CHAP takes on Education Minister

St. Jean

The Dominica Chapter of the Caribbean HIV Aids Partnership (CHAP) has come out swinging against a recent announcement by Education Minister Peter St. Jean that he will be reassigning one of the ministry’s key officials to investigate “deviance and homosexuality” in schools.

Former Secondary School Principal Simeon Joseph was assigned “the task of investigating and identifying the root causes of deviance and the increasing incidents of homosexuality among our student population,” according to St. Jean at a recent function.

But in a statement released on Tuesday CHAP questioned the move by St. Jean.

“In our schools in Dominica we have students stabbing students, students fighting with teachers, students leaving schools without being functionally literate, school buildings and grounds being in a state of disrepair,” the statement said. “What are Minster St. Jean’s real concerns?”

The statement went on to say that the Ministry of Education has not been able “streamline the students to their strengths especially if they are not academically inclined, and are essentially having them to learn ‘a trade’ by apprenticeship from older people who to some extent do not understand the modern methods of tradesman-ship, or through the Youth Skills Training Programmes.”

It said that instead of addressing these issues St. Jean is packaging homosexuality as part of addressing the problem of violence. “Is homosexuality violent? Is it in any way close to the negative impact of violence in our schools/society?” the group questioned.

CHAP is hoping that the findings of the investigation will provide the Ministry “with an educated person’s insights into understanding the human condition of sexuality and sex preferences, and the Ministries of Government could act upon its findings.”

It also hopes the investigation will not encourage what is describes as a ‘hunt for homosexuals’ and “defame the character of these young people, and encourage bullying, that will increase violence in the schools which is what you really want to decrease.”

The group noted that it wants the findings of the investigation be made public.

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  1. Listening
    June 14, 2012

    My view is this not the real issue. Yes we may have a problem and some form of redress maybe needed by finding the root cause. But we keep under-estimating our GOVT therefore I am asking Dominicans to keep a watchful eye because the solvent of the investigate is going to be to implement censorship on internet to protect the youths in DA from homosexuality. The christian population has already been heavily sensitize by the Education Minister utterance therefore any findings will be heavily supported. So that makes it very easy for the GOVT to enact laws for internet censorship under the false notion of protection of our youths. Also this leave the telecom operators on island with no legal footing for objection of the censoring of the internet service they offer to customers. I am very concern where this is going because the whole homosexuality thing with youths could be handled differently and a tailored solution could be found instead of sensationizing an entire christian and homophobic society which has homosexual laws on its books. Something does not make sense therefore I am leaning in the direction of internet censoring.

  2. June 14, 2012

    boy you people not easy.there are better things to focus on,this thing is going nowhere,it’s just political mumbo jumbo,give me a break.

  3. Cerberus
    June 14, 2012

    Purely from a human-rights point of view this proposed exercise fills me with great unease and alarm. The Nazis under Adolf Hitler introduced anti-homosexual legislation in the 1930’s. Hitler decreed that all homosexuals should be registered and his secret police, the Gestapo was mandated with the task of creating- and maintaining files on homosexuals and other deviants, who were seen as a stain on the nation’s image. Convicted homosexuals were compelled to wear a pink trial in public, even before the jews were made to wear the infamous yellow star of David. Many ended up in concentration camps and were subjected to compulsory “cures”, such as the implantation of the testosterone hormone and even castration.
    I hope we learned from that terribly dark episode in human history and pray we are not embarking on a similar witch hunt leading to the persecution of a minority that has a sexual orientation, which differs from most of us. If we proclaim to be a christian nation, we are all children of God and equal in His eyes.

    • Cerberus
      June 14, 2012

      Correction: “pink triangle” (instead of “pink trial”).

  4. Human rights
    June 13, 2012

    Well. Is this where we heading. Da noose is tightening because of poverty and soon after studies we know what they wil want but only then they wil see how we don’t accept this lifestyle

  5. sexy Balaw
    June 13, 2012

    Mr. Minister When you get some time I need you to investigate an urgent matter :HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR A CHILD TO SPEND 10 YEARS IN THE SHCOOL SYSTEM AND CANNOT READ AND WRITE. Somebody should be made to pay back all the money they drew under false pretense. shame Put education of children back in the hands of the family and give parents a stipend

  6. sexy Balaw
    June 13, 2012

    every body is talking but nobody is saying anything. It starts with putting an end to sexualising our children. Yes the music they listen to. Never underestimate the power of music. All childdren know the latest hits no matter how innappropriate. Ure wondering how they know it? Well they go to school, its played in the neighbourhood, the buses dehhhhh. the advertisements we hear and watch, no matter how masked it is they get the message the subtle message even when we as adults doh get it yet.

    So when we sexualise them and fuel it with hormoned chicken how can they respond.

    Bingo they are resticted to have relationships with the opposite sex. But its ok for them to be very close to their own sex. Boys play with boys and girls with girls. SOoooo.

    By the way Mr. Minister I am in fourth form at an all girl secondary school and I would like to inform you that you will not get any info from any child in my school. this is our sexual survival strategy. We cannot incriminate our self because you and skerrit pleaded the fifth.

    • Hypnotist
      June 14, 2012

      Speak it sister. mr minister you DEFINITELY will NOT get any information from any girl at MY high school, that’s for sure. When parents try to restrict their girls and their boys to socializing with only members of ther own sex, what you expect the end result to be? It is through parents’s own fault their children end up the way they end up. Parents, and adults as a whole, change your mindset about your children, and who they want to be friends with. It will save you all this melee in the long run.

  7. concerned ppl
    June 13, 2012

    the Ministry of Education is out of touch with the real problems we face in the schools.We have a generation of students who are leaving school not being able to read and write properly,are these children going to run our country tomorrow?our education system has been damaged by a group of people who do not have a clue.

    Secondly let me save Mr Simeon the trouble,the root causes of deviance and problems in schools starts in the home.Some parents are not doing their jobs properly and they need to learn how to take care of their children and teach them values in the home.Primary socialisation begins in the home.

  8. Sari
    June 13, 2012

    All in a sudden where CHAP come out nuh??? CHAP need to make itself known to the public because me nah never hear about chap.

  9. Stupes
    June 13, 2012

    My people are too confused. They don’t want gay legislation but they dont mind we breed gays or at least find the cause of the ”’problem””… because apparently it is not. lol

  10. Citizen
    June 13, 2012

    It good for those same students 10 years down the road to become PM and legalise same sex marriage and all that comes along with it. The allu dominicans talk about christian state, set of wicked hypocrites.

    • Justice and Truth
      June 13, 2012

      @ citizen

      When enough governments legalize it, God will send his fire and brimstones to destroy this evil, those who legislate it, participate in it and those who approve of it. For the moment He is patient just listening and watching.

  11. Faceup
    June 13, 2012

    Mr Minister, all DA schools need is top level education, and safe schools.

  12. Mr Gouty
    June 13, 2012

    Its a good thing for us to know how many gay teachers , police, nose. and more da will have in the next five years. Dominica is to small for that gay lifestyle thing and yes to god and no to the satan

  13. ...with your spirit!
    June 13, 2012

    Dominica have rowrow…..the island is ALIVE!!!!

  14. Distured
    June 13, 2012

    Hahahahahahahaha! Allu killing me. You want what to made public? Are you ppl sick? Snipers exist you know!
    I’m all for the defamations and purging of Gays but this last bit is a bit too extreem. The listings are something you should not leak into public knowledge.

    I’m thoroughly dissapointed in these “leaders”.

    Once again its proven that there is no tactical thinking. All these “leaders” are the same…just different colors.

    Greed for power is what drives this “event” against Gays. :-| :twisted: :evil:

    • Kristoff
      June 13, 2012

      CHAP is not asking for the listing of name to make public knowledge, but the report on Mr. Joseph findings when he does his investigation…

      • Distured
        June 15, 2012

        Sigh…It will be made public. That is the problem. 1 man alone can think alone. A mob however is foolish. Chaos is what someone want to start.

