US $34-million solar street lights project for Dominica

A U.S. $34-million solar street lights project has been approved for Dominica which will assist in reducing the impact of climate change.

Speaking at the launch of a Low Carbon Development Project at the Fort Young Hotel earlier this week, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Environment, Ivor Stephenson, stated that over 4,000 solar lights will be erected, and of that amount, over 2,000 solar lights have been provided by the government of China.

“The project will involve the installation of 4,851 solar lights and will be supported by the government of China which has agreed to provide 2,500 of the lights,” he said.

The project will be done in separate phases and is set to be completed in thirty-three months, according to Stephenson.

He stated that the move will help to mitigate the “adverse effects of climate change in Dominica,” and also benefit the country in many other important aspects.

“It will improve social well-being and as well as help to save a large quantity of electricity meaning that the burden of the government budget can also be mitigated,” he added.

Stephenson noted that with the use of green energy, more attention will be placed on Dominica as the nature isle of the Caribbean.

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  1. Flipside
    April 18, 2017

    They tried to attach one to Petter but to no avail. Lights on, nobody home.

  2. Zammy
    April 15, 2017

    This is just another big bobool project….. Bobool bobool bobool..
    They love boboolists….. Let there be light , bobool bobool bobool…
    Dominica is a bobool country
    Welcome to bobool paradise.. Bobool country

  3. Dominican away
    April 15, 2017

    I have two concerns 1. Will our local electricians/technicians be involve in the installation of the lights? Even if there’s not much to it! 2. Has consideration taken for the proper disposal of batteries? This can become an environmental issue.

  4. in ur face
    April 15, 2017

    but 0%, 0%, 0%

  5. April 15, 2017

    So long everybody/island have lights, only NOW allu introducing this? Zor toujpours derrier dou Bondieu.

    • out of south city
      April 17, 2017

      I find that your comments are usually negative. It’s wise to find something positive to say inspite of what may be happening.


      • June 2, 2017

        No! My comments usually are SARCASTIC! Know the difference between sarcasm and negativity. 8-O

    • April 18, 2017

      better late than never right?

  6. Spike
    April 14, 2017

    Solar lights may appeal to eco-tourists, but there is no “climate change on Dominica.” There may be climate change on Earth, though the amount of burning oil to power street lights is trivial, but there is no separate climate for Dominica, nor hard evidence of runaway human-caused warming or cooling (it would be nice if they could even say which, but the last two guesses have been wrong). So it may be effective eyewash, but it is eyewash.

  7. Clergy Man
    April 14, 2017

    Good to get more street lighting as Domlec has rendered Dominica a very dark place after sundown due to their exhdorbitant high rates. But wait, this should be simple math but the numbers do not add up. Will someone please explain?

  8. dee
    April 14, 2017

    De other night i was driving through Hilsborough and saw a crab wearing shades on its face ,
    saying i was surprised was a joke , but then it dawned on me it was those lights shining in its eyes .
    Hey consideration should be given to de night wild life , leave enough gaps between de lights for dem nah .
    I was going airport to catch de flight dat LEAVING ISLANDS ANY TIME.

  9. Jonathan St jean
    April 14, 2017

    At this point I think this amount of money would be better spent on fixing the roads and drains in Roseau,so the capital city won’t drink any more.

  10. Ibo France
    April 14, 2017

    All these projects are commendable things, no doubt about it! But what about:
    1. Increase in public servants wages to keep pace with Inflation
    2. Tackling the high level of unemployment and underemployment
    3. Decrease in the number of poverty stricken citizens and residents
    4. Complete transparency of government business which is the PEOPLE’S business
    5. Using the Security Forces as hound dogs on people who genuinely disagree with the government
    6. Bringing a halt to nepotism and cronyism
    7. Getting rid of the foul -mouthed Senior Counsel who talks unadulterated garbage incessantly
    8. Restoring and elevating the social and political discourse

    These are but just a few things the government should do to regain its credibility and restore the confidence of the people. Come on man, at least try!

  11. Arne
    April 14, 2017

    As a visitor, I am very curious – why are there lights on ther road running north from Ponte Casse?

