Fidel Castro was not impressed with Obama

Castro (right) ripped Obama for assuming Cuba trusted him
Castro (right) ripped Obama for assuming Cuba trusted him

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 28 2016 – Fidel Castro – speaking out for the first time since President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba – blasted the US leader for trying to meddle in his country’s affairs.

In a letter titled “Brother Obama” and published Monday in El Granma, the official state newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party, the island nation’s former president scoffed, “We don’t need the empire to give us any presents.”

Castro, 89, ripped Obama for assuming that Cuba trusted him when he said the US government is done trying to overthrow the Communist regime and that this will help the island move more quickly toward economic and political reform.

“My modest suggestion is that he reflects and doesn’t try to develop theories about Cuban politics,” Castro said.

“No one should pretend that the people of this noble and selfless country will renounce its glory and its rights,” he wrote. “We are capable of producing the food and material wealth that we need with the work and intelligence of our people.”

He even took a swipe at Obama’s relative youth.

“Native populations do not exist at all in the minds of Obama. Nor does he say that racial discrimination was swept away by the Revolution; that retirement and salary of all Cubans were enacted by this before Mr. Barack Obama was 10 years old,” Castro said.

Obama had said in a speech that “it is time, now, for us to leave the past behind,” but the diehard Commie retorted, “I imagine that any one of us ran the risk of having a heart attack on hearing these words from the President of the United States.”

Castro ceded power to his brother, Raul, in 2008. Obama met with Raul last week, the first time a US president had been to Cuba since 1928.

The newspaper that published Fidel’s letter takes its name from the yacht that Fidel and dozens of other rebels used to travel from Mexico to Cuba to launch their revolution in 1956.

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  1. Joan
    April 21, 2016

    Dr.Imhotep So you glorify Putin because “Russia is the leading military country ” Is that your criteria for a progressive country? Shame shame.. May God bless you.

  2. eat em
    April 6, 2016

    We could kick u butt, instead, we offer you an Olive branch, and now you bitching???? :twisted: :twisted:

  3. Me
    March 30, 2016

    Guess Castro likes our own Skerrit even less for supporting the King of Morocco against Polisario?

  4. TeteMorne I From...
    March 30, 2016

    Fidel does not have long to live with all of his cancer. Who cares that he is not impressed with Obama? Instead of seeking God and better health, still he criticizing?

  5. zouklv
    March 29, 2016

    I read a few of the comments in here and i respect people views but …there are some writers in here who got no vision as the way the world works.America is falling slowly but surely. God is not mock ,his words are coming to past the chickens are coming home to roost ….China is on top not America every sin the word of god said not to commit its free in America….it cannot stand in the eye of god….he is perfect not sinful…China is building Africa , Negros and Chinese are marrying and doing business..together CNN will not show that ,look at how Nigeria is booming… Fidel Castro is so right….I respect this man for his leadership he sent out ..150,000 soldiers around Cuba to teach every Cuban to read and write wake up people do some research….America is falling by the minute …make a way to come back to you all country and invest before its too late !!!!!!

  6. March 29, 2016

    Castro resents Obama because Obama represents democracy and the most powerful nation on earth where democracy has succeeded.

    Today Cuba showcases a communism that failed. In the beginning of the revolution in Cuba people in the Americas had nightmares of Russia moving in and using Cuba as its base of operations to take over the western world. But communism failed in Cuba and eventually in Russia.

    Castro is as bitter as gall. He is too proud to admit his failure and accept any help from America. This will only lead to worsened conditions. The only hope for Cuba is in Christ and the proclamation of the gospel.
    It will come through those who have received Christ and study the New Testament in Bible believing evangelical churches to learn His ways.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist.

    • forreal
      March 29, 2016

      Obama also legalized the gay community,which is anti what you are suppose to stand for,do you still feel that you can discern,what’s in the heart of a man who seem to be more highly intelligent than you,a man who not only thinks independent,but have lived out his life independent,if you do not understand what the heart of this man discerning,why not go quiet,instead opening your negative mind and sound foolish

      • November 29, 2016

        Obama has approved the gay community, abortion, and marijuana. He is doing what he can to make these things legal and accepted.

        He is not the first federal leader who has taken his nation out from under God’s protection. Such rulers eventually become history. Their nations regardless of how powerful they are will lose any prestige they had and become disgraced.

        Alexander the Great is said to have conquered the world and wept because there were no more worlds to conquer. He died in is sins and left it all behind including his legacy of shame. Today people know his history but nobody celebrates his life except the low minded who share his depravity.

