PM issues warning as more bad weather looms

The PM said the earth, as seen here in Petite Savanne, is already saturated and cannot take more rain
The PM said the earth, as seen here in Petite Savanne, is already saturated and cannot take more rain. Photo: Facebook

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has issued a warning to Dominicans as more bad weather, associated with two systems, is forecast for the island in the upcoming days.

Addressing the nation on Monday night, he said that after consulting with local meteorologists and with the support of external forecasters, he has decided to sensitize Dominicans of the “clear and present dangers” posed by more torrential rainfall.

“I wish to take this opportunity to issue a word of warning to residents of this country,” he said. “Now is not the time for daredevil maneuvers. We have been given adequate warning of the likelihood of torrential showers and flash flooding and we must all take heed.”

According to weather officials Dominica will be affected by the two systems in the upcoming days.

A tropical wave is expected to produce rain across the island on Wednesday, while a weakened Tropical Storm Grace, which formed in the Atlantic on the weekend, will be producing more torrential rain by Friday.

“Regardless of this weakening, and this is what I want you to listen very carefully my dear people, the current projection is for an increase in shower and thunderstorm activity which could be heavy at times across Dominica on Friday with a possibility of flash flooding,” the Prime Minister warned.

He noted that the island’s woes could begin as early as Wednesday with the approach of the tropical wave.

He said projections indicate the wave could produce rainfall amounting to between 15 millimeters to 20 millimeters across Dominica.

“That is slightly less than an inch of rain,” Skerrit said. “Under normal circumstances, an inch of rain on Wednesday would be a windfall to farmers and sea craft users but on this occasion it spells trouble for residents of several communities across Dominica. The earth is saturated and will not easily absorb an inch of rain.”

He added, “So it is not only that there is the weakened Tropical Storm Grace that we have to pay attention to but also our troubles could begin as early as Wednesday.”

He also said structural engineers are warning of the grave and present dangers posed by additional torrential rainfall in Dominica at this time.

“I know it will be difficult and I know it will uncomfortable for many but we are all one people and we have got to batten down and see this period of trial and adversity through,” the Prime Minister noted. “If you know you live in areas that are susceptible to flooding or you are in the path of busted river banks and water crossings, I am urging you from now to consider a shelter or bunk-in with a relative or friend elsewhere during the upcoming days of anticipated bad weather. It is better to be safe than sorry.”

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  1. girly girly
    September 8, 2015

    I personally feel that the Government (read Prime Minister) should close schools until the hurricane season done. In that way, it will give everybody time to get themselves back together again.

    I don’t get what is the rush to complete syllabuses. Is not as if the majority of school children REALLY care about their eduction anyway….And fifth formers can always re-take their last year at school. No shame in that.

    A country ravaged by a natural disaster, school is the last thing on people’s minds. And another note, for the parents that sooo concerned about their children’s education suffering, well there’s always home schooling. Just get a copy of the curriculum from the Ministry of Education and teach your child/children yourselves… It was done in the U.S. after Katrina and Sandy. It can be done here.

    • world peace
      September 8, 2015

      girly girly, u are very ambitious. first of all u seem to forget that some parents work, so when are they going to teach their children, in the night/ just asking. Now maybe some of the parents who are not working can help the children during the day. ok. but when u bring out ideas please look at the pros and cons. Hurricane season is from june to november, we all know that , systems are expected sometimes , not all the time, that is where we live and we have to be prepared. so do u expect every year for school to start after the hurricane season? now u may not value education or ur childrens’ education, but not all parents share ur view. it is not as simple as u think.

    • TeteMorne I from...
      September 9, 2015

      Whatever child!

  2. Portsmouth - London Based
    September 8, 2015

    My dear Fellowmen and Women,

    I am really truly and saddened to hear what has happened to my beloved Island which was savagely ravished by Tropical Storm Erika.

    In accordance to the Prime Minister they got adequate warning about the possibility of more rain anticipated on Wednesday and Friday.

    Please, please my fellowmen and women please adhered to the warnings and make yourselves as safe as possible . I will continue to pray.

