UB40 former vocalist, Jah Cure and Luciano on WCMF lineup

Jah Cure performing at the Go Green Festival in Tortola in June. Photo credit: www.bvinews.com- sister publication

Former lead singer of British reggae band UB40, Ali Campbell and Jamaican reggae stars Jah Cure and Luciano are the major acts on the lineup of the 14th annual World Creole Music Festival (WCMF).

Alistair Campbell- a song writer and now a solo artist- was the founding member and lead singer of UB40. He sang on hits like “Red, Red Wine.”

Campbell quit the band after being a member for some 30 years because he was unhappy of many business decisions and some members of the band.

Jah Cure, whose real name is Siccature Alcock, became popularly known in 1997. He was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for gun possession, robbery and rape, following his arrest in November 1998. He released three albums while in jail.

This is not the first time Jah Cure will perform here. His first local performance was at the Krazy Kokunuts a year ago. Some wellknown tracks of his are “You’ll Never Find”, “Longing For” and “Call On Me”.

Jepther McClymont AKA Luciano is a roots reggae artiste.  His music is influenced by Stevie Wonder, Frankie Paul and late reggae singer Dennis Brown. He was formerly known as Jah Messenjah.

The WCMF lineup was announced at a media launch on Thursday night at Fort Young Hotel. Also included on the lineup are WCK, Exile One, Midnight Groovers, Tripple Kay and T-Vice, among others.

Luciano. Photo credit: reggaephotos.com

WCMF organizers have promised that the event will feature more Creole acts this year.

According to  Tourism Minister Ian Douglas, there’s a realization that the music industry has reached a critical state and some have said in many instances that it has become stagnant.

“We see the decline in the quality of music being offered by any of our top groups and the young up and coming bands. We see a challenge in taking our products in the market that has become competitive and certainly impacted by the new technologies which makes it difficult for those who labor in the industry to make a descent standard of living,” he added.

Meantime Chief Executive Officer of Discover Dominica Authority Colin Piper says Dominica will not succumb and cancel its major events because of the global financial crisis.

Chairman of Discover Dominica Authority Benoit Bardouille also believes that the country should be proud, since in spite of an uncertain and difficult recovery, it is able to host the festival.

The WCMF will be held on October 29, 30 and 31. The headline sponsor is Digicel.

Ali Campbell

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    August 2, 2010

    @just giving my 2 cents: say it again

  2. Interesting
    July 29, 2010

    @anonymous: why did Ali want more monies come on you!!

    not sure where you from but u dont have a clue of what happend its being a few years now at band meetings he is advocating for more monies.

    didnt his former sax player in ub40 not help him with lyrics on his on one of his solo albums

    why did he start off as dep band then changed, this guy is just greedy for monies he thought
    UB40 would have died but the rest of the Boys are kicking and moving…greedy is a bad thing

    dont worry it will soon end,starting a solo career at over 50 years in this music industry thats sucks
    ali has to perform in egypt on oct 27th then play in dominica on 31oct you talking jet lang he may just perform dismal 60mins thats all….yes he hasa great voice but that doesnt bring a showcare forward you must have the full package sound effects lightning designs etc…

    not too sure if you aware ub40 travel with almost 10 tons of equipment Bro,so you getting a real package not a half a deal thing..

    maybe you dont understand the showbiz bro…ali c why does he call it ali campbell ub40

    he doesnt have that steaming horn section, that toasting drum and bassline that make the ub40 sound so classy…


  3. anonymous
    July 28, 2010

    @McDUB BOY:

    Total Rubbish – Ali has been too busy having two hit albums and touring non stop this year – to sit talking bull on the internet all day long – whilst the has beens have had 8 gigs all year – so all they do is post rubbish all day long about Ali – talk about sick in the head … and now re releasing Singing off – lol lol – will they ever do anything original again – do you think? ..Unlikely I’d say…
    ALi C – the one and only golden voice of all the hits …!

