China donates hand foggers to Dominica

The donation is said to be a sign of the friendship between Dominica and China
The donation is said to be a sign of the friendship between Dominica and China

The People’s Republic of China has donated 50 hand foggers, totalling over US$150,000, to the Ministry of Health and Environment to help in the fight against the spread of vector-borne diseases on the island.

Acting Chief Environmental Health Officer, Ferdinia Carbon said the donation will enhance the country’s response to mosquito-borne diseases, such as Zika.

“It will enhance the country’s response to mosquito-borne diseases outbreaks and incidents; it will enable the training of individuals so that we can get more assistance in chemical treatment and it will allow the Ministry of Health to establish and maintain treatment cycles to cover the entire island,” she said during the presentation last week. “So the donation is much appreciated and it will go a long way in enhancing our vector control activities.”

Carbon thanked the People’s Republic of China for the gesture.

She noted that Dominica has experienced three outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases in recent times. “We had Dengue Fever, in 2013/2014 Chikungunya and we are currently responding to the occurrence of Zika Virus,” she said.

China’s Ambassador to Dominica, Li Jiangning said vector-borne diseases is a big threat, not only in Dominica but also the world.

He stated that the machines will be used for island-wide control needs.

Li went on to say that the donation is an example of the continued friendship between Dominica and the People’s Republic of China.

“I am sure that these machines will play its role in vector control in Dominica and that our friendship and cooperation will continue to develop and prosper in the months and years to come,” he noted.

Meantime, Health Minister Dr. Kenneth Darroux assured the ambassador that the hand foggers will be put to good use.

He said his ministry continues to strive to get read of mosquitos.

“The Ministry of Health and the government by extension will continue to do what we have to do to assist,” he stated. “This should not take away personal and civic responsibility of individuals, of families, communities and of course the country as a whole, because if not we will just be playing tug of war. We will do what we have to do to make sure that we maximize the use of these fogging machines, but you the citizenry of Dominica also have to help us in order to help yourself.”

Mosquito-borne diseases are among the leading cause of death in the world today.


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  1. Numerology and What is Behind Zika
    September 22, 2016

    This event was published on the 19th of September 2016.

    Let’s look at the numerology here:-

    19 +9=28 =7+7+7)
    2016 = 2+7.

    Awful lot of number 7’s don’t you think?

    Go to any satanist/ illuminati website and you will understand the significance of the numbers. Not good!

  2. Trust Dr. Skerritt :)
    September 21, 2016

    GMO mosquitoes are already in place in the Caribbean. They won’t be affected by the chemicals in the fogger (all this is part of the plan), but we certainly will be.

    Dominicans, they know, are stupid and docile, so the game will go on. The elderly will just have their lives shortened by the chemicals, but our kids will have their lives VERY shortened by them.

    Remember one thing people, if your government 100% had your best interests at heart, why is the Skerro regime so full of millionaires? Where, O where, do they get the money from? You’re a minister one day and next day, you have hotels in Zicack!

    Fight them, don’t trust what they do, don’t trust what they say. When you see them in the street, shout ‘traitor’, ‘scammer’ – sounds familiar? :D

  3. Paul Bromich, MSc (medical biology)
    September 20, 2016

    Problem, reaction, solution! The solution by stealth reinforces the objective of the problem – depopulation by subterfuge and deception.

    The link between pesticides and cancer is proven. 19 of 30 commonly used lawn pesticides and 28 of 40 commonly used general pesticides are linked to cancer. Here are the proven links ( ):-

    Bladder Cancer ● Bone Cancer ● Brain Cancer ● Cervical Cancer ● Colorecatal Cancer ● Eye Cancer ● Gallbladder Cancer ● Kidney/Renal Cancer ● Larynx Cancer ● Leukemia ● Lip Cancer ● Liver/Hepatic Cancer ● Lung Cancer ● Lymphoma ● Melanoma ● Mouth Cancer ● Multiple Myeloma ● Neuroblastoma ● Oesophageal Cancer ● Ovarian Cancer ● Pancreatic Cancer ● Prostate Cancer ● Soft Tissue Sarcoma ● Stomach Cancer ● Sinonasal Cancer ● Testicular Cancer ● Thyroid Cancer ● Uteran Cancer.

    Wonder why in our ‘nature island’ we are so sick? Check out how many pesticides are being used in…

  4. Sweet Red Roses
    September 20, 2016

    A little birdie just asked me, “Is the price right?” I simply said, US$30,000, that’s what the math concluded.” Then it flew away singing, “Public relation price.”

  5. country man
    September 19, 2016

    The chemicals used in these fogger should be made public. We have to learn from the mistakes of yesterday. Remember DDT

    • Numerology and What is Behind Zika
      September 22, 2016

      No, we won’t learn from our mistakes as this Zika stuff is all part of the plan. Work this out:-

      The CMO told us:-

      a) 28 people were infected with Zika (4×7 is 28)
      b) 2 of the 28 people were pregnant (2-28=26 (2×13 is 26)
      c) On the 7th of September 2016, 7 pregnant women had the virus (7(day)+7(month)+7 (year “16”)=777.

      The numbers 13, 7 and multiples thereof have special significance for the satanist illuuminati. These sc**bags work by numbers. It is their code to tell us that they are behind the events.

      Now if you think that the numbers the CMO is dishing out to us are just coincidences, you deserve whatever fate his masters have in store for you.

      God bless!

      • Numerology and What is Behind Zika
        September 22, 2016

        For those who don’t know, September means 7 in Latin!

  6. C.H
    September 19, 2016

    Study them and make your own

    September 19, 2016

    hmmmm lie they lying, those things are to expensive

    September 19, 2016

    everything this government say should be scrutinize and thoroughly researched before swallowing those sweet red tablets they wants us to eat.
    this equipment is no more than 350us dollars, 50×350=17500us dollars…. so they/whomever have a lot of spillover money to play with.

    • Mi
      September 21, 2016

      the one u showing is a toy.

  9. Bumbble Lee
    September 19, 2016

    “Hand foggers?” FOG IT!!!!! :twisted:

  10. Just Thinking
    September 19, 2016

    This is a very welcomed gesture but I sincerely hope that these machines are not out-sourced as they did the Vector Control Program. I am one of those who was not in favour of privatizing the program as I believe it is an essential public service and a government responsibility at that.

  11. My Bad
    September 19, 2016

    Thanks China but I DON’T trust China with anything that has to do with my health and chemical. They are the master at it and I don’t trust them with Skerrit. I suggest we carry our own investigation and do diligence before we go fogging everywhere. Who knows if we might not end up fogging ourselves? This is called population reduction

    • Aye
      September 19, 2016

      i know right!! this is fogged up. :cry:

  12. alex beko
    September 19, 2016

    what kind of chemicals are used in fogging machines?? would be a disaster if we start spraying some terrible chemical all over DMA

  13. Pure Possie
    September 19, 2016

    Well those Chinese love us we papa! They will do nothing to harm us because they love us I tell you. Now if we want to take foggers and go destroy ourselves blame it on us and not them. The more of us that go will sure make room for more of them to take possession quicker. But then again we are cockroaches and abolors so who cares.

    Anyways I hope we don’t do like Barbados and use banned chemicals to fog out mosquitos.

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