Lineup for WCMF 2017 announced

Patrons at WCMF 2016

The lineup for the 20th edition, World Creole Music Festival (WCMF) was announced at the Fort Young Hotel on Thursday afternoon.

The line-up consists of a mix of Zouk, Compa, Soca, Bouyon, Afro Beat, Calypso and Reggae.

There will be performances from Zouk artistes such as Zouk All Stars featuring Franky Vincent, Marce Tumbak from Martinique and Jean-Marc Ferdinand, Kalash and Orlane.

Jamaican Dancehall heavyweight Mavado is set to perform, alongside Jamaican performers Etana and Romain Virgo.

From Haiti, there will be performances by Klass, Kai and Sweet Mickey.

Yemi Alade from Nigeria will also perform.

Local acts will come Triple Kay International, Asa Bantan, First Serenade and calypsonians backed up by Swinging Stars.

From Trinidad there will be performances by Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin.

WCMF 2017 will take place from October 27 to 29.

Below is the full lineup.

Night one:
First Serenade
Yemi Alade
Triple Kay International

Night two:
Marce et Tumpak
Machel Montano
Romain Virgo
Asa Bantan
Zouk All Stars featuring Franky Vincent
Jean-Marc Ferdinand
Stephane Ravor

Night three:  
Mizik A Nou All Stars
Kalash- French Raga
Swinging Stars with Calypsonians
Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons
Sweet Mickey

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  1. marie-claire R Skerrit
    July 17, 2017

    Ok this breaks my heart. This is Dominica product and you telling me not much local artist in the 20th edition line up? where is WCK, and the local bands on island. Again if we can’t start at home in supporting our local acts dont get mad when they go else where and make a name for themselves without the Dominican identity. The local bands 20 years ago made the festival what it is today. The people who created this event maybe turning in the grave to see how greed and politics is killing the culture . ITs a shame we cant promote and support local.

    TNT and the other countries support and promote there artist carmem..

  2. Dominca Massive
    July 16, 2017

    Two local bands in one night need to be reconsidered.One of these band should be realigned to Saturday night.Check it careful Saturday the heaviness night has no local artist …

  3. Wisdom
    July 16, 2017

    this festival was designed to expose D/can talent. can someone show me where is this exposure in this line up? where is estacy band that group of young talented guys from south, groovers yes, every year please and thank you, where is Michelle Henderson to me the best in the whole wide world making us proud every time she is on a stage, wck, again yes every year please thank you? i heard a new singer i think soca where is she – Tasha? where is Tasha P our first Calypso Queen ? what of Gordon Henderson and F. Williams and the rest of the guys? what of a local band who are out in the world making a come back? the latter, DFC could search and facilitate that.
    have anyone ever heard of a Jamaican festival inviting a Dominican to perform? please educate me.
    why bring in controversy with the sweet mickey? there are many other good bands of the same genre.
    tell me please what is the purpose WCF maybe i have the wrong idea. VAL, Wadico Charles and others lets get this straight…

  4. July 15, 2017

    How can the CREOLE festival, after all these years still be centralized in ROSEAU? why not use the top local bands to perform for e.g in GRAND BAY, LAPLAINE, PORTSMOUTH, and the other well populated villages? our musical legacy in DOMINICA is second to none, please show our musicians the respect they deserve. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP DOMINICA.Bob D.

  5. freedom fighter
    July 15, 2017

    My God, where we gone put people? And the airport so small…

    July 14, 2017

    I’ve never been to creole festival and don’t think i’ll ever! As for me, Erika can come every year to mash up only the festival! This festival has no class and international appeal,looking at the lineup,it’s for vagabonds and alcoholics!!!

  7. Chester
    July 14, 2017

    It’s spelled ‘ Machel Montano’. Lol…. But I’m only going first night just for Yemi Alade and Klass.

