Chinese construction team to visit Dominica for new hospital construction

The new PMH has been discussed for year
The new PMH has been discussed for year

Minster of Health and Environment, Kenneth Darroux has revealed that an advanced Chinese construction team will visit Dominica next month to begin preparation for construction of the new Princess Margaret Hospital.

He made the announcement on Focus on Government and Development radio show on Thursday night.

“We are expecting an advanced construction team to arrive on the island somewhere around the 25th or 26th of February, tentatively, to begin preparations for construction,” he said.

He stated that before construction can begin, a number of preliminary measures will have to be taken.

“Of course, prior to actual construction, I’m talking about demolition of some of the building and actual construction, a number of preliminary activities will have to take place… the issue of temporary buildings, because the Cabinet and the Government would have taken a decision to build on the existing site,” he noted.

Darroux commented that although he is sure that the project will present some challenges, after meeting with healthcare personnel, who are willing to contribute to the effort, he is “confident” construction and future operations will run smoothly.

“And I’m not going to be naïve or to say that this in itself isn’t going to pose some challenges but after meeting with the Ministry of Health (MOH) staff, and the doctors, the healthcare providers, and the administrative staff,” Darroux said. “I left the seminar very confident, and with the assurance from all and sundry that they were going to put their all into it, to ensure that this new national hospital project is done as seamlessly as possible.”

The construction of the new hospital has been on the lips of officials for years now.

Back in 2010 then Health Minister, Julius Timothy, announced that the ground breaking ceremony for the hospital in the Roseau North constituency was “coming soon.”

That same year Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, said Warner should be considered as a possible location for the hospital.

Two years later, in 2012 Timothy said the existing Princess Margaret Hospital would soon be revamped and the country will have a “relatively new hospital early next year” (2013).

In 2013, Prime Minister Skerrit said the new hospital was among projects to be undertaken that year through gratuitous aid and concessionary financing from the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

At that time, Skerrit mentioned that they were “unfolding the designs” of the hospital.

In January 2015, Health Minister Kenneth Darroux said new information, new points of view and ideas about the hospital had surfaced and a site for the facility was yet to be determined.

He said a decision on the new site would be determined very soon and “within the next few weeks” the nation would be informed.

It was subsequently revealed that the facility will be constructed in Goodwill.

In May 2015, Skerrit said groundbreaking would be held in July 2015.

In November 2015, Skerrit said everything is now settled between Dominica and China and the groundbreaking will now be held in the first quarter of 2016.

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  1. Interesting
    January 24, 2016

    The architecture I see in the pictures hat is shown here seem very basic. I have concerns about the resilience of the structure to a category 3 or higher hurricane, and the energy efficiency of the building. I will leave the equipment and services for the doctors to comment on. Fellow architects and engineers can weigh- in on the structure. Remember, what is shown here is either a rendering or model.

  2. Interesting
    January 24, 2016

    DNO do you police your site and do what you say you will do. See “committed”. Show some respect to your fellow country man. Committed im very sure you are more diplomatic than you show here.

  3. Anansi
    January 24, 2016

    Of course the grounds for the new hospital will begin to be cleared – in October of 2019, some two to three months prior to the next election date.

  4. Youth
    January 24, 2016

    Just can’t forget those words of Dr Pascal “a hospital building is not a hospital service”.
    I interpret Darroux’s words as a politician not a physician. SMH.

  5. Crab and Manicou Hunter
    January 24, 2016

    I came back early from the hills today after engaging in a little hunting for some crab and Manicou. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that an advanced construction team from China will be soon vising Dominica to make preparations for a new hospital. I don’t know how many A-Levels they are advanced in, but they’re coming nonetheless. By my recollection, this must be groundbreaking 100 by now with the same old Princess Margaret Hospital in place from the 1950s with open military-style wards to treat our patients.
    Anyway, I put some money aside for Martinique in case something happen and I need to seek medical treatment. I don’t trust that hospital as far as my eyes can see. :-P :-P :-P :-P

  6. The Truth
    January 24, 2016

    Chinese does take shortcut to do their work…..Bad idea….but again who cares anything goes in Dominica…

  7. January 23, 2016

    how many times now a team coming down ?

  8. tru d bino q la
    January 23, 2016

    We keep rubbing shoulders with a people who don’t eat that which they sell; a people who built a wall around their country (the great wall of china) several centuries ago, so that outsiders may be kept in the dark _ our government, (the kingdom of darkness) have that in common. Our only consolation, is that whatever happens in the dark may one day come out in the light it is up to the people to flip the switch_ except that time may not be on our side. There probably will be more beef-fried rice sold before that happens Take note of the rat infestation in Roseau and …. well …………..

    January 23, 2016

    Thanks to the Government, we are seeing progress and infrastructural development. I thank GOD for a humble heart and for giving us the patience to wait. Dominicans , GOD is teaching you to wait but we are too hasty at times and we like to blame and nagg too much.

    Thank you GOD.

  10. Watching and Listening
    January 23, 2016

    Can we get the time- line for the construction of the hospital……………………
    Like how much…who is paying/has to pay
    Who is constructing,……which Chinese company(same one who built Newtown Primary)
    what time frame….?????????????????????????,
    the plans ….Blueprints or a small scale drawing or model
    The personnel( The minister said” advanced Construction team?”?

    I am SO fed up of all the talk…Come on man..or DNO do not publish any news about that HOSPITAL until you see a block being laid down…find other news items…………..CHA MAN

  11. PoKeSa
    January 23, 2016

    Talk is cheap and you’ve been talking about this damn project for a hell of a long time. What the people have been crying for is action in motion now.

  12. bubbleboyrismality
    January 23, 2016

    And don’t forget to have a semi tree next to it. :twisted:

  13. Lyn
    January 23, 2016

    I honestly hope to see this project completed before I leave mother earth. I’ve been hearing about this for too long!

