Hurricane shelters decreasing two months after Maria

Carbon said the shelters are decreasing

Chief Environmental Health Officer, Ferdinia Carbon, has reported that hurricane shelters are decreasing around the island following the passage of Hurricane Maria.

She was speaking at a press conference last week.

“We can say here this morning that we have seen the shelters decreasing very rapidly, in fact, as people rehabilitate,” she stated.

She also said the number of people in shelters is going down.

“So as persons return to their homes, we are seeing less persons at shelters,” Carbon noted.

She said the environmental health division is continuing to monitor shelters on the island.

“As you know when persons are in a crowded area we also get the transmission of diseases,” she stated. “So we have to continue our monitoring and surveillance of the shelters to ensure that they have potable water, that they have means of proper sanitation and management of their waste.”

She also stated there has been no increase of mosquito-borne diseases in Dominica post-Maria, despite the increase in mosquitos and she called on the public to get rid of breeding sites of the pest.

“So in your home, although we store much more water, we want persons to remember that they have to cover those drums, you have to turn over those appliances that can contain water and that can go on to breed mosquitos …”


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  1. November 22, 2017

    “Hurricane shelters decreasing two months after Maria”–News Article

    When I read the headline, I thought she would be saying that more people are accommodating the shelters which are still available–thereby making the accommodation less accessible. But that is not what I read in the body of the story; it completely the opposite. If people are leaving the shelters how can they be decreasing? Shouldn’t it say that “fewer people” are depending on the “Shelter homes”? Did anyone else notice that; or is it just me?

  2. Concord Observer
    November 21, 2017

    Cut the lady some slack. She was just stating some obvious facts. Are there less shelters? Yes.

  3. Deidra Summers
    November 21, 2017
    The entire address can be found here.
    I am not sure why DNO chose to publish this very empty article that suggested the Chief Environmental office was solely addressing the issue of shelters. While she would be concerned with sanitary conditions at shelters, she is not a shelter manager or the shelter “overseer”. Too often we attack the messenger and that’s just sad. People are on here attacking her appearance, questioning her ability to do her job etc based on a three line quote from a 17 minute long presentation.

    • Dominican
      November 22, 2017

      Deirdre, she should not have addressed this issue, unless of course these refugees present an environmental hazard and that may well be the real reason why she spoke. It would have been smarter for her to let her boss tackle this.

  4. Jack Sprat
    November 21, 2017

    Why is an Environmental Health Officer speaking on this issue?

  5. Zor Sot
    November 21, 2017

    What she has failed to indicate is that people are being asked to leave shelters, those that are schools. I know of some people who were asked to leave a particular school as the G.o.D wishes to reopen the school fully.

    Also, people are leaving shelters, actually leaving the island altogether and head to family and friends in other islands as they are no longer able to live in the shelters but do not have a house to move to.

    Then there’s the issue with shelters, where majority of persons are without work, therefore unable to earn a dollar, yet relief only comes once a week…. some shelters have no toilet paper, and the little moneys left are put together to buy food.

    Why didn’t she make mention of all of these???


  6. Shameless
    November 21, 2017

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Some of these civil/ public servants continue to show a total lack of understanding of what is at stake when delivering “critical” information to the public. For crying out loud,: ” Who is the PRO/ Trained Spokes Person for that government department? Sorry young lady but with due respect you have said absolutely nothing worth consuming here. Pure horse manure at the highest level.

    Read the post of Dominican and will get my drift. To drive it home let me quote a famous Dominican called LL from Marigot: “This vi-kee-vi manner of managing our affairs has to STOP”! You all start sounding like the Punjabe PM every minute…wow, wow, wow! Oh Dominica I continue to weep for you :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Assertive but NOT Aggressive! :twisted:

    • Me-Aloe
      November 21, 2017

      Your famous LL from Marigot could not and cannot keep a job much less for managing something.. so SHUT UP.

  7. anonymous2
    November 21, 2017

    I doubt that so many people are going to their rebuilt homes. I think that people can’t stand the crowded conditions and lac of privacy anymore and maybe some even went camping on the beach for a while. I doubt that many are leaving the island as that requires money ,and if they had money and somewhere else to go, they would have left before now.