  8. hashtag
    July 14, 2017

    Saturday is too jam packed while other nights lacking. saurday should be soca night. BUT People will still attend. what else to do. it’s a good time to socialize and dress up.

    line up is of 50% standard. definitely not world class level. all you people that talking bout chubby make a request. Line up not fixed. as long as they don’t include boring Ck.

    That launch itself! epic fail. dry like pie shesh. DFC can do better in 2017. from the minister’s delivery of speech to presentation of artists.
    the girl singing emela was good but was this the forum?

  9. Roots
    July 14, 2017

    What other way to explain that madness !!!!!!

    Sweet Mickey, the ex-President of Haiti, refused to allow the Dictator, Baby Doc to face the courts from the atrocities and stealing of millions of dollars from the poor Haitian people. The Haitian people never got justice. The Tonton Macoute, the special police force caused havoc in Haiti. Papa Doc and his Son, Baby Doc brought the Haitian people to their knees with corruption. Many innocent Haitians lost their lives, or were imprisoned, suffered as a result of the dictatorial rule of Papa and Baby Docs.

    Today in 2017, Gordon Henderson is being iced from performing at the WCMF, and the KINGS of Cadence-Lypso, Midnight Groovers, cannot find a place on this Year’s line up, but Sweet Micky, could be awarded a spot before our own STAR singers and bands? Not even one of our female Cadence-lypso stars on stage in 2017?

    DFC, what a shame !!! You are cutting off the ROOTS of our authentic musical genre. Shame…

    • Annon
      July 14, 2017

      The incompetent Val dat there, what U expect. Although he from Grandbay (his uncle just passed – RIP Abbo) he will suppress anything Grandbay, he ALWAYS does that to Dominica’s beloved Groovers, until Wadix and PM had to protest. Just watch he is not going to have even Sakis Lapo Cabwit to nice up the fringes between bands as we are used to. Makes Ms Clarke look like a genius. Can’t wait for Val with all his political connections to retire.

    • A lover
      July 14, 2017

      @Roots You are such a ignorant and fool of stupidness !!!!!!!!!! what Haiti’s politics have to do with the world creole festival.? You sound so dumb and fool of ******* you have no clue of what you are talking about.

  10. A. George
    July 14, 2017

    … and Machel Montano please souple merci…

    • lightbulb
      July 14, 2017

      they dont see it is a spelling mistake

      “Marchel Montana”

      pa pa met

  11. A. George
    July 14, 2017

    lineup is not bad but 20th anniversary is a huge milestone.. I hope that the show over the years will be highlighted in the media … so far that angle not being played out in the press enough … hopefully it will be as time goes by.

  12. saka
    July 14, 2017

    Dominicans always negative. Just cant please them

  13. I Speak
    July 14, 2017

    Well done DFC. Its definitely well mixed this year. A little bit of everything. Great job guys! Now lets try to get the airlines to put on specials for more patrons to support!
    As for those who said it was a bad line up, take your negativity to Matt in the morning, we have no time for your negativity here. If you don’t support your own events who will?
    You notice there’s a strong influence of Kompa music for the Haitians?
    They support this festival like it’s their very own, too bad we as a nation can’t do the same

  14. zandoli
    July 14, 2017

    Let me see how many negative comments will be posted here about the line up.

    • Me
      July 15, 2017

      Congratulations Zandoli. Yours is the first one.

  15. Dominica
    July 14, 2017

    There is no need for so many persons on the line up with one stage. The change over from one band to another takes too long, and with so many bands, each band is allowed just about an hour to play…..there is more time used change over bands than real time of music. I think about four bands should showcased each night….allowing each band almost a full concert.

    • saka
      July 14, 2017

      most of the times one band is being used for several performers. the amount of artist on stage doesnt matter

  16. July 14, 2017

    revelry is a sin

    • I Speak
      July 14, 2017

      where you read that? Oh and i suppose using latest soca instrumentals and transposing “Praise God” in them is perfectly fine right?