  15. Rastafari
    June 13, 2012

    Sad when you read all the blogs these days. They all depict a shortage of intelligence, through blind comments. In fact, that may well be the barometer for the public in general, and if it is, we probably will collapse as some think we will. Even radio and TV exemplifies this trend…(borrowed) Dominica is being swiftly seduced into the abyss of none-sense, immorality, lack of integrity, social decay, hatred, envy, intolerance and lawlessness, wickedness in high/low places, drug abuse, child abuse, violence, murder and crime. The Jumbie is making his last stance towards world domination and everyone is being taken down, fast! Our officials don’t seem to care about our well being…

    • Gary
      June 13, 2012

      Now, what is it that says you got more intelligent by your comment.What are you trying to prove by being so arrogant portraying your self to have the answers to the problems facing the Country.Do you think a morbid mind with doom and gloom predictions to which you allude to is what causing the problems.Why do you think it is the Government role to take care of our well being.Why don’t you start with your self. Self examination is the hardest thing to do, watch the poisons of the mind superstition, ignorance and even religious beliefs in jumbie.

      The good news, to relieve all this gloom and doom prediction is that we have a democracy it is inherently self-correcting.Inept political leaders can be replaced. Foolish policies can be changed. Disastrous mistakes can be reversed.

      • Peeping Tom
        June 13, 2012

        Thanks, Gary. You also spoke for me here.

      • Justice and Truth
        June 13, 2012

        @ Gary

        In Canada we call people like him, ‘Smart Alec.’ Have you heard of those words? They are sarcastic ones when some people think or state that they are smarter than others. He is not smart at all; ignorant, small mind etc., calling us names which we do not deserve. He is rude and out of place.

      • Rastafari
        June 14, 2012

        Gary, good morning. You read the word “Jumbie” and you freak out about religious belief? Wow! Jumbie is the same as Devil, Satan Apolyon, and old Dragon. They are one and the same Gary, same difference. It is found in the Christian Bible. Why is it so difficult to mention something that’s talked about in you guys Bible? Why you all get so defensive when someone mentions the word “Devil” I don’t belong to any religion; I’m a Rastaman – non-religious affiliation. I don’t believe in anything, I know what exists and try and educate the less fortunate. Knowing something exists does not make me a believer in it. Take politics, for instance…I don’t believe in it either…but it sure exists and is a huge part of humanity…get real and havea great day!!

      • Gary
        June 14, 2012

        Reply to Rastafari

        Let me say to you i do respect your right and belief as a Rastafarian, all man to his own belief.What i will tell you we must not cling on to our beliefs as truth, they should be always examined and tested and verified once in while since beliefs are not necessarily the truth and you would be surprise that a lot of what we are told might not be true at all, starting with religious beliefs, you should even question your beliefs held to as a Rastafarian.

        Your mention about me freaking out by the word jumbie and religious beliefs.I am not a religious person and do not subscribe to any religion or religious beliefs period.When you make the statement you do not believe in anything
        how laughable you are, don’t you believe in the teachings of Rastafari(Hal Selassie)How can you say that Rastafarian is non religious. Now when you say quote “Knowing something exists does not make me a believer in it” well again don’t you believe and accept Hail Selassie existed, i assume you do, else you would not be a Rasta, if there was no Hail Selassie(Ras-ta-fari) there would be no such thing as Rastafarian, just as if there was no Jesus there would be no Christianity, have you not see the pattern.

        I’m not against you having beliefs or having opinions, you have a right to both, neither I’m trying to convert you. I’m just trying to make sense of what you are saying. Most people join religions without having the slightest clue as to what they are joining.Do not look at presentation to make your decision, the most deceptive thing is outer appearance always look behind the curtain see who is in control running the show. Do not be lead by emotions but reason, question everything presented to you. There are layers and levels in religion which we are not told about and every level is fed a lie, only a few at the top know the the agenda, in other words everything is compartmentalize. That is why they have being around for so long, deceiving mankind from knowing truth, that is why the truth shall set us free.

    • Justice and Truth
      June 13, 2012

      @ Rastafari

      This is only your opinion which does not represent that of others. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Are you assuming that you are more intelligent than they are? I would not put you in a high or higher bracket, more intelligent than others. :twisted: :mrgreen: Therefore, speak for yourself. :twisted:

  16. BITTER
    June 13, 2012

    The Minister number prioriy should be “the bullying of students”, and the gang at schools, it is no longer at high schools only but has taken a very sad turn to the primary schools. I hope he is not waiting when something very very serious happen to address this. That is one of the major issues CHAP forgot to mention

      June 13, 2012

      Oh Lord have Mercy, a woman is so sweet and here we have grown men arguing about men homosapien behavior.

      Itis such a joy to wake up next to your lady, clean white tank tops, nice panty briefs (nothing protruding) and the nice smell of her shampoo hair.

      Each to his own but but but but….Alas

      Mr Minister if there are stories of our 8 yr old boys talking about being gay, dam right we as citizens have to stop that madness.

      I would be damned if my son comes home with his hands hanging lose and starting to wear skirts.

      We need to grow our population, not regressed into sissy men behaviours.

      I finish, I mad man

  17. Fog Light
    June 13, 2012

    You Dominicans are too political. Leave politics out of this.
    You all are too stupid and speak positively.
    You people like too much tori. Get busy.

    • Justice and Truth
      June 13, 2012

      @ Fog Light

      What about you? Living in a fog which clogs your mind? :twisted:

  18. Anonymous
    June 13, 2012

    The Minister never relate homosexuality with deviance.Deviance and homosexuality are separate problems which need to be address at the core before they are uncontrollable.
    Put is how you want HOMOSEXUALITY IS UNACCEPTABLE in the sight of God. The Minister is shining light as a profess christian and I support him 100% on that though I did not vote for him.

    • Malatete
      June 13, 2012

      Religious fervour to the exclusion of everything else can be termed deviant in itself. It creates intolerance in direct contravention of the commandment that tells us to:”love thy neighbour like like yourself”. We love to judge but that human trait becomes especially reprehensible when we use holty scruptures to justify our base emotions.

    • winston warrington
      June 13, 2012

      For some reason, Christians appear to affect a familiarity with the Almighty of which other intelligent members of society are deprived. The minister ordered a study, not a cure for “deviance and homosexuality ” in schools.

      One might argue that the two are unrelated and as such, the study should be undertaken by separate individuals qualified in each area of concern. People are angry; and for the wrong reason, confusing crime with sin, deviance with violence and homosexuality with behavior.
      Even if these issues are clearly defined, in Dominica there will be some to favor the less persuasive point of view. The minister has drawn attention to what currently appears to be a menace in the school system and we are up in arms about it!

      • Justice and Truth
        June 13, 2012

        @ winston

        We must face the truth, speak the truth and what which matters and not water it down and make it less than it is. That is the truth, the Gospel Truth.

    • Patience
      June 13, 2012

      Have you looked up the meaning of deviance?
      In Dominica, homosexuality is not a social norm hence…

    • Parang
      June 13, 2012

      Can the widespread lies and hypocrisy in government be classified as the norm or deviant behavior. We have so called profess Christians who have lied in the face of the public and in the courts. When the minister should have stood up in the public interest and in support of his Christian ideologies, his FAITH and tell the courts whether or not he had a French passport what did he do he followed the ungodly men, chronic liars and remained silent. He could have simply stood up and say Yes I have a passport or no I don’t have a French passport. Is that what Jesus would have done? The Christian hypocrites can answer that question with “one word” not utter Rubbish but ” DEVIANT BEHAVIOR ”.

  19. Shameless
    June 13, 2012

    Mr. Peepeeing Tom, I sincerely hope that one of these days you will use your god given analytic skills to bring justice to the people of Dominica one way or another (and I mean it in a ggod way).

    Having said that, I am pleasantly amazed at the minister’s sudden discovery of “morality” and “diviancy. After all, let us not forget that the very minister was just before the courts having been brought there for the very sam purpose ie, deviating from the constitutional requirements as to who can run for public office.

    Will someone tell the Honorable Minister to go find better things to do instead of wasting the taxpayers resources? :twisted:


  20. June 12, 2012

    What has dominica become? You mean that my fellow-dominicans have sunk so low, that most/many will quickly launch an attack on any one they think is against homosexual behaviour?
    I must agree that homosexuality is not the only issue that needs to be addressed; but it surely is one of them. continue buggering; but don’t try me when i come down next month. any
    Dominica has fewer than 72,000 people and man sodomizing man and woman on woman will decrease that number. An increase in population would positively affect the country.
    I did not use a psuedo name.__ Why are those who stand for morality, equality, justice and truthfulness afraid to declare their identity?

    • June 12, 2012

      the word “any” after the phrase ” next month” should be ignored from my contribution. Thanks.

    • Gary
      June 13, 2012

      What does a person real name has to do with morality, equality, justice and truthfulness when posting, do you think these traits are solely true to these people who post comments. How ridiculous can you be.Take your comment as an example,non of the traits that you mention can be associated with you.Is this all you can say regarding regarding the posted story.You do not portray morality, equality, justice and truthfulness at all sorry.