    Take care and look after you.


    Your Fellowoman

  3. Really
    September 8, 2015

    All it takes is one announcement the day before to stay home and here we are making a big fuss like sissies looking for an excuse to hit on the PM.Because they cannot find anything on him they talk about keeping children home when before we use to object to the same thing.PM do your thing,you are in charge and no matter what decision you make there will always be haters.

    • world peace
      September 8, 2015

      Really, so when people disagree with a view they are haters! that is what we have come to?

  4. The Real Facts
    September 7, 2015

    Catholics should be familiar with St. Maria Faustina Kowalska of Poland and her diary which is now the book, Divine Mercy In My Soul. She prayed the following prayer:

    For One’s Country

    Most Merciful Jesus, I beseech You through the intercession of Your Saints, and especially the intercession of Your dearest Mother who nurtured You from childhood, bless my native land. I beg You, Jesus, look not on our sins, but on the tears of little children, on the hunger and cold (* heat in this case*) they suffer. Jesus, for the sake of those innocent ones, grant me the grace I am asking You for my country.

    The moment she said this prayer she saw Jesus, His eyes filled with tears and he said to her: “You see My daughter, what great compassion I have for them (the children). Know that it is they who uphold the world.”

    You can Google for further information on this holy Nun and the book. During her short life she had many apparitions of Our Lord, all documented..

    • cm
      September 8, 2015

      Thanks for this great prayer.

      • The Real Facts
        September 10, 2015

        You are extremely welcomed. Thanks be to God, through the years I have accumulated much. I need an extra room, as a home library to place them. :lol: I usually pass on copies to others. I am so happy to pass them on.
        I must tell you I did not have the intention to type it but the thought came to my mind.
        Our Lord and St. Faustina wants His Divine Mercy known. He asked St. Faustina to write the messages which He gave her. He also called her, his secretary. If you read the book of his messages and her writings and prayers, as inspired, “Divine Mercy In My Soul” you will be moved and eager as I to pass the information on.
        In times of imminent disasters and ongoing ones, thunder and lightning, pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. It is effective.
        Holy Water is effective. Sprinkle yourself, your family and home with it. It gives much calm, peace. You can also bless anyone and anywhere, near or far.
        God bless you and your family and always protect you.

  5. Danziger
    September 7, 2015

    I don’t kw what is wrong with you all but it seems as if you all are HATERS and ENNEMIES of the state. The Country is in a sad and bad situation yet still we blame the PM, he is not God. Haters kneel down and pray for our Country.

    • world peace
      September 8, 2015

      Danziger, i glad u know he is not god.

  6. The Real Facts
    September 7, 2015

    If the storms are imminent, for the safety of the students and also the teachers of all, schools should be postponed until Monday next week. Considering D/ca’s situation from the T.S. Erika, the situation is already bad. If schools are closed for one more week it will not make much of a difference. The students will catch up on their studies.
    At the same time I hope the storms will veer off course, and weaken for that matter and avoid D/ca.
    Let us all pray, wherever we are, and ask the Lord for his mercy that Dominica will be spared.
    Those who know the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, please pray it as often as you can.
    Do not panic. Simply pray with faith, hope and trust.

  7. Francisco Telemaque
    September 7, 2015

    And Dominicans should heed his warning, because the probability exists for another hurricane. If you read my comments where I stated ‘the number of hurricane generated in the Atlantic, and the Caribbean varies from three or four to twelve per year, depending largely on the temperature of the sea surface, and the behavior of the subtropical jet stream.’

    Some believe that God is destroying Dominica with hurricane to get people’s attention. So my question to those people such as Elizabeth Xavier who E-mail me and try to convince me that it is God love for Dominica why his wrath is on Dominica. If she is correct, it seems to me another hurricane is another act of love he would be showing to us. She even try to convince someone DNO that what I wrote is the philosophy of man.

    Well it is not simply the philosophy of man it is a scientific fact which I learnt when I took Physical Geography in college Elizabeth if another one hit soon my point will be proved! Let’s hope it will not…

    • the fly
      September 8, 2015

      Francisco, you should not take notice of this woman she is leaving in bongo land ,what you said is right.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 8, 2015

        To be honest, Elizabeth is a piece of work!

