Over 500 projects by Public Works Ministry since Erika

Blanchard spoke in Parliament earlier this week
Blanchard spoke in Parliament earlier this week. File photo

The Honourable Minister for Public Works and Ports, Senator Mirium Blanchard, has reported that following the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Erika especially on the infrastructure of the island, her ministry has approved over 500 projects. These projects point to the fact that Government is working towards the rehabilitation of Dominica.

The Honourable Minister made this announcement at Parliament this week.

Senator Blanchard stated that estimation from a report submitted by the World Bank post Tropical Storm Erika indicated infrastructural damage at $643.6m.

The Honourable Public Works Minister proclaimed that even with this report Government was not daunted by the task of redeveloping the island.

“Since Tropical Storm Erika the Ministry of Public Works and Ports approved in excess of 550 contracts valued at $85m… of the $85m in the value of those contracts roughly $65m was processed since I moved to that ministry….”

In her address at Parliament the Honourable Minister indicated that within one month after the storm over 95% of Dominica’s roads were passable.

She also declared that because the Government of Dominica places safety and security of its people as its highest priority her ministry is the major beneficiary of the expenditure comprising the supplementary estimates.

Major clean-up post Tropical Storm Erika included clearing of slides, removal of trees and debris from roadways and construction of bypasses which were at a total cost of $12.1m.

She indicated that these projects did not exclude opposition constituencies.

“Bills totalling roughly $2.3m were submitted by the Parliamentary Representatives on the other side of the House. In the case of the Salisbury Constituency we have paid bills totalling $1.2m. In the case of the Roseau South Constituency we paid over half a million dollars. In the Roseau Central we paid almost $400k. In the Marigot Constituency just over $150k and the Roseau North Constituency $62k. In the Wesley Constituency just over $6k. The largest single allocation of $29.7m was made for a project to rehabilitate the island’s main airport- the Douglas Charles Airport in the Marigot Constituency,” Hon Blanchard explained.

The Honourable Senator also responded to the Parliamentary Representative for the Salisbury Constituency who did not consider the construction of the Yorke Valley Bridge in Layou as a priority.

“At that ceremony I explained what led to the need for the construction of the of the new bridge [the Yorke Valley Bridge] indicating then that the reinstatement of the damaged section of that bridge following the collapse of the Mattieu Dam was a temporary measure.

Could the Opposition be suggesting that we should have waited until that bridge collapsed before constructing a new one? How then can they really argue that they are concerned about citizens of this country? If this project was put on the back burner it would have resulted in loss of life and would have impacted negatively on the farming community.”

The Honourable Public Works Minister maintains that a strong and robust infrastructure will contribute to an efficiently functioning Dominica.

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  1. jonathan st jean
    October 27, 2016

    Minister Blanchard,i’m assuming that you understand the concept of the time value of money.The longer it takes to effect repairs and reconstruction to the country’s infrastructure,the more it is going to cost the country.As such the estimate gives by the World bank will increase by a factor for inflation.If you and Skerritt,the finance minister,understand this concept,then get the reconstruction effort running not jogging in place

    October 27, 2016

    I use my name to comment on this piece of toilet paper the now minister of Public Works is selling…

    you wicked people who I have ABSOLUTELY no respect for…. ……you all have purposely crippled the heart of infrastructural development in Dominica………. yes…I work there so I know EXACTLY what is going on…but soon and VERY soon for the house of cards to tumble down….and i’m certain when its all over ….people like you will not be able to show your face in the public….y
    THE INFORMATION TECH ADMIN at PWC….. please note…

      October 27, 2016

      and just ANSWER ME THERE for me to devaley allu effffffffffing business

  3. jonathan st jean
    October 26, 2016

    Minister Blanchard,recently the PM said that money was not a problem,and when we are over one year past the devastation of Erica,you come with a lame and anaemic performance report on the recovery.The world Bank estimated that the country suffered $643 million in damaged,and just over 10℅ of that has been approved.What is the reason for the slow March to repairs.Remember that money is not a problem.The latest tourism report indicates that the visitors are NOT satisfied with product as it is so get up and get to the country back to snuff.The public works department as well as other resources have to be brought aboard to save this sinking ship,Dominica.

  4. jonathan st jean
    October 26, 2016

    Come on Minister Blanchard,are you serious?The World bank report estimated $640 million in damages,and over one year later your government has approved only $85 million in contracts.Let me remind you that PM Skerritt said recently that money was not a problem.If that is the case what are you bragging about when only 10℅ of the value of world Bank estimated recovery has been approved since you got there. Is there any urgency to bring the country’s infrastructure back to snuff.The latest tourism report indicates that tourists don’t want to come back to Dominica.Get the recovery effort up and running with some urgency and get some of that money which the PM says is not a problem to help rescue this sinking ship called Dominica.

