Dominican graduates as Salutatorian; aims to be Prime Minister

José Joeleene Thomas, a Dominican from “Ah Fu Ah We” country emerges as Salutatorian at Hampton University’s Graduation, May 12th 2019.

Miss Thomas graduates with a 4.029 Grade Point Average (GPA) from the James T. George School of Business. She leaves her top rated and nationally acclaimed historically black university with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, which is accented by a minor in Leadership Studies from the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute.

Ranking second in her class of over 800 students, she graduates Summa Cum Laude. She is adorned in honors cords for:
1. Golden Key Honors Society
2. Sigma Beta Delta
3. William R. Harvey Leadership Institute (with medallion)
4. Summa Cum Laude
5. Departmental Honors
6. Caribbean Pre-Alumni Council

The following excerpt was taken from the Hampton University Website:

Thomas was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Dominica, and attended Hampton University as an international student. At Hampton, she majored in Economics with a minor in Leadership Studies. From a young age, Thomas displayed a keen interest in academic excellence, which extended into her undergraduate educational pursuits at Hampton. At the end of her primary education, she received a bursary to attend North East Comprehensive School and graduated with six academic awards, including best performance at the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) for successfully passing twelve CXC subjects.

On April 13, 2019, President William R. Harvey recognized Thomas during the 44th Honors Day Program as the recipient of the President’s Cup. Thomas was also a W.D.C. Harvey Scholar and traveled to Panama in 2018 for an eight-day international service learning and study abroad experience. She also received the President’s Award for her major and minor.

Outside of the classroom, Thomas made it a priority to delve into extracurricular activities. She spent her time over the past four years as a Campus Ambassador for Teach for America, as an on campus tutor for the Student Success Center, and as a Student Researcher and Vice President of the Economics and Entrepreneurial Studies Club. Thomas was also the recipient of the White House Initiative HBCU Competitiveness Scholar award in 2018.

After graduation, Thomas will head to Atlanta, Ga., to work as a Tax Associate for KPMG. Her long-term goal is to be Prime Minister of Dominica.

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  1. Don’t do It
    May 17, 2019

    Congrats Miss Thomas! Stare clear of politricks if you do not have a very thick skin, short memory or if you are easily offended. If you renain determined and undeterred in pursuing a thankless vocation where allies and enemies are sometimes one of the same, then I wish you Godspeed.

  2. Education power
    May 17, 2019

    Congratulations are in order. But will our readers read the “related articles” section below? There are two “COMMOM” denominators; (1) Dominican student excelled and (2) From an AMERICAN school.

    Why can’t our Dominicans students t excel at Universities in Europe, Canada and UWI?

    The answer is VERY clear. By the way, I live in the USA and quite knowledgeable of the USA education level.

  3. judgement
    May 17, 2019

    At the end of her primary education, she received a bursary to attend North East Comprehensive School and graduated with six academic awards, including best performance at the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) for successfully passing twelve CXC subjects. she is natural this has nothing to do with US ed being easier whether red or blue this is our daughter of the soil doing something positive. she not in a brothel or scamming. Jose you need these critism to climb higher soar my girl soar my sis p grin from ear to ear proud mama we no the real story.

  4. Deon
    May 17, 2019

    Congratulations to her great achievement..all the Bes into her future endeavors

  5. carlty
    May 17, 2019

    Congratulations to this young lady. Strive for success, my dear. Do not let anything stand in the way of your goals.

  6. USA scholar
    May 17, 2019

    Congrats to her. I wanted to excel at University so I did not go to UWI and choose the US education instead. That’s the best decision I make in my entire life.

    Congrats to me, I graduated with a GPA of 4.5555555

    • John Lugau
      May 17, 2019

      You’re just jealous of the you lady

  7. Great Stuff
    May 17, 2019

    Excellent my dear! Well done. I applaud you on your accomplishment.

    Also, I hope you retain your goal of becoming prime Minister of Dominica. I strongly believe we need a new cadre of persons in the political arena here. Perhaps even a new party… with different ideologies.

    Get experience. It would be good to get political experience. Then come back to serve.

    Again.. Well done.

  8. USA Educated
    May 17, 2019

    Congrats are in order for all Dominica students who attending / attended colleges/universities in the USA, since they are ALWAYS on the Dean’s list.

    Question: Are we that intelligent in Dominica, or the USA education is really ” a walk at the botanic garden eating ice-cream and cake?