        She truly believe that she is an authority on God words, she is of the opinion that no one knows the Bible as well as her.

        School Teacher at the age of twelve years old she told me; writer of books, about God, I saw a children Book she wrote, I’ll give here credit for that one, she even bind it herself, it looks very professional, but he Books she is writing, or has written about God, I will not read not one of them even if she gives me one for free.

        I believe any body who buy’s her books about God and read them if they follow her religious principles, and belief, they are going to burn in hell! My friend I do not know what I can do about Elizabeth, she promised she will haunt me to the day I die, and even in my grave she come and haunt me: I fraid de woman eh.


    • September 9, 2015

      @ Francisco Telemaque September 7, 2015

      You are doing no more than searching for justification against me, but God forbid this! There are people here who know me more than you ever will–4 hours is way too much I don’t ever want to see your face again, and you will not!

      In the first place God knows that you are the great liar of liars –this is another lie of yours to mischievously misinterpret His word–but God is slow to anger, and I have called Him agasnt you–do not push Him.

      Infact your are not even speaking the philosophy of man–some of them even have a truth in them–you are speaking the philosophy of your father–the devil–Jesus said he was a liar and a murderer to begin with.

      Continue speaking your wicked and evil language against me, I hope you know, when you speak against my Wisdom, Understanding,, discernment, insight, and knowledge of God, you speak against Holy Spirit who is my guide –again; do not push Him, you have already gone too far.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 9, 2015

        I told you this morning do not respond to my submissions anymore, and never to E-mail me again, thus far for the day I have received three from you. I read only one the first one, I deleted the others, and permanently to, by so doing I will never know what you said to me.

        Regret I crossed path with you because I believe I may have crossed path with an evil demon. I do not wish to talk to you anymore as of this day!

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 9, 2015

        I have learnt to the wind blow, without noticing: My cousin Emlord Timothy taught me” let sleeping —- remain sleeping” and I doh saying what he told me let it remain sleeping, (and it aint a human) although it have head and foot and something else oui!

  8. I, Me, & I Alone
    September 7, 2015

    So if the PM says they got adequate warning about the possibility of woes that could begin on Wednesday, then what is he and his cabinet doing with the adequate warning? If he were a responsible leader and government wouldn’t they have used that warning to ensure the protection of children? Why open school on Wednesday, the same day you telling us the woes could begin? His address was yet again another talk show that knows how to say what he feels people want to hear but takes no action to implement safety of all. His speech just confirms why he is viewed by many as a talker but not a doer. His speech also confirms that he and his ministers are NOT in one accord and everyone is just busy to show the nation they in charge. I mean this afternoon the minister said ALL secondary schools will be opened on Wednesday, the same day the PM is warning of woes that could begin. Are they under the influence of some substance and therefore cannot think properly?

    • %
      September 7, 2015

      I concur! Guess Petter St Jean will have something else to say within the next 24 hours.

    • September 7, 2015

      @I, Me, & I Alone September 7, 2015

      If people like do not know how to respond to a message–whatever its contents–you are better off remaining quiet instead of making a greater fool of yourself.

      The Prime Minister is not God; he cannot design a saving pattern for every Dominican–during those kinds of calamity; all he can do is to let you all know about it and to be prepared. What else do you want him to do?

      If you have school children, then it is your choice to allow them to attend school or not to do so; be prepared as to how you can get them back, if they are stranded at their school–the Prime cannot say ahead of time–no school in function on Wednesday, because of storm warning –you people need to stop being so foolish.

      • September 8, 2015

        The PM cannot ever be God and all of you must accept that. But it tells me that that joint arrangement between the Government and the Opposition is not working as they would have us believe and that too must stop because we are dealing with HUMAN LIVES .
        Education minister said all secondary schools will be opened Wednesday and the PM is warning about another storm that might hit us on the same day then schools should not be opened, it’s not a matter of each person choose to allow the children to attend school it’s our Government responsibility to make sure all not some are safe, we don’t want any more death on the Island , we all have to be in sink with each other.
        Another thing the PM have his job to do but he must allow others to do their own jobs, he is not a Weather person and he is no an Engineer these are the persons much more qualified to bring us the Reports so allow them PM to come out and bring us up to date information please.