  4. anonymous
    July 28, 2010


    This guy is repeating the rubbish that he and others are spoon fed – total hogwash of course – but they will find that out over time …. they trawl through the internet to put up comments about Ali – it’s sad and pathetic …and they haven’t a clue about what happened – but the band members have to keep spouting vitriol to encourage their cult followers to post crap like this for them-it’s so obvious a blind man could see it …lol

    Ali C and his new band are fantastic – they have toured twice as much as the old/new ub40 this year and the crowds have loved every minute…. Ali has released 2 very successful solo albums which have both charted in the top ten and top fifteen and unlike OLDB40 Ali doesn’t have to rely on all the OLD albums being re- released again and again – to do it either … they can only sell if Ali is all over the ads – coz their new singer is rubbish…

    Anyway – take what this sado and his friends say – with a huge pinch of salt – as it’s all total baloney !!!

    UB40 would never have happened without Ali in the first place – they know it and the public know it …and they use Ali’s face and voice to sell everything they do – and have the cheek to think he shouldn’t say UB40 in his ads – hilarious double standards – think they should advertise – as UB40 with a NEW lead singer Duncan Campbell – if they were honest – they would ( but then no-one would come to see them would they …lol

    Enjoy Ali at the festival – you are in for a treat !

  5. July 26, 2010


  6. Packs
    July 26, 2010

    @McDUB BOY:

    also ali campbell has issues with business decsions wanted more money and fell out with band members,even UB40 New Lead singer his Bro Duncan Campbell

    FYI UB40 released the fourth in the series of Labour of Love Projects on the 8th of Feb 2010
    The album cost GPB 650,000 for production,and remember Ali Campbell left the UB40 since Jan of 2008

    Recent update their overall worldwide sales records have surpassed USD80 Millon

    Also its very important that the own all the rights to ever piece of UB40 Recordings…

    So its wise to note thats its campaign by Ali`s Team to used the existing UB40 Fame for his Gain

    He thought the Band would have stop and would have be dead when he departed but the rest of
    The UB40 Band Members were Miltant kept the struggle found a New Lead Singer in his Bro whom
    Was supposed to join UB40 back in their formation in 1978

    They dont have a prob with their Former lead singer doing his keen solo carrer but dont use and Mass UB40 to his gain…thats the key while the issues are in court…..time will tell.the Public World Wide is aware of the issues…

  7. WARMA
    July 26, 2010

    @McDUB BOY: OK – so has Placido Domingo – he’s played the world over too – why not include him?

  8. WARMA
    July 26, 2010

    @Otherside: Your attempt to classify all the music from the Caribbean as being “creole” is totally ridiculous. I could go on to show you how much so but since you’ve gone to pains to try to label salsa, merengue, bachata, soca, reggae, etc as “creole”, something tells me I would be flogging a dead horse

  9. WARMA
    July 26, 2010

    @hopeful: EXCUSE ME but sorry – you can’t really tell me about being involved in “international” music. I do not know of another, that’s not to say there aren’t, Dominican that actively participates and supports a number of different genre’s of music as I do. For your information, my cultural/musical tastes are very eclectic – it includes Zouk, R&B, Jazz, Soca, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Bahia (Brazilian), Soukous, Banghra (South Asian), Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul, Rock, Timba, Calypso, Beguine, Kompa…to name a few. Can you say the same? Do you even know some of the musical I just named? I’m willing to bet that you don’t. My point is that the WCMF should be a festival that showcases artists that specialize in the “creole” genre from throughout the world…and they’re all over. Reggae is NOT creole – i see someone tried to stretch and classify it as such but that’s ridiculous

  10. just giving my 2 cents
    July 26, 2010

    Dominicans are so small minded and backward. I do not get the big deal about having a mixture of artist performing. There should be a bit of everything for everyone. I ma sick and tired of the negativity i see spewing from Dominicans. Every article on DNO is followed by a bunch of negative comments from SMALL MINDED, BACKWARD PEOPLES. i guess that’s why Dominica is so behind. It’s so embarassing that to this day and age, Dominica is not even known by so many people and i truly believe that the reason for this is because it’s people want to remain stagnant. Its the negativity that’s keeping the country back – the people and their small mindedness.