    You decide

    But I am USA educated and from Dominica. DSC even harder than Yale, John Hopkins, Stanford, Howard, Harvard, etc., which are IVY LEAGUE schools, far less than the non-ivy league schools.

  9. Gouvelma
    May 16, 2019

    Congratulations Madam! Surely your goal of becoming Dominica’s prime minister can be realized. Skerrit is on his way out. Linton is coming in. He will not be there forever so your timing is perfect. Get in the thick of things and prepare to take over from Lennox Linton after he has served his mandatory two terms as prime minister.

  10. SMH
    May 16, 2019

    What is wrong with our Dominican people? Why can’t we be happy for others’ and wish them well? Do you know what this young lady’s journey to this great achievement might have been? Why must we include politics in everything? I’m really getting sick of this place.

    • Annon
      May 16, 2019

      Is not ‘this place’ to be sick of, most of us are not even in D’ca and/or haven’t been there for quite a while. .lol :-x

  11. 💕Me💕
    May 16, 2019

    At a time when we should reflect on the accomplishments of this future star, Lenox Linton the UWP leader has turned the issue into a political Clown Circus! Don’t you know when to SHUT THE HELL UP. Isn’t there something constructive you could do with your life. Congratulations your lady, I wish you the best.

  12. Trump for President
    May 16, 2019

    Congrats to her it is a well-known fact that USA education is much EASIER than UWI, EUROPE & CANADA. Caribbean students (including Dominica’s ) always excel in the US. Can someone tell me when last he/she saw a Dominica’s student story where he/she excelled in other Universities in ‘platoons’ like in the US?

    • Psudado Alano-Sdod Maletek
      May 16, 2019

      Typical Trump IQ, so you spell tomato with an “e”?

    • zandoli
      May 16, 2019

      The US has some of the best universities in the world, but after you skim off the cream, a lot of them are not worth the time or money.

      This guy and I were in the same class at DGS and he struggled a lot at that level. He moved to the US and the next thing I heard he was studying to be an engineer. There is no way in hell he would have made it into UWI engineering school. He just did not have the smarts for that.

  13. An Education observer
    May 16, 2019

    Congrats to the young lady. But its a well known fact that the US level of education is a lot EASIER that UWI, UK and Canada. Can anyone tell me when a person who studied at UWI, UK (Europe) and Canada was paraded on the media for academic achievement? Its a very common thing for West Indian students (including Dominica’s) to top colleges / universities in the USA.

    • kermit
      May 16, 2019

      Your comment is very, very, very true.

  14. My Two Cents In
    May 16, 2019

    I was there at the graduation ceremony for my niece, and though it was raining outside and the ceremony had to be held in another part of the campus, it was a lovely ceremony, just celebrating the graduates and being with family. There was also another graduate there of Dominica heritage who earned her doctorate in physical therapy. I met her earlier this year. I think she said her parents are from Grand Bay. I wanted to meet Jose and her, but I was not able to. Anyway, congratulations to all Dominica born and of Dominica heritage graduates everywhere!

  15. President pmurT
    May 16, 2019

    Congrats to the young lady. but I must say that it is common knowledge that the US education system, especially at the University Level is a LOT EASIER than UWI, Universities in the UK and Canada. I am live in the US and hard the opportunity to study, at UWI, UK and Cyprus (EU), and believe me, you have to struggle to gain these degrees. When last has only one seen a picture of a Dominican that study at UWI, Canada & Europe published for high educational achievement? Just asking.

  16. May 16, 2019

    Maximum Blessings to you young lady; and may God continue to richly bless and keep you. Continue to reach back and pull someone else forward. Load up on humility, live simple, and touch as many lives as you can by continuing to set am example worthy of emulating.

  17. Ti Garcon
    May 16, 2019

    If you want to be PM you cant go luv no white or American man or is best you stay were you be. And doe expect to run a satellite party like that sky lady.

    • It's me
      May 16, 2019

      But where does this even come in :?: Some of y’all way too quick to leave a stupid idiotic comment. Congratulate the girl and move on

  18. Laura
    May 16, 2019

    Congratulations to higher education, going lady.
    I do not want to take away anything from your congratulatory comments, but I’m looking for a book for my granddaughter. It’s a book of stories we read in school. The title, William Tell. There were a combination of stories. Maybe someone from the ’60’s era who attended CHS might remember. I enjoyed the stories and would like granddaughter to read.