  14. GrandBay
    January 23, 2016

    Good Job. The Hospital is coming soon.

  15. bubbleboyrismality
    January 22, 2016

    One man who was convicted of murder and sentenced to die by hanging; insisted that he be hung with a brand new rope.

  16. Ng sing
    January 22, 2016

    Dominicans, here and abroad,must never forget, and must follow the sequence of things about that hospital.

    From the very beginning of Skerritt’s move to change foreign relations from Taiwan to Mainland China, a decade ago, we were told that a 4-pillar project was part of the deal, as in an MOU signed. Dominicans never saw that MOU. The building of a hospital was not priority, since the other three projects have been done. Didn’t we just learn that it was NG Lap Seng who influence the move? Hmmm.

    But wait. Didn’t the Chinese Gov’t have to fund totally the building of that hospital, as Skerritt said, according to the MOU?

    Recently, didn’t Skerritt travel to China. and we learn, that he signed a $300 million loan to be obtained from a private Chinese firm, not the Chinese Gov’t? The story cannot be refuted. It is true.
    Part of that loan they told us would go to building that same hospital, that the Chinese Gov’t would fund.
    Chinese Gov’t said they not in…

    • huh
      January 23, 2016

      Chinese gov’t said they were not a part of that deal. In the article (link below) the company ASCG who gave the loan was described as: “a large comprehensive joint-stock company centralized in general contracting of project construction and integrated in commercial investment, real estate development, hotel & tourism, S&T incubation, and workshop renting.”

      “ASCG’s website mentions “reconstruction of an international airport” among projects to be undertaken under the agreement. Other projects include a hotel to be built in Roseau estimated at US$70-million and construction of a new hospital”

      So in other words…we are taking a loan to pay the company for its construction services. The Chinese win twice: They get our money and they get jobs for their people.

      Poor Dominicans have more loans to repay.

  17. Cpt Joe Sparrow
    January 22, 2016

    that will be ground breaking number what?

  18. committed
    January 22, 2016

    Darroux,why don’t you and this pack of wolves don’t shut the hell up.
    Everyday these guys are just talking a bunch rubbish.
    “Moon Las Ave zor. Lay ban boeboe.

  19. Chakademus
    January 22, 2016

    Excuse me, Chinese construction team? From the same China where buildings always collapsing? Oh my. So we come in Dominica?

    • GrandBay
      January 23, 2016

      Dominicans are really and trully lazy, they will work less and demand more money. There will be wolves among the sheep who will seek to sabotage any major projects so i’m glad that the Government have outsourced it to foreign contractors, hire a few Dominicans then the work will be done properly.

    • Face the Facts
      January 23, 2016

      Who built the Antigua state of the art hospital?

  20. vegnag
    January 22, 2016

    That’s not the same bitcoin Minister 2 years ago said that in two months time we will be trading in Bitcoins. Garcon Dominchen sort eh papa!! Dice again -Isn’t the same Minister with Lantern and the QC in Macoun who told the World how many top of the line health centers we have all over the country’ DICE again “hospital in the sky one on the ground’. Not forgetting the limousine service!! – Isn’t the same PM that told Dominicans that he had signed a 300 million dollar package for the development of a hospital and for the feasibility of an international airport and an advance team of Chinese will be down to see the sites so that work can start in Ernest; isn’t the same set of people that told us that a DA owned airline CIF based in Florida was going to start operations soon, check DNO archives; garcon I am convinced those boys can come tomorrow, say to Dominicans we going to build an under water tunnel to the moon and Dominicans will believe them especially Laborites

  21. wisewoman
    January 22, 2016

    The Chinese have built 19 hospitals in Afghanistan, but they are too dangerous to open.

    Wake up people!

    • MD
      January 23, 2016

      The health workers are supporting this valuable project. However we would like the government to take on board the advice of the PAHO consultants. To engage a different company to supervise the construction of the hospital. Also a different company to procure the supplies. Having viewed this report from Afghanistan it is strongly recommended that we adhere to PAHO’s expert advice. The contract was signed after the meeting with PAHO. Hope these conditions were included in the signed contract If not our Ministry of Works should provide the much needed oversight without interference by politicians. Dr. Darroux you have our support.

  22. January 22, 2016

    I’ll believe it when I see it :-D

  23. Shameless
    January 22, 2016

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Zor masah tan Darroux yoe parlay mahzhee :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: !

    Garson just doh talk anymore and build the damn hospital. Since 2010 it coming to come and yet has not arrived. What happen? A stuck record that man? We need the hospital like 6 years ago and everytime is a ground breaking, team coming etc etc. Build the damn hospital you all promised and shut the hell up! Sakway tonneh man! :twisted:

    Assertive, Never Aggressive! :twisted:

    January 22, 2016


  25. Floridian diaspora
    January 22, 2016

    Kenneth Darroux said “We are expecting an advanced construction team to arrive on the island around the 25th of February, tentatively, to begin preparations for construction,” I guess that our trade men have nothing to benefit from this. Time and time again, Skeritt has proven incapable of creating avenues for employment but they keep on reelecting him. This financial crisis doesn’t seem to bother the RED ONES. His majesty seem to have found a magic formula that has the entire nation under a secrete spell because they cannot come to their senses. As soon as they start to complain about no work, all Skerit does is give them a magic potion from his red clinic and they all go MUTE again. 5 more years, 5 more years, that’s what his majesty keeps on saying to them. They cannot realize that this means 5 more years of plunging Dominica deeper into a bottomless pit where only misery and unemployment exists. I hope if this phantom hospital comes to pass his majesty will cease to travel.

  26. Observer
    January 22, 2016

    Just stop talking and get on with the damn project.

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