    The music fest is trying to attrack international people. It’s not only Dominican’s coming to creole fest so we should please everyone. Personally when i come to Creole fest i want a mixture of everything – i pay my money to enjoy the night – my only hope would be that the artist present will perform properly. There’s Bouyon, Calypso, Soca – so there can and should be reggae, hip hop everything – to creat a mix and a blend to ensure that everyone has fun.

    Creole fest seems to be a time when many people come to Dominica – it’s about bring in money into the country – and to bring money, people have to be pleased and satified. Reggae is huge around the world – why not take advantage of that – bring the artist to perfrom – promote the islands – if big artist are encouraged to come- word will get around and soon bigger artist will want to come see what Dominica and it’s creole fest is about. However, if we continue to be small minded and negative then only small minded and negative people will continue to attend these things.

    If creole fest was intended to attract a small scale of people – then i shouldn’t be promoted this way, however, it is intended to attrack not only Dominicans but everyone, so we should showcase our creole music, while providing other aspects which non Dominicans and those who do not understand the creole can accept….

    At the end of the day, we are celebrating our Independence – and we are asking the world to celebrate it with us…………

    I love Dominica but hate it’s backward small minded and NEGATIVE people

  11. star fish
    July 26, 2010

    where is the creole in the fest, i come to dominica every year for the festival, but the line up get worst, because the creole is missing, ther is so much creole band in the caribbean, but there are not use, we need to cut out the reggae act, to much now, would not be bring my group unless there is more creole act.

  12. Kanpeche
    July 26, 2010

    Many of you are too limited in scope. The St. Lucien Jazz festival has become successful, because it includes: R & B, Zouk, new wave, etc, etc…

    Ok! folks…Why all the complaints? We need to mix it up a bit. Whether you guys want to believe it or not, WCMF is still in its infancy. You guys are not looking at the big picture. Music is a universal language that continues to evolve. Dominica has a very eclectic musical taste. All music festivals around the world always include variety in their line-up. I agree that we should always include local talent – particularly young talent, because we need to give them exposure. However, to say that WCMF should be exclusively creole is limited in peripheral perspective. By bringing in different acts, we are also exposing our brand to different markets. Think beyond the music, people. If you bring the same acts every single year, I am certain boredom will set in eventually.

    July 26, 2010




  14. McDUB BOY
    July 26, 2010


  15. commentator
    July 26, 2010

    Well I think we should begin to think about including some cuban, brazilian and african kompa music if we want to call this a “world” music festival.
    On the other hand we could and should refer to it as the Dominica creole music festival and go back to our roots. Back to the original idea.
    Do these Jamaicans include our artists in their lineups when they have their music festivals?

    The WCMF is our own and should showcase Dominica music. A lot of us exiles will pay endless money to come back from Timbuctoo to come and listen and enjoy what is OURS!

    No wonder St Lucia have its eyes on it. Remember that when you neglect your girlfriend somebody else will take her from you. Just like our music was hijacked when we failed to fully appreciate it. Remember Cadence?

  16. Concerned Citizen
    July 25, 2010

    WOW paralyzed by the negativity among our people.

  17. Ub40 Yay!
    July 25, 2010

    Red, red wine
    Stay close to me
    Don’t let me be alone
    It’s tearing apart
    My blue, blue heart

    I hope Ali C. performs this song :)

  18. Packs
    July 25, 2010

    Ali `s so far has a history of some of his gigs been cancelled ,the Guy started off with Dep Band very poor PAs and lack sound effects come on…he left his school boys friends after 28 years for more money the orginal eight members of the band all got paid flat salaries when they were together.
    the pressure wil be on him as UB40 is not a one man show,good luck to him and his solo career wonder how long will it last he has to fund it all,whereby in UB40 a established institution who have sold over 70 Millons records worldwide l

    They both are in court over legal issues.Its easy to read someone who is just after money it shows in there whole personality.He just have to move on and stop using the Bands Name to gain himself up.UB40 still have the songwriters in the band many songs like “Sing our own Song”, “Higher Ground”,”1 in Ten”,”ill be there” etc werent written by him so its rather silly to think he was the brain in the Band,he is gifted with a wonderful voice,but at over 50 years to start a solo career in this music industry these days will prove rather interesting…

    Long Live UB40 your legacy cant be touched,no one is bigger than a organisation!

