UK to expel five Libyan diplomats

British Foreign Secretary William Hague

LONDON (BNO NEWS) — British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Wednesday announced that the United Kingdom (UK) will be expelling five Libyan diplomats, who “pose a threat to our security.”

Speaking to the House of Commons, Hague underlined “our grave concern at the regime’s behavior,” and announced that the UK had taken steps to expel five diplomats at the Libyan Embassy in London, including the military attaché.

“The government also judged that were these individuals to remain in Britain, they could pose a threat to our security,” Hague said, adding that the UK remains strongly committed to supporting the International Criminal Court in its investigations into crimes in Libya and ensuring that “there is no impunity for barbaric acts against the Libyan people.”

Hague’s announcement comes after British Prime Minister Dave Cameron did not rule out the possibility of arming Libyan rebels fighting Qadhafi troops.

Currently, there are 16 countries participating in coalition operations in Libya, including more than 340 planes from 14 nations and vessels from 10 nations supporting the arms embargo.

Hague also confirmed that UK forces have undertaken over 160 aerial missions over Libya since operations began, in addition to missile strikes.

“We are continuing to target the military hardware that Qadhafi is using to kill his own people,” Hague stated.

Over the weekend, Hague said, in addition to patrolling the No Fly Zone, Royal Air Force aircraft destroyed a number of main battle tanks and armored vehicles near Misrata, as well as an ammunition storage facility store near Sebha early on Monday morning.

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  1. de caribbean change, BBA, MBA, CPA
    March 31, 2011

    Mr Hague, send them all to the Hague.

  2. doctor love
    March 30, 2011


  3. Zenfan Morchoroh
    March 30, 2011

    Why are these hypocrites never willing to help the Palestinian people against the murders and asassins in Tel-a Viv? They are quick to jump on other nations under the guise of protecting civilliansfrom their government actions while they fold their arms and close their eyes at the United Nations while the Israeli government carry out acts of genocide against against the palestinian people using terrorism as a pretext. Oh i forgot. There’s no oil in the sands of the Gaza or the West Bank of the Jordan. We must never forget that fact that the palestinian people are fighting for their freedom from israeli millitary occupation of their land. ALL they ever do is make statements urging restraint. Oh ye hypocrites. Isn’t a palestinian life as valuable as that of a Lybian, Iraqi or kossovar? Oh ye hypocrites.

    • pointe michel
      March 30, 2011

      you could not have said that better, it is all about what they can get from you .if you don’t like them they call you their enemy .

      • Muslim_Always
        March 30, 2011

        Zenfan you said this so well, I wish a lot of Dominicans at least on DNO would have had half a brain to make informed conclusions rather than being fooled by Zionist media.

        All many of these idiots say, ah jews are choosen, palestinans are terrorists, isra-hell has a right to protect itself blah blah blah.

        Isra-hell is an illegal state. We are opposed to a two state solution. These zionists must give up all the lands they stole. One cannot own land based on ethnicity at the expense of others. These zionists are white people from Europe. They are illegitimate ‘jews’

        • donna
          April 1, 2011

          You seem to be awfully racisit for a supposed peaceful muslium, i have seen your comments on here a lot, you have a lot of hatred for a lot of people for a supposed holy islamic man, what ever job you do in dominica, i hope you do not take the white mans money, or make sure you take no money from people who are gay or not of your religous liking.

          It is people like you living in the caribbean casting your stupid opinions, that encourages racisium, and you are making the world a more unpleasant place for the future generations, like my daughter, who is half british [white}, and half dominican [black], but it will be people like you sitting in dominica, with no real experiance of the real world, who will make life for her not nice when she come too visit her family.

          you must stop seeing the world in just one colour mr muslim always, and respect that not everyone is the same, what a boaring place the world would be if it was.

      • j
        March 31, 2011

        oh please i could say the same thing about venezuela they did the same thing to us by taking bird island you seem to forget that .some off you guys are a bunch’s off fools who support party first when it should be country first ,what are you made off stone were is your heart tell me if it was your brother or sister,mother or father what would you do or say would you not cry for help. take of that wooden glasses and read listen see and understand what is right in front off u

    • donna
      March 31, 2011

      Actually there are british pressance in palestin off and on, you know i am a british person who lived in dominica, and i am married to a dominican man, and i have to say i am sick and tierd of everyone saying its all about oil, yes you are not wrong it is, because these oil countries have sooooooo much money they can buy any form of weapons, including nuclear, they wish, they can employ the worst of Mercenaries, to back up there milatary forces, these men are souless, and have no mercy or compassion.

      yes the US and England ,Europe and canada, all get involved, but have you forgotten the hundreds of thousands that will be murdered if they dont, and now i exspect some one will peply with,,, o what abut the thousands killed by allied forces in iraq and afganistan, remeber it is not the UK or the US, that started these wars,and i suppose as well as helping other nations finnacally, and paying for all our beloved brothers and sister who have gone to potentially give there lives to protect the innocent, we are then told what about that country, we do have a limit to our resourses, you know.

      you all sit and cast your opinion, about how awful we are and its all oil oil oil, but you all seem to forget, its us the british public, which include dominicans, that have to deal with the affects of this, we are the ones at the end of coward terrorist attacks on our transport system, every time my husband goes to work i worry as he uses london underground which was bombed on 7-7-2005, i saw some one on here the other day talk about the lockerbie bombing of the pan american flight, which gaddafi gave the order for himselves, they where very correct in what they you all forget september 11.

      It is the British Navy and the French and the US that guard the waters of the caribbean to help against the transportation of drugs from south america to the caribbean and then on to europe, it is also the british Navy that makes sure that they attend Islands hit by Hurricanes to give there help if needed, like they do every hurrican season.

      so when you are all walking down in Roseau worrying about the price of fish and tomartoes, remeber when we go to work and to shop, its not the price of oil on our minds, it weather or not i am going to get to the other end of a journey with my daughter, or if my husband will get home from work with out being a victim of a terroist attack.

    • j
      March 31, 2011

      u just a fool. so what u suggest that they do just let the mad man kill those people,i guess that would make people like u that knows everything feel better

  4. Quadhafi
    March 30, 2011

    160 aerial missions by UK forces, not including the 13 other nations using 340 planes, bombing, shooting, and killing all military targets except me without a single civilian casualty is quite exceptional by my perfect enemies who can’t do wrong. Two wrong can’t make a right.

  5. only
    March 30, 2011

    Actually, the U.N. told them to go home. NATO is running the Lybia show.

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