Nurses resume protest

Nurses protesting this morning

A peaceful protest, dubbed the “campaign against bullying”, in which several nurses from the Dominica Nurses Association (DNA) have risen against what they say is the bullying of staff attached to the Acute Psychiatric Unit by their boss, continued this morning.

The gathering however was called a “meeting” in which nurses sought to present statistics and educational data on the issue of bullying.

A number of nurses bore placards at the event.

Head of the Dominica Nurses Association Rosie Felix has said that their actions are not as a result of the disciplining of one nurse but due to bullying of several health officers over the years.

Felix who spoke to media the outside the APU this morning, said that the association has made its concerns clear to their relevant authorities.

“When I listened to the news it came about as if we were demonstrating because one nurse was ‘disciplined’. I wanna clarify the air today. I wish to make it categorically clear that this campaign against bullying is not about one nurse. It is not about three months. It is about several officers and several years,” she said.

“We have made our concerns known in writing to the powers that be. The solution has been to transfer the officers to other departments, of course when you do not address a problem effectively it returns. This is just what has happened and in the last few weeks we have decided to launch this public campaign therefore to send a strong message to all,” she stated.

On Wednesday head of the department Dr Griffin Benjamin had denied accusations of him or any of his staff bullying health officers. Benjamin had  pinpointed a particular senior nurse, whom he said was the only nurse attached to the APU involved in the protest. He said that this particular nurse, who started working at the unit three months ago, was not performing her duties adequately so he recommended her removal from the unit.

“I have no experience on this ward of ever attacking a nurse. The only thing I would do is I would write to the supervisors to explain. I believe if there is anything connected to this activity today it would have to be that in December in while reviewing the staff composition in the unit, I wrote three letters about staff members who I felt in 2010 did not perform adequately,” he pointed out.

He continued, “I am not their immediate supervisor, I am not the one who do their annual appraisal but when I admit a patient there constitutionally, the court and the government expect me to be responsible for their health. So I take on my own – maybe the other doctors do not do it – and I write to my administrative boss, to my permanent secretary, and I copy to all of the supervisors that ‘X’ nurse or ‘Y’ nurse is not performing adequately and is not helping the process to go forward.”

The psychologist said that he has seen a lack of work ethics within the unit as it relates to nurses.

“There are times when there are clashes in opinions and sometimes when I am very unhappy with the fact that their work ethics is unsatisfactory. This is probably the only section in the nursing area where staff believe that there is no work to be done-(like) all you have to do is lock the patient up and go home. And they would give medications to the patient but then at times when you look for staff members they are out of the ward, gone,” he said.

“So I do write to the matron, I do write to the principal nursing officer and I write to my permanent secretary to explain to her when I’m unhappy. If that is bullying well I am sorry. I’m trained to manage, I’ll manage in this way,” he stated.

Benjamin also mentioned a problem which he said he has made consistent complaints about to his superiors – the lack of training for mental health nurses.

“They have not done any of the formal training, and so sometimes they have difficulty understanding the process that is being followed at the psychiatric unit,” he added

Today, a senior nurse called for the appropriate chain of command to be followed while one other health officer claims to be banned from a consultant’s rounds.

“But the nurse have right to be on the doctor’s round,” Someone added, “but of course it’s our responsibility!” another one echoed.

All nurses wore green ribbons as the symbolic color for the mentally challenged. They plan to do so till the end of the month.

The gathering, again, was convened on a portion of the lawn located at the side of the APU building, allowing the free flow of traffic in and out of the grounds. At least six police officers, were present this time, including a police photographer.

“Bullying in the workplace is wrong! We condemn it and ask the perpetrators to stop. We also encourage employees everywhere to reject bullying in the workplace and make their workplace a bully-free zone,” Felix said.

Citing that bullying has gone on for 10 years, Felix hopes that by year-end there will be no more reports of emotional abuse.

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  1. Sad Day in Dominica
    February 18, 2011

    Most of these negative comments are from the involved nurses and the nurses friends. It’s a pity what you guys do to bring down a person. The chances of you winning anything out of these absurd allegations are as slim as ever. The man is not BULLY :!: :!: . Do not lie for the sake of friends and family. To be ignorant is as horrible as being sinister. I’m not feeling sorry for Dr. Benjamin, his position is about as secured as anything. So i say try your worst to all the ignorant and troublesome people, involved nurses and their friends and family,and the involved ex-workers of the APU just try your worst. This will all blow over soon.

