Linton demands inquiry into Ross’s departure

Linton (center) flanked by members of his party

Leader of the Opposition, Lennox Linton, has called for an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the recent departure of the Ross University School of Medicine.

It was announced by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, last week, that the university, which is said to contribute as much as 30% of Dominica’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), had officially ceased operations in the nation. Shortly thereafter, Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, revealed that Ross University will be moving to their shores.

In a news conference held at Portsmouth, on Thursday, Linton hinted at “a conspiracy against Dominica,” and questioned whether Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s loyalty lies with Dominica or Barbados.

“There must be an inquiry. There will be an inquiry… The people need and demand answers,” he said. “What did the Prime Minister and his Barbadian advisors know about the departure of Ross, and when did they know it?”

Meantime, The Opposition Leader is of the view that Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria did not cause Ross University to leave, but rather “the failures of Skerrit’s administration did.”

Linton remarked that the current government has “failed Ross, failed the Ross investment, failed the people, and failed the Commonwealth of Dominica.”

He also pointed to a lack of transparency in the agreement between the Dominican government and Ross University.

“The Prime Minister says Ross University’s presence in Dominica is governed by an agreement between the university and the government. What does the agreement provide for? What obligations does it place on the government? What obligations does it place on Ross? Are there unmet government obligations under the agreement that allowed Ross to relocate without breaching the agreement?” Linton questioned.

He continued, “The Prime Minister agreed that at least by May 2018, that his government could not meet the requirements for the return of Ross by January 2019, but to-date, these requirements have not been disclosed.”

He said that the leadership team of Ross presented a number of investment support issues and public infrastructure improvement that needed to be addressed satisfactorily to facilitate the return of the American owned University.

Linton believes that what he describes as the failure of the Labour Party government to respond adequately to the needs of Ross and thereby secure its return, “reflects a hostility to the independence people enjoy from earning their own money, a lack of understanding of the investment umbrella that covers Ross, and an inability to nurture foreign investment relationships in a competitive global environment.”

He went on to say that the funds from the Citizenship By Investment Programme (CBI) must now be directed to the Portsmouth area to provide relief to the affected property owners and service providers.

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  1. August 11, 2018

    Sometimes it takes about 10 yrs to notice that you are wasting your time in a country. Gaaann! You can have DA all to yourself.

  2. Man bites dogs
    August 10, 2018

    Who the hell is that guy Linton think he is taking about demanding an inquiry look boy behave yourself, You don’t demand You ask for an inquiry Prime minister Dr Skerrit is not your boy and surely not one of your Five Rabbits walking backwards in a row!!!

    • Congori
      August 11, 2018

      Imancipate yourself from mental slavery if you can It’s a foolish dog bark at a flying bird One sheeper must learn to respect the Sheppard … Bob Marley.
      Bob Marley, Jamaican singer-songwriter

  3. mb2
    August 10, 2018

    open your eyes this is where he intends to build the international airport as it will bring much money to the island but how long is that going to take ten years in the mean time what do the beautiful Dominican people do concerning the financial income that was bringing in im beginning to think skeritt is going to give the island away for anyone who is prepared to put money into it

  4. Man bites dogs
    August 10, 2018

    Who the hell that guy Linton think he is, I demand an inquiry into Ross’s departure, look guy you don’t Demands you can ask for an inquiry Prime minister Dr Skerrit is not your boy and surely not one of your Five Rabbits walking backwards in a row, Respect OK.

  5. REAL!!!!!
    August 9, 2018

    The inquiry is needed because it will allow us to understand what went wrong so we will be able to minimize and prevent in the future other foreign investors from leaving our shores.

    I agree that when an international investor makes a business decision to leave your shore you cannot do anything about it . But your responsibility as a GOVT is to be pro-active and make sure your investment climate is very attractive to them especially if they are a major contributor to your GDP.

    By this I mean make sure as a GOVT all your activities to attract and keep good INTL investors are always compelling and revise as the business environment needs changes. This is not done by our current administration.

    As both local and INTL investors are complaining of serious challenges which are not being address.

