“Dr. Kenneth Darroux Avenue” to be a feature of Petite Savanne Resettlement

A frontal view of one of the houses in the Petite Savanne Resettlement project

Dr. Kenneth Darroux’s absolute delight with the handing over of the first batch of homes in The Petite Savanne Resettlement at Bellevue Chopin surprised no one but he appeared to be hugely surprised when Prime Minister Skerrit announced that the main street in the housing development was being named after the Petite Savanne parliamentary representative.

The prime minister said the street would be called “Dr. Kenneth Darroux Avenue” and explained that this is his way of showing his gratitude for the work Darroux did for his people.

“And Dr. Darroux, I haven’t told you or anyone in the cabinet this, but I have taken a decision in a show of gratitude to you, that succeeding generations will recognize your contribution to the creation of this community, that this main street will be called the Dr. Kenneth Darroux Avenue,” he said.

“Whenever you walk or drive by, you must be reminded of who to show gratitude to for doing this for you the people of Petite Savanne,” Skerrit told the Petite Savanne residents at the handing over ceremony.

Dr.  Darroux, in his turn at the podium, expressed appreciation to the Bellevue Chopin community for their kindness in welcoming the Petite Savanne residents.

“I cannot end without also thanking the host community of Bellevue Chopin for their willingness to share their physical space with their constituency colleagues from Petite Savanne and to applaud them for their maturity in reorganizing the unfortunate situation which led them being here and welcoming them with open arms.” the Petite Savanne Parl Rep said

He encouraged residents to remain united as a people and prevent further harm to the community.

“As festive and celebrative as today’s events may be, that we also use it to reflect deeply and to recommit ourselves to adding value to the ongoing process of relocation and not to divide or further hurt an already wounded community and people,” he advised.

Thirty eight residential units were handed over on Friday, Dec 5, 2018, to Petite Savanne residents who had been displaced by Tropical Storm Erika in 2015.

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  1. Dominican Bwoi
    December 11, 2018

    Out of all the potential people that a road could be named after, why him?

    • A. George
      December 12, 2018

      are you serious? Did you not know the way the man helped his community after Erika? as a member of that community, as a medical doctor, as parl rep? Awa.. your heart is cold.

  2. Dominican Bwoi
    December 11, 2018

    “Dr. Kenneth Darroux Avenue”, nobody’s got time to say all of that!

    • World's Moistest Jheri Curl
      December 12, 2018

      You’d hope the people would have a say in naming the road in which they traverse.
      Also, he hasn’t lived in “Petite Savanne” in years!

  3. Neville
    December 11, 2018

    … OMG, I’m speechless. What on earth is happening in DA? Whatever next?

  4. don2fresh
    December 11, 2018

    This is good. I remember the people saying that this man stepped out of his role as a minister and was just another brother who lost and was lost. He cried and prayed with them, comforted them, together they looked for their dead, bury them and more. They even said that even after Maria, when they though that they would be left stranded, they continued to receive their monthly allowances and their rents were paid. Let us give recognition where recognition is due.

    • DEE
      December 11, 2018

      stop and reflect at your comment .
      ”they continued to receive their monthly allowances and their rents were paid ”.
      are you saying they shouldn’t have received what was due to them ?
      Where did the relevant funds come from ? ones personal pocket or Government coffers?
      have we ever been updated with any audit of incoming revenues and expenditures ?
      To a broke man $1 dollar is plenty . when the broke man is now aware that he was entitled to $5 but $4 was with held from him , then he feels he’s been cheated , and wants to know about the withheld $4, in lay mans terms that is where we are right now.
      Don’t withhold the figures from Dominicans they need to know ,

      • don2fresh
        December 11, 2018

        It was not DUE to them NO. In what world and what space would a government extend this? If you are not insured you are left out on you back in other places. Here they were fully covered. And I am tired with you one-sided people. Everything the government does is “due to the people” everything for the last 18 years. Is one excuse or another why it’s not enough or good. Yet still you all sit down in all you US friend’s home basement or on your couch and scream “nothing is happening with the money”.

      • A. George
        December 12, 2018

        you missed this part man?

        “this man stepped out of his role as a minister and was just another brother who lost and was lost. He cried and prayed with them, comforted them, together they looked for their dead, bury them and more.”

  5. HMM
    December 11, 2018

    More crap, more nonsense, STUPES !!!!!!

  6. lula
    December 10, 2018

    Stop the negativity and be happy. Some Dominicans can never be satisfied

    • Pipo
      December 12, 2018

      How we can be happy with Skerrit. Just thinking of him depresses me, honest. No hope, no respect for the common people. He just using us like pawns.

  7. Zammmmm
    December 10, 2018

    Putting Alll jokes aside like naming an avenue after Dr Darroux, what is his claim to fame?????
    So many cultural icons from this community who kept the artform alive.. Why not honor them by keeping their names alive and well in the community…? What about the former members of Parliament? What about those who perished during the dreadful disaster? Dr Darroux, we know that you guys like noticing n fame and love to Crown you all selves Kings n Queens, but not at this time.. This is pure rubbish and election mamaguy, its like see how we love you Alll, we give you all house. Labour did not give a thing, its the people of Dominica who helped Petite Savanne. Enough of this labour nonsense…

    • Pipo
      December 11, 2018

      Imagine having that address on your job application in five years time.