    • paracetamol
      February 18, 2011

      Dear friend of Dr. Benjamin the man is definitely a BULLY there is no question about that, and VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and I am positive if you are his friend you have definitely witness how unprofessional he is; its’ not just the nurses and their friends only, other staff members can attest to that, medical students of Ross and Allsaints are disappointed in this man level of professionalism.You will be amazed of the things that will come out later, TIME WILL TELL.His position maybe secure to you as I said only time will tell.Dr. Benjamin has brought down alot of persons not only nurses NOW IS HIS TURN. Dr. Benjamin pay day is here this is not going to blow over like all the other times.DNA CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO,BULLYING IN THE WORK PLACE MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!

  2. paracetamol
    February 17, 2011


  3. Training Psychologist
    February 16, 2011

    he should just admit his wrongs

  4. Fed up......?
    February 13, 2011

    Do what you feel like doing or what is best for the patient? Well take a job in the private sector and do what you want to do……… Best of LUCK!!!!

  5. Bully
    February 13, 2011

    I would like to hear what both parties have to say on the matter. The placards are not saying much and I have not heard a representative from the nurses body speak candidly on the issue. Is there really a case of bullying? Are nurses being faced with unwarranted criticisms and/or excessive monitoring? Are they being blamed without factual justification or being the target of practical jokes? What is it exactly that the doctor is doing that makes them feel intimidated, degraded and humiliated? On the other hand, Is it that they have some personal issues with the doctor? From the comments that I am reading, which seem to be from nurses themselves, it appears that they do not have much respect for him and maybe suggest why there is so much tension in the workplace. Instead of taking to the streets, why not call a meeting with a union representative? I believe the protests going on in Egypt must have incited this. But do you think Dominica is ready for this kind of retaliation. We should try to promote healthy communication instead of thinking that these kinds of protest and having someone fired are the the best solutions. If the doctor is to be fired then many more at that hospital should be too. The work ethics there and at many other institutions around the island is not at all desirable. Maybe more professional development programs on the subject should be in in place.

    February 13, 2011

    Don’t you think respect should be given in order to be received? Some nurses do treat their patients like dirt. For instance, when you are in the hospital and have regular visitors, they treat you like royalty and if you don’t, you are treated like an out cast. There are some very good, caring and compassionate nurses out there and there are some who are in it just for a paycheck. Gone are the days of the Florence Nitingale type of nursing when it was a vocation and not just a profession.

    I have a problem with some of the doctors to, they are not all blameless. Some of them are very rude and have no bedside manners. All they care about is money, money, money. They don,t take enough time to know their patients. If they did they could have avoided lots of common mistakes.
    They should get to know the people they work with in order to give the best of care to the people’s lives they are entrusted with. Some of them need to get of their high horses and realize that we are all made out of flesh and that flesh will decay someday.

    February 13, 2011

    Dr. Griffin C. Benjamin please note that we weave a mighty web when 1st we decide to decieve. You must have heard it is better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubts. No one called you out, you were visibly shaken on Wed morning but when your body from HIN came down to support you and drafted your comments for you to deliver to the media, you were ill advised sir and make outlandish and frevolous remarks. Your comment drew much negative attention to you and I did warn you about “pulling people down” in other you make yourself look and feel good. Your grip on power and quest to gain more control is pathological. I assure you that soon enough you realize that the three DECEMBER 29, 2010 letters you wrote were your gravest mistake yet in your entire psychiatric career. The shit is about to hit the fan my friend and it’s already stinking all over the place. Is now you gona experience headache and neckache……Pay day is here……… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  8. first lady
    February 12, 2011

    My hat goes out to u wonderful nurses in Dominica as a healthcare employee in the USA nurses in Dominica should be commended for y hard work excellent job well done,, and no one should should be bully on the job despite of y title regardless who u are it’s all team work if u have happy employees you in return will have wonderful patient care. Again to my fellow Dominician nurses keep up the great job u all are doing, stand together and be of each other courage,This is big step u all are taking it’s a step for improvement. Love u all, am a graduate of d/ca nurse makig my mark in the USA u gave me a wonderful start to life many talents to survie.

  9. BC
    February 12, 2011

    Everyone seems to be ignoring the issue that the nurses are trying to bring to light. BULLYING!!! They are saying that they are been bullied people. They feel that their boss is using his position to instill fear. They are saying that he is obnoxious, intimidating, divulges confidential information and in general, he oppresses them. Another person is insinuating that the doctor is stealing medicine from the government for his private practice. Is anyone paying attention to any of this? These are very serious allegations that can completely destroy careers. Has anyone been appointed to investigate? How about a mediator? Are the opinions of other doctors sought in this matter? I am sure there are other doctors in the hospital that are able to render confidential opinions.