        Christians are waiting for the arrival of earth’s rightful King and a 1,000 year rule of righteousness.

        Have YOU trusted what He did for you on the cross and received Him as your Savior :?: Please read Isaiah 53:5,6 and John 1:12. This is the only way to be saved and ready to meet Him :!:

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill.

    • March 30, 2016

      All you 12 :( Thumbs Down people:

      Thanks for reading my comment :!:

      I know I lost you when I mentioned CHRIST and His GOSPEL.

      But your own observation should be enough to convince you that nothing else has worked. The atheistic core of communism and the humanism is has spawned did not work in Cuba, and it certainly did not work in Russia. It left the retail store shelves near empty, and seniors wondering if they would use their money at the end of the month to buy their medicine of pay their rent.

      Under communism in Russia the churches were closed. But when communism fell and the USSR broke up the heads of the communist party, the KGB, and the secret police committed suicide the same day. One church with a special devotion to “Jesus, the Lamb of God” reopened. A sign was placed in front of it that said THE LAMB WON :!: The faithful knew what it meant. No other advertising was necessary. Sunday morning it was packed to capacity.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill…

      • forreal
        March 30, 2016

        reverend why don’t you face reality,empty shelves in places who resist American and European capitalism are a result of not wanting to do business with these capitalist countries,not wanting to make these countries richer while their own countries suffer,for example dominica,eugenia supported America,imported their goods and so though,but still dominica got know where,but look at cuba and the many intellects they have developed,and not only for their country,but the region as well,we have doctors who have been developed in cuba,now I do not know if you have recognized that,the only reason America is now surrendering to cuba,it is for their medical development,the Cubans have now produced the best doctors,america is owing china so much money a fraction of that money,would do us so much good,so china and Cuban systems have worked,otherwise America would not have bowed to them

      • out of south city
        March 30, 2016

        All these churches need to shut down because they support democracy, which in turn support LGBT, the molestation of children by so-called men of god, taking away from the poor and needy to fulfill their own lust of money which some of the members work very hard to obtain, heads of government which suck the blood off the vulnerable and cause division among the masses. These so-called men of god and politicians are put in place by those who continue to bow to them and continue to follow them as if they can’t think for themselves. All this religious garbage can’t do a think to set anyone free because the more religion there is, the more confused people become because many do not even know what to believe. “I am a baptist, seventh day adventist, christian union mission, jehovah’s witness, methodist, church of god in christ and the list goes on. How can people describe themselves to be christians and cannot even get along with each other? There is just too much division . It is…

  7. %
    March 29, 2016

    Fidel relax brother…Enjoy those twilight years…People were born to be free, not to be in bondage like in Dominica, where the people are so poor,that they are forced to grovel to ONE MAN…..In this Dominica, see the state of the country!!!!!!!! No functional institution, no proper hospital,,no proper airport, unprecedented unemployment rate, very high rate of criminal activities, lots of LYING,CHEATING and STEALING…..,poor roads,insults and mismanagement reigns supreme.SO RELAX YOURSELF,AND LET CUBA evolve..You did your share when you were on stage.Those days are gone…..LIBERATION for Cuba and Dominica…

    • coshony
      March 29, 2016

      well said my brother

    • pc
      March 30, 2016

      Your point is exactly….? That Dominica is a communist couuntry and is in the state it is because of Cuba….? sort uh lost you there… sounds like you are confused with your politics.

    • March 30, 2016

      To make it worse % my father and I were born in Dominica ,sometimes when i go for a birth certificate i cannot find it neither for myself nor for my father although i have a copie in hand …I sent my mother same old…Dominica is a mess ,it is improving backwardly ..

    • Intellegence
      March 30, 2016

      lol boy your ignorance is bliss, you are so stupid, and it is clear you do not read

      ohhh boy you are a shining example of if you want to hide something from a black man put it is a BOOK

      you claim that we are forced to grovel to one man, but it is clear you chose to follow and worship a spontaneous novice, convicted liar, pompous condescending individual, with a long gondi sticky fingers who huff DASS land as his advisor

      Lenox Linton will make right all what you think is wrong in Dominica

  8. March 29, 2016

    Fidel Castro is the only president who experienced the most attempted assassinations in the world..All these attempts were made by united states of america,simply because Cuba is a communist country..The president Kennedy who signed the embargo in 1962 was killed one year after ..America have tried to control the world by destroying countries ,killing the leaders ,the population and leaving a total chaos behind..they killed certain leaders who stood up to them but seeing the carnage which takes place in these countries ,they realize that they have made a huge mistake,which is of course too late because they have been killed..there were 638 suggestions made by the USA to kill Castro but only 10 were tried and all aborted simply because they did not want Cuba to be a communist country and to have Russia as best partner..There is no justice in america for blacks who lives there who are they to dictate Castro..Castro will never forgive not forget,he will cease talking when he is dead..

