The importance of accuracy on your visa application

Why is it important that I answer all of the questions correctly in the DS-160 non immigrant visa application?

The DS-160 is a new electronic version of the old DS-156 paper application for non immigrant visas.  Since the spring of 2010, Consular Sections around the world only accept the new DS-160. The new form represents an environmentally friendly substitute for the older paper form as well as an improved means to collect information for the visa interview.

In contrast to the previous DS-156 form where all applicants answered the same questions regardless of differences in the biographical information of the applicant, the DS-160 electronic form adapts to each applicant. The biographical questions you answer (date of birth, gender, nationality, etc) at the beginning of the application will determine the subsequent questions you will receive.  For this reason, it is critical that all biographical questions be answered carefully and honestly.  If you fail to answer the biographical questions correctly, you will need to redo the entire form.  While the U.S. Embassy in Bridgetown’s Consular Section has a few workstations for applicants to use if errors have been made, there is often a long wait to use the computers.

In addition, please remember to read all of the instructions and answer all questions in the form completely and refrain from answering certain questions “not applicable” or “DO NOT KNOW.”  Only use “NOT APPLICABLE” if the required information cannot be obtained; for example, your mother’s name should not be answered “not applicable” or “do not know.”  Similarly, you should take care to answer the question about previous travel to the U.S. completely.  If you have visited the U.S. multiple times, but list only your most recent trip – or state that you have never visited the U.S. – this can cause problems during your interview.  Incomplete and inaccurate applications can result in your visa being denied.  Paying attention to detail on your DS-160 and honest, accurate answers are key to visa interview success.

More information is available as “Frequently Asked Questions” on the U.S. State Department’s web page:   Additional information on the visa application process is available on U.S. Embassy Bridgetown’s website at

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  1. OBJ
    May 19, 2015

    O I have to redo the DS160 if I’m denied a visa?

  2. Aaaaa
    April 12, 2011

    i live here and its far from heaven. maybe if people stop visiting that would send a clear message to them. Infact they need you to apply for visas and they need you to visit more than you need them. You guys didn’t know that? Check out how much these people make on visa applications. Everyone wants to be here so visa processing is much like a very healthy buisness for the US. Its very important that people stop allowing the US to have some unnecessary advantage over them. Some people apply two and three times paying hundreds of dollars for visas. Why?

    This isn’t all cherry pie people and thos ethat have been here will tell you so. I would spend alot of money visiting europe than the US if I didn’t liev here already. Do you see how hard it is to get visas to europe? The reasons is that these people don’t need your money and they sure don’t need immigrants nor do they want many.

    But the US despite others saying its hard they run a big buisness on visa, greencards etc because they need you! You’re in controll and if you stop applying they will find ways to meet you more than halfway.

    • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
      April 12, 2011

      No where in the world is Heaven. We are only pilgrims on this earth, living a temporary life.
      As a religious song: “My home is in Heaven waiting for me and when I get there how happy I’ll be…” This is what we have to strive for by living a godly life.
      Specifically since 9-11 it is more difficult to obtain a Visa. The US government is fully aware that there are many people who would love to live and work there. There are also some who will migrate and/or visit solely to perform their wickedness of heart.
      Keep in mind that some have spoilt it for others; some through terrorism and other criminal activities. Do not blame the government.
      In bygone years it was extremely east to go to the US, Canada and Europe. Specifically Canada, it was then easy to obtain landed status while in Canada. Note what has been occurring in previous years to today. Governments must try to secure their country and that of their nationals.
      There are some Visa applicants who only wish to visit and return home and to their jobs.
      There are Visa applicants who are unemployed. They could be cause for suspicion that they may not return to their land of birth.
      Therefore, when you make such statements evaluate the reasons why it is difficult today to obtain a Visa. As with everything the cost of obtaining one has increased.
      The last time I got a Canadian passport for a five-year period, I paid $70.00. When processed I picked it up at the office, free of charge.
      Today, the cost is $85.00. If I wished to pick it up at the office, I would have to pay $10.00 extra. Everyone in the world is feeling the increased cost.
      The innocent pays for the guilty.

  3. For-reel
    April 12, 2011

    America’s immigration system remains archaic, insensible and hypocritical. America continues to do nothing about securing its borders but continue to put most prospective immigrants from developing countries in a bureaucratic ringer and vice in order to be granted a chance to sampling the “American dream”. People naturally get nervous after going through a very long and agonizing process so on the day of their interview some wind up answering even the simplest of questions incorrectly causing them to be delayed or disqualified.

    Don’t think for a moment that things will improve anytime soon, especially if the Repubulicans capture the White-house. Not only will they tighten the immigration noose on those seeking to enter the US legally, they just might try to deport those who have gained entry the right and proper way. Simply put the system is broken and needs to be fixed or revamped. Tell me, in this day of unlimited global access and hard economic times , why should my fellow Dominican brothres and sisters have to travel to Barbados for a US visa? This is unfair and impractical and needs to be changed.

