Hugo Chavez calls doctor ‘a liar’ after saying he has 2 years left to live


CARACAS, VENEZUELA (BNO NEWS) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has described a doctor who claimed to be part of his former medical team as ‘a big liar’. The doctor previously said Chavez has only two years left to live.

Earlier this month, before the Venezuelan president underwent surgery, Dr. Navarrete described the tumor in Chavez’s pelvis as ‘very aggressive’ and, as a result, he said “his life expectancy could be of up to two years.”

Navarrete said he was part of a team of three doctors which attended Chavez for several years at Miraflores Palace, before he was diagnosed with cancer. But he claimed to have met with other doctors and received detailed information regarding the president’s illness.

However, Chavez described the doctor as “a big liar” on national television, saying Dr. Navarrete is violating the ethical code of a doctor. “That is a big liar. I don’t remember him. He says he was my doctor and he isn’t. He says he operated my mother and he didn’t operate her. He is a big liar.”

Chavez continued: “Without ever seeing any illness, carrying out any medical exam, nor having any information [..], he says that I have two years of life left.”

“I hope he lives many more years,” he added, “and that everyone here lives on. But that is a terrible thing [to say.] I am sure Navarrete is not innocent. We’d have to ask how much he was paid to say that.”

“What are his intentions?” Chavez asked, “to disturb the nation’s climate, to fill the country with uncertainty, trying to convince the country that I am dying.” President Chavez continued by saying that he was going the complete opposite way, stating that “every day I am more alive. Every day I am healthier. Every day I am better. That is the truth.”

Navarrete also alleged the ‘aggressive cancer’ was the reason behind the decision to schedule elections earlier than planned. He further said he had been forced to leave the country, but that he is not a “traitor of the country.”

The Venezuelan President was on a three-country tour in June when doctors detected a tumor with cancerous cells in his pelvic area during a planned medical checkup in La Havana. He underwent an initial surgery on June 11 to drain his pelvic area and begin antibiotic treatment. A second surgery was then performed to remove a cancerous tumor.

Last Friday, Chavez said he is free of cancer after returning from Cuba where he underwent more medical tests. “I have concluded a vital stage of treatment (…) The tests support the conclusion that I am free from disease,” he said.

The left wing president has been in office since 1999 and plans to run for re-election in late 2012.

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  1. Renzo Ciafardone
    August 16, 2014

    3 Years later we know for sure who was the real liar. So sad for Venezuelan people who could not see.

  2. southcityboy
    October 29, 2011

    Sure sounds familiar.

  3. October 28, 2011

    God is the judge of our time line;
    while we are it, let’s do the good that God expect of us.
    Man to Man i wish this man good health.

  4. Positive
    October 28, 2011

    We all go through our struggles in this lifetime. Ill health, emotional pain/stress, you name it, we face it. I admire the strength of this leader in the midst of his naysayers and I pray that even though he is who we say he is, what matters is how God sees this man. What matters in the end is where he stands with the creator who is his ultimate judge. I have family, friends and loved ones and I do not wish that what is going on with Chavez be bestowed upon them, therefore, I empathize with you Chavez. Be strong, Be courageous. May God be with you.

  5. Lady
    October 27, 2011

    ok so really we were not born with an expiry date under our feet. even cancer patients are living longer and longer. but was is chavez scared of? he should do like skerrit and just ignore the man…. say he have more important issues to deal with….. ghadaffi gone, chavez going (LOL) who next? hmmm your guessis as good as mine

  6. Aye Dominique
    October 27, 2011

    Mr. Chavez we are just passing thru, it could be one minute, one day, one year or 100 years, we all must go, only God has the appointed time.

    Stop bluffing about your years left to live, you sound more and more ridiculous by the minute.

  7. October 27, 2011

    GOD will have his way with shavez,soon enough.

  8. Mr. Sout City
    October 27, 2011

    I don’t understand why every time there is a article about Chavez, people bring up Gadaffi. What does Gadaffi and Chavez having cancer have to do with each other?

