Edison James alleges harassment from comments made by PM Skerrit in 2016

Former prime minister, Edison James (right) awaits bail recently after a incitement charge against him was sent to the High Court. Photo: Facebook public profile

Former prime minister, Edison James, has said he is being harassed due to statements made by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit eight years ago.

Speaking on local radio station, Q95, James said he has made several reports to the police on the matter.

“There is a guy in Marigot, who since that time, every time he sees me in Sam’s Gutter shouts ‘traitor’ to me,” he stated.

“I have reported him four times to the police station, including two/three weeks ago for that.”

At the public meeting held in St Joseph in early 2016, Skerrit told his supporters that he views members of the United Workers Party (UWP) as “traitors” and they should be called out in public.

“I view them as traitors and I want you to do the same as well,” Skerrit said back then to wild applause. “When you see them on the streets, in the supermarket, at a funeral, on a plane, or even in their cars, shout out to every single one of them – Traitor! What do you call them? Traitor! When you see Lennox Linton, what do you call him? Traitor! When you see Thomson Fontaine, what do you call him? Traitor! When you see Monelle Williams, what do you call her? Traitor!!”

A criminal complaint was subsequently filed over the statement and complaints were made to the police but according to James, “nothing has happened.”

The former prime minister, who served from 1995-2000, was recently the center of a legal drama when he spent approximately 20 minutes in a holding cell at a magistrate’s court in Roseau after a charge of incitement against him was sent to the High Court for trial.

He is now appealing to Dominicans, saying that they all should understand “where we are.”

“Today it’s me, it will be you tomorrow,” he remarked.

“Stop this thing now. There is a call for people to be out on the 25th (of February). We don’t have six billion (people) in Dominica but let us get as close to that as possible to come out to show that they are protecting themselves.”

He pointed out that actions, such as what is planned for February 25, are not about “fighting down” Prime Minister Skerrit or the Dominica Labour Party.

“It is fighting for Dominica,” the 80-year-old former prime minister said.

“People should be there to stand for themselves, to say to the powers that be we want to control our country. It is not fighting Skerrit, it is not fighting Labour Party, it is not fighting them. It is for us.”

Mr James leaving the Court House.
Mr James leaving the Court House

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  1. Lin clown
    February 21, 2024

    PUTIN is right,in 1980 the Labour party was removed from power after 20 years.The Freedom party was voted out of office after 15 years.UWP formed government with 34.86% of the votes, and was KICKED out of office in less than 5 years.WHY? Because the level of corruption,victimization,greed and lies inflicted on the people has never been recorded in Dominica’s history.When UWP won election in 1995 they met $53,000,000 in an ESCROW account to build the Layou 5 Star Hotel in the Layou valley under the citizenship programme.UWP gave Grace Tung $21,000,000 of the $53,000,000 and told her start the hotel.Edison said Grace Tung was selling Dominican passports and Dominicans were not profiting.Despite the Fack that hundreds of Dominicans we’re employed,UWP ran Grace Tung out of Dominica and closed the hotel in 1997.Soon after they introduced their REENGINEERED citizenship programme.They made hundreds of millions,they even built a Sunshine village to worship the rising sun.

  2. February 20, 2024

    “….People should be there to stand for themselves, to say to the powers that be we want to control our country. It is not fighting Skerrit, it is not fighting Labour Party, it is not fighting them. It is for us.” …What the f@#$c is this man saying? How does he and the UWP plan to control Dominica? And he said it is for us(UWP), not Dominicans to be in control. Dominicans must be careful of this party it is selfish and greedy. It has all the appearance of a party with a slave master mentality with absentee leadership based in the most corrupt country in the world, SOUTH SUDAN.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 6
    • me
      February 22, 2024

      Wish you had made a point, but you didn’t.You just seem to be a desperate person.
      And you are dead WRONG, LIAR…South Sudan is not the most corrupt country in the world.

    February 20, 2024

    This government has an uncontrollable intolerance to dissent. :twisted:

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 5
    • Putin
      February 21, 2024

      And yet, the facts are that no previous Dominican government has been subjected to and has tolerated dissent more than “this government.”

