OAS programme to assist Dominica trace firearms

Hubert J. Charles, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Dominica to the OAS speaking at the cernemony Monday

Dominica can expect to be more equipped to trace firearms in the country, through its participation in an Organisation of American States (OAS) programme.

The OAS said in a release that it is about to execute its program “Promoting Firearms Marking in Latin America and the Caribbean” in Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Panama and Peru.

OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza stated that with the signing of this agreement “the countries will not only acquire the technical capacity to develop specific actions to prevent and combat illegal arms trafficking but will also show their willingness and commitment to address the challenges of criminal activity for the security and welfare of citizens.”

Dominica is happy to be part of that arrangement, according to the country’s Permanent Representative, Ambassador Hubert J. Charles, who described it as “one of the key mechanisms for the prevention and trafficking of firearms,”.

OAS boss Insulza says the countries participating in that programme are sending “an unequivocal message of their will to reinforce our democratic capacity, enhance the concept of citizenship and the rights of people”.

The initiative is a US-supported one through which the OAS says “20 countries of the Hemisphere have strengthened their capacities to protect the lives of their citizens.”

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  1. Justice and Truth
    February 7, 2012

    Begin at Ports of entry, by air and sea.
    I have always asked, how did those guns and handcuffs arrive in Dominica? Surely, they must have arrived in suitcases. Were they not searched at the Ports of entry?
    If they arrived by illegal Ports of entry, then, there should be Police patrol at all times of the day where it is suspected that those criminals will arrive. Consider that the Police caught those who arrived at an illegal Port of entry. They cannot allow themselves “to let their hair down”, as the saying goes if crimes and also with guns are to be eradicated.
    What is disconcerting is that they were allowed to land in DA with those dangerous paraphernalias.
    It immensely bothers me that all the West Indian islands, i.e., the smaller ones which were so safe and peaceful are no longer so. This has gone on for too long. Something definitely has to be done about that and soon enough to curb those guns and relevant items from arriving into Dominica.

  2. seminole.
    February 7, 2012

    america you fi ull of nonesense.you helping people to trace firearms whereas it’s rooted deep in your culture of violence.all this arm trafficking come from FBI and CIA.you all are always ready to enter people’s country to counsel.sweep your damn backyard.and caribbean gov’ts step up your damn antigun fight.you can do it.we are small.you can curb this thing if there are not ripous pouris (rotten)people at the top.money thrown out of the window to put in place these initiativess.you make we laugh

    • Justice and Truth
      February 7, 2012

      @ seminole.

      Consider the millions of people in the U.S. The damage has already been done.
      Granted, America cannot curb gun traffic and usage in the U.S. but they are trying. The islands should be pleased with the assistance of America and welcome it. Therefore, be positive and do not cry-down America.
      If the islands can curb it, it will assist their countries and also America. One way or the other, other countries benefit from others. All governments learn from others. Let us be broadminded. There is hope.

  3. February 7, 2012

    I do not care what the AOS said, the only way one can trace a gun used in a crime is if the gun is registered in the name of someone with law enforcement authorities.

    That would mean the person would have a license to carry a gun, most of the people in Dominica who pack, bought guns from people and does not know if they have been used in the commission of a crime in another country.

    If approximately 99% of the guns brought into Dominica are smuggled into the country and are in the hands of the unscrupulous, how will it be traced, and to whom will it be traced even if found.

    A gun wipe clean, having no fingerprint on it means squat doodle!

    However if found and the serial number is still engraved on it could be traced to the registered owner, other than all this talk is just another Dominica myth of little green men, and dungeons and dragons.

    Just another Dominica phantasy!

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    • Fairplay
      February 7, 2012

      A spent bullet can be matched to a particular gun.
      A gun can be traced to the manufacturer, who can then say who he sold it to and so on.
      Even if you file out the serial number it is embeded in the metal and can be retreaved with a chemical treatment.
      So, Mr. Smartman you are no so smart.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        February 7, 2012

        Sir/Madam you are very smart, you are perhaps the smartest person alive, but if the manufacture soled a gun to someone in Bolivia, and let’s say a dealer, who sold the gun to some a private individual who never registered the gun, with the police, and that gun end-up in Dominica, and someone got killed.