    • Nac Vibes
      June 13, 2012

      So how is the minister going to cure the deviant homosexuals when his report identifies them?
      All this is a total waste of time and scant resources, because no amount of or any kind of sanctions are going to dissuade those who are homo sexual from being what they are. Being gay, lesbian or bisexual is a choice.Given the struggles and pain that black people as a race has endured and continue to endure, I’m sure there are many amongst us who would not choose to be black.
      That said the sin of homosexuality is abhorrent in the eyes of the creator, so I hate the sin not the sinner.

  21. Met Yo
    June 12, 2012

    but admin you starting to slack out on me again man?

    I have to put my comments approval monitor on again man?

    How my comment pending still…and me first to comment.

    Doh get me started again boss

  22. Disappointed
    June 12, 2012

    Let us all just conclude that the Education system is failing miserably. Education is not only about reading and writing.

  23. e-manicou
    June 12, 2012

    DNO you are one big pussyfooter!!Who are the persons in CHAP?You have not mentioned anybody like the president or whoever in the group. All you say is CHAP come out swinging. SMFH.

  24. concerned
    June 12, 2012

    The final paragraph of this article is rather interesting and thought-provoking.

  25. blessed
    June 12, 2012

    wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll said couldnt be better than that…………….. so many issues that need to be address…………is sex preference you all going behind………………that investigation will cause more harm than good……………focus on the crimes etc………….opportunity for the young people

  26. Never a Homo
    June 12, 2012

    Way papa gays come out…all I know is sex between two men looks very animalistic too me. It’s just doesn’t look like something that would happen in Heaven

    • mmm
      June 14, 2012

      and what about between two women? You forgot they are “gay” as well??? Just as sickening and nasty!!!

    • Inquiring Mind
      June 14, 2012

      Question: If men have anal sex with their women, isn’t this just as nasty as man on man? Most men these days engage in anal intercourse with their female partners. The same goes for heterosexual oral sex. If you engage in such practices, aren’t you just as “nasty” as gays?

  27. cohenval
    June 12, 2012

    The Minister’s comment about the rise in homosexuality among students is a “red herring”. The Ministry of Education is failing in its effort to prevent deviant behaviour and violence in our schools. So he deliberate throws in the issue of homosexuality to attempt to distract form the real issue of deviant behaviour and violence which is on the rise.
    How would the minister know about students homosexuality? Unless he have been peeping through the keyholes of their bedroom doors.

    • Student
      June 12, 2012

      All the people having a problem with the minister’s statement should have no problem with their sons ‘taking man’ and their daughters ‘taking woman.’

    • Justice and Truth
      June 13, 2012

      @ cohenval

      Did you not read about it a few days ago on this Website? It appears to be a scandal which is rocking the schools, among youth. It is a sad one. Children go to school to learn; not to bring their sexual behaviour there and to talk about their sexual activities in the schools. Times are not the same as they were previously. Something is radically wrong with those children. They need the blessing and grace of God.
      The Education Minister with the school principals should be able to instill discipline in those children and to avoid bullying. It may be that they have been too lenient with them.
      Am I to state that the students control them which should be the other way around. If this situation continues, what type of future society will Dominica have when these children attain adulthood age and are employed?

      • Reader
        June 13, 2012

        Cohenval hit the nail right on the head! This issue of homosexuality is just a red herring since the ministry will not come out and say that it is failing miserably. Those of us with eyes can see it!

        @ Justice and truth … if something is radically wrong with those children then something is radically wrong with the social institutions (schools and family included) that turn them that way. You are right – our children go to school to learn so lets teach them.

      • Froggy
        June 13, 2012

        @Justice and Truth – Hypocrite katolic People send their little boys to church not to be molested by priest or pastors

  28. Allan
    June 12, 2012

    The man has northing better to do with his time! his just playing god shame on him!

    • Distured
      June 13, 2012

      define god.

  29. alas
    June 12, 2012

    Amen ! Well put ! How dare the minister to class homosexual children with deviant? What does ones sexual preference have to do with their education? This place is sick !

    • Allan
      June 12, 2012

      We’re not sure, but all the available evidence suggests that we’re born that way. The old theory about “absent father and close-binding mother” has been disproved.
      There is anecdotal evidence that as many as 80% of humans are capable of intercourse with both men and women, even though most of us don’t act on it. There is even disagreement about the definition of “homosexual” — in some cultures, a male who inserts is considered a heterosexual no matter what the sex of his partner is. In other cultures, both men are considered homosexual.


      Some people believe that it is a chemical imbalance, where others believe that it’s the devil inside the mind. Me, I believe that it is in our DNA, and that’s why we like what we do.

      There are related questions below.

      Most scientific studies point to a strong genetic basis. All these studies are careful to say that sexual orientation is not 100% controlled by genes, and that there is some environmental influence. This is true of everything, even things we think of as completely genetic, such as eye color.

      However, twin studies do show that “Fifty-two percent of the identical twin brothers were gay” (as in the twin study linked below), which is on-par with disease we do call “inherited” and “genetic.” Though being gay is a trait on par with hair-color and not a disease, the fact that we call a disease “genetic” if 52% of twin share it means something (Bipolar Affective Disorder is one example of a mental disorder than is called “genetic” due to similar twin research results).

      Nothing is 100% either way, but sexual orientation is weighted so far toward the genetic side that any other trait of this weighting would be called “genetic.’

      Also, just because environment is a factor does not mean it is an environment that anyone has control over, not even the parents. It begins before birth, in the womb.
      In the cases cited in the study linked below, the womb environment has been altered by the previous testosterone of the older brothers. So it is still possible to say that men born from such a womb “environment” were “born gay.” Their genes probably predisposed them to that, but the environment of the womb changed their development and they were born gay.

      It is impossible to find a true scientific study that says genes do NOT play a role. Sexual orientation is innate. While sexual orientation has a genetic component and an environmental component, the “environment” mostly means the level of hormones in our blood before birth, or other factors over which we and our parents have little or no control.
      There is no cause for homosexuality.

      –> A very misunderstood mix of genetics, environment, culture, personality, education, etc… You could ask Why do some people love fish or What causes someone to be shy vs outgoing and probably get the same answer. There definitely are some causes, but they are far too complex to define precisely, as for the previous examples.
      To start, homosexuality is not a disease. The characteristics of homosexuality, however, include being sexually attracted to members of the same sex.

      No one actually knows what causes someone to be homosexual. No one knows at all. It is though, something that you can not control. Many believe that if you are homosexual, bisexual… that you were born that way. That is also what I personally believe!

      • Justice and Truth
        June 13, 2012

        @ Allan

        Let us face it. No one will stand before God as a homosexual and lesbian. This is a fact just as no one whose soul is defiled will enter Heaven. Life is temporary but eternity is forever. Let us vie for the eternal prize and crown. It is not hypocritical to want this. It is a godly smart thing to wish for.
        You have your opinion. Those who speak the truth are not hypocritical. Our earthly life is a preparation for eternity whichever path we take. We will be facing God for our judgment. It is something to take seriously.