  12. Lagaroooooooh
    April 14, 2017

    steupes….there’s a reason why God gave us darkness at night. It’s a time to sleep people, time for your brains to recover and to be fresh for a hard days work! These lights may be fine if used sparingly, however they will be a blight on the road if placed too close because the white light is unnatural, it is too bright for night and they will prevent us from seeing the beauty of God’s work in the night sky. I don’t want any of those white lights near my land!

    • June 2, 2017

      Well, Lugarrooh never like lights, anyway. :mrgreen:

  13. April 14, 2017


  14. Let The Truth Be Told - Original
    April 13, 2017

    These lights will also beautify Dominica, or would it be Roseau and the surrounding areas?
    Any intentions of installing traffic lights especially near and in Roseau?

  15. Is So
    April 13, 2017

    Thanks PM for your good work. Francisco, when you left DA there was no light soon Wesley will have free light come back home. If you are waiting for Lennox to send you a ticket, I don’t think it is wise to wait. Peace Bro. Dominica NICE papa.

  16. Flipside
    April 13, 2017

    I do hope we will just plant them completely randomly around the island like we have done so far. It’s always such a pleasant surprise to come across a bunch of them.

  17. Mike
    April 13, 2017

    This is an old story, DNO. It is being repeated to make people believe that the government is busy coming implementing new initiatives. DNO, be vigilant lest you are used to spread government propanganda

  18. The Thinker
    April 13, 2017

    A great initiative on behalf of others not this Goverment.However Thirty three months to install this facility?.
    Go have this programme put out to tender.

  19. Concerned
    April 13, 2017

    Unfortunately this is what will happen. The solar lights will need new batteries in a couple of years. There will be little budget for this so only the most visible ones will be replaced. Of course the old batteries will be dumped in our landfills poisoning the soil.

    The remaining ones will fall into disrepair and be an ugly blight on our roads. Some politicians lined their pockets, the Chinese make us even more subservient and the band plays on……………………

  20. Anon
    April 13, 2017

    Great! now we can see the potholes at night! :-?

    • Fresh
      April 17, 2017

      I like your point. We spend 1 million on roads and $34 million on the lights, either we getting more lights than was mentioned, about 10 times more or we getting little bit of road. Right people of the south?

  21. BMitchell
    April 13, 2017

    Having just visited Dominica, the lights and road reflectors were a nice touch on the northeast side of the country.

  22. AP George
    April 13, 2017

    Now if only they can keep those crazy drivers and bike riders from crashing into them!

    April 13, 2017

    That is a fantastic endeavor… I can only hope to see it come to fruition, more importantly it would be a blessing if these lights could be installed all over the island, in places where they’ve never had such and in areas where it will replace the current $ sucking street light system all communities face.


  24. Fender
    April 13, 2017

    Elections really around the corner, Stephenson talking, well, well. Anyway good project, I hope they spread the bread.

  25. LifeandDeath
    April 13, 2017

    Stephenson you are right in that regard..this better suits Dominica as the nature isle..can’t wait to see Dominica lighted to work on reducing our food/poison imports..DA can do much more to eat what it grows..reduce the incidence of cancer also..

      April 13, 2017

      instead of talking since you have such great ideas, step up and take charge and do something!!!

    • The Darkness
      April 13, 2017

      You speak very true sir/ mam

    • Let The Truth Be Told - Original
      April 13, 2017

      Generally what causes cancer is poor nutrition. It has nothing to do with how much food is grown in Dominica. Some people may still not practice good nutrition. This should commence when young. They also may eat too much and of one thing; not nutritiously.
      Eating a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner will help.
      Most people have internet service. They could Google the health benefits and how much to eat and drink nutritiously per day. The health nurses in Dominica could also provide this information.

  26. April 13, 2017

    We’re on the right path! Next is further enhancement to our geothermal product!

      April 13, 2017

      I heard that!
      that would would be fantastic geothermal coupled with wind and hydro, electric will make us truly independent!