  8. %
    December 10, 2018

    Hope the people of Bellevue say no to that…That’s how an empty leader,a cannot do leader,an empty barrel leader can botch things .What connection does Darroux has with Bellevue?

    • Pipo
      December 11, 2018

      Well he has a bel vee.

  9. See what you do
    December 10, 2018

    See what the DR. DR do to the Doc, Kenneth Darroux. I am a student of history and as such I know questions must be answered when people ask WHY. So think of a child asking Darroux why was this street named after him and poor Dr. Darroux has to tell the child that on August 27, 2015 on a day when PM Skerrit was in Macow winning, dinning and signing shady contracts with NG Lap Send, a tropical storm by the name of Erika came upon the people of the East and South East, without any notice or preparation from the government. As a result, the village of pittite savanne was devastated, many were burried in mud alive and because of that a new community had to be built. So doc this is the history Skerrit left you in while he was partying with NG Lap Send, who is now in prii in NY, two weeks after that affair with Skerrit, while the people were dying.

    • RandyX
      December 11, 2018

      History will judge that entire lot. Skerrit, Savarin, the Speaker, Austrie, etc. And in 50 years people will say, why did our forefathers allow all this corruption, influencing of elections, misappropriation of state funds, total neglect of the health service, neglect of the country infrastructure and general injustice to happen??

  10. Ibo France
    December 10, 2018

    No consultation with the people. This high-handed, bombastic, self-serving decisions have the footprints of dictatorial regimes. He will name the main street that passes through the settlement the “Dr. Kenneth Darroux Avenue”. Don’t be surprised if the PM rename Dominica “Skerrit’s Isle” before the people fire him. Again, the people’s input is not important. Mr. Sherrie continue his arrogant ways by running rough shod over the docile inhabitants.

    • December 10, 2018

      before the people fire him.—@Ibo France December 10, 2018

      Are you sure that piece above is what you meant to say? Because it means that you have in your mind that PM Skerrit is not going anywhere “before the people fire him” but what employer is foolish enough to fire a great worker? That is who the people of Dominica is, to PM Skerrit and his Government.

      But not only that; the people are the majority in Dominica, who love their PM and want him to go on leading them. That means they are satisfied with the work that he is doing.

      Seems as if you and yours have a long time to wait, wee! Good Lord!

      • Ibo France
        December 10, 2018

        Lizzy, have you suspended your common sense? The vast majority of the population live in extreme poverty. You would quicker find a safety pin in a dense forest than find a good paying job in Dominica. Stop the cult-like worship of a man who is nakedly corrupt and a congenital liar. Your inexplicable trust and adoration for a liar has made you his most useful tool. Lizzy, get a grid of reality.

    • A. George
      December 12, 2018

      Do you know that a survey was done and the people of Petite Savanne themselves selected where they wanted to be relocated? Ask residents of the community how they feel? I bet even those who did not vote for him would not have a problem, because they saw first-hand his love for his community.

  11. Heartless Government
    December 10, 2018

    Honestly speaking the only place that should have been named after Dr. Kenneth Darroux is a cemetery, in memory of the all those Dominicans that have been laid to rest under his watch as health Minister, which is three times more than any Minister of Health, whether it is death because of poor medical facility, death by murder or death that are storm related. For Skerrit to have the nerve to honor Dr. Darroux with that kind of record speaks of how little value Skerrit places on the wellness and lives of Dominicans and, for Dr. Darroux to accept this honor speaks of the evil heart of the minister. All in all it is shameful for the government and people of Dominica, especially the people of Petite Savanne, where so many died during Erica while was toasting and sleeping with criminals like Monfared and poor Darroux couldn’t even go anywhere until after 6pm, when Skerrit was given helicopter service to get to Dominica.

    • December 10, 2018

      @Heartless Government December 10, 2018

      To think that people agree with you about that stupid thing that you wrote here–that is where the disturbance of peace and harmony in Dominica lies–it is in the foolish mind of some of you.

      Are you saying that Mr. Darroux had the power to stop people from dying because he was the Minister of Health?

      I suppose you are blaming him for the murders which are committed; for the suicides; for the overdose of drugs; for the death of cancer and other internal diseases, am I right?

      No wonder you people write behind a false name; for who wants to put their real name under a foolish comment like this –what a sorry people are you and those who agree with you!

      • Anonymous
        December 12, 2018

        No Elisabeth, he does not have the power of God but I congratulate him for reducing the waiting list at the hospital. You die quicker when you go to that “deathtrap”.

    • Ibo France
      December 11, 2018

      This is the man who eviscerated the hard working, beleaguered nurses in parliament just recently. His tirade against the overworked and unpaid nurse was completely unprovoked. This particular Minister should be singled out for special criticisms for presiding over the WORST managed ministry – the Health Sector. His name should be attached to one of the Bailey bridges, he strikes me as unreliable concoction and a colossal failure.

  12. YO!!
    December 10, 2018

    WOW!!! donkey (–s) kissing donkey (–s).

  13. John Jay
    December 10, 2018

    Darroux viving you fire in the cabinet and afraid of him because of thr nonsense you doing and who you to give houses first, so he put his feet down before he expose you, so you running ahead. I believe this constituency again should not exist in the next election and put it in fhe vrand bay constituency. The people are displaced.

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