      • Looking
        September 8, 2015

        Right on cue as you said “The pm is not God”. He has always been postulating himself as God, his cabinet and followers have always referred him as a saviour. As you say the PM is not God. This has been one of his most humbling speeches i have heard from the honourable PM. I do pray that it is genuine and that we refer to the heavenly father as our God and our saviour. We are learning slowly. Hope its not too late

      • Just Me
        September 8, 2015

        Personally, I think your response to the persons comment is very childish.

        Here’s one for you – please come to the bank at 10:00 am to withdraw the funds from your account. Oh by the way, our systems will be shut down at that time for maintenance.

        Get my drift?

      • I, Me, & I Alone
        September 8, 2015

        @ izalinaXavierinJesusname, Thanks for confirming to all how big a FOOL you are. You sure opened your mouth and removed all doubts we may have had. Thanks for your FREE service

      • September 9, 2015

        Patriot September 8, 2015

        I am a no nonsense woman of God, this means that when it comes to God, His ways of Life and His Word–I do not fool around.

        There is no way you would hear me speaking of Mr. Skerrit to be more than just a Man–that is who is; but God will use men like Mr. Skerrit to do His work, for the sake of Life for His chosen people.

        Those men/women are taught and guided by Holy Spirit–God’s promise to us long before Jesus walked the Earth–but He was the One who would receive that promise to pass on to us.

        If you hear people saying that Mr. Skerrit is God and you choose to take it on, don’t blame Mr. Skerrit–for I am sure that he never claimed to God; but he has every right to say that God is working through him–God wants him to acknowledge this.

        People like you need to be careful what you are saying, for when say things against certain persons, you may be saying things against, God’s Holy Spirit, who may be working through that person.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 9, 2015

        One thing I know is that some people who like to talk about God, and think they are the only ones who knows God exists, are sometimes the most wicked, the most vicious, the most vile people to walk the face of the earth oui!

        Some of the wickedest people I know, have ever met are an evil professing so called woman preacher! Dem church closes one Sunday in each month, and when oum open only tree people in dea oui, one preacher, an two no different to de preacher woman oui! Me know but me doh calling any bady name eh!


    • As I See It
      September 8, 2015

      You know frankly I hear no humility in the voice of the Prime Minister giving the address. He MUST unequivocally and uncompromisingly in no uncertain terms CONDEMN what is going on by these so-called supporters who believe the relief is a LABOUR thing. Well the Storm is a LABOUR THING then, maybe it came about because of their evil. They better take their punishment. The only problem is that when it rains it falls on ALL the peoples houses. Have a good day

    • cm
      September 8, 2015

      I agree

  9. %
    September 7, 2015

    The road from Loubiere to Grandbay is still dangerous. With more rain anticipated on Wednesday and Friday,why do we risk the lives of our students, when we have advanced warning? I DON’T GET IT. I am sure the same could be said for other areas in Dominica!

  10. I, Me, & I Alone
    September 7, 2015

    “Regardless of this weakening, and this is what I want you to listen very carefully my dear people, the current projection is for an increase in shower and thunderstorm activity which could be heavy at times across Dominica on Friday with a possibility of flash flooding,” the Prime Minister warned. He noted that “the island’s woes could begin as early as Wednesday with the approach of the tropical wave.”

    Sounds like the PM has taken a new office and despite the fact that he gave the local meteorologists some kudos, it seems as if he feels he can do a better job than them lOL.

    But on a more serious note, how could the PM give such a stern warning about the island’s possible woes that could begin on Wednesday, the same day the education minister said all high schools will reopen? Are they crazy? Do they discuss before they talk? I mean the Pm said “We have been given adequate warning,” and yet they feel it’s ok to put our children and teachers at risk? Too much whisky boys

    • September 7, 2015

      And do you think before you speak?