    It is completely unfair to criticize the nurses for their courageous actions. At the same time, someone needs to step in to find out exactly what is going on because no matter what happens here, either the doctor has to go or all the nurses may have to go. If nothing changes, the working relationship will decline ten fold and that may spell disaster for the patients. I hope someone is remembering that the patients are the ones that must be considered most.

    • For REAL
      February 12, 2011

      I give you an A+ and time has now come from Dr. Benjamin to either resign or be fired, to many people have has issues with this man and he has brought the ministry of health to disrepute and has been at this for a long time!

      • For REAL
        February 12, 2011

        For Real

        *have HAD issues…….

  10. Brain Damage
    February 12, 2011

    Well Benjie, Do unto others as you would like them do unto you. Else, don’t try to go to Stocky, because the prison Nurses will not Abuse you Verbally but Orally!

  11. ok then
    February 11, 2011

    So what is it that the nurses really want? Is it for Benji to be fired? Is it for him to be replaced by another consultant from overseas or are they single handedly going to get Dr/ Sharma to come back? Will they be gunning for all the other consultants who have made some of them cry….like the eye doctor, the ENT doctor, teh surgeon and the internist? The truth is they have an issue with maybe EVERY CONSULTANT in the hospital…why don’t they keep the protest at the hospital gate? Demand kid-glove treatment from all the department heads! Let them be in charge of the patients totally! In fact do away with doctors all together!
    Nurses keep talking about how they are the ones who stay with the patients while the doctors leave….but they CHOSE to be nurses. The doctors sometimes work 72 CONTINUOUS hrs on a stretch while nurse work 8 hour SHIFTS. It’s just a different type of work.
    The nurses need to acknowledge that EVERY body’s work in the hospital is hard down to the person who mops the floor and empties..the bed pans. They glorify themselves crying on doctors but they also oppress those below the ward aides, domestics and yard people. So they are no different. They use their authority over people in the same way.
    I am never in support of poor treatment in the work place at any time. These nurses need to let us kow what is the outcome that they hope for…and whether they intend to take action against ALL the consultants..junior doctors tie all you waist…all you next.

    • Anonymous
      February 12, 2011

      OK then,
      Do you know what it means to be a Bully in the workplace?

      • icecold
        February 12, 2011


  12. Anonymous
    February 11, 2011

    How long the organisers will have to wait to get arrested? Since there were 6 policemen for so few nurses, the process should not be too drawn out. I waiting to see Commissioner Carette.

  13. Kudos
    February 11, 2011

    Boy those nurses have technique!!!
    Up to now they have named no one. On Wednesday we were not told who the Bully was, not the profession, nothing. Yet Dr Benjamin fell in their trap and say what he should never have said, now everyone knows who the bully is that is being referred to. That is really laughable.

    If I were Dr Benjamin, I would have sent the Press to Matron to ask what is that all about since she is their supervisor.

    Well done? When is the next protest? Which group joins you next – the medical association? I am sure that is well planned in advance. I will wait and see.

    • I agree
      February 13, 2011

      This is testimony of how unstable and eratic that Dr. Benjamin can be. The way he reacts sometimes, you’d swear that he’s on psychoactive substance but I know better. There’s strong MI hx at play as it’s coming from both parents, he caught it and has passed it on aswell!

      The man fell in the trap “hook, line and sinker” wi garcon…… mesuer tebe’ alor? He identified himself and half the story has not been told be will be soon enough!

      Watch it Benji, he who digs a pit for his surbordinates SHALL FALL IN IT. You thought you were too bright for you own good, trying to show off on others when you took longer than any other psychiatrist to finish your degree after u failed miserably at surgery! U seem to forget where you come from LITTLE BOY!

  14. nurse to the bone
    February 11, 2011

    MRS Felix and is trying to make a name for herself. she is ante Government and will do anything to try to cause disturbance in the hospital.Nurses stop wasting your time get something constructive to do cant you all see Felix is a trouble maker. Go over every thing she has done in the past including giving bad advice.

    • Just to tell you.....
      February 11, 2011

      No one is as ANTI-GOVERNMENT as Dr. Griffin Benjamin…… one of his biggest career fantasies is to admit the COMMANDER IN CHIEF but that and the merger with the Drug Unit he shall NEVER see….. hahahahahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol:

  15. Pwell Gouti
    February 11, 2011

    Why are the nurses hiding their faces? If they are standing up for a just cause they should be proud to show their faces.