  6. Possie Direct
    August 9, 2018

    Whether we want to agree with Linton or not the fact of the matter Dominica is the loser while Barbados as the BIG winner! Lets look at how the DLP moved our finances to Barbados, to the point that I refer to it as “Bank of Dominica” in Barbados. By the way I am ONLY referring to the last 5 years ok:
    1. DLP 2014 manifesto – printed in Barbados to help the Barbados economy.
    2. The DLP 2014 Skerrit ka twavy election T shirts – printed in Barbados and helped their economy
    3. 2 Months after Maria Bajan firm was awarded a major contract
    4. The 18 million dollar bridge in Roseau was given to a Bajan firm
    5.Skerrit’s chief economic advisor, Avinash Persaud is Bajanand that helped the Ba’dos economy
    6. Skerrit’s chief political advisor Hartley Henry is Bajan
    7. His Pollster peter Wickham is Bajan
    8. Ross University was handed to Barbados by Skerrit
    I wonder if Dominica national bank went to Barbados too as, Skerrit seems more concerned about Barbados economy than that of…

    • August 11, 2018

      Possie Direct, I applaud your reasoning. I am Itassi. I believe, although the details are not known, yet, Roosevelt does ‘as told/directed’ as long as it doesn’t affect his ‘personal pocket’. My opinion, he ‘Roosevelt’ seem NOT TO UNDERSTAND what’s needed to build the Island’s economy. For instance, the students of Ross University and others should have access to TRAVEL FREELY without having to Island hop nor have additional expense for overnighting anywhere before reaching their destination, Dominica. Hey, if we have to overnight in Barbados or elsewhere during flight to and from Dominica, we might as well make that full stop in Barbados. One day, Roosevelt will realize how badly he’s governing, hopefully that day won’t be too late. He probably don’t care much because himself and his family are financially stable. Oh my, we need to wake up before that final day comes.

  7. Friend of Dominica
    August 9, 2018

    How to beat Ross at their own game.

    1. Immediately suspend the Ross Charter.
    2. Suspend accreditation by Ross Medical Board.
    3. Notify CAAMP-HP of these actions. CAAMP-HP should then suspend Ross accreditation.
    4. US Department of Education will suspend Ross from access to student loans.

    The result should be that the fall semester in Tennessee will not occur because of loss of charter.
    If Ross moves to Barbados it will have to get a new charter which will take time. Once they are in Barbados, they will have to reapply for accreditation. Then they will have to be recertified by U.S. federal loans.

    If you are going to get kicked in the gonads. Kick back.

    • Theresa Marie Hardy
      August 12, 2018

      Soooooo… you are basically saying punish the students who have already been mentally, physically, and emotionally affected by this as well, to no fault of their own?

  8. Perfect idiot Idiot
    August 9, 2018

    Boy see what Vince Henderson and Tony said about the departure of Ross and compare it to how Skerrit made it very clear that Ross was not at fault is Maria and tell me if there is not some cocomakak and some coodoododo. Boy when I lesten to Skerrit defending Ross , Vince and Anthony Astaphan blaming Ross and indicating that Ross was in breach of the contract and, the PM of Barbados is on record saying that she has PM what’s app, Skerrit was the first PM she met, she spoke to Dominican official, the more I am convinced that Skerrit’, Ian Douglas, Austrie, the minister of education should all resign immediately and that should be followed by an inquiry.

  9. August 9, 2018


    • August 11, 2018

      LOL, we want to have children but can’t support them, so we give them up for adoption.

  10. August 9, 2018

    The UWP got their wish, they prayed and hoped that Ross would not return and Ross as far as Dominica is concerned is no more. So the UWP as part of its celebration on the departure of Ross held a press conference in sweltering heat dressed as if they were in Canada in the middle of winter, it was a laughable and idiotic sight. Where was the call for an inquiry when Dominica lost the banana industry to satisfy the interest of American multinational cooperations, where was the call for an inquiry when DAPEX folded under the leadership UWP operatives. Was there a call for an inquiry when Colgate Palmolive left… UWP is just a bunch of disgraced hypocrits.

  11. I love our PM
    August 9, 2018

    My people kindly google loop tt. com /content/ Dominican -pm-optimistic-following -withdrawal -ross- university
    I didn’t give the website because I don’t know if DNO would put it out but just google the website above and tell me if you are not convinced that our PM has a serious mental problem and needs to be rushed overseas for mental evaluation. PM sick boy badly sick in his mind

  12. I love my our PM
    August 9, 2018

    People of Dominica whether laborites, uwpites, freedomites or whatever ites you are please people let’s stop this argument and all us let us call the ambulance or Minister of health toensure that they airlift the Honorable PM from wherever he is and fly him to the US so he could have a good and serious mental evaluation because I am reading here definitely suggest that our beloved PM is under a mental cloud. PM needs help my people

  13. waypapa
    August 9, 2018

    But who advises UWP? Where are they going dress up in monkey suit? On another note, people of the north have you seen your PM yet since the fiasco? I remember hims boarding helicopter, risking his life to go visit people in the mountains. He visits everybody who has a death in the family when his name is in the announcement. Last weekend he was all over taking photos. He is doing all kinds of things to distract himself but he is not visiting you all? Not even a meeting? Since Maria has Skerrit come to the north? Why not? Because he knew Ross was not coming back before Maria so he gave up on you all long time ago. Skerrit is guilty so he is afraid of embarrassing himself further. When he comes up with another brainwash idea or some cookie promise he will visit. Possie people quiet patiently waiting for their crumbs.