  19. B.N.
    May 16, 2019

    The challenges of migrating abroad are many, and often those at home perceive those challenges to be far less than they really are. Ms. Thomas has not only attended college while abroad, but she has succeeded in achieving her degree, how inspiring. It is especially impressive that Ms. Thomas has graduated with very high honors. We Are so proud of you Ms.Thomas. Continue to stay the course and by all means come home and utilize your talent, and skills achieved to help make Dominica better. Congratulations, and all the best.

  20. Struck a Nerve
    May 16, 2019

    Fellow posters like Next PM, your comments lead me to believe that you are not impressed by the stellar achievements of this special young woman. Pardon some of us for our naive, unbridled enthusiasm and expressions of joy.

    I suppose that you who regularly break bread and have frequent high level round table meetings with Einstein, Plato and Socrates are not moved in any way by this mundane news. I get it and fully understand. By the way, let us know when you finally succeed in re-inventing the wheel.

  21. Joseph John
    May 15, 2019

    Congratulations. You are a pathfinder and a model to our young ladies at home or abroad. You set goals both in your education and you choice of career. Good job.

  22. 小帕
    May 15, 2019

    Good job so far. If you wanna be pm of dca I advise you to make political science your major for your masters degree. Get some experience and years on your head. Make mistakes. Fail. Learn. Then come back and serve. That’s when you’ll be accepted by the people. You must serve at home too. So go study political science first. Ok? Good.

    • Pierre
      May 16, 2019

      Rather, make economics the major and possibly minor in political science.

  23. May 15, 2019

    Hello and good afternoon my people. First I want to congratulate Ms Thomas on her achievements. Many of us recognize that our number one export is our educated citizens who always achieve once we dedicate our selves. I know that KPMG is a well known and highly respected accounting firm in America. This firm should be used to conduct a forensic financial audit of of our treasury to determine where our money is being missed spent. Ms Thomas the best advice i can give you is to find a husband just as educated as you who could give you your papers and stay in America and forget about this prime minister thing.

    • budman
      May 16, 2019

      thank God she isnt looking to you for advice with your antiquated, sexist rhetoric.

      • May 16, 2019

        To: budman

        Hello and good evenin my people. Can you please tell me what job is available in Dominica for Ms Thomas with that degree. I can understand if she would be the finance minister but we know who hold that position.

  24. One-of-the-Twelve
    May 15, 2019

    Congratulations are very much in order for this blessed, bright and talented daughter of the soil. Your impressive accomplishments thus far are a harbinger of good and hopefully great things to come.

    I would be totally remiss in not acknowledging your apparent strong support system, including family and mentors, who have been there to cheer and pray you on through every step of your journey.

    I pray the Most High will continue to bless and prosper you in every area of your life. Do remember to “ let the current lift your your heart and send it soaring “ and “a dream conceived in truth can never die”…from the song Black Butterfly by Denise Williams.

  25. Didymus
    May 15, 2019

    man bites dog shut your mouth leave mr Linton alone.we know you like fake degree people to control your life,and that’s even worst than the person who is truthful about not having any. I am sure you do not have any qualifications also. let people that can talk talk.liston stop talking. shhh listen, see qualified persons not saying a thing. shut your mouth man.

    • Laura
      May 16, 2019

      Really, the American standard of education is right down the totem pole. I remember helping a 12th grade student writing an essay. I couldn’t believe the amount of spelling and grammatical errors…

  26. %
    May 15, 2019

    Of all the people who successfully graduated from University, lazy Skerrit is the only one who can’t show any evidence of such.
    That’s why I say lazy Skerrit has NO degree..Don’t trust a deceptive soul people .Linton is intellectually smarter than the outgoing lazy PM by leaps and bounds..He can’t even speak proper English. He slaughters the Queen’s English!!!
    Dominicans will be very guarded in giving you a chance as PM at an early age, after the failure they got from Skerrit at 32years..Dominica after he has been PM for 15 years is still last KarKarRat in everything!!!
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

    • BEB.
      May 15, 2019

      What the young woman’s achievement has to do with Skerrit? Leave the politics out off this

    • Joseph John
      May 15, 2019

      Skerrit “IS” the Rt Hon Dr Dr Rosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, youngest Prime Minister of the whole wide world. Talk about Globalization ? This will go down in the History books , in Biographies and Auto- Biography.
      So you can huff and puff until your blue face becomes dark blue and burst like a blue bubble But you cant touch or change this. . YOU CANT TOUCH THE RED HORISON. You cant touch red, ever.
      So spread your “go” over the mountains,over the hills and far away, Skerro will not go.

