Dominica closely monitoring West Africa Ebola outbreak

The virus has been spreading havoc in the western part of Africa
The virus has been spreading havoc in the western part of Africa

Although Dominica has already announced that there will be no ban on travelers from West Africa because of an Ebola outbreak there, the island is closely monitoring the situation and a change in position is possible, according to health minister, Julius Timothy.

Additionally, Timothy said on Wednesday, Dominica is making efforts to secure protective equipment for health care professionals to make sure resources are available to minimize the risk of a local transmission of the deadly disease.

“At this time introduction of Ebola in Dominica remains low and there seems to be no need for travel bans for persons traveling from west Africa since transmission is associated with people who have been in direct contact with cases,” he stated. “However the situation is being closely monitored and this position many change as the risk of infection for travelers increase,” Timothy added.

He said the island has been in contact with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and other agencies to put the “necessary preparation in place and to take the appropriate actions necessary to protect members of the nation.”

Protective equipment is also being secured, Timothy said.

“I must also say to our health care professionals that the ministry is making efforts to secure additional personal protective equipment so as to ensure the resources are available to minimize the risk of local transmission of Ebola or any other serious infectious diseases,” the health minister stated.

However, he noted that resources alone are not enough to prevent transmission.

“All must follow the prescribed infection control practices in order to minimize risks,” he noted.

Last week, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. David Johnson, disclosed that although there will be no travel ban on West Africans coming to Dominica, there is a screening process for medical students coming from that part of the world.

In neighbouring St. Lucia, authorities have placed medical teams at both of the island’s airports in light of the Ebola outbreak. Similar arrangements are being considered for other ports of entry.

The Ebola outbreak has killed over 1,500 people in West Africa and WHO has described it as an “international emergency.”

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  1. The Facts
    September 6, 2014

    One suggestion of mine, those African students could have been written to and/or emailed while on holidays and advised that prior to returning, they should take a medical examination. If negative, the doctor should give them a health certificate which they could present to the authorities at the port of entry in D/ca. Hopefully, this certificate would be an authentic one.
    Do not wait until they arrive in D/ca to examine them. It might be too late. Ebola could already be in the blood system and traveling throughout their body and they do not know it.
    To travel without taking a medical examination and interacting with passengers and others, if they contract Ebola, consider how many people could be affected.
    If they have it and arrive in D/ca, I feel sorry for Dominicans in general. Therefore, the government should ensure (at least try) that none of them who travel to D/ca contracted Ebola. God help Dominica and nationals from Ebola.

  2. Prophet
    September 5, 2014

    PMH/our national health care facility was not found fit to serve d minister so it was off to Matnik pronto while the nation continues to be subject to less than! And now…” the situation is being closely monitored” ???With what resource, by who??…the longest rope has an end!!!

  3. longtong
    September 4, 2014

    They doh even kno is de ganga that is the cure for de ebola. Change is a must.

  4. September 4, 2014

    none sense timothy Dominica heath care is in a shamble last time I went to the clinic they did not even have a plaster for a cut I hope his family become the first to get it they care even are for the people , when you come to the hospital you just come to die

    • The Facts
      September 6, 2014

      Whoever you are, you should keep a medical kit at your home with plaster and bandages. Especially in this era this is what smart and health-concerned people do. If the cut is not a bad one and hopefully not infectious, you can treat it yourself without going to the hospital.
      Some people run to doctors and hospitals for the slightest injury and pain. Always monitor your ailment. People must learn to help/take care of themselves. Otherwise, these are reason for escalating hospital/government costs
      There is a lot of relevant information on the Internet. There are some creams and liquids which could assist cuts if especially they are minor. You have Internet, you should Google for the information.
      When you get a cut, you should immediately place it under cold water which will assist for a while anyway. Then place a plaster over it. I reiterate, if it is a bad one, then immediately find your way to the emergency/hospital.
      One day I will charge DNO and some of you for my expert, unpaid advice. :lol:
      Anyway, depending on the circumstances, I am always happy to offer advice of what I know. I do this all the time. It is a hereditary trait. No problem! Each one must help one/others. That’s what (one reason) we are here for. :)

  5. Anonymous
    September 4, 2014

    Dominica monitering the situation ha ha . They find it diffulct to diagnose a cold.Anyway in Africa a million people die yearly from Malaria , this virus will run it course .