    • Aaaaa
      April 12, 2011

      I love your post except for this sentence “if the Repubulicans capture the White-house. Not only will they tighten the immigration noose on those seeking to enter the US legally, they just might try to deport those who have gained entry the right and proper way.”

      I completely disagree. If you look at the decisions those positive towards immigrants they were made by Republicans. Just take a look at the track reord of the democrats you wil notice that many of them are the ones who have tightened the noose on immigration. Republicans are against illegal immigration very strongly but Look at clintons record on immigration.

      But your about going all the way to barbados was right on the money. These people make applicants get all nervous for nothing. Sometime ago I found myself in a predicament after living here ten years and paying their taxes. These people treat you as if you don’t know better. But I know where my home is and I have no problems returning anyday they’re ready and I’m sure I will be ready as soon as I complete my last degree.

    • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
      April 12, 2011

      I thought of the same. Why should they have to travel to B/dos? Air fare and accommodation are costly. I also considered that due to the population of the islands, the US considered having a Consulate in B/dos also having an international airport.
      I hope in time that the Dominican government could try to have a US consulate in Dominica; that all islands would have one. It is worth considering. Where there is a will, there is a way and nothing is impossible to a willing heart. It could be done. Barbados should not have it all.

      • For-reel
        April 12, 2011

        Aaaaa, I must admit that you are absolutely correct regarding the point I made about the virtues of Republican versus Democrat with regards to US immigration policy. Truth be told, they both have had plenty of opportunity to fix the process and make it more effecient and equitable. I have no problem acknowledging a mis-statement or mis-step…………your point is fully appreciated and well taken.

  4. doc
    April 12, 2011

    If I am denied no problem as someone said it may be heaven for some people but definitely not for me

  5. Bram-Bram
    April 12, 2011

    They mean to tell all you, doh lie on the visa form.

  6. honesty
    April 12, 2011
  7. Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
    April 12, 2011

    This process of obtaining a Visa appears to be complicated, lengthy and time-consuming. They should simplify it. I do think they have made it more difficult specifically since 9-11. The passports of applicants would indicate how many times they entered the US, Canada, European countries or not. All applicants have to do is to take this information from their passports if they already had a passport.
    It is imperative to record Mother’s maiden name and other pertinent information requested. Honesty is always the best policy.
    I recently applied for a Canadian passport which was a renewal but since it expired my application was treated as a new one. I noted that the renewal form and the application form are simplified. I did not have to go to a Priest, Lawyer or Doctor to sign as guarantor. The latter two would have cost me money to sign this document. A friend’s signature who is the owner of a Canadian passport and who knew me for a number of years was sufficient.
    I was also surprised how quickly I was served, within approximately one half hour; and how quickly the application was processed and mailed to me. It took less than a month! In Toronto you say with millions of people applying for passports and also renewal of same daily!
    Of course there are several offices. Nevertheless, this system has been changed and simplified to accommodate the amount of people who apply for renewal and passports.
    Since 9-11 it is mandatory that Canadians must have a passport to enter the US. In previous years all we needed was our Canadian Citizenship Card or landed immigrant card/slip.
    I do think that the Consulate in Barbados needs to revamp their system. They probably would save a lot of time and money.
    I have a message for Dominican applicants. There is a tricky question which applicants or those who are entering those countries as visitors may be asked. It is this: “If you got a job and/or were offered a job during your stay will you accept it? Do you plan to seek employment during your stay?
    Folks! “Never say yes” for you will be in trouble, in that you will be denied a Visa and/or entry.
    There are some people who think they are smart and who listen to those who think they know it all. They do not listen to those who are experienced and intelligent. I know of someone who unknowingly made that mistake. This person had a lot of trouble and was held by Immigration, in a room for the night.
    They will require Lawyer representation at a cost. A family member or friend who is proficient in communication could represent them. They will have to go before an immigration panel at the airport and be quizzed as to why this person should be allowed into the country.
    The panel will scrutinize the visitor’s passport, ask relevant questions to determine if the person should be deported or allowed to remain as a visitor in the country for a certain period. I represented the person before the immigration panel of approximately 6 men.
    The panel was surprised at my responses. I am no lawyer. I was told: “Do you know lawyers charge approximately $5,000?” Someone told me that he had paid that amount for lawyer representation for a relative who visited him. Today the cost is higher.
    Therefore, please pay heed. This advice is free of charge. :)

  8. badvibes
    April 12, 2011

    “Going to America is not going to Heaven” ………

  9. wawww WAWW
    April 12, 2011

    This article screams Common Sense

  10. disshitain"tgoingdown
    April 12, 2011

    lie that more you try being honest is more dey deny you.try lying on these forms and you get through without any problems.

    • Dominican Abroad
      April 12, 2011

      and then the lie catch up to you

    • possie pple
      April 12, 2011

      is tru. be honest and them suckers still deny you. people who lie get away easy!!

      • babygirl
        April 12, 2011

        They seem to get away easy. Satan is a liar. The pathway to hell is straight and smooth.

      • ....
        April 12, 2011

        smh I can’t understand how you people get denied… all the years I have renewed my visa and applied not once has it been denied

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