        Even if you match the bullet to some gun, who the heck will you trace it to unless by some token or the other it is registered in someone name in Dominica.

        You see how dumb and ignorant a person you are?

        I will bet you anything you have not gone past third grade in School, and incase you are guessing about that, I went pass the third grade.

        You are a fool, and I do not waste my time talking to fools!

        Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    • Justice and Truth
      February 7, 2012

      @ Francisco

      Patience! As the saying goes, “Do not jump the gun” or “Put the cart before the horse.” :lol: After the government considers how this will be implemented, they will deal with the matter of guns which are brought to DA illegally and are also not registered. I am certain that a plan will be put in place on how to administer this. Let us wait and see.

    • Gary
      February 7, 2012

      Oh, boy why it you always make silly comments without understanding something.To make a statement quote “the only way one can trace a gun used in a crime is if the gun is registered in the name of someone with law enforcement authorities” Have you not heard of forensic Ballistic experts. It seems you like to condemn without first understanding, very sad indeed, pity your ignorance

      • February 8, 2012

        I understand everything that everyone has said, however, you guy’s are not even trying to understand my point.

        In the first place we do not manufacture guns in Dominica. If you trace a gun used in a crime to a manufacture some place in the world, what difference will it make?

        Can the government of Dominica hold a manufacture responsible of a gun they manufactured, sold to a license gun dealer who sold that gun to only God knows who, and may have changed hands, without documentation hundreds of times, ending in Dominica smuggled into the country, not registered in the name of anyone.

        What are you people talking about!

        In Los Angeles, and I focus on Los Angles only, because people are killed here everyday, bullets are taken out of their body’s, they are analyzed, the manufacture is know, however the killer who used the firearm arm( the gun) is never found.


        The bullet does not have a criminal name on it, and the gun that was used in the commission of the crime was never registered in someone name!

        If only the bullet could talk the culprit would be found, plain and simple.

        So think of me as dumb, but the hoopla you all are enjoying now is only that.

        Look; my father had about five hand guns, when he died and I went home for his funeral, just about every young guy in Wesley, came to me asking me to sell them his guns, ( I doh is no gun dealer eh), so I told them to talk to his widow, who informed them that my dad had sold them all long before he died.

        I am sure the guns are still in circulation in Wesley, but in who’s hands, I personally do not know, don’t ask me because I do not know, and do not care!

        My father did not go into a store in Dominica and purchased not one of them, the Dominica police did not know they existed, so if someone kill a person in the village, and the bullet is found; to who are they going to trace the gun that fired the bullet?

        Oh, I forgot the manufacture who might be long out of business.


        You who think that I am dumb, I suggest you do some research, and discover how many unsolved murders are out there in the world, people who were shot with guns, and the murders are still out there; some died of natural caused, and the guns they used in the crime was never found.

        Be reminded the police have plenty “spent bullets” with no gun, and no criminal who fired the spent bullet.

        In 1984, about five o’clock one afternoon a bullet flew through my house, flew between me and my former wife, and lodge in one of the bedroom wall, I called the police, who came and dug the bullet out of the wall, that was twenty-eight years ago, how come the Los Angeles police has not yet traced the gun which fired the bullet to the criminal who fired that bullet.

        I guess I will have to wait on Dominica great crime fighters, masters in ballistics to come and resolve that long ago incident.

        Have a nice day guy’s, it was nice chit chatting with you, it could be that I am dumb I doh know!

        If you can stop the smuggling of guns into the country, and they are brought in legally, and sold legally, and registered, then, and only then ballistics analysis will help, otherwise the whole thing will be a joke, there will be no resolve.

        Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

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