    • Allan
      June 12, 2012


      Homosexual attractions are symptoms of a preventable developmental disorder. Once the symptoms are observed prompt intervention and treatment can prevent a homosexuality outcome, but it is preferable to prevent the conditions which cause the disorder in the first place.
      1) The best prevention of homosexuality in boys is a strong father/son relationship in which the father affirms the masculine identity of the son. Irving Bieber who conducted a comprehensive study of homosexual men found that a positive supportive relationship between father and son prevented homosexuality. This relationship should include rough and tumble play between father and son. For example, when a father tossing his young son up in the air, the boy is at first frightened but then recognizes that he can trust his father, that his father loves him, that the activity is exciting. The boy wants to do it over and over. The mother may try to intervene, but in a healthy situation the father ignores her protestations and the son learns independence from the mother. If the mother prevails and the activity ceases or never begins, the father/son bond is not firmly established. There is evidence that being tossed in the air and rough-and-tumble play in the first 3 years of life builds brain connections which lead to confidence in physical activity and may effect later coordination.
      2) Second, it is absolutely essential that all adults and older children unequivocally affirm the boy’s masculine identity, and show disapproval toward stereotypically girly activities and cross dressing. A simple “Boys don’t do that” on the first occasion is sufficient.
      3) The mother must encourage her son’s competence and mastery and teach him how to overcome his fears and anxieties.
      4) The mother must affirm her respect for manhood and men, particularly if the father is clearly deficient or absent.
      5) The boy must have a chance to observe happy marriages close up and understand that love between husband and wife is a beautiful thing.
      6) The boy needs boy playmates who share his interests.
      7) The mother should be modest in front of her children and respect their modesty. Children should not observe sexual acts.
      8) Children should be protected from sexual molestation by adults or other children, with a yearly admonition from their parents that if anyone tries to touch their private parts or asks them to touch his parts they are to tell immediately and that people who do such things are usually liars.
      9) Parents need to teach children to forgive those who injure them, to reject envy and self-pity, and to practice virtue. The difference between boys who become homosexual and those who do not is not simply that the former were traumatized and the latter not. Almost all children experience traumas of one sort or another. The difference may be that for the homosexually attracted the trauma remained unhealed. In many cases bitterness, envy, unforgiveness, and self-pity were either allowed to fester or subtly encouraged.
      All this should begin immediately after birth. The critical period for gender identity development is 8 months to 4 years of age
      Boys who are excessively “pretty”, sickly, sensitive, non-athletic, youngest brothers, fatherless, or whose mothers are psychologically troubled are at greater risk. There is some evidence that adopted sons may be at-risk, perhaps because of separation anxiety or because the father may find it more difficult to bond with a non-biological child than the mother. “At-risk” does not mean that a homosexual outcome is inevitable, only that it is more likely than in a boy who shows none of these symptoms. The symptoms of an at-risk boy are:
      1) Fear of rough and tumble play
      2) Lack of same-sex playmates
      3) Dislike of team sports
      4) Doll play
      5) Cross dressing or interest in women’s clothes or shoes
      6) Effeminate speech or mannerism
      7) Playacting in which the boy takes a feminine part.
      8) Frequent statements that he wants to be a girl or is a girl.
      These symptoms usually appear between 2 and 8 and then in some cases fade away as the boy is pressured by peers. The fading away of the more external manifestations should not however be taken as a sign that the problem has resolved itself. Often it merely goes underground and emerges in adolescence as same-sex attraction.
      When symptoms are observed, early intervention — basically more father/male influence and less mother/female influence — is usually effective, particularly if accompanied by counseling of child and parents. However, since these boys need male closeness, they are easily targeted by pedophiles and therefore need positive male relationships and extra support throughout childhood and adolescence.
      A comprehensive review of the literature on how homosexuality develops in males leads to the conclusion that it is a cumulative process in which one trauma leads to another, Each trauma increases the chance that the boy will be retraumatized and each trauma intensifies the effect of the subsequent trauma. A boy who doesn’t have a good relationship with his father, turns to his mother. This makes the relationship with his father worse. A boy who is over-identified with his mother and feels unloved by his father will find it difficult to relate to male peers. Teasing by peers intensifies feelings of alienation from his father and drives him to seek comfort from his mother. This child is particularly vulnerable to child molesters and likely to interpret the molestation as evidence that he is homosexual. And so on.
      The following are a few quotes from research on the development of homosexual attraction. Those interested in the subject may email the Irving Bieber Memorial Library East Coast for additional information (

      Contrary to some critics, the comprehensive study by Bieber et al. of homosexual men in psychotherapy has not been contradicted by research on non-patient samples. The conclusions on the importance of the father/son relationship have been validated by numerous subsequent studies.
      Bieber, I. et al. (1962) Homosexuality: A Psychoanalytic Study of Male Homosexuals. NY: Basic Books.
      The following are direct quotations:
      …We have come to the conclusion that a constructive, supportive, warmly related father precludes the possibility of a homosexual son; he acts as a neutralizing protective agent should the mother make seductive or close-binding attempts.

      Dr. Hadden, a pioneer in the treatment of homosexuality, points out that the symptoms of future problems were recognized before the men started school and treatment could have prevented a homosexual outcome.
      Hadden, S. (1967) Male homosexuality. Pennsylvania Medicine. Feb.: 78 -80
      The following are direct quotations:
      In my experience with male homosexuals, they almost universally recognize that they were maladjusted at the time they started school. Many were recognized by their parents as needing psychiatric assistance much earlier. In analystical examination of the pre-school period of life it is usually revealed that the boy who became homosexual never felt accepted by and never felt comfortable in relationships with his age peers. Quite often because of parental interference he was prevented from participation in the play activities with other children and had little opportunity of running, romping, rolling around, tugging, wrestling, and scrambling with his peers from the toddling stage to the kindergarten or school age… A defective image of self is established and its persistence is an important factor in the homosexual.
      Combinations of experiences, however, may cause one to feel so inadequate and inferior to masculine peers that the desire for acceptance is strong enough to make one willing to be utilized as a sexual object by a male considered more masculine than himself.
      In group treatment, the male homosexual finds acceptance by individuals who have found their homosexuality unacceptable and are seeking a heterosexual adjustment… the banter, teasing, and blunt critical comments of the group serve as a verbalized equivalent of the scrambling kind of play so important in the pre-school life of a child. Through these verbalized reassuring comments of the group, he is able to gain confidence and to feel wanted, not as a sexual object, but as a friend at an adult masculine level.
      1. We consider homosexuality to be an experientially determined pattern of mal-adaptation and as such it is amenable to treatment.
      2. Disturbed child-parent relationships and inter-parental conflict contribute to the development of various patterns of mal-adaptation.
      3. Lack of effective scrambling peer play relationships in the toddling and pre-school period is the most important factor in creating the loneliness and aloofness that predisposes to homosexuality.
      4. Effective rough and tumble peer play relationships may compensate for defective child-parent and inter-parental relationships.
      5. Homosexuality can be altered by individual treatment but group psycho-therapy is a superior method.
      6. As our knowledge of etiologic factors increases, prevention can be anticipated.
      Snortum, J., Gillespie, J., Marshall, J., McLaughin, J., Mosberg, L. (1969) Family dynamics and homosexuality. Psychological Reports. 24: 763 – 770.
      The following are direct quotations:
      This study represents an extension of the psychoanalytic research on homosexuality by Bieber, et al.(1962) because the present investigators, the methods and Ss were all drawn from outside the circle of psychoanalytic practice… Ss were 46 males being evaluated for separation from military service because of homosexual behavior… The results appear to offer objective support for the significance of a close-binding, controlling mother and a rejecting, detached father in the etiology of male homosexuality.
      Ten Items Showing the Largest Percentage Difference Between Homosexual and Control Groups
      % Controls % Homosexuals
      N = 89 N = 46
      I never got along very well with my father (T) 7% 57%
      I was much closer to my mother than my father (T) 28% 76%
      My dad and I spent very little time together (T) 27% 74%
      My mother and dad were interested in the same
      things (F) 17% 61%
      My mother and dad were happily married (F) 8% 52%
      When my parent fought, I usually felt my mother
      was right (T) 19% 61%
      I rarely participated in competitive sports like
      baseball (T) 12% 52%
      As a child I usually watched rather than
      participated in group games (T) 9% 48%
      I believe I was a pretty good athlete (F) 34% 72%
      I had a strong fear of physical injury as a child (T) 9% 46%
      Sipova, I., Brzek, A. (1983) Parental and interpersonal relationships of transsexual and masculine and feminine homosexual men. Homosexuals and Social Roles: Journal of Homosexuality. 75 – 85.
      The following are direct quotations:
      The fathers of homosexuals and transsexuals in our study were on the average reported more hostile and less dominant. As identification models they ranged from not very desirable to highly unsatisfactory. In particular, the fathers of effeminate homosexuals were frequently reported as uncaring, unkind and harsh.
      … the development of self-esteem in boys is directly dependent on the degree to which the father is committed to their rearing and the strength of the emotional bond with him. The homosexuals and transsexuals in our study manifested self-esteem disorders.
      …the development of self-esteem in boys is directly dependent on the degree to which the father was committed to their rearing and the strength of the emotional bond with him.