  8. John Doe
    November 20, 2017

    I meant an inner.

  9. John Doe
    November 20, 2017

    Telemaque, can any good thing come from you? I have never read anything constructive from you. You are a hater of that which is good and you may not realize it, but you hater of yourself. I firmly believe that you need to do some self searching to find out who you really are. Your comment about the lady has no taste, and does not make any sense whatsoever. Does the shape or form of a person has anything to do with the job he/she does? My recommendation to you is that you sit and take a hard look at yourself, and examine the words that comes out of your heart before you type them. I wish the best as you do so, and hope you are guided by an in being, rather than by the hatred you demonstrated day in and day out.
    Thanks with love

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      November 20, 2017

      If you are John Doe, that means you are already dead, and nobody knows who you are, so you are lying in the morgue  with with the tag the corner (you know the doctors who only work on dead people) tie on you big toe, have you in ice until the government decides to bury you in a paupers cemetery! 


      You see what you get for interfering with me.

      How can you be John Doe when that is a term used when people are found dead and no one claims their body!

      I cannot see sprites therefore I do not know how to communicate with dead people. you so dumb!


    • Dominica
      November 21, 2017

      Very very true that man is evil I cannot stand him

      • Dominica
        November 21, 2017

        I mean Francisco
        That man is just filled with hatred
        He is just evil
        Bless someone with your tongue
        Before it fill your mouth

      • November 21, 2017

        because he tells the truth or he tells it as it is?Do you hate to hear the truth?Do you like it coated?Tell the truth Francisco and who doesn’t like it too bad.You don’t have to read his blog Dominica.

  10. Open eyes
    November 20, 2017

    there* for the grammar teachers

  11. Open eyes
    November 20, 2017

    what about the Roseau Primary school, 90% of the people their have homes they can go to. the students needs their school back!!!!!!

    • Open eyes
      November 20, 2017

      there* fir the grammar teachers

    • no
      November 21, 2017

      Wasn’t that the same school where the parents refused to send back their kids because of a new principal?….careful what you wish for….hmmm

  12. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    November 20, 2017

    How can you be some sort of environmental health officer, and you are in such poor shape! Charity begins at home, we look after our home and body first, so that we can be an example to others!

    People cannot live in shelters forever, the reason why the the population in the shelters are decreasing is because many are leaving the island, it is not because they have repaired their damage houses.

    The next thing we know you will be out there lying talking about it is because Skerrit has already build back the country, find something constructive to do about your body!

    • derp
      November 20, 2017

      morbidly obese is the new style in D/ca don’t you know that…

    • Really
      November 20, 2017

      You are such an a**. What does her body shape have to do with the environment?

    • Dominica
      November 21, 2017

      Very very true that man is evil I cannot stand him

      • November 21, 2017

        You are evil too. The thief does not like to see his comrade carry a bag.Put that in creole

  13. Dominican
    November 20, 2017

    The lack of detail at this briefing is disturbing and unprofessional. Why are the numbers of residents at shelters going down for instance. Is it because their homes have been rehabilitated, is pressure put upon them to leave? What are the numbers?
    Where are the shelters with most refugees still in place? Information like this helps us to understand and assist. A blanket statement saying that the shelters are decreasing creates more questions than answers.

    • Paul Rossnof
      November 20, 2017

      I would go further and call it utter incompetence. The problem with the majority of government employees in Dominica is the fact that they have not been employed by merit and suitability for the job but rather their political allegiances.

      • Me
        November 21, 2017

        Are you saying she is related to Daniel Carbon??

      • Ibo France
        November 21, 2017

        @Dominican & Paul Roseau Both of you make very salient points. When giving an assessment of any thing to the public, give adequate statistics, details and reasons so your targeted audience can be well informed and fully enlightened. There are too many square pegs in round holes in the civil service. Their main agenda is to hoodwink the public into thinking that the government is doing a creditable job when the converse aptly applies. I adamantly disagree with anyone body shaming the lady. This repulsive behavior says volumes about the persons doing the body shaming.

    • no
      November 21, 2017

      Thank you. This article said absolutely nothing.

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