  17. jihan
    July 14, 2017

    Very boring lineup will definately skip this year.

    • I Speak
      July 14, 2017

      we will certainly not miss you!

    July 14, 2017

    Yes this year is $40 or night

  19. carmen
    July 14, 2017

    All that fluff and no price, SMH!
    Give me an effing break! we are not stoopid!

    • I Speak
      July 14, 2017

      If you would have done a little more research and a little more listening then maybe you wouldn’t pass off as a fool. Let me educate you my fellow citizen, the price remains at $125.00XCD nightly and $325.00XCD for a season pass. Listen for updates on special priced tickets

      • ????
        July 14, 2017

        You must be working DFC because no where in the new item was price mentioned. Further, is it unreasonable to ask about the price?

        Seems to me it is you who have made a fool of yourself :mrgreen:

  20. Faceup
    July 14, 2017

    Dominican bands over seas have no chance..Whey papa..

  21. indira Ghandi
    July 13, 2017

    All you wicked people—-
    When are you all going to bring in Lazo?????????

    July 13, 2017

    no cadence no wck no ofilia no exile no chubby/groovers
    pure nonsense
    worse lineup ever
    wadix am ashamed of this package
    dats not your work

    • I Speak
      July 14, 2017

      well my dear cry it out to Matt. We have no time for your negativity, if it’s not to your suiting stay at your home! SIMPLE

      • Grace
        July 14, 2017

        But what d , You commenting on all post, wha happen, u crying for a job at DFC man. The line up sucks, here u go, I said it again.

  23. Riv
    July 13, 2017

    WAW!!! I was there last year and Chobby and Grovers were the only real performers. Are they taking a break this year? Were they invited?
    Night 2 looks too crowded for me.. looks like a 5 minute performances from the big guns..

    I’ll pass this year than you.

  24. Sam
    July 13, 2017

    Good line up, but what about local artists?
    Not enough of the local musical bands on display.
    Creole music festival should give first priority to groups from Dominica, so that they can eat a big piece of the pie.
    Only in Dominica will local artists be pushed aside for foreign artists
    How many Domincan groups get selected for carnival in Trinidad or Reggae song splash in Jamaica. Mark you, the problem is not with the international artists, but with the organisers failing to allow wck, midnight groovers, Michel henderson, Gordon Henderson or other bands with a creole background make the big money instead.
    If that’s the direction in which the festival is going, why not just say
    Music Festival instead of Creole music festival.
    No wonder locals in Dominica is always second choice.
    By the way, if movado n other artists getting Hundreds of thousands to perform, let’s assume, local bands like Triple kay n others must get there big pay cheques too.

    • zandoli
      July 14, 2017

      How many times do you want so see Midnight Groovers?

      • A. George
        July 14, 2017

        as many times as Carimi :-)

      • Annon
        July 14, 2017

        Groovers Every year…the Zouk people are always the same, and the M’nique/Gwada ppl follow them….every year!

    • saka
      July 14, 2017

      you just can please everybody

  25. Chey
    July 13, 2017

    What a cheap stupid line up man best you’ll stop that festival it’s a waste now. Trust me i not in that!!!!!

    • I Speak
      July 14, 2017

      Well you seem to be cashy. Why don’t you contribute next year!
      Last year thousands of dollars was paid to Akon and how did he perform? LIP SYNCING!
      So if “bigger” artists is what you are looking for i suggest you book your own international artist and provide them to DFC

  26. Respect
    July 13, 2017

    Worst line up ever

  27. black out
    July 13, 2017

    yes i suspect i might call a sick and go home for fest that line up wicked

    • hashtag
      July 14, 2017

      you should be doported with that mentality. and you see most of the same DCANS in agreement. cos they can relate. always calling sick for work. :mrgreen:

  28. Long Lost Dominica
    July 13, 2017

    1st and 2nd night alone looks interesting…

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