      In 87.39% of cases boyhood gender nonconformity preceded adult homosexuality. This suggests that boys at-risk can be identified in childhood.
      Hockenberry, S., Billingham, R. (1987) Sexual orientation and boyhood gender conformity: Development of the boyhood gender conformity scales (BGCS) Archives of Sexual Behavior. 16, 6: 475 – 492.
      The following are direct quotations:
      Two hundred twenty-eight respondents (110 heterosexuals and 118 homosexuals) competed a survey containing a 20-item Boyhood Gender Conformity scale (BGCS) …The combined scale was developed in an attempt to obtain a reliable, valid, and potent discriminating instrument for accurately classifying adult male respondents for sexual orientation on the basis of their reported boyhood gender conformity or nonconforming behavior and identity… The conclusion was made that the five item function (playing with boys, preferring boys’ games, imagining self as a sport figure, reading adventure and sports stories, considered a “sissy”) was the most potent and parsimonious discriminator among adult males for sexual orientation. It was similarly noted that the absence of masculine behaviors and traits appeared to be a more powerful predictor of later homosexual orientation than the traditionally feminine or cross-sexed traits and behaviors.
      Whitam (1977) developed and administered a six item inventory to 206 homosexual and 78 heterosexual male respondents regarding their childhood interests in cross-dressing, playing with dolls preferences for affiliating with girls and older women, being regarded as a “sissy” by peers, and the nature of one’s childhood sex play. Virtually all of the homosexuals (97%) reported possessing one or more of these “childhood indicators,” whereas 74% of the heterosexual subjects reported a complete absence of any of the indicators in their childhood. Whitam found that the stronger one’s homosexual orientation on the Kinsey continuum the greater the frequency of feminine childhood indicators that were typically reported.
      In brief, both the 13-item function and the 5-item function was able to correctly classify 87.39% of the respondents into their appropriate groups.
      It was the respondents who, during childhood, failed to participate or conform to masculine norms and activities (i.e. playing with boys and enjoying boys’ games), did not typically fantasize or idealize masculine model and ideals and were more often regarded as “sissy” by other boys, reported themselves as homosexuals. This indicates that it may be the absence of masculine traits rather than the presence of feminine traits that is the stronger the most influential variable for a future homosexual orientation in adulthood… Hence we hold to using the term “gender conformity/nonconformity” as more accurately characterizing homosexuals’ reported childhood behaviors and identities as opposed to more common descriptive terms as “cross-sexed behavior,” “childhood effeminacy,” or “feminine gender identity.”
      Phillips, G., Over, R. (1992) Adult sexual orientation in relation to memories of childhood gender conforming and gender nonconforming behaviors. Archives of Sexual Behavior. 21, 6: 543 – 558.
      The following are direct quotations:
      The 16-item discriminate-function … yielded correct classification of 94.4% of heterosexual men and 91.8% of the homosexual men. These results indicate that heterosexual and homosexual men are classified with equivalent accuracy on the basis of recalling having had or not had gender conforming (masculine) experiences in childhood. However, the heterosexual men were more accurately classified than the homosexual men on the basis of whether a person reported having experienced gender nonconforming (feminine) behaviors during childhood. Classification was more accurate when it was based on memory of both gender conforming and gender nonconforming behaviors than on one of these measures alone.
      Friedman, R. Stern, L. (1980) Juvenile aggressivity and sissiness in homosexual and heterosexual males. Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis. 8,3: 427 – 440
      The following are direct quotations:
      The sample consisted of two groups 17 men each. One group was exclusively homosexual, the other, exclusively heterosexual. …Subjects were excluded if they manifested effeminacy, childhood histories of more than incidental cross-dressing, sexual desire for females, history of sexual activity with females… Subjects were excluded if, during the past year, they demonstrated affective disorders, drug abuse, depression, excessive and problem drinking, anxiety-phobic neurosis, antisocial personality, psychophysiolgical reactions, venereal disease, or suicide attempts. No subjected related that he had ever had venereal disease nor had any subject ever made a suicide attempt.
      RESULTS: AGGRESSIVITY AND ROUGH-AND-TUMBLE PLAY IN HOMOSEXUALS AND HETEROSEXUALS: No Experience with Aggression (with Resultant Adverse Social Consequences).
      Homosexuals: Thirteen of the 17 homosexual subjects (76%) reported chronic, persistent terror of fighting with other boys during the juvenile and early adolescent period. The intensity of this fear approximated a panic reaction. To the best of their recall, these boys never responded to challenge from a male peer with counter-challenge, threat, or attack. the pervasive dread of male-male peer aggression was a powerful organizing force in their minds. Anticipatory anxiety resulted in phobic responses to social activities; the fantasy that fighting might occur led to avoidance of wide variety of social interactions, especially rough-and-tumble activities (defined in our investigation as body-contact sports such as football and soccer).
      These subjects reported that painful loss of self-esteem and loneliness resulted from their extreme aversion to juvenile peer aggressive interactions. All but one (12 of 13) were chronically hungry for closeness with other boys. Unable to overcome their dread of potential aggression in order to win respect and acceptance, these boys were labeled “sissies” by peers. These 12 subjects related that they had the lowest possible peer status during juvenile and early adolescent years. Alternately ostracized and scapegoated, they were the targets of continual humiliation.
      All of these boys denied effeminacy. Only three formed compensatory close relationships with girls and enjoyed girl-like activities such as doll play and hopscotch. The rest simply remained chronically isolated and fantasized friendship with other boys…
      All 13 youngsters had markedly negative feelings about their bodies. In ten cases, subjects described them as soft and flabby (in six cases, to their consternation) as being “like a girl’s.” … Another boy had poor vision and, as a result, “hated his body.” In all cases, the body was perceived as being easily damaged. All subjects expressed a strong fear of physical injury were they to engage in contact sports.
      Heterosexuals: Only two heterosexual boys (12%) reported a response to real or fantasized male peer-peer aggression similar in quality, chronicity, and consequence to that occurring in the prehomosexual males.
      Homosexuals: No prehomosexual youngster had any degree of experience with fighting or rough-and-tumble during the juvenile years. None engaged in even the modest juvenile sex-typed interactions described by the least aggressive heterosexual youngster.
      Heterosexuals: Thirteen subjects related that they engaged in male-male peer aggression to some degree during their juvenile and adolescent period. All of these boys occasionally initiated attack, all responded to challenge with counter challenge… Despite varying degrees of timidity, all engaged in some fighting and made no heroic efforts to avoid it. Mastery of the anxiety resulting from fear of defeat and injury itself was an important source of self-esteem during their juvenile years in all cases.
      NO EXPERIENCES WITH AGGRESSION (BUT NO ADVERSE SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES) The remaining cases consist of four prehomosexuals and four preheterosexuals. these individuals all denied extreme fear of fighting with resultant social phobic reactions. These eight subjects maintained that they did not fight during the juvenile and early adolescent years because fighting was no part of their peer culture… These boys had adequate peer status.
      DISCUSSION: … Our homosexual subjects were not conflict-ridden about their sexual preferences, absence of major present psychopathology, and, unlike individuals in less selective studies, had no past histories of arrests, venereal disease, or suicide attempts…. Our findings suggest that at least for some boys, ‘sissiness; refers more to negative feelings about one’s place in the world of males than to recognition that one belongs to the world of females… the sissies in our study were not hopscotch-playing, girl-like boys. Rather, they were boys who, to their shame, were unable to develop behaviors that would make them acceptable to male peers.
      We favor the hypothesis that the wish to be sexually close to males arose in a setting where there were intense longings for general closeness with male peers at a critical period of development. The erotic desire appeared to repair in fantasy feelings of deprivation resulting from inadequate positive social input. It is important to note that all the sissies lost their sissy labels by mid-to late adolescence, but by this time, their sexual orientation appeared to have been fixed.
      Although we were well aware that prehomosexual youngsters tend to avoid aggressive activities, we were astonished at the universality of this finding in our study, and at its age specificity. Many prehomosexual youngster developed skills at aggressive behavior during later years. In our study not a single youngster had what must be termed positive aggressive input during juvenile years.
      We emphasize that male-male aggressive competency during the juvenile years is conceptualized by us with respect to homosexual development as being an extinguishing fact, not a cause.
      … we conceptualize a durable father-son relationship as being a preventive agent with respect to homosexual development.
      Successful attainment of a minimal degree of aggressivity increases the likelihood that a boy will obtain social supports with peers that further his development of masculine autonomy.
      Two heterosexual sissies manifested attributes of the prehomosexuals sissies. .. in one case the answer lies in the dynamics of the subject’s family: the mother persistently and energetically pushed her son toward heterosexuality. The remaining preheterosexual sissy had a psychobiography that follows the classic patterns outlined by the Bieber group as predisposing toward homosexuality. This suggests to us that occasionally heterosexuality may develop in boys irrespective of psychosocial influences that should lead to homosexuality.