    • Anon
      April 14, 2017

      I agree, but will they pen agreements beneficial to ‘The People’ that forces Domlec to cooperate and lower their profits? After all, they boast their $6 mil annual profits. If Domlec is able to or allowed to keep the same profit margin, then geothermal will not have done any good except put importers of diesel and their employees out of business. Just food for thought…hmmm

  27. Anthony P. Ismael
    April 13, 2017

    Let there be light.

    • Let The Truth Be Told - Original
      April 13, 2017

      . . . And there was. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • yo pues pond Dominique hod nous.
      April 16, 2017

      Skerritt’s playbook for easter let there be ligh Ismael for the truth. China is after our water. and with all the light coming we can’t seem to see the true light.

  28. derp
    April 13, 2017

    “It will improve social well-being ….” I agree the white lights are better than the yellow/orange lights, those yellow lights are ominous and depressing

  29. April 13, 2017

    Nice, keeping with the GREEN theme. Sustainable and renewable energy- the way forward for Dominica.

  30. anonymous2
    April 13, 2017

    This will be a waste of money because these thieves will steal or destroy them. They have already demonstrated this at the bus stops. Unless the police are actually going to patrol the streets.

    • My 2 Cents
      April 13, 2017

      When the police do their job you’ll get vex so shut up.

  31. So Help Us God
    April 13, 2017

    One thing China knows how to get CBS money too eh. They not telling us but commonsense should tell us that China selling these lights to us and in return the majority of that $34 USD goes back to China, as though CBS means China by Investment

    • So Help Us God
      April 13, 2017

      I meant to say USD $34 million dollars goes back to China.

    • Brian abbott
      April 14, 2017

      This is exactly spot on. Every Caribbean nation I have visited, and every local I talk with, the same is true. China comes in
      Giving all this great “stuff” to the poor island, and take over everything.
      I know , for the $34,000,000, you could get the 4000 lights at a lower cost than the 2000 that are being purchased
      And now you, the community , is in control, I wish more people would really look at “real” opportunities and not be paralyzed by culture, or the status quo.
      My two cents worth

  32. Roger Burnett
    April 13, 2017

    It is regrettable that an initiative to mitigate the perceived effects of climate change should engender such a deplorable visual blight to the landscape. I know of no other item of street furniture that is uglier!

    • Clergy Man
      April 15, 2017

      Oh Common Roger U are better than that. We rely on U for good insights re: construction, don’t blow it. Domlec has driven us to do many things due to neglect of our Hydro handed to them on a platter with poorly written agreements, haven’t they? It’s just a light with a solar panel. I now wonder what U’d think of wind turbines in plain view, hide them behind the mountains may be too costly. Your thoughts? 8-O

      • Roger Burnett
        April 17, 2017

        My thoughts…

        Not only do I consider wind turbines, either singly or clustered, visually offensive, but they are not cost effective. The intermittent power generated throughout their life-span is offset with the total power used in their construction, maintenance and decommissioning.

        As I write, Dominica’s one and only wind turbine is not turning for two reasons: one there is no wind and two, it is broken down!

        With DNO’s blessing, I will elaborate on alternative solutions for Dominica in a separate commentary.

    • Roger Burnett
      April 15, 2017

      While the above comment is focused on aesthetics (a concern echoed by communities around the world that likewise consider these lamp standards to be a blot on the landscape) there is also health issues connected to LED street lighting that warrant consideration.

    • yo pues pond Dominique hod nous.
      April 16, 2017

      okay smiley Burnett for Roger.

  33. me
    April 13, 2017

    lol. k

  34. zandoli
    April 13, 2017

    How many solar systems will be installed – 4,000 or 4851?
    So 4851 lights are installed at a cost of $34,000,000 USD, that translates into US$7008.86 or EC$18,823 (at a $2.70 exchange rate) per lighting system (bulb, solar panel and I guess some new poles installations).

    If the average cost per system is approx. $19,000 and China is donating 2,000 of the 4851, then we are left to finance 2851 systems at a cost of EC$53,664,000.

    How many years will it take to recoup that money? And we are not even talking about the cost to maintain the lights.

    That may seem like a good gesture, but we are either not getting the full story or something does not smell right.

