Caribbean nationals may face immigration problems in Canada

Canada has announced new measures that could possibly affect Caribbean nationals who gained citizenship using fraudulent means.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said that at least 1,800 immigrants could have their citizenship revoked after most of them were helped by three or four “crooked immigration consultants” on how to concoct fake proof of residency in Canada.

To become a citizen, a person is supposed to have lived in Canada for three out of four years.


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  1. Big-Bannan
    July 23, 2011

    Warning to those of us who are illegal but yet post our full name and whereabouts on facebook like a jackass. You are just volunteering ways to locate your a$$ when they want you.

  2. hard core dominican
    July 22, 2011

    some people just dont want to work for what they want.

  3. jones
    July 22, 2011

    boy boy life

  4. 4u2c
    July 22, 2011

    Not only revoke those citizenship to show how serious they are with state official document but should scrutinise every caribbbean national whose country is involve in selling their passports like popsicle to all type of terrorist and Asian criminials. I say to you CANADA, when you hold them DEPORT them. Even our local Dominicans, if they look sceptical and behave in any suspecious way, if the caryy that Green Passport that says Dominica in it — DEPORT them!!. Let them all pay the price of the unjust selling of the passports. Only then our people will make an effort to stand againg wrong.. DEPORT THEM !! All thos pastors with Diplomatic passport –Deport them!! I hope the US follow…

    • D1
      July 22, 2011

      u can tell u are out of touch. Saying Dominica has green passport. smfh.

  5. Waco Jacko
    July 22, 2011

    I hope Truth love and Peace is not one of them.

    • Truth,Justice,Peace
      July 22, 2011

      @ Waco Jacko. Your pet name makes me laugh. I recall someone who had a parrot and the parrot would be asked in patois, what time is it. It would answer. :lol:
      No dear! Thank God. Did you not read my writing?
      Some people in the past migrated because the opportunity was there and they took advantage of it. Today, due to the influx of immigrants and refugees, some traveling by air and boatloads, some telling lies to obtain residence status, faking their names and passports, running away from their atrocities which they committed in their country, using the government system and financially, it is now necessary to curtail those activities. The stories are many. This is why, today, it is difficult to obtain landed status. Some who have abused the system have made it difficult for others.
      I do hope the government will be successful at that. The government cannot do it without the help of its law-abiding citizens. It does get feedback from certain citizens. This has smartened-up the government after prolonged complaints from those citizens and it failed to do something during all this time, saying that they are compassionate. Well, they are paying for it.
      On last evening news it was reported that the government is looking for approximately 30 men who committed atrocities in their country and who have migrated here. Due to this and showing their pictures on TV, someone reported one of them and he was caught as broadcasted tonight. I hope that the others are caught. They may be hiding under cover.
      Aside from being a Dominican national which I consider myself to be and always will be for as long as I live, I am a full-fledged, grounded naturalized Canadian. I never needed the services of immigration consultants and bogus ones who overcharged their clients, stole their money and some promised them landed status which they did not deliver. It was a matter of money-making scheme. The government has clamped down on them. They are now required to write an exam and to be licensed. The government has a record of them.
      There are some people who will never leave Dominica and there are some who will migrate to other countries. God has the reasons for everything.
      I do recognize the problems some people who wish to migrate to these countries experience and their anxiety. Most of them for a better life and jobs.
      Those of us who are here are already here. The obstacles and struggles are many and what with having to contend with nine months of winter and more. It is no easy matter. Some of us who are so inclined, it has made us strong of faith and spirit. Thanks be to God.
      At this stage in my life and due to my personal experience and what I have read, my advice to fellow Dominicans of all, especially the youth is, study hard in school in order to obtain a good job. They do not have to migrate to be happy and well-off. They could migrate to study but return to their country. Dominica is not what it was in those days and as badly off. It now has a university.
      Life in general is no bed of roses and by no means in a bigger and progressive country. Those who reside here and others who have returned home can vouch for that.
      Some have succeeded in this field overseas and others have not. It all depends what one’s luck is and what one has experienced.
      Some have passed away young under various circumstances as also supposedly natural causes. I often wonder, the latter, if they were in their country would they still be alive and healthy. Only God knows.
      My further advice is to build-up your country and always to do good. Some people in Dominica have done just that and some are doing that. Good luck to all of them.
      Waco Jacko, I hope I have been helpful to you. :) God bless you!