    • Tjebe Fort
      March 29, 2016

      Some advice for you brother, never ever go and live in America then because according to you there is no justice for black people there. Go and live in Cuba instead one of the last countries to abolish slavery of people imported from Africa. Makes me wonder how Obama could become President of the same U.S.A. seeing he is a black man with a black wife and black children.

      • Bluish
        March 30, 2016

        Obama was created by the USA, his mother is white and family to the Queen of England. Up to now, they cannot find his father and his sister dies mysteriously. Obama is the little horn of Revelation.

    • Shaka Zulu
      March 29, 2016

      And what is he going to achieve. Russia, China, Europe, South America and Cuba hate blacks. Heck, even blacks hate blacks. Russia and the US have fought proxy wars all over the world leaving millions dead. In the 70’s that’s all there was. The British enslaved us, killed us, raped us. Did we hate them forever. Nelson Mandela was abused by Peter B. In South Africa. This is a new era and the US president is extending an olive branch. Communism is a fraud and is no different from imperialism. The king just does not parade in his crown and openly call you his subjects. Time to move on. Forgiveness is the key to healing. Time for new direction. Castro need to get a nice place by the beach, go fishing and enjoy his last days. His rhetoric is obsolete.

    • out of south city
      March 29, 2016

      My brother, It seems like people forget very fast and are so biased and ignorant that it is not even funny. Cuba and Venezuela have resisted America’s interference in their business. Why is it that America has to be like a big bad wolf trying to meddle in other countries’ affairs when her own need immediate attention? Putin, Gaddafi, Mugabe, Chavez and Fidel are some of the leaders who have opposed America’s interference. Why is it when leaders oppose America that they get killed? America behaves like a bully and that’s not a good example for any country.
      I can see the same attitude being displayed right here in DA between the present government and the opposition. That’s why I do not vote for any man who does not even respect himself much more the people whose votes cause him to become a leader. Politics is just a nasty game where those who are leaders bully those who are vulnerable and feeble-minded.
      Castro is not feeble-minded and a push-over and America doesn’t like that.

  9. d-a born
    March 29, 2016

    Not a fan of Castro but I don’t trust America’s foreign policy, which seems to be built on opportunism instead of helping others.

  10. dissident
    March 29, 2016

    Fidel is so pathetic.
    Why can’t he boast the success of the revolution?
    Why are his people running to America for rescue?
    Why are there so many 1950’s American made cars running cuban streets………snubbing his nose at de US.
    Is not like fidel was ever interested in developing an auto industry in Cuba.
    Why he doesn’t throw away all these American made cars and replace all with Russian ir Chinese models?

    Blacks are treated like animals in Cuba.
    I would never expect racist fidel to say anything inspiring against a black American president.
    Che guavera had good reason to distance himself from fidel after seeing his heart.
    Castro is just a self righteous racist bigot.
    Castro is doing his bidding for his white ‘comrades’.
    Cuba trading with Canada, Russia, China, Europe Caribbean etc.
    No one can speak without fear that police or secret agents will kidnap you and toss you in a cell without trial.

    This tyrant is tired . Not inspiring!

  11. March 29, 2016

    since i knkw Dominica it like tgat. Why you blaiming Skeritt. Leblanc,Patrick, mamo ,Edison could’nt change it is Skerrit allyou want to change it. Linton could not and will not change it.

    • Reader
      March 29, 2016

      Vote Popam/pompomshorts-2018. He will change it. lol

  12. comandante
    March 29, 2016

    Read full article and understand what “El Comandante” is saying.

    • Me
      March 29, 2016

      The truth according to Granma. Almost a sbad as taking our own Chronicle for the new Gospel and GIS as the Bureau of Unvarnished Truth! Don’t mnake me laugh.