    • The Facts
      September 6, 2014

      We catch colds when our immune system breaks down. This means we lack nutritious foods, drink and ample rest and sleep.
      If you have a cold and it is not an epidemic, from the onset, treat yourself with necessary paraphernalia as orange (citrus) juice and Vitamin C tablets. Vitamin D and Zinc tablets could be taken. These tablets, prior to the symptom and cold should be taken to prevent a cold. Always read the instructions and directions prior to taking them.
      You think this virus will run its course? It is as bad as it is already and appears to be worse than others. It takes one person to start an epidemic. Some people call it a virus just as they do HIV AIDS. It is more than a virus and one to fear contracting for it is deadly.

  6. peanut brain
    September 4, 2014

    I realize now that Julius Timothy is not a doctor, sorry! It has crossed my mind that the medical Universities want to have the African students here! This in itself is mind boggling as the Universities are supposed to be MEDICAL UNIVERSITIES! So these institutions do not realize the risk they are taking! This makes me wonder how on earth they can call themselves Medical Universities when they have no regard for the safety of their staff and all the other students! To be honest this does not make sense at all!! The Universities should make a decision and stop the students coming from Africa for this next semester!

    • The Facts
      September 6, 2014

      I suppose they do not want to target them and discriminate against them. If the Africans are told not to travel to Dominica, they may also feel discriminated against. There is a way of handling this. It requires much thought. It is too late now to inform them about it.

  7. peanut brain
    September 4, 2014

    How very sad that Dr Julius Timothy can honestly think that Dominica could cope with one case of Ebola!!! The hospital in Roseau find it hard enough to cope with sick patients. To have one patient with a disease that has no cure at all and expect that it could be contained by the hospital doctors and staff here is totally ridiculous! Please stop all African students coming to Dominica it really is as simple as that. Look at the spread of Chikungunya and that is curable. Dr Julius Timothy how would you honestly feel if the Ebola disease comes to Dominica because of your decision! You and your family are also at risk.

  8. the voice
    September 4, 2014

    care to tell us how the screening procedure is going to prevent the ebola from entering dominica because all you guys care about is money. money money money! you all want the money from the students so no ban will be placed on them. Dominica has no quarentine to put the students in. even tho u screen the students at the airport, the virus takes atleast 21 days to show its symptoms. poor little dominica cannot take that. our hospital pmh, cannot even take less fatal viruses much less for ebola. i hope allu ready for it because allu too doe good in that country der

  9. u
    September 4, 2014

    I hope it doh come in my country

  10. love I
    September 3, 2014

    It is a must…it has to be monitored…

  11. September 3, 2014

    Response from our Ministry of Health to an international emergency, i.e. the deadly Ebola virus, is disappointingly slow and reactive. :(

  12. Pawabol
    September 3, 2014

    Wow I cannot believe the foolishness I am reading.

  13. September 3, 2014

    Countries international airport are highly risk I guest if they refuse to screan passengers on transit to Dominica I guess Dominica gonna be at rist with outbreak ebola.

    • The Facts
      September 6, 2014

      The best thing to do is to practice eating nutritiously so as to strengthen your immune system. If it is deficient then the chances of contracting any disease is greater. Keep in mind, not all Africans are (yet) affected.

  14. Hope
    September 3, 2014

    Wait are you serious?Monitoring.I hope they’ve heard that ALL the West African schools are kept closed and you still want to bring them here?West Africans themselves are closing down there own schools.Like seriously I know it’s for the money but I would not put my people in harms way for money that is just stupid.

    First of all I hope you guys have heard that one of the guys actually tried running away from one of the isolation units in Africa I doubt teens would want to stay isolated again we don’t know there behavior its clear that teens are sometimes juvenile.

    Again have you guys looked back on Dominica’s history on virus’s/diseases/flues they’ve spread among the people in no less than a couple weeks.

    If they indeed come here and one of them has the sickness ,isolate them and tell them no treatment unless they haven’t said who else they’ve associated with to make sure the disease has already gotten to someone else but not showing signs.If the person then says yes I’ve been with this person.Put them in a separate room where they can run tests that simple and all the necessary stuff that St Lucia did I advise Dominica does this as well

    • Hope
      September 3, 2014

      Also the fact that other countries and i’m talking about BIG countries are closing there doors away from AFRICANS means we should do the same this is a BIG THREAT all sickness that passed in Dominica has stroked mostly half of the population and I don’t think Dominica would want to be known for the country that helped spread ebola now would we.

      You’re taking this disease for granted.Were the little dot on the map but were more bold to bring people here don’t worry I know what’s going on in the Health Ministry’s head “Oh hey we can get huge money for making a decision that gives them money maybe we’ll profit from it ”

      Plus this is just gonna bring down our money wasting all that money on protective gear and preparation when we can make one simple move to just ban them.

      Like seriously to be honest Dominica can ban artist from other countries but can’t ban people that may have potentially THE WORST DISEASE IN THE WORLD.

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