  9. Steve
    October 27, 2011

    Typical carrier politicians even when they down and out they cling to power.

  10. forreal
    October 27, 2011

    chavez this sounds like something straight out of a drug cartel movie,you know the part where a doctor is hired to perform a diagnosis on the drug king pin,but he is in a lot of fear,chavez seem to be making things look like everything is all about him,sometime i think these guys seem to attract to much attention to themselves,this is not the first doctor to give a wrong diagnosis,don,t get me wrong but there has been countless cases of missed diagnosis,at both levels of peasants and lordship, and besides this was suppose to be doctor patent confidentiality,but chavez seem to like to make everything sinister or a plot,if i am wrong about the man i accept,but since the man is playing a pivotal role in dominicas development,i can,t help but to take a closer look at the man,just like we look at skerrit,everyone has to be brought under the radar,even if there are some who do not like it,they will have to learn to live with it

  11. me
    October 27, 2011

    Do we expect anything else to come out from Chavez mouth, the man is a trick star so he will say any and everything to fool people…..come on mr.chavez we know you better than that,……tell us who is the real liar…

    think people and look at who are our leaders roll models…..

  12. Mr. Sout City
    October 27, 2011

    I like Chevez but I think he needs to hold it down man. He needs to stop acting like he have control on weather he lives or die.

  13. Princess
    October 27, 2011

    I agree man, we have no expiry date
    stamped under our feet, more life!

  14. Sout Man
    October 27, 2011

    God bless, comrade. They said the same about Fidel.

    • drop dead diva
      October 27, 2011

      sacre sot……….time should tell….it always does

      • Sout Man
        October 28, 2011

        “drop dead diva”? Who fool you?
        I offered God’s blessings, you seem to be offering a curse. Who is the sacre sot? Time will tell diva.

  15. Waitukubuli
    October 27, 2011

    I am not a supporter of Chavez,for one reason that i do not support any one when trusted by the people to lead their country they then in turn treats the people like they own them when indeed they are suppose to be the people’s servant.I do not support any one who wants to hold on to power by any means and that includes detroying those who are opposed to them.But i think this was unethical of the doctor to do such a thing even if he knows what he claims to be true.When a doctor is entrusted with the medical condition on a patient this is supposed to be confidential,the fact that the nation knows Chavez is ill with cancer is enough information for the public.But Chavez should not want to kill or cause the doctor to flee the country.

  16. littleboy
    October 27, 2011

    Ok. When it was reported in June that Chavez was very sick with canser and had to go to I think it was Hundurus for treatment, Chave said it was a big lie and the US was just telling lies to the people. Now we are in October, the same Chavez is now stating that he had cancer but is now cancer free and this time calls his doctor a liar. Let us keep our fingers cross because with Gadaffi gone and was buried yesterday, Dominica and Mr Skeritt cannot afford to lose Chavez at this time since he has promoted them as his saviors and destroyed relationships with other friendly goverments that have always stood faithfully with us. Boy the more I think of it the more I envision trouble for our country.

      October 27, 2011

      You kidding me..Think so?…Alas!,don’t say that.

  17. ....................
    October 27, 2011

    Stuppesssssssssssssssss. You have 100yrs more to live like Ghaddafi..! When the people are ready together with NATO you go find out. No hole, no sewerage pipe will prevent the people from getting you.!

    • !!!
      October 27, 2011

      Ha! ha! ha!..ha…ha..ha…Garcon you not easy…You doh fraid Uncle Chavsss, boy?…

      However,that was a good one….

    • LMAO
      October 28, 2011

      which people?
      the people that cannot even answer simple multiple choice questions without copying?
      the people that rather drink beer than water? the people that concerned more about partying that anything else?
      the people that can’t even organise a simple protest for something important but burn stuff and cause chaos because they don’t want to have classes?
      the people that know barely anything about the world outside their country (save for a few)
      the people that cheat and try to outwit each other for trivial things and kill each other on a daily basis for things that cost less than 20 dollars

      LOL yes venezuelans will revolt…surely.. someday

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