Tsunami reaches US coast

(CNN) — One person was reported dead and numerous boats and harbors suffered damage in the United States after the tsunami triggered by the massive earthquake off Japan swept across the Pacific Ocean at jet speed Friday.

The fatality was reported in northern California’s Del Norte County, where a 25-year-old man was declared dead Friday afternoon after being swept out to sea off a beach while trying to photograph the tsunami’s arrival, said Joey Young, a spokesman for the county’s emergency operations center.

“We had one person reported missing who has been confirmed dead,” Young said. “The Coast Guard has been doing a search for the body, but the oceanic conditions are making it very difficult.”


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  1. MAD
    March 13, 2011


  2. TeteMorne I from...
    March 12, 2011

    All I have ts say is Kaval!! Tsunami equals run for your life. Doofus!

  3. pussycat pussycat
    March 12, 2011

    Americans always looking for adventure. Sometimes at the cost of their lives.

  4. plaway
    March 12, 2011

    is that all we can say poor people well my prayers are with them but according to a prophet friend of mine is crisis after crisis we cannot xcape we need to tend our life seek Gods face people befor the trumpet sound

    • jay
      March 13, 2011

      Typical Christian gibberish. God punished Haiti, then moved on to Chile, turned his attention to New Zealand, looked over towards Japan and decided to kill some more. With all the murders committed by man each day, is their a need for God to assist in the demise of humanity? What kind of violence is needed to proclaim the coming of your Lord?

  5. mouth of the south
    March 12, 2011

    there will always be those who just can’t leave nature alone to do it’s business,,, how did he plan on escaping when it strikes???????? smh

  6. Mr. G.
    March 12, 2011

    So he went on a beach to photograph a tsunami. Not too bright.

  7. Wesley massive
    March 12, 2011

    who cannot hear will feel. Those people were worned, what the hell he doin on a beach when a tsunami coming. Stupes.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      March 13, 2011

      ” Those people were worned, what the hell he doin on a beach when a tsunami coming. Stupes.” ( Some Wesley, Cant’t Spell).

      Let me see: First of all when we say ” people or someone was warned,” we are saying they should take heed, to be careful, be aware. Warn means to give notice to beforehand, given admonishing advice, or call to one’s attention.

      Warning: is the is the state of being warned, i.e. something that warns or serves to warn such as a notice or bulletin that alerts the public that something has been reported in the immediate vicinity or that the approach of something severe is imminent.

      Now I say to the Wesley King or queen; there is no such word as ” stupes ” in any dictionary!

      That can be only found in Dominica.

      What do you mean by those people were worned?

      I can only relate that to one thing or one word ” worn ” or worn-out; worn-out: meaning exhausted or used up by wear.

      And it is not ” doin,” it is doing!

      I can understand the missing ” g” in doing, nonetheless, worned, and stupes; that tells me you are not scholastically educated at all.

      Okay, call me all the Canadian Moomoo if you care to, however, you are a dunce who write as you speak!

      I Am Yours Truly The King Of Mud:

      The King Of Wesley,

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque(Son).

      • stupessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
        March 13, 2011

        DUDE… You APE! waste of space!… its a way of typing you empty barrel!

        And by the way you’re soooooo scholastically educated, then why not write and edit for DNO… Gosh like some of you only look to degrade people and can hardly do S*&T!…. instead of commenting about the death of the young man… STUPESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….. si ou pa ameh sa then KWASHAY!! satti sot…

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          March 14, 2011

          You know most of us Dominicans will forever remain idiots, we are not open for learning, and that is why the majority of some of you in Wesley, and elsewhere in Dominica will continue to walk bare feet, or continue to ware your plastic shoes to the day you die.

          Someone said I should comment on the young mans death!

          What is his name, and how much does his death concern you. I live in Southern Califorina, approximately two thousand miles plus from where the incident occurred, I don’t here people in my neighborhood talking about the incedent as you people in Wesley, more than ten thousand miles away are talking as if you know him personally.

          At least I know his name is Dustin Weber, what do you want to know about him?

          Read the following so that you all can go and run your mouth off tomorrow and pretend he is your next door neighbor.

          All who want to write setups as long as from here to Wesley, feel free to do so, that will not eliminate the fact that you are an idiot!

          You see lots of people go unto my Website http://www.yvonnedods.com and write all sot of crap; when I monitor and find the rubbish I simply delete it all that is why you will not find any uneducated comment on my site.

          You all sound and look stupid based on the nonsense you write, compounded with you bad spelling, yet you critique me, who has the ability to teach all of you dunce tar-baby’s how to read.

          I do not know why DNO even print the rubbish that you small minded people write, such nonsense will never appear on my site, You people will never get a chance to disgrace Dominica via http://www.yvonnedods.com.

          Read the following and say Son provided you with this information.

          Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

          KLAMATH, Calif. – Leaving his teenage drug abuse behind in Oregon, Dustin Weber was seeking a new beginning along California’s rugged far northern coast, happy to be in the land of his mother’s heritage, the Yurok Tribe.