  14. Hey
    August 9, 2018

    % or Marigot Macackwee, I sat long enough in the back of the class to graduate, but you sat in the front and you didn’t graduate. %, high school dropout, since you are bragging about your qualification let the people see YOUR portfolio. Why are you hiding the Drama Queen Senator. Doesn’t matter how articulate you are that doesn’t qualify you for the PM position. Only a donkey will go overseas and bash the country.

    • %
      August 10, 2018


      DNO this person is unmasked . ??????? And “”Hey””.The same person.I told you I would embarrass you.

      So you are ???????? and you are “””Hey”””,typical people with no brain.No wonder you were sitting at the back of the class.
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go Now

  15. FBI Agent
    August 9, 2018

    Ross University School of Medicine is an American based university and trust me, with all these cookiedokies and contradicting statements statements we have heard I can assure you all that the FBI will conduct their own inquiry, if not a very deep investigation, similar to the one of Mr. Stanford, the US billionaire who once operated resided in Antigua. The FBI will most definitely seek to ensure that A. Under the table deals were not made B. An American licensed Medical school did not violate US laws C. An American licensed Medical School was not the victim of a breached contract etc. This thing is FAAAAAAR from being over because Ross is not a Venezuelan medical School. We shall know the truth Mr. Skerrit.

    • Friend of Dominica
      August 10, 2018

      How Dominica should respond to Ross University betrayal of Dominica:

      1. Immediate suspension of the Ross Charter.
      2. Immediate notification by the Dominica Medical Board that Ross is no longer a functional entity.
      3. Notify CAAMHP of these actions. This will require CAAMP to suspend Ross accreditation.
      4. Notify the US Department of Education of this action. Ross will loose immediate access to operate in the
      USA and will not allow Ross to conduct a final semester in Tennessee.
      5. Such action will cause Ross to lose access to US federal student loans.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        August 10, 2018

        So, what all of that will do?

        Ross is a private entity which has the right to move wherever they wish.

        As for this crap about Dominica medical board; that board is not recognized in America, it is not even recognized in the other Caribbean islands since all of them have their own medical board!

        No what you are talking about before you cut in. Ross no longer wish to operate in Dominica, because they are simple of dealing with our backwardness.

        There is no reason why in the twenty-first century there is no International Airport on the island; and the prime minister is simply talking rubbish that he is going to install three steel Cargo Containers on cleared land, call it a terminal building and passenger jets carrying hundreds of people will fly  in and land on his dirt runway!

        Know what the real issue are before you comment; Ross left, and there is nothing anybody can do about that!

  16. bigger
    August 9, 2018

    I understood Freedom of speech and expression was part of our constitution but that certainly not the case with DNO. I’ve been making this case for the longest while as to why my blogs are denied. The comments I have made about the opposition is kindergarten stuff compared to what I am reading about the PM. DNO PLEASE educate me as to where I have disrespected any one

    ADMIN: As far we are aware all your comments have been approved. You should check the article again and if you fail to see the comment there we suggest resubmitting the comment.

    • %
      August 9, 2018

      You were the one setting the tone,now you are still thinking skin you are going into a tantrumbecause a lazy, incompetent,inarticulate PM let Ross flee from island.Thats the type of governance we have under your friend Skerrit.
      Where The Wicked Rule the People MOURN
      This DLP is a Wicked and Evil Party

      • Possie
        August 9, 2018

        Why all you doe shut all you**********”
        Pm didn’t do …..ross wanted to go they go.period.

  17. bigger
    August 9, 2018

    Ross have been here for the last 40 years without an international airport why should that be a reason for them to leave? In my humble opinion one of the reasons could be the political violence that shows it’s dirty face in this country. (1) students was unable to travel to school because the road was impassible with blocking of the road and setting fire to the street on two occasions. (2)The American Embassy warn their citizens to keep off the streets because of pending demonstration by the UWP one can only assume this had a part to play in Ross leaving

    • Possie
      August 9, 2018

      Tell Dem jack ***”””””” that

    • Sisserou
      August 9, 2018

      Wow! You jump from airport to roadblock. When did Dominicans became so wicked and heartless? Give and take the construction of the airport/runway should have started at least two to three years ago. You talking bout roadblocks and demonstrations…ask the Americans(well the African-americans) how to do it.