      Green, R. (1974) Sexual Identity Conflict in Children and Adults. Baltimore: Penguin.
      The following are direct quotations:
      The following factors have been found in association with the emergence of boyhood femininity…
      1. Parental indifference to feminine behavior in a boy during his first years.
      2. Parental encouragement of feminine behavior in a boy during his first years
      3. Repeated cross-dressing of a young boy by a female.
      4. Maternal overprotection of a son and inhibition of boyish or rough and tumble play during his first years
      5. Excessive maternal attention and physical contact resulting in lack of separation and individuation of a boy from his mother.
      6. Absence of an older male as an identity model during a boy’s first years or paternal rejection of a young boy.
      7. Physical beauty of a boy that influences adults to treat him in a feminine manner.
      8. Lack of male playmates during a boy’s first years of socialization.
      9. Maternal dominance of a family in which the father is relatively powerless.
      10. Castration fear

      This follow-up study of boys diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder in childhood revealed that 68% of those who had shown extensive cross-gender behavior were bisexual or homosexually orientated as adults. That means that 32% were not. The risk is high, but a homosexual outcome is not inevitable.
      Green, R. (1985) Gender identity in childhood and later sexual orientation: Follow-up of 78 males. American Journal of Psychiatry. 142, 3: 339 – 441.
      The following are direct quotations:
      Two groups of males were evaluated on parameters of gender identity, initially in boyhood and later in adolescence or young adulthood. One group was composed of 66 clinically referred boys whose behaviors were consistent with the diagnosis of gender identity disorder of childhood. The other group consisted of 56 volunteers selected on the basis of demographic matching. Two-thirds of each group were reevaluated for sexual orientation; 30 of the 44 who previously had shown extensive cross-gender behavior and none of the 34 in the comparison group were bisexually or homosexually orientated.

      The following two studies by point to evidence that birth order, in particular the number of older brothers, has an effect on sexual orientation. The authors offer no explanationa of this phenomen. If homosexuality in males is related to a failure to identify with the father, then the presence of older brothers who occupy the father’s interest and attention, leaving the “baby” under the mother’s control might be a sufficient explanation. Some therapists have suggested that homosexuality in males is related to the failure of the boy to engage in roughhousing with the father during the first 18 months of life. They suggest that when a beloved father tosses a baby boy in the air, the baby experiences fear, excitement and love. Without such experiences a boy may fear that he could be injured by rough-and-tumble play. A father who played actively with his first and second sons may spend less time with subsequent sons. On the other hand, a mother who feels that she has “lost” her older sons to the athletic interests of the husband, may overprotect the youngest.
      Likewise, it is more likely that a boy with several older brothers would be teased about his size and strength, might feel (and indeed in relation to his older brother be) small and inadequate, or be afraid of being hurt during rough-and-tumble play.
      Again it is important to remember that this is only one “risk factor” among many. Only a tiny percentage of boys with 2 or more older brothers become homosexual.
      Blanchard, R., Zucker, K. (1994) Reanalysis of Bell, Weinberg, and Hammersmith’s data of birth order, sibling sex ratio, and parental age in homosexual men. American Journal of Psychiatry. 151, 9: 1375 – 1376.
      The following are direct quotations:
      The authors compared parental age, birth order, and sex ratio of siblings for 575 homosexual men and 284 heterosexual men, matched on age and education. These men were originally part of Bell, Weinberg, and Hammersmith’s large-scale study of male and female homosexuality. The results confirmed the previous findings that homosexual men have older fathers and later births than do heterosexual men but not the finding that homosexual have larger proportions of brothers. The collective findings suggest that birth order is perhaps the single most reliable demographic difference between homosexual and heterosexual men.’
      The present study confirms the previous finding that homosexual men tend to have a later birth order than heterosexual men.(Blanchard 1992; Slater 1962; Hare 1969) With this result, birth order emerges as perhaps the single most reliable demographic difference between homosexual and heterosexual men.
      Blanchard, R., Bogaert, A. (1996) Homosexuality in men and number of older Brothers. American Journal of Psychiatry. 153, 1: 27 – 31.
      The following are direct quotations:
      302 homosexual men were individually matched on year of birth with an equal number of heterosexual men… homosexuality was positively correlated with the proband’s number of older brothers but not with older sisters, younger brothers, younger sisters, or parental age at the time of the proband’s birth. Each additional older brother increased the odds of homosexuality by 33%… These results restrict the range of possible theories of the birth order phenomenon to those that can explain not only why older brothers increase the probability of homosexuality in later-born males, but also why older sisters neither enhance this effect nor counteract it.
      RESULTS: … Only 45% (165 of 363) of the probands with no older brothers were homosexual, whereas 71% (five of seven) of the probands with four or more older brothers were homosexual.
      DISCUSSION: The results confirmed that homosexual men have a higher birth order than heterosexual men primarily because they have more older brothers.

      Henry Biller has studied parent-child interaction and compared his findings with other work in the field. This research may help explain why the lack of a strong father/son relationship has such negative consequences.
      Biller, H. (1993) Fathers and Families: Paternal Factors in Child Development. Westport CT: Auburn House.) 12 -17
      The following are direct quotations:
      Differences between the mother and father can be very stimulating to the infant, even those that might appear quite superficial to the adult. Even if the father and mother behave in generally similar ways, they provide contrasting images for the infant. The father is usually larger than the mother, his voice is deeper, his clothes are not the same, and he moves and reacts differently…The infant also learns that different people can be expected to fulfill different needs. For example, the infant may prefer the mother when hungry or tired, and the father when seeking stimulation of more active play.
      The infant who receives verbal as well as physical stimulation from both mother and father profits from the experience…Mothers and fathers, in addition to having distinctive sounding voices, have different verbal styles when communicating to infants and children as well as to other adults. Such differences provide the infant with an important source of stimulation and learning.
      Because some of my initial findings suggested that father absence during the first few years of life might inhibit certain aspects of the child’s development, I began to observe more closely parent-infant relationships in various types of two-parent families. I discovered that when they are involved with infants, father tend to be more physically active with them than mothers are, playing more vigorously. This seems to be not only because fathers may be less concerned with their children’s fragility, especially if they have sons, but also because they themselves have more of a need for physically stimulating activities. It was also apparent that infants with involved fathers formed strong paternal attachments–and were usually at a developmental advantage, compared to those who had close relationships only with their mothers. … Involved fathers are more likely to stimulate the infant to explore and investigate new objects, whereas mothers tend to engage their infants in relatively prestructured and predictable activities.
      In the second year of life, the boys began to demonstrate more interest in interaction with their fathers, although the girls did not display any consistent preferences. In fact, by the end of the second year, all except one of the boys seemed to have a stronger paternal than maternal attachment…
      Infants who have two positively involved parents tend to be more curious and eager to explore than those who do not have a close relationship with their fathers… Well-fathered infants are more secure and trusting in branching out in their explorations, and they may be somewhat more advanced in crawling, climbing and manipulating objects.
      Psychologist Frank Pedersen (Pedersen, Anderson, Cain (1980), Pedersen, Rubinstein, Yarrow (1979) and his colleagues found that several measures of infant competence were correlated with the degree to which five- and six-month-old babies were involved with their fathers.
      Developmental psychology researcher Norma Radin and her colleagues (Radin, Oyserman, Benn (1991) have collected especially provocative evidence concerning the special significance of paternal involvement for infants and toddlers. They studied grandparent/ grandchild relationships in predominantly working-class households in which adolescent unwed mothers were living with one or both or their parents. Overall, young children who had positively involved grandfathers displayed more competent behavior than those with relatively uninvolved grandfathers or absent grandfathers. Although other researchers have sometimes noted the contribution of the grandmother to the development of the child living in a single-mother family, Radin reported no clear-cut impact, suggesting a redundancy between the two forms of maternal influence. On the other hand, the grandfather’s nurturance seemed to contribute in several ways to the young child’s adaptability. His observed nurturance was associated with infants being more responsive to maternal requests, and with the cognitive competence of two-year-olds. Furthermore, relatively high grandfather involvement in child care was related to observations of less fear, anger and distress being displayed by one-year-olds, especially boys.