  16. anonymous
    February 11, 2011

    i applaud the nurses. But this has been going on for a very long time. i sympathize with the nurses, and i am happy that they felt the need to protest. do you guys remember the two qualified counsellors who were mysteriously kicked out of the unit only months after Dr stupid benjie arrived on the scene. oh and by the way he made it clear that he was going to destroythis predecessor’s empire. . where was the protest then and where was the protest when he almost sent a ward sister to her grave? she had to resign. where was the protest then. it is funny that we dont react until an issue bites us in the touche.. the lovely nurses have known for years of this dr”s erratic behaviour. he is very insecure, took him longer than anyone else to finish his program which he barely passed. his insecurity is so apparent. he bullys to cover his insecutity, but it is not working.and another thing is he doing any psychotherapy with the patients at the unit , or idoes he convince the family to take them to his private practice at a cost of $200. oh and does he buy the medication from the pharmacy or is he stealing them from the unit..wake up people this man sorry lunatic needs to go. i love the people of EGYPT.

  17. Work Ethics
    February 11, 2011

    This was wrongly handled. This matter should have been investigated by the higher authority and some form of action should have been taken to address the issue. Both parties seem to be at fault, there is always to side to the story, maybe the nurses are lazy, and also dr. Benji may have an attitude problem. Work ethics should have been the rising concern in this matter.

    Nurses you should check your performance and doctor, check your attitude and the way you address certain issues, your tone of voice amy have a part to play in the bullying of nurses. try and find a way on how better you can address the lack of quality care given to patients.

    solution: train your staff to effectively manage care of patients and inform them of your expectation from your staff, have constructive critism for the betterment of all.

    • icecold
      February 12, 2011

      I AGREE

  18. tanty
    February 11, 2011

    My friends some of you are naive, the nurses have an issue right away you criticising their shape, looks and size. what does that have to do with an issue that is escalating into a crisis. It may well be the stress of the workplace causing some imbalance in the hormones. Look at your 5 fingers are all of them the same size, and length or for that matter looking alike. Come on, be sensible my friends, address the issues.
    I want to commend the nurses, sometimes our supervisors and higher authorities do not listen to us and so we take it out in public to find solutions. I want to send a word of caution to Dr. Benjie, if he said he is a manager, by rolling his mouth in the media is not good managerial practice on the contrary a good manager would never allow such a situation to be in the public. Hello Doc, Manager?? Do better than that I am convinced that you can, implore some tact in that situation, I am sure you can, Good Luck Health authorities, PS< Matron, PNO, come on technocrats but on your negotiating caps and skills and get that matter under control, hope to see that done by next week. Good Luck.

  19. Concerned
    February 11, 2011

    Person should first examine themselves before attacking others. If the doctor is so concerned, he needs to examine whether he spends more time caring for the clients at the unit, those at his private or those he visits overseas. How more in-service session has he conducted for staff? Has any request be made to Governments? Why can’t he bully the government? Monkey prefer to climb low branch. Enough is enough. LET THE BULLYING STOP

  20. Observer
    February 11, 2011

    Those who think incompetence is bliss, they must wheel and come again. There is no turning back to bring respectability to the practice of mental Health. Dr Benjamin is on the right tract. The nurses must get on board or find some where else to work.

      February 11, 2011

      Boss I have worked with the man and he is incompetent trust me…. ha lack the people’s skills, he irritates everyone especially the patients. He has no home training/manners, the other day we having a discussion with a man from welfare and in the middle of the man’s presentation BIG NOSE just pull out his fone and started a conversation without asking excuse and he does that repeatedly but if you husband calls you to check the kids he well upset. I have not even told you how unprofessional he is, he has a loose tongue and speaks about you but NOT TO YOU and divulge confidential stuff and excuses himself by saying that ones’ confidentiality extends to other people close to you and he he discusses his private patients with us just so we can know how many powerful people he sees and wht are some of their issues and how he charge more according to your level of importance. Griffin is a mess and something needs to be done about this MONSTER!