    • Joseph John
      August 9, 2018

      so if you think that ……”there will be an inquiry”, please have one. there is no law or constitution to stop you. You were an investigative reporter, you have investors, you have former IMF expert banker, you have doctors, you have your lawyers who you can give your instructions, you have all kinds of contacts overseas, you have a diplomatic passport…so go ahead and have the report ready by September 1st , ( the day you give the PM to begin the hospital at Marigot) You have so much assume power and authority. You can command the government to do things BUT YOU CAN DO NOTHING BUT TALK like a BLA BLA BLA MACHINE , A TALKING HEAD. Show us you can do something besides, demonstration, boycott, walkout and quit. Dominica, USA and Barbados are all democracies so no one will stop you, or can stop you.

  18. Sisserou
    August 9, 2018

    Joseph Isaac carcar maybe boiling. :-P

  19. Iamanidiot
    August 9, 2018

    Lets say your gf leave you(your name is Peter) for Tom. And your friend ask her, “Hey, why did you leave Soandso for Tom”. Now she answers “Because Soandso was stupid and selfish so I leave him for Tom. Given that, it is not far-feteched to think that Tom is smart and sharing right? because why would you leave a stupid and selfish person for another stupid and selfish person.
    Now follow me cause it’s about to get complicated, pay attention. Lets say your friend come and say, “I am no longer dating Peter I am dating Tom , because I wanted someone who was Smart and Caring “. From that information we can deduce Peter was not smart and caring.
    Now here’s the rub, the Lady from Ross( Cant remember her title) stated that Ross found in Barbados an “Action Oriented Government”, so using my little analogy here, comment what you think that mean of the Government of Dominica.
    A) Government of Dominica was not action oriented
    B) Govenment of Dominica “Ka Twavie”
    C) Maria /UWP…

  20. ???????????
    August 9, 2018

    Death toll in Indonesia quake rises to 164According to you and your followers beliefs, did the PM cause this to?
    – August 9, 2018
    MATARAM (WEST NUSA TENGGARA), Indonesia (AFP) – The death toll from a devastating earthquake on the Indonesian island of Lombok has risen above 160, an official said today, as authorities urgently appealed for medicine, food and clean water for some 156,000 people displaced by the disaster.

    Many frightened villagers are staying under tents or tarpaulins dotted along roads or in parched rice fields, and makeshift medical facilities have been set up to treat the injured.
    Evacuees in some encampments say they are running out of food, while others are suffering psychological trauma after the powerful quake, which struck just one week after another tremor surged through the island and killed 17.
    “The death toll rose to 164 people with at least 1,400 people seriously injured and 156,000 displaced,” national disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho…

  21. ?????????
    August 9, 2018

    Lennie boy you are a dicator. First the Marigot Hospital and now He went on to say that the funds from the Citizenship By Investment Programme (CBI) must now be directed to the Portsmouth area to provide relief to the affected property owners and service providers.

    You ain’t raise any money and now you want to “Demand” what should be done? Way papa Linton that is the high handed attitude of your followers who insult and degrade persons who do not have the same opinion as them. You are a bunch of persons who thinks that only those who support your party have the correct answer. Boy those things cannot work so. You must stop and go private and think deeply internally and do things well. The Monsters you are creating (disrespectful etc) will turn on you too when your time comes. Check yourself boy. Listen and you will learn.

  22. Perfect idiot
    August 9, 2018

    Very contradiing statements made by PM Skerrit, pm Mottley, former T& T Justice Vaughn and other spin doctors of the DLP concerning Ross departure, are very worrying and as such an inquiry is necessary to remove all doubt. Skerrit said three years ago he and Ross renewed partnership for 25 more years. Yet three years later partnership is broken and PM Skerrit’ was the first one to blame Maria, though he assured us that Ross loves Dominica? I no fool pm. Pm Martly said Skerrit was the first one to meet with her since becoming pm and she has him on what’s app because of their closeness? I Not a dummy pm. She also said she has been in contact with our government officials. Who? Isn’t Hartley Henry and Mr Passaud both Bajans, both chief advisors of Skerrit’ and now both on Ms. Mattley’s cabinet? No brainier Mr. Pm. Isn’t Justice Vaulney a good friend of Skerrit’ and he has a legal mind? Why then he trying to get CARICUM involved instead of blaming Maria like Skerrit. Can’t be…

  23. August 9, 2018

    Linton you have alot to do with Ross departure,When you went to Colorado and tell lies on this administration that they dont adopt America policy,This was a blow to Dominica,American believed on their government and their policies,And here came huricane Maria to give them an apportunity to leave Dominica for good,You’ll destroy the country for your political agenda,

  24. Possie vibes
    August 9, 2018

    We need a candidate for Portsmouth mr Linton. We need that please.