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 5
  4. Man bite dogs
    February 20, 2024

    I don’t care two hell if Dno want to publish my comments but I am saying to all Dominicans at home and overseas Edison James, and his booboo haha so-called UWP corrupt nasties are a bunch of disgusting aholes only after Dominica as they did before, I am saying to all Dominicans don’t let evil take over your country otherwise you will be the laughing stock of the world once again thanks.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 13
    • Ibo France
      February 20, 2024

      Dominica is the laughing stock of the Caribbean and the rest of the world. The country is the least developed and definitely the poorest of all the English speaking regional nations. Did you listen to Austrie?

      Dominica is being led by a sheep alike creature – ignorant, doltish, birdbrained and asinine

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 6
      • Man bite dogs
        February 20, 2024

        Ibo, I am not having a go at you but you should ask yourself why and it’s nothing to do with Skerrit, but the mentality of people like you and others to be honest earlier Dominicans were lazy and uneducated to appreciate the land they were leaving on , today that same attitude is with some of us why???

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 5
        • Ibo France
          February 21, 2024

          I often search high, low, everywhere to try to find something to give Roosevelt some credit. My searches have been completely futile as his actions, policies and utterances are mostly draconian, ill-advised, vengeful, myopic, bizarre, and heavily laced with stupidity and evil.

          Roosevelt will go down in the annals of history as easily the worst and most corrupt head of government in Dominica. He will be relegated to dustbin of history.

          Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 6
      • Putin
        February 21, 2024

        Only in your fantasy, Ibo! I have repeatedly said to you that you need a shrink because you have difficulty discerning reality from fantasy. This is a symptom of a delusional disorder. Please take my advice, Ibo. If you are as broke as you claim and cannot afford a shrink, the services are available to you at no cost at the Acute Psychiatric Unit (APU).

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 4
      • February 22, 2024

        Stop wasting your breath, boy. Skerrit is going nowhere soon. If he is going anywhere, it will be up in the middle of the pitch at Windsor Park with a bat in his hands to face Andy Roberts, the only Andy Roberts in the world, according to uneducated, loco Francisco Telemakak. U and Niki Haley are bird-brained, according to Donald Trump.

    • me
      February 21, 2024

      @Man bite dogs
      You dont have the capacity to write anything better!! You can’t fool anyone here. Your favourite word “aholes” is always present though. Are you a ………?

  5. Lin clown
    February 20, 2024

    UWP was formed in 1988,the majority of the PEOPLE has never voted UWP.In 1995 they formed government with 34.86% of the votes.Section 32(1)(a)of the constitution makes provision for dual citizens.In 2010 the UWP conspired with rogues,vagabonds,habitual criminals and liars.They dragged Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and his education Minister Peter St.Jean to court like common criminals,claiming they were French citizens and therefore disqualified from contesting election.They paid Senior Council Mendes, a foreign lawyer more than $300,000US to represent them.UWP used Justice Brian J K Alleyne to try to bring down Skerrit.Alleyne said if Skerrit had lost the dual citizen case he should not remain Prime Minister during the appeal.The case was thrown in the garbage pail,and UWP abandoned Justice Alleyne.Skerrit and St.Jean NEVER complained about harassment,although they knew Ron Green had contested and won on a UWP ticket as an American citizen.Read the judgement in this case.WICKED.

  6. Putin
    February 20, 2024

    The bellyacher-in-chief is at it again, playing the victim. Who introduced Domincia to harassment, personal attacks, and the most vile forms of vilification in Domincia’s politics? It was not the Freedom party of the DLP. It began under Eddison and intensified under Linton.

    If you live in a glass house with fragile walls, do not throw stones, Eddo!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 10 Thumb down 16
    • MEME
      February 20, 2024

      Unadulterated filth, puffery and garbage. When you have nothing to say best you remain silent. It’s only reprobates that celebrate wickedness. Stop exposing your ignorance and stupidity in public. Everything said here by honourable James is truthful. Are you a man? Men stand for what is right, not for favours. You seem to be one who is mentally and psychologically ensnared and entrapped by a corrupt regime, and can’t extricate yourself from it. Reasons why even if something is wrong you shamelessly endorse it. What a shame! You sound both bitter and angry.