          Yet before Weber could get a proper start, the 25-year-old was swept out to sea at the mouth of the Klamath River by a tsunami surge generated thousands of miles away by the earthquake off Japan’s coast.

          Rescuers were unable to reach him Friday and called off their efforts; he is presumed dead, though his body has not been found.

          Dustin Weber, 25, was taking pictures at the mouth of the Klamath River near Crescent City, Calif., when His would be the first death of a person on the West Coast by a tsunami since 1964, when 11 people in nearby Crescent City died from the surge created by an earthquake in Alaska.

          “His life was always challenged with drug issues and being Indian,” said his mother, Lori Davis, of Bend, Ore., after searching miles of beach with family members and friends for her son’s body.

          “One of the things we fight most is drugs and alcohol. He’s been clean and sober for a long time. I just feel like, you know, finally he was so happy. He has never been this happy in a long time,” she said. “There have been so many times he was so close to death from other issues in his life. You know, it just doesn’t make sense to me.”

          Dustin was born in Bend, and his parents separated when he was 5. He lived with his father, who works for a grocery chain. His mother remarried, then divorced again.

          Blaise Butcher and Shawn Wilcox were friends with Dustin since they were little kids, building forts, fishing, snowboarding, and riding dirt bikes. “He liked music, sports cars, motorcycles, car shows,” said Butcher. “He liked everything from hip hop and rap to a little bit of classical music.”

          Bend was hit hard by the Great Recession. Home to a ski resort, dozens of golf courses, fly fishing in the Deschutes River and spectacular views of the snowcapped Cascade Range, it grew from a little timber town to a four-season resort area when people had money to buy second homes.

          The wood products mill that once sustained it with blue-collar jobs became a shopping center catering to people with money to burn. When the mortgage money dried up, so did the Bend economy.

          But Dustin was a hard worker, and when other people lost their jobs, he kept his on a landscaping crew, said Wilcox.

          Over the years, there were car wrecks that should have taken Dustin’s life. But he survived them all.

          “I think there were three where he just completely cheated death,” said Butcher.

          After a bad crash in 2008, Dustin started cleaning up his life, attending meetings and staying sober, said Butcher.

          Last Christmas, Davis told her son that his grandmother wanted to give him her old house in Klamath, a rural community about 20 miles south of Crescent City. The house is high on the bluff called Requa, with a view of the Pacific and the mouth of the Klamath River.

          “I sort of feel it’s my fault,” she said of her son’s death. “I just wish I’d never told him about (the house) in the beginning.”

          But Dustin was thrilled.

          “He was so happy to come down here to start a new life,” his mother said. “He got clean and sober. He finished all his community service. Everything he had to do. He had a chance to have his own house. His grandmother – my mother – was going to give him her sister’s house. He just beamed when he found out he could have that opportunity. He started working so hard to make that happen.”

          Two weeks ago, Jon Weber drove his son to Klamath and stayed a few days helping him fix up the house, then returned home.

          Dustin posted on Facebook a picture of the view from his new home.

          “He was a great kid,” the father said. “My son flirted with death a couple times and got around it. This time he didn’t see it coming. There was a sneaker wave that came down the shoreline. Some friends of his were down there taking pictures. I think he was expecting the wave to come out of the ocean, but it didn’t. It came down the shoreline.”

          on the north side of the river, on a little spit of sand where the Yurok people for thousands of years have used carved wooden hooks to snatch lamprey, a jawless fish that looks like an eel, from the water. A rock formation that looks like a woman with a basket on her back overlooks the site.

          The official warnings had said the tsunami would hit around 7:30 a.m., and Dustin thought the danger had passed, not understanding that the surges would get bigger and go on for hours, his mother said. Someone brought a camera to take pictures. Dustin was skipping rocks into the river.

          “He was not looking in the direction it was coming from, but they saw it coming,” his mother said. “They tried to run down there and save him. One of the guys almost had him by the shirt. They couldn’t save him.

          “They tried to yell for him, but the ocean was too loud.”

          On Saturday, Dustin’s mother, father, an uncle and friends walked miles of beach looking for his body.

          “I’m really sorry we haven’t found his body yet,” said his mother. “I’m still thinking there may be a chance he’s found alive. I know there’s no chance of that. But as a mother, I want to hope there still is a chance.”

      • stupessssssss
        March 13, 2011

        But you CAN’T spell either and don’t try that shit about TYPO!

        look at what you wrote while YOU ARE SOOOO SCHOLASTICALLY EDUCATED… .you dumba** didn’t see that mistake now did you…you BABOON!! here’s you mistake down below!

        ( Some Wesley, Cant’t Spell).


      • Accept your Reality
        March 14, 2011

        If you must insult someone about their spelling; it is imperative that yours is superb. If you are as intelligent as you proclaim I would think you would spell correctly or at least use spell check. Since you made it a point to insult other people spelling I must point out that the word is ‘incident’ not “incedent” and the word is can’t not “cant’t”. That should be a lesson in humility to you Mr. Educated Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  8. stupes
    March 12, 2011

    :( poor people

    • TO
      March 12, 2011

      poor the world

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