  19. Lorri
    July 25, 2010

    I am very sad that this festival has strayed so far from the original intention, which I firmly believe was to showcase ‘creole’ music in the original sense, meaning cadence, zouk, bouyon and the other beats that form a part of that genre. There are more than enough artistes in the French Islands, on the African continent, and in France to fill a month-long festival. I clearly remember that in the initial years of this event there were no non-creole acts. Now they overwhelm the festival in the same way that St Lucia and Tobago no longer have ‘jazz’ festivals. And the organisers of those are saying the same thing – that jazz encompasses a broad spectrum of music, including soca R&B and soul. Really people! Then just call it a music festival.

  20. Panchanlama
    July 25, 2010

    @Anonymous:I too saw Ali Campbell, last weekend, it was dismal, and don’t forget the large audience were there for the main headlining acts, as I work in the music business, i can honestly say that the original and official UB40 are the crowd pullers. I truly think this world class festival deserves more appropriate artistes…….

  21. Anonymous
    July 24, 2010

    @Sign of Trouble:

    All the hits that made ub40 famous – and new songs from his solo top ten albums
    unlike the has beens that are Nub40 – who can’t get near the top 20 nowadays with ANY new albums
    @McDUB BOY:

    This is one of the sad friends of ex band – ignore it – they need to get over Ali leaving – but they can’t because the ‘new’ singer is rubbish
    Ali Campbell and his band are BRILLIANT

  22. Anonymous
    July 24, 2010

    @<a href="#c@SERIOUSLY!: omment-54861″>Sign of Trouble:

    @Sign of Trouble:

    You are deluded – we saw Ali at a uk festival last week and 10,000 people loved every minute
    he sang all the hits we all know him for – red red wine , can’t help falling , kingston town – there is only ONE voice that everyone loves and knows from UB40 and it’s Ali Campbell !

  23. Katieh
    July 24, 2010

    Great Line Up!
    We are traveling from the uk for the festival -can’t wait
    Ignore the idiots who are attacking Ali Campbell on here – they are just sad and bitter friends of the old ub line up trying to cause problems – it’s pathetic
    Ali Campbell and his new band are brilliant and play all the big hits like Red Red Wine ,Kingston town etc as well as new songs from Ali’s recent Top Ten album ! His voice is brilliant and the new band are fantastic
    We saw them at a big festival in the uk last week – the crowd loved it – best concert ever!
    Ali Campbell and Jah Cure – doesn’t get much better than that !

  24. th
    July 24, 2010


  25. D/can Lady
    July 24, 2010

    i have already bought my tickets and submitted my vacation dates,but next year i will wait for the lineup first.UB40?i cannot even remember their former band leader.i NEED creole musicians and singers,it is afterall called CREOLE FEST.I DO NOT NEED NO PROPER ENGLISH GENT singing for me,I WILL NEED A GALLON OF COFFEE TO KEEP ME AWAKE

  26. Ehdi
    July 24, 2010

    Creole fest or no creole fest, i aint paying $100 dollars to go see no Ophelia!

  27. Otherside
    July 24, 2010

    @WARMA: Actually there are two meanings to the WORLD CREOLE MUSIC FESTIVAL ….. creole in a sense is a mixture of all the cultures of the caribbean. so who is not to say that the music of the caribbean only includes french influenced music? World signifies everywhere, creole in turn represents a blend and music fesitval is as u said a celebration of music….it should be mixed the same artists cannot be featured EVERY YEAR that just says BORING!!