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3
      • Putin
        February 21, 2024

        Maybe you are too young to know the history of our politics, but do your research about the source of the current vile and nasty nature of our politics and you will understand.

        Here’s another fun fact on which you can toofay….the UWPwee is the first and only political party to insert dirty smear politics into our culture during periods previously considered sacrosanct, Lent and Christmas; ask Lennox Linton and Angelo Alleyne.

        • Hello
          February 21, 2024

          Stop being a self righteous idiot. You have nothing to stand on. You are either seeking favours, like someone wrote, or you are lazy.

    • Hmmmmmmmm
      February 20, 2024

      Do you know the meaning of the last line of your idiotic medley of nonsense? If you do, you should take it to the wickeds in the DLP…But after reading your mess, i’m sure you dont. Sounds like a real lazy sycophant who sees no wrong, and hears no wrong. Thank God many are different from you.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 6
    • Ibo France
      February 21, 2024

      You so often distort the truth and you most definitely Iive in the past. It’s as though you are driving and looking in the rearview mirror.

      You are just a pathetic defender of a toxic and overly corrupt individual who has done more harm and damage to the Dominican people and its once pristine image.

      You need to go and bruise your knees in a sacred place in prayers of contrition. You need a cleansing.

    • Here We Go
      February 21, 2024

      Your heartless scamp why do you think that an 80 years old man should be dragged to court in a trumped up matter created by Skerrit himself? Remember he first called it a coup? And you agreed.Then incitement, and you follow. You are an embarrassment! Is it because you seem to be grovelling to Skerrit that you can’t call this WRONG?

  7. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    February 19, 2024

    Roosevelt, is nothing more than a sick SOB!
    He’s a sick contaminated piece of human scum: he arrested Edison, in order to divert attention from the true state of affairs in the country!
    Dominica, under normal circumstances should have long declared bankruptcy; since the economy of the country has long collapsed.
    Where is the nation area of production, distribution, and trade? Such dose not exist in Dominica, the sale of passports are diminishing, hence there is no actual source of revenue, and so the nation debts are unpaid, while billions of dollars of passport money are in the name of Roosevelt friend in foreign banks.
    He realize that even his own clones understand there is no money to build Int. Airport, so as to draw their attention away from such situations, he must find something for the suspecting to occupy their mind; and the most stupid way Roosevelt could accomplish that is to have James arrested.
    Consequences for your crime, …………………………………

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 17 Thumb down 8
    • February 20, 2024

      He is a sick SOB whilst you remain a creep from Wesley. Edo would be better off continuing to teach Agricultural Science at the Secondary level. Somehow, I have forgotten my Agricultural Science notes. Maybe he can jerk my memory just a little. But again, where I was born are more rocks and stones than there is fertile land. Shame on Edo.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 10
      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemmaque
        February 21, 2024

        ds, for as long as you live I will forever kick your behind around like the dumb football you are! Edison James is the same person you claimed taught you at DGS, and SMA simultaneously!

        Have you forgotten that Edison James was the principal (Headmaster) at DGS? If he was can you disclose the duties of the Principal of such institutions? I think it would be an insult to “my very own intelligence to ask a stupid one like you such a question; so be informed of the duties of a principal of such an institution is to provide strategic directions in the school system. The principal develop standardized curricula, and assess the teaching methods, and monitor students achievement, and in most cases encourage parent involvement.
        He/she revise polices and procedures; administer the budget, hire and evaluate staff and oversee the facilities!
        Don’t try to put James down; he is also a Telemaque, and we are not damn dumb as Roosevelt Skerrit, and none of us are thieves you see!
        We earn!

        • February 21, 2024

          Edo was never, fyi , a Principal of the Dominica Grammar School nor the St. Mary’s Academy. Stop talking and writing rubbish. I know Edo personally. We communicated many times at the Academy which I attended. And tell Ibo France to stop living off the dole and find something better to do. No matter what he says of all my degrees, the bottom line is, he cannot take them away from me. I earned them. He is the one with no degree because up to this day he cannot disclose his academic qualifications. He spends all his time whilst living off the dole reading the Thesaurus and the Webster Dictionary.

          • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
            February 23, 2024

            Yes, you know him personally, but his, and my blood runs in each other veins!
            He is also out of the Telemaque Klan!
            Shut up, one time you claim that Edison James taught you at both DGS, and SMA. Recently you said he should remain teaching agriculture science.
            Well, since you know him so personal; it would not be difficult for you to disclosed in what institution Edison taught you agricultural science!
            A liar is a very dangerous person; usually liars are thieves too; so any wonder you are a supporter of the master thief and liar in Dominica.
            The man at the apex is a thief, he steals anything that is not nailed down, a born pathetic kleptomaniac.
            If were not a liar, you might be able to use a name and write on the site; but you are so lie you dare not mention your given name!

            I am Francisco Telemaque; family tree include Dods, Linton Valmond, Alfred, and others, I will not mention. I fear no man in Dominica, not Roosevelt Skerrit, or anyone, okay so use my name!
            Do the same.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0
      • Ibo France
        February 21, 2024

        For a man who often boasts that he has more degrees than a thermometer, your post is just unadulterated gibberish. You often handcuff yourself to absurdity, but this post is nothing more than Bovine Scatology (BS).

    • Ibo France
      February 21, 2024

      Francisco you hold no punches when it comes to this satanic Liar. You tell the unvarnished truth about him like no other. The man is EVIL incarnate.

  8. dissident
    February 19, 2024

    Skerrit acting as if he feeling a grip tightening on him
    See how coward a man can be bold faced…….thinking that he can hide behind mansions and suits and cheap gals too
    some people lack self-esteem so there seems to be no limit to what they will accept.
    Skerrit will eventually fall……I accept that………he can’t
    It’s his actions and influence that affecting us so negatively……..and even though all of us paying VAT and tax ………it still not enuff for some greedy aviege malicious people sitting in position of power in government.
    u see de thing is we have reached de ceiling
    Skerrit can’t possibly do anything beyond failed CBI hotels and international airport.
    Edison James warned us about not giving little boys too expensive toys.
    de little boy will simply mash up de toy.
    see de little boy actions and influence against Mr. James

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 11 Thumb down 6
  9. Ibo France
    February 19, 2024

    Well said Prime Minister Edison James (once a Prime minister always a prime minister just like a teacher).

    Roosevelt occupied the most powerful position in government. What personal gain does he get from harassing, embarrassing and arresting an eighty year former prime minister? This is evil in its purest/perfect form.

    Every decent and right minded citizen of Dominica, no matter which political party he/she supports should be extremely enraged.

    Roosevelt has become inebriated with power. He cannot lose it otherwise it would be like making a reservation for a prison cell. So anyone he perceives to be even a remote threat to his lofty position, he becomes cannibalistic.

    Roosevelt’s time in government has long expired. He and his fawning missionaries are bankrupt of good ideas. Therefore, his staying power depends on intimidation, brutality, corruption, victimization and impoverishment.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 25 Thumb down 14
  10. MEME
    February 19, 2024

    The police will not act because the CDPF is a failed institution. To have a country like what Skerrit has turned Dominica into, the POLICE FORCE must be compromised. They can’t do the bidding of the citizenry, but that of their masters who dictate to them. Remember the following egregious crimes, the police has done nothing about:
    the 2 mercenaries who went to plant false evidence at honourable Linton’s home.
    Tony Astaphan and Skerrit LYING about honourable Linton making public Skerrit’s confidential IPO information. When Tony was the one who did it.
    The telecommunication tower at Melville hall was burnt, Skerrit said WE know who did it..the police did nothing.
    At Bellevue Chopin he, (Skerrit), called on LABOURITES, to throw hot water on opposition members, and the list goes on…and on…
    So this is a compromised police force, not serving the people, but one that is dictated to by politicians and their surrogates.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 26 Thumb down 10

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