      It has been 35 years since Brown gave this speech. During this period while the studies confirming this analysis have multiplied, the information is less widely disseminated. In addition, the boys who were not identified and treated in the intervening years are the men who are currently contracting HIVand dying of AIDS.
      Brown, D. (1963). Homosexuality and Family Dynamics. Paper presented at the Annual Air Force Clinical Psychology Meeting, Jan. 10. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic. 27: 227 – 232.
      The following are direct quotations:
      In summary, then it would seem that the family pattern involving a combination of a dominating, overly intimate mother plus a detached, hostile or weak father is beyond doubt related to the development of male homosexuality…It is surprising there has not been greater recognition of this relationship among the various disciplines that are concerned with children. A problem that arises in this connection is how to inform and educate teachers and parents relative to the decisive influence of the family in determining the course and outcome of the child’s psychosexual development. There would seem no justification for waiting another 25 or 30 years to bring this information to the attention of those who deal with children. And there is no excuse for professional workers in the behavioral sciences to continue avoiding their responsibility to disseminate this knowledge and understanding as widely as possible.

      • Justice and Truth
        June 13, 2012

        @ Allan

        Simply put, we have a Heavenly Father which many of them forget. They reject Him, refuse to pay homage to Him and pray to Him, also for themselves, their family members, nation(als) and the world in general. When they ignore what is truly important to them on earth and in eternity, they are lead into sin and learn all sorts of ideologies, myths and evil practices. This is one of their problems of living an abnormal life. Do not overlook this. Teach the children well also by good examples.
        In the Our Father we say, ‘…And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen.’

      • cz
        June 14, 2012

        BONDIEU! who going an sit down and read all that?

      • Patrick J.
        September 22, 2012

        This is old data from the 1960’s.
        The American Psychological Association and UNESCO have discredited those findings since at least 1972, and have declared that Homosexuality is neither a psychological nor emotional illness. And hence not deviant behaviour.

    • Tolerance Advocate
      June 12, 2012

      I do agree with education not having a negative connection with sexual preference, but I do not agree with you on the place being sick – we need to learn to talk to reason on different issues, it is a critical part of development.

  30. Peeping Tom
    June 12, 2012

    I think CHAP is missing an opportunity to work with the Honorable Minister on addressing deviant behavior.

    It is ironic that it accuses the minister of ignoring the very pressing issues of violence and maladjusted kids at school yet, the DNO story is clear about the precise role of the newly assigned officer: “investigating and identifying the root causes of deviance and the increasing incidents of homosexuality among our student population.” There are two features to the mandate: deviant behaviour broadly define (it seems) AND homosexuality. Yet, it would seem from CHAP’s tongue-lashing that it is either very unaware of the officer’s mission or, as is often the case in Dominica, it is both selective and irrational in its approach to public discussion.

    I can understand why CHAP would be concerned about attempts to investigate homosexuality in schools. However, if its mission is advance the cause of at risk populations it would be wise first, not to alienate the partners that it needs in the struggle, and second, work with the Ministry to develop a sensible approach to what many Dominicans accept (for better or worse) as a “gay problem.” In fact, if CHAP were to work with the Ministry, we could find that the we actually begin a social revolution whereby we gradually teach more Dominicans to be tolerant.

    So, frankly, CHAP, your outburst is ill-placed and ill-advised.

    • Allan
      June 12, 2012

      Homosexuality, in recent past, has engaged the attention of the public and is, undoubtedly, one of the prime heated debates in the world, Africa and indeed Ghana. It is important, however, to note that homosexuality is not the only problem facing our nation but this has, ostensibly, featured prominently in our media lately. This may be due to the weight it carries, that is involving the sexual orientation of individuals. This goes to confirm the fact that people are extremely concerned about social issues – issues affecting them. Being a social issue that is affecting the social, cultural and religious believes, it has triggered a myriad of controversies over homosexual right among society, religious, government and non-governmental organisations.

      Consequently, Ghana has not been spared either as this contentious debate rages on. While the Christian Council of Ghana, Ghana Muslim Association, Parliament of Ghana and other organisations have condemned the act and described it as “evil,” advancing their arguments on the grounds that it does not conform to the cultural norms of the country, some Human Rights activists have constantly sprung to their defence.

      Indeed, if Ghana abhors homosexuality and views it as an objectionable alien culture which does not conform to its moral standards, then there should be no room for it to thrive. This means that efforts to identify the sources, causes and find solutions to preclude it will be welcomed.

      It is surprising to know that Senior High Schools (SHSs) in this country are constantly implicated as potential breeding grounds for this repugnant act.

      Mr. Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi in an article which was published in Modern Ghana reveals that: “Homosexuality is not born, but made. I believe the brainwashing process begins in schools and colleges, where many people develop the desire to experiment the act of having sex with the same sex. In the case of the Ghanaian homosexuals, it’s an acquired lifestyle which is mainly derived from boarding schools and the importation of the sexual trade by our open-door hospitality.”

      Another writer, Mr. Isaac Karikari for Ghana Liberty also makes is succinct that: “Second cycle schools have been major hubs for gay and lesbian acts. Senior high schools have been the real hot spots for gay and lesbian activities. It is in those places that gays and lesbians are really made. Underground gay and lesbian cells exist in many senior high schools.”

      It is in the light of this and other consideration that the government,Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS), National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE),and other organisations have offered themselves to go all out to form clubs and train teachers who will intend educate and sensitise students in these second cycle schools.

      Direction from the Ministry of Education to make Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) compulsory within the national educational curriculum is a call in the right direction. Make no mistake;the conversion of same sex schools into mixed schools, as argued by some people, is tangential and any attempt to do so will come to nothing.

      The panacea towards arresting this anomaly in our Senior High Schools will be to call on the government, CHASS and those who matter in education to consider abolishing the system of school father and school mother, which has been identified as one of the significant causes of homosexuality, in our boarding schools. School father and school mother is a system in Senior High Schools where seniors (second year to final year students) take on junior colleagues as their school sons and school daughters. While there is no laid down procedure for adoption in some schools (in this case the seniors ask the juniors out), other seniors in some schools have agreed that first year students who occupy their top beds automatically becomes their school sons or daughters. The vice versa is true where the seniors become the juniors’ school fathers or mothers. This is, sometimes, done against the volition of the first year students.

      Like any other phenomenon, this system has two sides. School fathers or mothers encourage and advise their school sons and or daughters to learn, support them financially and with provisions and in some rear cases having a popular school father or mother saves you from being punished by other seniors.

      The other side of the coin has assumed a sinister dimension which is a cause to worry. It contributes to social vices including alcoholism, drugs, indecent dressing, licentious behaviours and homosexuality (that is when their school fathers and or mothers are engaged in them). Schools sons and daughters have no option but to acquiesce and emulate these unruly behaviours exhibited by their so-called fathers or mothers because of fear of being victimised or punished. This goes to confirm a school of thought’s assertion that “one can be addicted through being enticed to practice it.”

      When this happens most of these poor and susceptible students become addicted which they intend hand it over to the next generation.

      This system has also become a fertile ground for the mushrooming of unhealthy sexual and intimate relationships with their colleagues (for mixed schools). It is true that there is no child without a father or mother. The school fathers find school mothers in sexual relationships and subsequently, their sons and daughters call themselves school brothers and school sisters. They are also left to their fate to start yet another relationship. The cycle continues when the sons and daughters move to the second year to become “fathers” and “mothers.” What is more worrying is the fact that some school authorities have consented to this system and have little or no knowledge about its concomitant effects.

      In addition to the growing pains that all teenagers suffer, first years caught in the web of homosexuality suffer additionally at the hands of their classmates with an unpleasant school experience. This may plunge them into emotional, physical or psychological trauma not to talk about the health risks.

      If Ghana frowns on homosexuality and considers it as alien to our country, we should not create the enabling environment for such a despicable western culture to flourish.

      We will need all the other options on the table to make this a reality. If we do not take immediate and proactive approach to arrest this issue, the chain of succession will continue and it is not us who will face the consequences, but our children and generations to come. We must also not forget that the potential consequences are enormous and we cannot pay for them.

      • Patrick J.
        September 22, 2012


    • Nac Vibes
      June 12, 2012

      There goes the chief spin doctor.Spin all you want but people’s eyes are open to another ministry that is not fit for purpose, but what do you care, your masters can do no wrong.

    • Pomsiten
      June 12, 2012

      Is Homosexuality deviant behavior? or maladjusted? is their merit in the Ministry of Education investigating homosexuality in the schools? is it bothering the education system? why not address sexuality in general?
      I do not see how CHAP could be ill-placed or ill-advised when this statement clearly sets a tone of not accepting homosexuals.
      The DNO report on the matter clearly stated that the minister wants to ‘curb the practice of homosexuality’. Is that being done to prevent the spread of HIV? then say so and do a general HIV prevention program.

    • Justice and Truth
      June 13, 2012

      @ Peeping Tom

      They should also involve the parents.