  28. Otherside
    July 24, 2010

    @Dominican musician: chooooops u not tired of listening to Ophelia tired voice? n Michelle just screaming in the mic? gimme a break

  29. BJ
    July 24, 2010

    Oh my God ! Jah Cure is coming here ? Boy, I love Jah Cure music to death -Jah Cure ,Jah Cure WELCOME TO DOMINICA ! !Please sing (a) Behind this prison Walls (b)Longing for (c) This one is for you mama (d)Never Find …………….Oh my God I love all your songs Jah Cure !

    Have a safe trip down here. May God guide you as you come. BLESSINGS ! !

  30. Is me
    July 24, 2010

    Oh my God, where is Mr. Val ”young Bull” Coffee at.

  31. Anonymous
    July 24, 2010

    Hmm soca doesnt b in the line up again man…awah wi every year the line up getting worse n worse. I love Jah Cure but really the EX lead singer of a group! that alone they can get?

  32. info
    July 24, 2010

    i would assume that at least one of the major acts would be a creole artist….come on there is nothing creole about what going on. but as usual we will all attend and pay 120, 325 and 300 and 250 for our ticket jamaican artist have taken over our show…sorry correction we have allowed reggaea artist to take over our show bring back Wyclef, carimi, kassav and the like at least we have creole in that…….. considering the fact that alot of other islands have cancelled their annual festival becaus e of finacial binds we should be happy that we can afford to have a show and this is the calibre that we are getting……..very dissapointed in the persons incharge……….in times like these i really miss eddie toulon

  33. July 24, 2010

    @WARMA: we as DOMINICANS can support such musicial show because we have open our minds to all sort of musics and let me tell you that is why the show is such a hit MUSIC is international and it brings people together, therefore I would suggest you try it because being negative is not a good quality

  34. McDUB BOY
    July 24, 2010



  35. Sign of Trouble
    July 24, 2010

    WeLl they could not get UB 40, so they settled for the audio of UB 40. UB 40 is a well organized, very expensive and international reggae group. Their music rights well protected and cannot be performed by any one without their consent. This guy while a founding memeber and leader, cannot sing the songs the band produced. I mean all the great songs. What then will he sing? Guess he will sing what he rights while making his way to Dominica. He will sing about LIAT, the Airport, The Ride to Roseau, The Rivers, The Trees, The Good Food, The Friendly People. Guess he is good writer and put something quickly together, He has a great voice but it will just not be the same not hearing the great songs of UB 40.

  36. McDUB BOY
    July 24, 2010




  37. McDUB BOY
    July 24, 2010



  38. Panchanlama
    July 24, 2010

    What a shame, the real UB40 are not appearing, what a show that would be ! Unfortunately Ali

    Campbell and his ” pretend ” UB40 are a poor substitute for the real thing…More like a tribute show….

    July 24, 2010

    Eh ben, nou fini bat!!! Where de creole in creole fest? Now would be the best time to change the name. It has lost everything. This is reggea sunsplash for sure. I have no problem with these artists performing in Dominica but not at a Creole Festival? UB40 ex singer? WTF!!! Not even british people know what mister singing now. Mister is a has been and won’t ever be again. What is wrong with you people???

  40. kimrah
    July 24, 2010

    trust me i will coming to dominica . pls what wck and rest local band dominica i hope have them to.

  41. WARMA
    July 24, 2010

    Really and truly – who IS running this show? You know, I always presumed that the “World Creole Music Festival” was, by its very definition, a celebration of CREOLE music. I cannot find a way to connect CREOLE music to Jah Cure, Luciano and….a member of UB40? Who is the …. , or maybe I should ask, who are the … who created this gem? I love both Jah Cure and Luciano music, but really folks, can we call them “creole artists”? There are countless amounts of groups and artists the world over that can be called such….UB40? Who remembers that group? And do the … who run the WCMF really think that marketing the festival with the tag line “also to appear is a former member of UB40” is going to draw a crowd? First of all, who remembers who the lead singer was? I would suggest the majority of people who have HEARD of UB40 probably just remembers the name of the band, vaguely, not the lead singer. How do Dominicans bring themselves to continually support this BULL? This is incredible!