      • ME
        September 8, 2015

        i think you…LizalinaXavierinJesusname needs to get off DNO and go educate yourself…or get something useful to do…NON of your posts make sense. chupes. waste of read man.

    • the fly
      September 8, 2015

      THE education minister said last wk monday or tuesday students will be back to school about 9/9/15 the PM said the weather will be bad on wednesday so what is the problem , weather can change from time to time why don’t all HATERS get a cross and nail the PM to it, if it will make you scum bags feel better.

    • Francisco Telemaque
      September 9, 2015

      Oh, yea! How sweet it is to read that, I thought the same thing not too long ago oui!


      I second the third, forth, fifth, and all the motions oui!

      Do you know that a Dominica woman and a nasty Jamaican woman lie on me to Facebook, and cause facebok to kick me off dem ting! After they did the damage, before I even found out that I could no longer access my facebok, the Boss-crook e-mail me and told me the reason I am kicked off Facebook is because I wrote in her space.

      I wonder how knew I was kicked off before I found out; and then the same Boos-crook advised me how I could get back on; I told the crook she can have Facebook all for herself. And I am never going back on Face book. Reason someone was on Facebook impersonating my nurse collecting money in her name. For all I know it could be a certain woman eh!

      • Francisco Telemaque
        September 9, 2015

        I was responding to “Me” rather than writing a new response.

        ME September 8, 2015
        “i think you…LizalinaXavierinJesusname needs to get off DNO and go educate yourself…or get something useful to do…NON of your posts make sense. chupes. waste of read man.”

  11. ca yay nuh
    September 7, 2015

    IF the engineers are saying so much about it, why aren’t you taking ACTION instead of giving ADVICE on the matter. As leader you are the one responsible for ensuring the safety of your citizens! And yet one of your cabinet ministers want to open secondary schools on Wednesday?! What does that say of your leadership SIR!?!

  12. %
    September 7, 2015

    So why is it that high school children are being asked to report to school on Wednesday? POOR DECISION?

    • September 7, 2015

      @% September 7, 2015

      No one is forcing you to send your child to school –“your “being asked to report to school” is way overstated–or are you trying to create an impression for yourself?

      If you wake on Wednesday morning and there is no way that your child should be off to school because the weather, then you decide what to do. Do you expect for the Education department to shut down the schools every time there is a storm warning–in a season of tropical storms and hurricanes? Well I never!!!!

      • %
        September 8, 2015

        Stop staying in the bushes and garble filth. Come home and face the music. Your hypocrite!

      • OneDestiny
        September 8, 2015

        You are deranged……people like you make it difficult to fathom God.

      • Anonymous
        September 8, 2015

        Well! well! well! Leaders are placed in positions to give guidance and directives, me monitoring the weather and someone in authority giving direction to remain indoors is two completely things. I cannot say to my boss I cannot report to work because the PM said to monitor and decide if I can go to work. Had it not been for God, there’s no telling the vast number of lives which would have been lost had Erika stroke during the course of the day. River would reach on people before they would have time to say MARAH!!!

      • ME
        September 8, 2015

        Do u EVEN remember what happens to students who skip classes?? They get demerits…bad attendance reports…the miss on subject topics….are u even thinking about the student who is just kep home when they are told to report to school?…stop being an idiot.

    • Francisco Telemaque
      September 10, 2015

      You know a very short time ago, I invited a certain person to write in a forum, I informed we basically talk about Dominica, in a political, I told her it was all politics, the certain person informed me she did not know anything about politics.

      I explain to her it was nothing more than people writing comments based on their personal views, in most case object, and critique the unfavorable conduct of the government or the opposition. Shortly after that she had an emergency in Dominica, she went home, got involved with Petter dunce education minister, who I understand entertain her with food. By he time she returned to Canada, she became a full blown Labor Woman; cutting up people if the say anything about Skerrit. Nobody will believe this there is businessman in Dominica who wrote in the same forum, told both of un if visit, he would give us a free rent a car for as long as we were there, and suggest he would entertain her at lunch.

      The man who made the promises, to both of us…

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