  21. Anonymous
    February 11, 2011

    lol ” doctors are as good as nurses” .. maybe they meant to write “nurses are as important as doctors” in the medical profession, every one has his or her level and i am particularly fed up of nurses thinking that they know or can do everything.. this is what is giving them a negative attitude and hindering performance.. if you think you know everything then you will not be willing to learn anything…fix the attitudes nurses, it has been there for years.. fix it

    • Protestor
      February 11, 2011

      The placard actual said “Doctors are as good as the nurses they work with”

    • peno
      February 12, 2011

      The mind sees what it wants to see. OR DO YOU JUST HAVE googly-eyeS

  22. look story
    February 11, 2011

    hmmm look at our nurses especially the very overweight nurse that staying up a very big hill, she refuses to walk and drives everyday……. instead of standing up and wasting time she could of made 2 laps up that hill…….. and they are the ones that have to tell people about being overweight, and your pressure is to high etc……… take my advice nursey go to a gym and take care of ur health

    • peno
      February 12, 2011

      Dominicans have no respect for nurses……. you don’t appreciate the hard work we do and time we spent washing your Virgina and bolls. ……you still don’t appreciate us when we clean your fecal matter even when your family abandon you. But instead you want to talk about her size.keep criticizing, keep taking our problems for a joke. but one day when we really fed up and strike LETS HOPE YOU SING THE SAME SONG. i want to see who will check your child….. i want to know who will take care of your mother. don’t worry you will never get sick.

      • peno
        February 12, 2011

        and if i new who you were i would walk up to you and punch you in your face.

      • Sigh again and again
        February 18, 2011

        peno… u still commenting?? somebody goin have respect for you and the other nurses like you when this is how you communicate.. *shaking my head* You know you are wrong, you know you waste time. Change yourself, don’t blame your problems on people.

    • happy
      February 12, 2011

      i hope you taking care of your self and wound’nt be a victim on a bed one day you will see who is over big and fat because it could be the same fat nurse that will take care of you be care full what might happen

  23. jah
    February 11, 2011

    It high time people in Dominica learn work ethics. Too often bosses think that they can what and want to you and they right, and don’t even want to listen to subordinate instead they frustrate them so they can leave. As for the Union’s they are a different kettle of fish. Sometimes i wonder why we Dominicans pay unions when we need them they are not there. Labour Division do something with those unions who just seat and eat employees money.

  24. Reader
    February 11, 2011

    Good job Dr. Benjamin. I admire your work ethics.

    • LOL
      February 11, 2011

      which one? Leaving us on the ward without even passing buy just to pick up his daughter from the airport and the next week to the same but this time to drop his aunt at the airport, seat on his project just to watch them pour concrete, go to Europe and not contact the ward for over 2 weeks leaving junior Docs to do all the work, take 3 days to rest without a medical certificate but you cannot take your sick child to doctor or take sick leave and send it in after he come from Monserrat because he had no vacation leave left or take the ward’s vehicle TE746 for his own private use and leave it with friends and family when he out of state and the unit have to scrunt for a ride to collect patient’s meals from the kitchen? You admiring nonescense my friend, sorry!

  25. Sprinter
    February 11, 2011

    While from personal experience, it is true that many nurses need to take a more professional approach to their jobs, a number of our doctors walk around with swelled heads, thus exacerbating the situation. They lack respect for nurses, orderlies, and other such persons within the health sector. Many of our doctors need a shot of humility. They all seem to have attended the same school and sat in the same seats with a number of our goverment MPS-the school which groomed men/women to become pompous idiots. If nurses are complaining and the doctor cannot identify the action he has taken over time as “bullying”, it might just be time for him to seek professional help himself, because he might just be in the stage of “denial” and unless he “confronts” the issue , he will continue to “bully” the nurses who will in turn eventually “transfer” their frustration onto their patients.

  26. Patient
    February 11, 2011

    See Celia. Lol

  27. C'est Moi
    February 11, 2011

    Some public servants tend to think they can sit back and relax whenever they want and that behavior should be acceptable. Now, they talk about bullying by their superiors. Get a job in the private sector and there will be no bullying. Instead, you will hear the words, “YOU’RE FIRED!” :oops:

    • peno
      February 12, 2011


      • C'est Moi
        February 12, 2011

        If taking one’s job seriously and being a dedicated worker is slavery then so be it. I guess that’s the type of slavery we need in DA. You are a real peno!. :roll:

      • icecold
        February 12, 2011


  28. Anonymous
    February 11, 2011

    :-D Dominican..Hats up for the nurses..stand fr ur rights..more hv to come
    keep strong…Egypt Free

    February 11, 2011

    I’m not surprised at all . There are lots of people whom when they happen to add 2 or 3 letter symbol infront of their names become swell headed and feels it’s ok to bully others. My black brothers are sisters are famous for that

    • I know
      February 11, 2011

      That one could not even pass surgery so Grell get them to allow him to do psychiatry and is people he want to oppress….