      April 13, 2017

      I think you’re overlooking things as a regular citizen that the government considers.
      they want to employ Dominicans to install the other half of the lights which will be cost of labour.
      in addition they will need electricians for every single light that is installed, third they are replacing the current lights that are connected to the power grid, that takes a but of effort and time. in most projects labour is usually half of the cost.

    • April 14, 2017

      And your point is?

    • yo pues pond Dominique hod nous.
      April 16, 2017

      a few thousand passports with a reduced commissions 4 the pirates /lawyers sales men and women ej top bass sisters working 4 them and employer local girlfriends with US green cards and citizenship it’s a big comes this passport bzness. I can be a big Passport pirate and outsource to my siblings and they inturn do the same to local who need the monies as theyhave lost their jobs since the factory closed down/sold. and have big house loans which their spouses income cannot cover.

    • Fresh
      April 16, 2017

      now you seem to be the only person willing to dig deep into what is behind the article. Too many times people come on the news and say we getting this and that at a cost and story end there because everyone happy. The reality is that there are many questions to be answered. Gone are the days when people felt that the govt was like a god and what they say go. We are a community of educated people so yes, we can understand if you give us some more details. Actually to us it sounds like the politicians are stupid, puppets lead with a string. Sad thing is that some of us follow. The numbers do not seem to add up. We also need to know more about the system before we can call it Green.
      People tend to think that for the life cycle of a solar installation there is no pollution but that is far from the truth. If the system is a stand-alone system there must be a battery pack, which will add to the cost of the system and not forgetting the composition of the battery itself.
      Zandoli keep…

  35. Music Producer
    April 13, 2017

    8-O U.S. $34-million solar street lights project — “…the burden of the government budget can also be mitigated,” 8-O Double speak, forked tounge, male cow doo doo.

  36. EnfantDiable
    April 13, 2017

    Excellent project. All villages and housing schemes should benefit equally.

  37. Erasmus B. Black
    April 13, 2017

    “Over 4,000 solar lights will be erected”, Dominica elections always seem to spur some big erections, no pun intended. After the last elections the Dear Leader announced that government had so many projects to implement that he had appointed a Minister for Projects Implementation. Subsequently, the Projects Implementation Minister was appointed to another Ministry. With so many new projects and projected new erections announced almost on a daily basis, when will a new Prohects Implenentation Minister be announced? Is there a vacancy ? ! Or is it that the processes involved are no longer in need of streamlining?

  38. So, what is the big deal about that; what is so exciting, and special about Solar panels, they are peso a peace. Why should that be news?

    Anybody who want that these days simply callas a solar panel company and within hours in one day, they have them installed on peoples houses, as simple as that!

    The more important are not mentioned.

    Where are the traffic street lights which a used internationally to direct and control traffic? They are found on the island of Barbados, Antigua and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

    We remember Skerrit said he gave millions of Dollars to Antigua Government, perhaps the Antiguan’s used Skerrit’s millions to install traffic lights on the streets of Antigua, while instructing him to install a single light on the Bridge over Bath Estate River, controlled by a single relay switch which does not work 95% of the time!


    • April 15, 2017

      Everything is a big deal for Dominicans. They need to go out and travel more. Never see come see.

    • only time will tell
      April 16, 2017

      that’s because DOM-IN-CANS yet to wake up to the world lol my gov love the people lol

    • Fresh
      April 16, 2017

      Cannot believe people are so blind to follow a leader even if all evidence say that he is leading them to their deaths. You are saying some good things so why are there so many thumbs down? There are times I may not agree with what you say but I guess your mission at the end of the day is to get people to open their eyes and at least think for themselves.

    • Vicks
      April 17, 2017

      Look at the roads in Antigua and Barbados compared to the size of the roads we have and tell me where would they be placed without obstructing the flow of traffic. Different circumstances calls for different solutions. Road signs are more feasible for us. Also, what would be the point of the traffic light on a two lane bridge? It was helpful on the old bridge which was one lane but not now. It’s like you are speaking and suggesting solutions but have no recent first hand experience.

  39. April 13, 2017

    Very good , we really need it , thanks to all who made it possible.

  40. megso
    April 13, 2017

    Maybe they will install them in a more suitable location than pont casse.

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