    • Laura
      May 16, 2019

      I hate politics. What I can’t understand is why do voters vote back in the same people they say that’s not doing anything for their country. It doesn’t make sense.

      • Frank N Stein
        May 16, 2019

        Laura this is because they stole the elections. Importing voters in stategic constituencies is what makes DLP win. If they are so brave and so sure of victory tell them let only Dominicans living here and sucking salt vote! Give us reform if you all so confident, I bet the govt will change and the next one will be more careful.

  27. Positive!
    May 15, 2019

    Girl, come and replace that novice we have called an opposition leader. I would certainly vote blue with your education background. Get some relevant experience and blue all the way. The novice could not even make it out of high school but you excelled and moving…..

    • Joseph John
      May 15, 2019

      Girl I would suggest you give him a job as maybe messenger or cleaner (that all he is qualified for) but his boo boo face will frighten people.

    • truth2power
      May 16, 2019

      you all speak 2 tongued, for you cry for sound educational background yet the UWP candidate for viellecase is way more educated than your PM with his doctorate from the university of happy healthy and joyful in INDIA!

  28. Daughterofthesoil
    May 15, 2019

    I can see her mother (PT) nose from right where I am😂😂..congratulations!

  29. Next PM
    May 15, 2019

    Is it really necessary to go blowing our trumpets like that? Well all know how easy the American university system is. Anyway, Congrats!

    • Blast from the Past
      May 15, 2019

      “Next PM”, by lamenting the level of ease of US universities, you sadly missed an opportunity to offer a positive word to the deserving young lady while steering clear of negativity. If your words are any indication, the cup that you drink from must be a very bitter one.

    • LifeandDeath
      May 15, 2019

      What a hater.. They don’t sell antidote for that.. #poison

    • Lil
      May 16, 2019

      Your gross generalization shows that you know little to nothing about the American educational system or the variations within higher ed. Do you understand what tiers mean? Or school rankings?

  30. Sylvester Cadette
    May 15, 2019

    Well done young lady. Congratulations. the ends of the Universe is your limit. Keep persevering. Dominica is proud of you.

  31. Man bites dogs
    May 15, 2019

    Come home lady with qualities and qualifications like this. That’s what I want to see in Dominica. Not a brainless guy with no Qualifications that could not even master a job in Dominica, and beyond now trying to be a prime minister, mister having a laugh 😂 he is taking this thing for a joke asking people with common sense to vote ❎ for him. I not mad they mad 😡

    • ?????????????????
      May 15, 2019

      Man bites dogs are u serious? What are your qualifications? biting dogs? The PM is well qualified. Look for your facts and not heresay. When will u all respect persons and even yourselves?

      • Man bites dogs
        May 16, 2019

        @???????????? Above sorry I don’t quite get it. If you don’t understand a comment or post of any kind, you should read and read to understand before writing crap. I’m red red red Labour one love – spread the love.

  32. Be Grateful
    May 15, 2019

    Congratulations. Well done.

  33. %
    May 15, 2019

    Come back home and work amongst us .You will not just be placed on the throne like Skerrit, who made a mockery of the opportunity that was given to him.
    Don’t be greedy after $$$$$$, be selfless. Don’t do like the present govt ministers and put pocket first .
    You should have on the front burner people, not self.
    After the disappointment be with Skerrit, you need to get on the ground to gain experience and maturity. Skerrit be was a terrible gamble, that Dominica is paying for now .
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

    • RB
      May 15, 2019

      Get a life %, King High School Dropout. You sound like an old washer that just keep going round and round %. You are drinking the same stupid bush tea all the time, vomiting it and drinking it again. It’s been 4 years since you are irritating people with the same old chorus, Skerrit Must Go, WHERE?

      May 15, 2019

      D THING on you man!
      Where Skerrit coming in there?! You are really sick and I can tell you, JEALOUSY is a terrible sickness.
      Good thing the New Hospital will be ready to accommodate people like you, Ibo MALAPROP France, Views expressed, La Plaine Observer and plenty more UWPites like you after the elections because blood pressure and heart attack will be on the rise.

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