  5. dno sucks
    October 26, 2016

    bunch of children running da.

    • They are not running Dominica, think of it as Dominica is crawling! It will never creep under Skerrit’s administration, it will never walk never mind get to run, or to a running stage!

  6. Doc. Love
    October 25, 2016

    Is the Minister serious or wicked. You are boasting that Public Works received 500 jobs, almost twenty PWD workers cannot return to work neither can they get their severance pay that is owed to them. Alas bondier, that is wickedness. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      October 26, 2016

      How quickly are we to jump when we are not accurate. The Ministry of Public Works is not connected to Public Works Corporation. If they choose to hire them, which I am sure they do from time to time.

      • Tjebe fort
        October 27, 2016

        Of course they are connected since Public Works Corp. is 100% owned by Govt. Don’t try and fool us so.

        October 27, 2016

        boy jus shout your mor ….. where u see u have not idea what the hell is going on

    • Arte El Labore
      October 26, 2016

      Doc love, you are a lier and a stupid lieing fool get your facts right.

  7. Confused.com
    October 25, 2016


    Those numbers do no add up. Could you please clarify

    How do these minister get appointed? A whole bunch of kindergarten kids!

    • Tell the Truth
      October 25, 2016

      It is what your little confused mind perceive them to be. They rank higher than that. You need to develop your mind.

      October 26, 2016

      The information quoted is inaccurate. So one figure doesn’t add up and you question the qualifications of the minister? Who’s really being childish?

  8. The Real Thing
    October 25, 2016

    Are we still waiting for the completion of the roadworks to enable the tourists to travel Wottan Waven /Trafalgar.
    The bridge was supplied and erected by the Jamaica Government and we still wait for our Government to complete.

  9. Concerned Dominican
    October 25, 2016

    “Since Tropical Storm Erika the Ministry of Public Works and Ports approved in excess of 550 contracts valued at $25m… of the $85m in the value of those contracts roughly $65m was processed since I moved to that ministry….”

    I must say that having read that quote from the Minister, I am confused!! Did DNO make a mistake or do a need a shot of rum here to see straight? Approved are in excess of 550 projects valued at $25 m. Then you go on to say ‘of the $85 million in the value of THOSE contracts, $65 million was processed since I moved to that ministry’.

    So how are these figures possible when both 85 million and 65 million are higher figures than the 25 million initially quoted?


    • CIA Agent
      October 25, 2016

      @ Concerned Dominican
      It is very simple:

      Now, integrating gives us: ln x = kt + c
      and we know that x(0) = 1, hence 0 = 0 + c
      so ln x = kt
      x = ekt

      There are three (3) types of people in this world;
      Those who can count and those who can’t.

    • “500 projects. These projects point to the fact that Government is working towards the rehabilitation of Dominica.”

      Five hundred project, don’t you think you had better shut up, and stop making an idiot of yourself! While you are talking about some invisible five hundred projects, you should disclose where the money came from to finance the projects, however, there are people employed by your ministry worked for months without getting paid, and as far as I am told has not been paid.

      Meanwhile you and that Mountain Chicken Carpaud (Crapo) Mentality Sly Eye Sir Knight Indian Doctor of nothing Dictator little god Roosevelt Skerrit gets paid every month along with rest of his cabal!

      Shut up and get lost cover your head and talk to the idiots who supports you and that corrupted Black Knight Skerrit.


      • Arte El Labore
        October 26, 2016

        Francisco, you have shit for brains you are the one that is making yourself to be an idiot and jackass, when workers party was in government not a single one of us got paid at month end today 26th October most people get paid even that lazy no good Lennox Linton got his money man you get back to hell where you belongs, right now you are falling to bits look after yourself and leave us Dominicans alone to get on Mr lesbian.

      • Well, I stop calling you out of your fake name you know; but if you wish I can continue to call you Mr. El Dog, and not only Mr. El Dog, but Mr. Damn can’t read dunce Mr. El Dog, you are rat!

        The last word I discover you cannot spell “lying.” You spell lying like this, Lieing but what can be expected from a dog who has no sense, since dogs operates from instincts only!

        You are a four foot dog, Lennox and I walk on two legs,you, you walk on all fours, like a real dog, except when walking upside down!


        You say I am a jackass, but you are the jackass with manure bag on your back and a crook on it which Skerrit sits on when he is riding you; by the time he get off your back he turns around, and bend over in your face while you go on your knees and kiss his rusty black Butt!


        But that’s what dogs do anyway, so you can’t to

    • Arte El Labore
      October 26, 2016

      Concerned Dominican, try asking Q95 and Lennox Linton they are good at working out porpagenda issues .

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