  42. July 23, 2010

    i well mad dere and feel like crying! cuz i wont be dere to see my boi jah cure cha!

    July 23, 2010

    St.lucia Jazz festival have nuff hip hop and r&B artists in it as for st.kits music festival same ish.. all the islands always mix it up they put some big names in the linup to attract a crowd thats how it is ppl.. and like it or not majority of the people who go to these shows pay to see the big names.. And yess @ Honey Man them Lucians trying get a hold on our WCMF they think they can do a better job. I say this.. STOP TIFFING PPL IDEA N DO UR OWN TING!!!!!!

  44. Packs
    July 23, 2010

    Just want Patrons to the WWCF to be aware that UB40 the band wont be Performing its there Former Lead singer who left the Band due to monies issues who is infact on the Bill for the 31Oct

    Its very Important that Patrons arent mislead between the existing Band UB40 and there Former Lead Singer Ali Campbell.

    Just a clarification point of information

    Please be Guided…

  45. Proud Dominican
    July 23, 2010

    I Certainlyam not in approval of this lineup… Where is Swinging Stars??? Where is Michele Henderson??? Well I certainly do not see a profit this year… This line up is certainly not a creole fest line-up. The organizers should return to the drawing board and come better than that…

  46. Dread
    July 23, 2010

    I already even mauding where I am dere wee.. weh weh weh!!!

  47. July 23, 2010

    I can imagine Val cuffy must be seeing red cause some of those same persons who while on the outside acused him of wanting to turn our beloved W.C.M.F into reggae feast now look at what the jokers giving us ,and they have the nerves to tell we should be happy cause we are living in tough times. Utter B.S. the W.C.M.F.by all account is a business and one of the aim of a business is to make money and by extention make a profit, therefore if we are only having the festivities just for a show and in the end those same persons will come and tell us that they did not make money ect,ect i thought that i would never miss a festival but from what i am reading so far it appears that i will be forced to take a time off” this year, it`s not worth it any more. For all those concern this year might be the way downwards for our original festival. I know St; Lucia is waiting to steal our show you read it first on D.N.O. Maybe i provoke some feedback. BRING IT ON!

    July 23, 2010

    I guess its no longer world creole music festival , but Dominica’s mini reggae sunsplash

  49. Dominican musician
    July 23, 2010

    @diehardckfan: If Jah Cure could be in the line up, why could Ophelia not be? Ophelia has and is still making Dominica proud. Michelle Henderson is a star also, Why is she not in the line up? The WCMF is the avenue for international exposure of our Cadence-Lypso. For the past how many years Triple Kay has been there, no problem, but why not Ophelia and Michelle? The WCMF is one of the very few avenues where our indigenous Cadence-Lypso and local exponents of that great music could be further exposed. Those female artists are law-abiding artists to the bone, unlike Jah Cure. A more visual gender perspective should be adopted to this year’s line-up. Further if those artists like Jah Cure, as some people want us to believe, will bring thousands of foreigners to the WCMF, why do the organisers always, year after year, complain that they do not make profits from the festival? Every Year, our revered artists like Ophelia, Michelle and Midnight Groovers, Jeff Joseph and Exile One, Dominica’s Cadence-Lypso stalwarts should find a place on the line-up. They have and would continue to bring thousands of people to the WCMF as well. Five top Dominican artists/groups, 3 nights, 18 acts, Find a place for them because they need the money too to further boost and develop their music and music business, especially as piracy reduces their CD sales significantly.

  50. diehardckfan
    July 23, 2010

    great line up!!!!!

  51. Jepter
    July 23, 2010

    Are you for real? what Kind of a lineup dat

  52. possie
    July 23, 2010

    i will be coming to da for that

  53. July 23, 2010

    Nuff niceness….Baby making music…Respect to the organizers..

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