Dominica’s road network surpassing expectations – Blackmoore

The Ministry of Public Works has reported an over 50 percent enhancement in Dominica’s road network.

Public Works Minister Rayburn Blackmoore was addressing a certificate presentation ceremony for officials of his ministry Wednesday when he made the comment.

“We set ourselves ten years in which time we believe can get our road network to a hundred percent excellent condition, and within five years, 50 percent in excellent condition; based on our performance thus far we have surpassed that,” Blackmoore said.

“No country can go to its maximum potential with a poor road network. A road network in good condition is critical to communication, it is critical to commerce and it’s critical to our economic activity as a people,” Blackmoore underscored.

The west coast road, Roseau Valley road improvement project and the Canefield to Pond Casse road project are among major tasks embarked upon.

But Blackmoore has assured that considerable attention is also being given to the more rural areas in Dominica.  The Morne Rachette rehabilitation road project is among those getting the attention. The project, worth EC$169,000, is expected to commence within a week, according to Blackmoore. He hopes it will be completed before Christmas Day.

Blackmoore said Dominica’s improved road network sets a solid foundation for future governments.

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  1. kenneth
    September 8, 2011

    :twisted: :oops: :?: the only reason we return to dominica is for family governments are time wasters visitors would love to see dominica but you got to have proper roads not goat tracks the government makes real money to improve roads as visitors come then there is extra money for schools hospital not government with a brain that thinks of opps time for next election got to do something quick sounds like that all it is build a da that we can be proud of

    March 4, 2011

    For blackmouth to say that he has to be incompetent. Dominica road network is trash! I’d compare it to something in Rural africa or South America….Less than fail grade. Are you kidding me!! whose expectations? A caveman?

    Go travel around dominica, put a glass of water half filled in your cupholder and drive… Man just hush up because everyone in the world reading this with your ridiculous expectactions is that how little you feel about your supporters that they deserve less than satisfactory… are they to accept that trash as creme de la creme??


  3. Reasoning
    December 10, 2010

    To DNO And ungrateful,

    It is not to be disrespectful that one ask for pictures to enhance your story. I thought we help you in your business endevour by been participants. We ask for a better product because we like it in the first place. We are only insisting on a better product…some people may be rude at times…but you are a business person, be patient with them. We would not be participating had we not appreciate your effort.

    A nice guy is among the many that ask for pictures. We are aware of budget constraints and all that and I know you’ve politely ask that we be patient while you try to improve your product. We will be patient…but we’d prepare if you continue to be polite with your response.

    Thanks again for your effort. I, for one, respect and appreciate your effort.

  4. Truth
    December 10, 2010

    Come on Blackmore!!!!!!!! Surpassing expectations?????????? In this day and age, in this 21st Century you saying our roads surpassing expectations???? Have you been to Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua recently???? Come on Blackmore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • June 25, 2011

      Dominica Roads are better than Antigua roads and st lucia. you all like to cry down all you countrtoo much. Be proud of your accomplishments. I think that other caribbean people are visiting our site and stirring up things. be carefull

  5. breadfruit
    December 9, 2010

    Is it silly season? its only during silly that politicians say all kinds of things to get some points.
    Roads in Dominica – frankly speaking – can never see mamo days! Mamo gave us the best roads ever seen in Da. She did so in less dan ten years. Look one is hearing – proper road net work for Dominica will take more dan ten years! wowowowowowowwwwowowow! Ten will be twenty or thirty!!
    Mister Minister – well if thats the way you bring words of comfort well …………. Dats indeed another level of comfort!

  6. a nice guy
    December 9, 2010


    Send the money and we will hire additional staff, buy vehicles and cameras to send them around the island. People in the Diaspora think we have a sprawling office, filled with editors and reporters and camera crew and company vehicles waiting to be everywhere at once in very tiny Dominica. No buddy. Soon, I promise but be patient.