  6. Truth,Justice,Peace
    July 22, 2011

    I heard on TV and read in the newspaper about this information. Yesterday I downloaded and saved the entire article from MSN
    The Canadian government is clamping down on crooked immigration consultants who abused their power and deceived people that they could assist them to obtain landed status. It has set some rules as also reported in the Toronto ethnic newspapers. I do not blame the government.
    I met a few people from India and other countries in Asia. I was informed that they were charged in their country approximately $2,500 dollars to process their applications and promised jobs suitable to their qualifications. When they arrived in Canada, did those people ever find out that they were deceived.
    Some of them are dentists, lawyers and scientists. Could you believe that?
    I asked them if you have such good jobs and a good lifestyle with homes, etc., why did you fall for this and migrate to Canada? Of course as some people can be deceived, you know, the grass is always greener on the other side and as heard, what they were advised were too good to be true.
    When they came to Canada they found out that they were deceived. Some of them may have reported it to the government.
    Canadian officials may have been on it, getting a cut from those proceeds. No exception other officials of other countries. It appeared to be a scam.
    I have no idea if those from the Caribbean are affected. I did read about those from China, Japan, India and the Middle East. Let us wait and see.
    Caribbean people do not panic. If you are gainfully employed and contributing your fair share of taxes and residing in the country as law-abiding people, you may not be affected.
    There are people who got their landed status and also became citizens under false pretext. Some of them as those mentioned above are not residing in Canada. They only procured their landed status and citizenship for convenience purposes and visit ever so often to also obtain medical care. Some of them are well off in their countries and do take advantage of Canada’s lax Law, Provincial pension fund and medical care system which is according to those who are landed and who are also citizens. Residing abroad, they may also not pay income tax.
    I do feel that everyone who resides in a country should pay their fair share of income tax to the revenue of the country. If they never worked or do not work in the country unless they are legitimate refugees, they should not be entitled to its financial benefit and medical care. Too many have seen a loophole and have taken advantage of Canada’s compassion just as the U.S.
    I am pleased that the Canadian government is finally doing something about those bogus immigration consultants and those who take advantage of its system.
    Some of those consultants took the clients’ money and did nothing for their clients who may have been deported.
    Every country should clean up their act. NO exception Dominica. Likewise granting a Mexican woman landed status without investigating if this person qualifies for legal status.
    We must be fair, honest and just.

  7. Mercy
    July 22, 2011

    when you get ur permanent resideny, if you want to become a citizen, the least you could do i bear the harsh winters and live in the country for at least 3 yrs so you can get ur citizenship, why get lawyers to provide you fake stuff just so you can get a canadian passport? Then u leave the country without contbuting and want to reap the bebefits of the country, come on people…..

    Go the legal way, You’ll sleep better at nights, wont have the fear of being caught and nothing will pop up from ur closet 10/15 yrs after.. wait for the 3 yrs and get it the right way

    • Truth,Justice,Peace
      July 22, 2011

      @ Mercy

      If they get their landed status. It is not easy today to obtain it which is why they go to those consultants and some bogus ones. They may still not be successful. Obviously, without being landed, they will not be able to become a citizen.

  8. ..............
    July 22, 2011

    thats a message for us to imply toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • July 22, 2011

      Citizenship is a held in high regards in other countries but not in DOMINICA look right now we dont n if Skerrit have legal citizenship status to be in the office of the PM. I am glad CANADA is pushing the issue to the fore front and if any D’CANS find themselves in that situation I feel for them because that a great deal.
      Maybe in D’CA the system should revamp their rules too.

  9. Dr. Finger
    July 22, 2011

    Oh brother. I guess we all go suffer for the dishonesty of a few. :(

  10. 1979
    July 22, 2011

    weh boy! and i jus there saying i going and try to go canada we. magwehsa

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