number-01556331734 (bd)

  12. Sheila Bayless
    September 22, 2017

    Please help find Andrew Dominique who lives in Picard. Does anyone know anything about Portsmouth and Picard? We keep getting same about Rosseu but not anything on any other parts of island. I am concerned about a friend in Pinville as well others please help. Andrew worked for Kootney Resort in Portsmouth so please help. You can call collect with anything you know 678-920-0549

  13. papa
    September 22, 2017

    Anything about thibaud please

  14. Jim Klinck
    September 22, 2017

    Does anyone know if the road from Melville hall to Calibishie /Woodfordhill area is passable ?

  15. Helene Eugene
    September 22, 2017

    I am looking for my husband. King Eugene he was in Loubiere when l lost contact. Please how can I get to know if he is safe

  16. 4progress
    September 22, 2017

    Is there a method of validating websites requesting donations. This is an ideal opportunity for would-be criminals to act.

  17. September 22, 2017

    God bless everyone may God protect u . I am praying that my future husband Merve Xavier from Trafalgar Dominica is safe . please if someone can please check on him please.I pray that this terrible catastrophe is over soon by the grace of God , our prayers are with everyone.

  18. linda joseph
    September 22, 2017


    My dad, Gabriel Reid Joseph lives on Victoria Street, Ma Bob House, Roseau – any information about his wellness would be appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    Linda Joseph

  19. June Beharry
    September 22, 2017

    I am trying to find out if Joannah Charles Joseph and her family is safe. My name is June Beharry I hope everyone is getting the help they need.

  20. Sheila Bayless
    September 21, 2017

    I am looking for Andrew Dominique who lives in Picard on Balvine Road and he works for Kootney Resorts. I last heard the night of hurricane where hesent message that said roof is gone and then next said it is all gone then saidI am in panic wind rain stuff blowing everywhere. His phone number is 767-265-5027. Please call me collect for Andrew is part of our family. My number in Georgia is 678-920-0549. Please help me to know that he is ok .

      September 22, 2017

      Try texting. texting is working in Dominica to some extent

  21. and Jesus wept
    September 21, 2017

    It was very touching to see pm weep today during an interview on ABS TV. But I can understand pm because Dominica is in shambles and everything seems to be against us this time. During David it was DA alone so help came in from all over. Erika was us alone besides we had Passport money. This time Babuda, Tortola, St. Croix, St Thomas, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Florida and Huston are all facing serious crisis, while Venezuela is facing their political disaster and on top of that our pm gave all our passport money away to win an election that might not happen anytime soon again. When Jesus wept it was because of the unbelief of the people. As to why this Jesus wept today only he knows. But the situation is dire and it’s going to take more than weeping to see us out of it.

  22. RastarMarn
    September 21, 2017

    why isn’t there a plea for the US to send back that US Navy Hospital Ship which was sent down there couple years ago around June 2015,,,

    • anonymous2
      September 22, 2017

      Good idea. I had thought of that too. They need a medical ship and a ship carrying provisions for people to eat. It would have to have a helicopter to air drop food to people. People turn desperate and crazy when they are hungry.

    • that is it
      September 22, 2017

      you all seem to have forgotten that the US virgin islands and Puerto Rico were both hit by category 5 hurricanes ( ill just leave that there for a bit )

    • Joseph P Angol
      September 22, 2017

      I do not want to sound to insensitive, but Bro the US has its hands very full. Please remember prior to Hurricane Irma was “Harvey” which did considerable damage in Texas. Then comes Hurricane Irma & Maria which destroyed St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Puerto Rico (devastation all over).
      What is England doing for D/ca after have rape the Our Beautiful Island of most of its produce such as limes, bananas etc, etc. We are all in the same boat. Take heed, Our Sovereign GODis speaking to us. Put your house in order, turn back to God. God bless Dominica and all it’s Inhbitants, be strong in the Lord.

  23. Andy
    September 21, 2017

    I am really distressed to hear what is happening in Dominica. It’s hard to believe that after being devastated by Erica just two years ago you are now stuck by a monster hurricane. My sincerest condolences to those who lost loved ones and best wishes to those who are now about to rebuild their lives. I am not Dominican but I have a special fondness for Dominica, parts of which remind me so much of where I grew up. I will be doing whatever I can to help. For folks in the NY metro area please contact the Consulate of Dominica, by phone (+1) (212) 599-8478) or by e-mail (, that way you will not fall victim to the heartless scammers who usually pop up at times like these.

  24. Marianne O'Keeffe
    September 21, 2017

    Two lively ladies, now elderly, Solange and Germaine Cools Lartigue, were a part of my life since childhood, in Jamaica, and again when they resided in Vancouver, and I resided in Victoria (still do). Solange was well known for her fabulous cookbook. Their father was governor of Dominica a long time ago. I am wondering if they are still alive, and if they are okay, since the devastation caused by the hurricane. Marianne O’Keeffe

    • Eric
      December 6, 2017

      Solange, I think, still lives in Jamaica. Yolande and Germaine both live in Montreal now, I believe. They were certainly NOT in Dominica for the passage of Hurricane Maria, so they should be fine.

  25. Peter Jeremy
    September 21, 2017

    Time to write to Donald Trump to ask him to put an end to this manipulation of the weather via his CERN and HAARP technologies.

    You really think that these hurricanes are ‘natural’?? Do the research yourself on the weaponising of the weather and the earth’s climate by the USA, UK, China and Russia – Oh yes, they are all one big family playing one off against the other to carry out the missions of their master, satan.

  26. sharonguiste
    September 21, 2017

    looking for ken guiste, from calibishi cove, family in england and australia are very worried

  27. Orrett
    September 21, 2017

    Good day my name is orrett serdines I am trying to locate my daughter Raheema Thomas and her husband. Francis Luke and my 4 yr granddaughter and 4month old grandson.raheedah and daughter is a Canadian citizen visiting the island .please am asking u if their is any way u can help me locate them as am worried .I know theirs no communications other than bits coming out please help me .find my family Thank you.orrett serdines.telephone#13164098465

  28. Don Young
    September 21, 2017

    My thoughts are with the lovely nation and people of Dominica, my favourite place. Those who have compassion are seeking to aid however we can, but it will take time and immense effort. Most of the effort will be borne by Dominicans, but help will come from everywhere. Be resolute, and kind to each other, forget and forgive past divisions. Everyone has been affected and all are in need, and the world is coming to help.

  29. Toni VonderHaar
    September 21, 2017

    I would like to help. Where do I send things?

    • Admin
      September 21, 2017

      The first step would be to determine what, if any, relief efforts are being organized based on your location. There may be a local drive or relief effort but again, that depend son your country of residence, then you could be directed accordingly. Thank you.

      You may find useful information regarding donations at this link:

    • anonymous2
      September 22, 2017

      Tropical shipping goes into Dominica weekly. However, the problem is chaos and starving people that are in need of food and medical help immediately. I would not send money as the last time, much of that money donated went unaccounted for. Send non-parishable food, drinks and water that don’t require utensils to access. Medical supplies are also needed.

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