    • The Traveler
      December 9, 2010

      Hahahaha… Yes I ADMIN. that one touch allu But doh worry man, we appreciate that which u guys have been doing so far. BTW, WE WANT PICTURES!!! LOL.


    • ungrateful
      December 10, 2010

      eh ben way…We Dominicans ungrateful no S$$$T… we always fast to critize but making no kinda contribution. we should be grateful we have an online website to give us updated news without a fee…

  7. angeldomique..
    December 9, 2010

    We are all aware that the roads in Dominica are over due for a face-lift…but a face-lift without speed limit could become very dangerous…Drivers don’t respect each other on the roads..and sad say, but a lot of Dominicans drive vehicles without insurance and also drives without a drivers license….I don’t blame them one bit….why? because they are allowed too…they can, but what happen to the ones who gets into an accidents? losing ones fancy car is fine, but who takes care of the injured…is it fear to sue the owner of a car who has nothing but his car? might be damaged yes, but can be fixed…what about the one missing limb? Government should take this more serious and think of the people…..Yes we need better roads, we also need laws as well…

    Where did the policemen with their white glove directing traffic on the cross street, Queen Mary and Federation drive go?

    • Anonymous
      December 10, 2010

      whats your damn point

  8. The One
    December 9, 2010

    Morne Rachette people are VERY HAPPY @ this news despite what the down-pressers are saying.. Let them talk now after our road is complete…
    RESPECT Sin!!!!

    • dame
      December 12, 2010

      i know morne rachette. my stumping grounds. i happy it’s getting the much needed attention. but the govt can do it all. one has to take pride in their community. i was in coulibistrie recently and its a ghost town. mmnsad

  9. do
    December 9, 2010

    Here we go again!!
    from airport to roads!
    Liars !!

    • desie
      December 9, 2010

      is not our fault u doe living your home to see d roads..LOL

      • tomahawk
        December 10, 2010

        From the time you get off the plane or bus or whatever wher whichever you are in DA the roads are the same damn problem why do politicians lie so bad,so damn lie,lies lies all the time,time to stop.

  10. Patat
    December 9, 2010

    Those roads in Dominica so far are daylight roads!!!!

    There are hardly street light on both sides of Dominica roads much less to even have every fifty feet on one side. That to me should be addressed as well.

    With improved road network without street lights will only make for crime to increase and little capture to occur at nights.

    A word to the wise – street lights goes hand-in-hand with improved roads. Do the both of them together.

    • Mahaut
      December 9, 2010

      I do agree with you on that…You do not have to dig the road again to put lights in

    • no lie
      December 11, 2010

      Are you surprised that the streets are not lit? One cannot drive at nights without having his high beams on all the time but when we only got lights to come on at our main airport this year, do you expect anything less?

  11. A George
    December 9, 2010

    Oh DNO, still waiting on road pics

  12. Anonymous
    December 9, 2010

    aye that morne rachette road na easy eh. my car taking nuff blose under that wen i going n check my woman. every month she hAave to buy shoes. she does even fall down wen she walking down lol

    • rag doll
      December 9, 2010

      i must say dat was dry, wheres M.O.T.S when u need him nah :cry: :cry:

    • dame
      December 12, 2010

      haha men u are so right. i use to walk that damn hill from school. not easy at all.