  13. March 29, 2016

    Are you guys and your comments for real

  14. Titiwi
    March 29, 2016

    There are many people that are not impressed with Barak Obama but I dare say that there are many more that not impressed by Fidel Castro. The fact is that, at least five years ago Cuba had to import 80% of its food requirements to feed its people, with the bulk being supplied by the U.S.A., notwithstanding a trade embargo -food was exempted.
    The beauty of true democracy is that Fidel Castro can air his opinions freely on a world stage, while in his own country the expressions of such a nature a strictly controlled if not outright prohibited. The swan song of an old man, who can not admit that his ideology of a one-party, one-man state has failed. There many good things in Cuba but dictatorship is not one of them because that always comes at the expense of personal freedom.

    • Jr
      March 30, 2016

      I am in agreement with you brother . You cannot do something that is wrong to make things right. Humans are ment to be free to speak and live . You cannot deprive of my freedom and say is because you love me. Castro’s approach was wrong no matter the reason for it . dictatorship is wrong period.

  15. eat em
    March 29, 2016

    Ego stays with these guys to the breathless end. A mentality which is demonic, bent on keeping people in chains. Go rest U self ole boy! :twisted:

  16. AA
    March 29, 2016

    Why doesn’t Fidel just shut up and grow old peacefully, his time have come and gone, there is a new era in global and Caribbean politics that have left these ideologies on the side. Why is it that failed leaders always blames someone else for their failed policies. Maduro, Skeritt, Chavez, Puttin, Gonzalves, and the list goes on.

    • Dr. Imhotep
      March 29, 2016

      “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” – Confucius

      “Why is it that failed leaders always blames someone else for their failed policies” – AA

      This is fallacy. Maduro, Chavez, and Puttin are not failed leaders. All of them have resisted “American Imperialism”. If you don’t know what the term American Imperialism is then I suggest you do the research. When former president Hugo Chavez was the leader of Venezuela the GDP growth rate increased, Inflation decreased, and unemployment decreased significantly after the oil strike. Maduro is just carrying out the legacy of Hugo Chavez. Puttin is a genius. Russia is on the list of one of the top ten countries in the world. Russia has the military power to wipe out all the satellites and electricity in the US. They are also the leading military power in the world. Its obvious they have more nuclear weapons. Cuba is not dependent on America for survival. They have been surviving since the embargo.

    March 29, 2016

    Fedel you left the people of Cuba broke, hopeless and in bondage so now is the time to let the people go! After you created your mess that you could not fix, you decided to exit your seat to allow you brother to work with the US for a way out so you need to short up now.

    The people of Venezuela are left in similar situation under Chavez, as his policies left the people poor, broke, hopeless and under bondage. So now is time for Maduro to let the people go so the US could come and fix the mess Chavez left behind.

    The people of Dominica should take note because Skerrit is doing the same thing in Dominica. The people are poor, broke, desolate, disarrayed and in bondage while Skerrit is running to the US to secure a future for himself and family. Dominicans need to rise up now and demand that Skerrit let the go now and the sooner the better. Let My People Go Skerrit!

  18. Fools Paradise
    March 29, 2016

    That’s how those communists behave. After Castro and Chavez used the resources of their country to fatten themselves and their friends around them, while the majority got poorer what do you expect them to say. Castro has blamed the US all of his life for his failed communist policies and, for him to see Obama come right in his door step where he was seen as a ray of hope, in the face of Chavez, so to hide from his embarrassment that his failed policies left then he has no choice but keep criticizing the US. That’s exact what Chavez would do and that’s what Skerrit will do even while he is running to the US to give birth to his babies. So yes, they criticize from with their mouth but running to the US for survival.
    By the way, why is now Castro talking? Didn’t he know Obama was coming to Cuba to fix his mess? Why didn’t he criticize him then? Why didn’t he tell his brother to stop Obama? Those failed communists just want to blame people for their failure. Skerrit will do the…

  19. Shaka Zulu
    March 29, 2016

    Fidel your time to will come to pass like all of us on this earth. Change happens no matter how long it takes. The revolution dead and gone a long time. Your Glory days are long over never to return. This is 2016 not 1950. Once the wheels of change starts spinning it cannot be stopped. America dirty laundry is well known to the world, however, Europe, Russia, and China are the silent devils looking for world domination and in the process plays friends with us. Is in these places racism rampant. Check out the marginalized what they turn to now. Set the Cubans free.

    • yah yah
      March 29, 2016

      hahaha little do you know… they are all buddies and in on the plot.

      • Words
        March 29, 2016

        America will always be on top. They can defend themselves against the rest of the world’s military combined. That’s how powerful they are right now. The only way I see them going down is if they destroy themselves from within.

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