  30. Karkabeff
    February 11, 2011

    I support our nurses but for health professionals most of them look like they need some serious health tips…GO ON A DAMN DIET! Hail Mary Full Of Grace..

    • lol
      February 11, 2011

      i totally agree with u karkabeff…u made me laugh :lol:

    • Nutritionist
      February 11, 2011

      yes they should consider some form of diet some of them. I see the mid section bulging on most of them. They of all people should know those bulging bellies, and back rolls is sure indication of diabetes, high blood pressure etc. I wonder who wil get the bully title for the state of their poor health?

    • BC
      February 11, 2011


      You very, very rude. Stop talking about our caretakers like that.

      I like the stance our nurses are taking. Like their leader said, this is not about one incident; it’s about years of abuse. Change is in order.

      • Follower
        February 11, 2011

        A malady that have to take Kakabeff and he/she will know what diet they need to go on.

        • Messier Quick
          February 11, 2011

          What you mean? They will give Kakabeff a bad injection ?

    • Make them jog!!
      February 12, 2011

      Lol. Very funny. You made me laugh tears bro!

  31. Fairplay
    February 11, 2011

    They are demonstrating for a Fat, Lazy nurse who was placed on three months work probation.
    This has nothing to do with Skerrit since the “Boss” is pro-UWP. :?:

    • happy
      February 11, 2011

      shut up i hope you would’nt fall down for the fat lazy nurse to take care of you in the hospital words are strong

    • Stella
      February 11, 2011

      Hold you!!!
      Benjamin using his psychology to play in all you minds!!

      Who say the nurse on probation???

      I wish them nurses from APU would just call in sick for a whole week so Benjamin will sit down and ”interact” with the patients cause i know if he goes to the unit four out of the seven days of the week that is alot!!!

  32. RainMaker
    February 11, 2011

    Boy the Eghyptians are at it again! Well, the Hosni Mubarak of the APU will step down,. I see the other Hosni Mubarak out in Cairo took a walk so who knows anything is possible.

  33. go ahead
    February 11, 2011

    Hats of the the nurses……this should be the way for the rest of Dominica to protest in small and large groups with their plaques….at the crisis of demorcacy in dominica…

    freedom and peaceful matters cant be solved by radio talk shows alone…

    we need to beaf up the protest daily…that will send the message…way too much chatter on radio shows….the nurses didnt have 100..but their message when out….you have to start somewhere dominica f it means 12 patrotic dominicans protesting peaceful with plaques this is the way to go..

    but sadly dominicans are so weak and coward that bajan media person comes here to clouded their minds and soul up!!

    Dominica have confirmed at all levels that they totaly dislike Dominica…once the rip the island off or sell it out..thats all that matters…we dont have any serious minded folks here..

    i respect the ex ag chief justice…but again just shows a lack of being a statesman…he should be one of the first to keep calling the right call….Sir..your island needs you…history will prove your intelligence as useless….come on and be voiced!!

  34. BH
    February 11, 2011

    NOW thee public knows that this campaign is in no way related to the government but to the major concern which has plague the system in the APU for many year. so way to go nurses , you guys definietely got the message across, and i hope that the chronic problem of bullying will, start disappearing

  35. One Day
    February 11, 2011

    Are these the best signs they could have written? psychological assessment may not be a bad thing after all. I think it’s all good to protest and all, but what are they really protesting. If they were harassed or bullied on the job, couldn’t they make a legal complain or file a lawsuit? Maybe the laws of Dominica are different, can someone educate me?

  36. Interesting...
    February 11, 2011

    yaaaawwwwn…….nurses we fed up with your same old song. My advice is to:
    1. Fix your attitudes
    2. Give uptimal performance on the job
    3. Concentrate on developing your service skills
    Maybe then, no one will “bully” you guys!

    • peno
      February 11, 2011

      get a life

  37. Anonymous
    February 11, 2011

    Good job and kudos to Mrs. Felix for heading this campaign. Lead by example, that is what a true leader does. Bullying is real an starts to rear its ugly head from a very early age. Good luck in dealing with this very real issue. Do not back down until the problem is dealt with.

    • Fed up......?
      February 13, 2011

      Do what you want to do or what is best for the patient or customer? Well take a job in the private sector and best of LUCK!!!!!!!!

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