  13. Southern woman
    December 9, 2010

    A Plea to Hon. Blackmore
    I commend your ministry for embarking on the various road projects, however, amidist it all you/your ministry seem to have forgotten that there are road users ranging from Geneva to La Plaine. It appears that the motorists come from the West Coast only, since this is where I always see men patching holes. When was the last time did you or representatives from your ministry take a drive on the Dubique road all the way to La Plaine? Sir, the road no longer has pot holes but CRATERS. A driver no longer chooses which crater to fall into, but simply drive with EXTREME CAUTION in them, hoping that the shocks can withstand the pressure. I have pictures to prove it. The areas that need immediate attention are: under the Dubique cliff, at the entrance to the fishries boat house in Stowe estate, the first corner after the Bagatelle damn en route to Petite Savanne, from Petite Savanne all the way to Boetica. I have made several attempts to reach you, and the same excuse day after day “he is at a meeting, he is not in, he is unavailable”. I even went as far as calling the Public Works department and was told that you are the one who decides which road is to be repaired. I am asking sir, please have some pity on the motorists of that area and do something. We are not asking for much, just simply give the directive to patch the CRATERS……WITH ASPHALT not with dirt or tarish. We voted for a government who we thought would bring some relief to us in the south, aparently, we were wrong. As for having a parliamentary representative for the Petite Savanne constituency, I don’t believe that exists. Persons are unhappy with the level of representation that they are receiving. Remember, we have the power in our hands to make a difference come 2015. Thank you for your time.

    • someting
      December 9, 2010

      I was surprised when i drove that road recently, it was horrible, that road and well everything from tete lalay all the way to tete morne. I even heard a rumor that the tete morne road was given a lower priority than a farm road.

  14. malabau83
    December 9, 2010

    DNO, some more pics would be nice…

  15. someting
    December 9, 2010

    I do not normally comment on these matters but I must commend the Govt for improving the road networks around the island. It must be pointed out however that in some areas, one wonders what really are they doing and are the engineers really engineering? The Loubiere to Grand Bay road for instance. The resurfacing work is great, the rate at which they do it great, but one wonders why did the workers spend months on brush clearing and what appeared to be drainage and to have the asphalt laid in such a way that when it rains the water could undermine all that work since the asphalt layer in some areas do not meet the drains. There are many more questions to be asked but hey… the south has no opposition representation until election season.

    • Blessed
      December 9, 2010

      I totally support your statement since i also have concerns about the Roseau to Canefield Road.

    • grandbay
      December 9, 2010

      i dont believe you,you,re lying

      • someting
        December 9, 2010

        Are you even in Dominica?

  16. joy
    December 9, 2010

    we the people of morne rachette have been waiting long enough to hear those words…..

  17. No Name 2
    December 9, 2010

    Need some damn sidewalks tho….cha!

  18. mouth of the south
    December 9, 2010

    good to see some news other than skerro n charlo,,,,i always wonder where are the other ministers,,,i doesn’t hear of blackmore until now,,,ambrose hiding his lil tail,,,,the Rottweiler in cottage quiet (i can never forget in soufriere when he made mockery of frampton who is a disabled man,,,shows our country don’t treat disabled people right),,,,the one from valley,,,since the bin bobol has went into exile,,,,what about the guy from soufriere,,,,he works social security,,,he doesn’t speak or say nothing,,,papa soufriere will always be lass kakarat,,,, i don’t even know there name’s all i know is charlo n skerro,,,,that boy charlo is one snake,,,he led the protest of 1978,,,he is the leader behind the scenes,,,making skerro do nonsense,,,,charlo knows how to wiggle his way to power,,,,i think he’s systematically breaking down skerro n d.l.p so when the ship sink he’ll jump to d.f.p look allu will see,,,

    • disappointed
      December 9, 2010

      I really don’t understand why some of us keep so much negativity and hatred in our hearts. Here it is that Blackmore reports on road projects and promises a rehabilitation work, now and all you can do is bring up the past. When are you really going to wake up look towards the future and not the past. we say we are liberated but we still have slavery mentality. cha man.

      • mouth of the south
        December 9, 2010

        u have to know ur past to be mindful in the future,,,that guy savarin is a snake n in my opinion the smartest politician,,,this guy is like a political leech,,,,when u think he’s down he finds a way to stay relevant,,,the thing is savarin don’t care bout u n me n the sooner we realize that the better we’d be,,,,,
        he is sidelining skerro open allu eyes,,,,only a select few knows the truth but it will reveal little by little

      • .
        December 9, 2010

        dont mind mouth of the south. shim always speak trash

      • malabau83
        December 9, 2010

        Negativity is holding us back…

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