    • Anonymous
      June 13, 2012

      gay problem? are you serious? gays in dominica are in the closet. what are you all talking about?

      this is just distraction! the minister playing on the emotions of the electorate since he knows the level of hatred that lies deep in the blood of the majority regarding gays.

      50 yrs ago whites had the same attitude towards black. shame on you !

    • Mac Vibes
      June 13, 2012

      Spiderman would be proud of you chief spin doctor fact is this minister and his ministry are not fit for purpose, much like the government they represent.

    • Patience
      June 13, 2012

      I must say that you are missing the point. I think that the minister is simply attacking the Homosexuals at school.
      Because the man he is sending to do the analysis was principal who was working hard in curbing violence at school. And what was done? HE was shoved in the closet.
      We all know the cause(root) of the problem of violence in DOMINICA! We all know the root of the problem of Homosexuality in DOMINICA!
      It is POVERTY!
      So please…
      I still believe that Dominica is a GOD-FEARING land.(there will always be the exceptions to the rules)

    • Tolerance Advocate
      June 13, 2012

      I cannot see how CHAP can be ill-placed or ill-advised when this statement clearly sets a tone of non acceptance of homosexuality.
      Is his actions geared toward preventing the spread of HIV? then he should say so and speak of doing a general HIV prevention program in the schools.

      • Tolerance Advocate
        June 13, 2012

        It stands to reason that the CHAP has chosen not to work with the Minister because of his suspected homophobia which will only lead to a bitter relationship.

      • Peeping Tom
        June 13, 2012

        Tolerance Advocate, CHAP’s position is “ill-placed” because it wrongfully attacks the minister. The minister clearly states that his ministry is going to do precisely what CHAP is advocating …address violence etc. second, CHAP’s attack is ill-advised because CHAP will need the Government’s support in the fight against intolerance and the spread of HIV and AIDS. By attacking the Honorable Minister and distancing itself from the ministry’s effort, CHAP essentially abandons a very important opportunity to work within the political process to implement real change. Not a smart move!

        BTW, do you also realize that CHAP’s outburst (and your comment) play in the hands of those who claim that HIV (AIDS) is a gay thing? Both of you are actually indirectly fueling the intolerance towards gays in Dominica! Think of this a bit….CHAP, an organisation set up ostensibly to help combat attitudes to groups at risk to HIV and AIDS (among other goals) is loudly defending the right to be a homosexual in the hope that greater tolerance towards gays will result in more male homosexuals coming out to be tested and treated. The fervour with which CHAP has criticised the Minister suggests that CHAP is also convinced that gay = HIV. Now, admittedly, such a connection is countradictory to CHAP’s outburst and the mission to build more tolerant societies in the Caribbean.

        Again, CHAP’s response is not so smart.

      • CHAP Dominica
        June 13, 2012

        @ Peeping Tom:
        you are clearly speaking from a position of ignorance, and I say so because you clearly do not know of CHAP and their work over the past years right here in Dominica.
        Just to let you know a few things which I hope that you could share with the Minister because if he had done some investigation before making his statements he would have found out that CHAP:
        – Understands the homosexuality situation in Dominica and the social/political conditions under which it exist.
        – Is scientifically aware of the HIV situation in Dominica.
        – We have been working with some of the Government entities who cared to ask for our assistants and we ask for theirs due to our willingness to work together for the understanding and benefit of each others work and interest.
        – We are fully aware that we need the Governments policy welding power and they in turn need our ability to understand and reach out to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) – to whom they are not able to reach out to because of their phobias and anti support attitude and policies handed out to them.

        We are not a group that seeks political points or advertise our efforts, and we are certainly aware of how we do our good work in this homophobic community of Dominica.

      • Pomsiten
        June 13, 2012

        Peeping Tom, you seem to be bent on making some arguments that do not make much sense to me. you seem to be trying to defame CAHP, which an attempt to be vindictive. What is your problem? you seem to be a political suck-up with your “honorable minister” or Civil Servant who have been severely affected by the statement from CHAP.
        What CHAP said is intelligent and resounding, that is why there are so many good responses.

  31. Malady
    June 12, 2012

    Preach it CHAP preach it those darn hypocrites. WEEKLY BLITZ was about to drop another bomb shell on us regarding homosexualism but they pay to hush mouth the little man choiduri. Oneday torry will jump out.

    • Justice and Truth
      June 13, 2012

      @ Malady

      Homosexual is an intrinsic evil. I do think it should be rooted out of those children. They need to be sent on a religious retreat. May their parents also recognize this and do something about it before it is too late for them.
      It is one which does nobody any good and will not lead to eternal happiness. It appears to me it is a scourge which befalls those who think only of themselves, are only interested in sex and are not interested in God whatsoever. The devil who mocks God sets in and lodges himself and evil spirits in them. This is why they are homosexuals and lesbians. This is not of God and highly offends Him. God did not create sin, homosexuals and lesbians. He created babies, human beings.

      • bunny
        June 13, 2012

        this is a joke right?

      • Malatete
        June 13, 2012

        Justice & truth you sound like a very frustrated person. If the good Lord did not create men & women different by design then what was His purpose? It is exactly because sex is so enjoyable to most people that mankind procreates and continues to exist as was intended by the Great Architect himself.

      • Gary
        June 13, 2012

        You know what is an intrinsic evil, religious intolerance, bigotry and ignorance. Why is it people like you talk about the love of God and are the haters of your fellow men.The tendency by you to turn human judgments into divine commands makes religion one of the most dangerous forces in the world.It is very sickening sometimes to read the things you profess in the name of God.

    • Froggy
      June 13, 2012

      That is no joke that is for real.WEEKLY BLITZ had an article coming that would have exposed the sexual nature of influential people in Dominica.Their past relationships etc.

      • Justice and Truth
        June 13, 2012

        @ Froggy

        That is their problem. See about yours.

  32. Highly favored
    June 12, 2012

    nonesense! Homosexuality is an abomination!!!!

    • Justice and Truth
      June 13, 2012

      @ Highly favored

      Do not place it on a pedestal and in a place of honor. It does not belong there. There is no room for it so high.

  33. ????????
    June 12, 2012

    I do not condone homosexuality, but i found the statement by (CHAP)to be extremely powerful and it touches at the core of the problems which teachers are trying to grapple with in the classroom on a daily basis.These problem only get the attention of these so called educationalist when another one happens.
    Presently at the government owned Secondary Schools in particular,it’s a struggle for many teachers to impart knowledge to students in certain classes because of the type of people who attend these institutions. Mr St Jean should keep this on the front burner and constantly look for new ways to alleviate the plight of the teacher and to help these students concerned.
    My problem with this homosexuality thing is HOW IT IS GOING TO BE DONE, AND WHAT WILL BE THE RESULT..But as i said earlier a powerful and relevalnt statement from (CHAP) indeed!

    June 12, 2012

    What did CHAP not understand about deviance behaviour. I find all of a sudden there is this nuclaer rush to have us accept homosexuality and this is disturbing.

    Why the rush CHAP, Mr Obama and LBGT.Why the rush to have these people marry? Is David Bridal going out of business?

    You know why I don’t believe in these sexual escapades, it how quickly they can be gay today and straight tomorrow and vice versa.

    When kids are confused about what is taught about reproductive organs and then have to told its okay for the same reproduction systems to have kids


      June 13, 2012

      Correction…for people of the same reproductive systems to marry and potentially have kids. OMG..when these people demand to have their own wombs to create their kids , are we going to support that too and say its a civil rights issue.

      People with progressive agendas push that crap.

    • Justice and Truth
      June 13, 2012


      Wow! There are some things which we can agree on. This warms my heart.
      They could also be both ways. Some of them adopt children. They want the best of two worlds. Some of them get divorced. To think that they want all of us to accept their intrinsic lifestyle. There are times I laugh at all this.

  35. Met Yo
    June 12, 2012

    Fight allu battle papa. Is allu self.

  36. oh
    June 12, 2012

    DNO you should have posted the statement in full. I read it on another website and found it seriously wanting.

    Made me wonder who exactly is behind this CHAP.

    • Pomsiten
      June 12, 2012

      I read the statement myself and found that it expressed their views quite well. I wish they had explained some more about their position but it would have been difficult to do this without making the article to long. It made me think of the reality of the statement made by the Minister and to consider what was the objective of the statement.
      Well done CHAP (who ever you are).

      • hmm
        June 13, 2012

        @Pomsiten…ok Chap!

    • Distured
      June 13, 2012

      I wonder… :-|

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