  25. South City
    August 9, 2018

    These guys shown here from Team Dominica, are bright, ready , willing and able to take Dominica to the next level. I support your call for an inquiry into the constant draining of Dominica’s finances.

    After 18 years of neglect and bleeding , Dominica cannot take DLP any more.

    • %
      August 9, 2018

      These Patriots have country at heart.The MISLEADERS of the DLP have themselves at heart.Which other party would let Ross get fed up of their incompetence,and to flea from Dominica.This is making a mockery of leadership Skerrit.No wonder WikiLeaks told us that among bright people, you are ‘out of your depths,’.In other words you are a dunce cat..You cannot debate,you cannot negotiate.
      Where The Wicked Rule the People MOURN
      This DLP is a Wicked and Evil Party

  26. Da
    August 9, 2018

    We too, the people of Dominica demand an investigation into the sale of Ross University to Mia Mortley.

    I will give evidence to any panel that is set up to do such work.

  27. ?????????
    August 9, 2018

    Ok Minister of Inquiry, Demonstration. I concur that you fit well in that role. When will you shift your mind to mode Recovery? Many persons need assistance with their house and roof still.

  28. Not me alone
    August 9, 2018

    Any right thinking Dominican that is concerned about Dominica and our best interest should demand an inquiry because nothing I have heard from our government makes sense and to be honest, flat out misleading. Look, how could pm run ahead of Ross to blame Maria for the departure of Ross and in the same breath telling us that they renewed partnership three years ago for 25 years? Are we that blind to swallow that? In any contract there is an exit clause and based on the terms of contract that I saw with my two eyes, hurricane destruction was not an exit clause. There was a breach of contract but maybe Ross was not the one at fault as they could be the victim. Also, the pm of Barbados made some very enlightening statements that should cause Dominicans to ask some questions. First, she said she was first told of the situation in May and, pm Skerrit was the first PM she spoke to. Then she has Skerrit what’s app and, was in communication with officials from Dominica.

  29. neutral
    August 9, 2018

    @DA They are doing just what they ought to do as the opposition. They have to question and demand answers for what is being withheld from the citizens. This is a vital question they are asking as concerned citizens who have the islands’ interest at heart would want to know the reasoning behind the departure.

  30. Naf
    August 9, 2018

    You see why mister them will never get into office. Because they are not honest with the people. After the hurricane several Dominicans left Dominica. Put yourself in the students’ position would you not get a better location. The answer is yes. Coming here and saying that the hurricanes had nothing to do with it is pure garbage. Your hate for Skerrit is clear. But don’t let the people think that they are better of with you when they are not. Be honest and tell the people the hurricane played it part also. You would have been more respected. But trying to blame it on Skerrit that doesn’t make any sense.

  31. %
    August 9, 2018

    Brilliant point made by Honourable patriot Linton, and the rest of the team of Patriots. It’s incomprehensible,that a multi million dollar company (Ross) can just disappear from the grasp of these MISLEADERS in the DLP,arguably the worst governance team in the Commonwealth.
    Love you guys.Had it not been for you all brilliance, plus that of Patriots Vital of the DFP,Dominica would be in tatters.
    I always said Skerrit was never Prime Ministerial material,and he will never be.This is the most DISGRACEFUL governance Dominica has ever gotten,and the idiot( Skerrit) had the gumption to give unsuspecting Labour supporters to wear T-Shirts “”Thank God For Skerrit”””. Shameful!!!!
    Where The Wicked Rule the People MOURN
    This DLP is a Wicked and Evil Party

    • ???????
      August 9, 2018

      Are they still accepting mental patients at the PMH? First lunch an investigation into the scholarships for the Marigot district, who were the receiptions and where do they reside and attend school. 2 Lunch ? in investigation as to the reason why Thompson is collecting a salary while holding an overseas job.3. ?Lunch an investigation into the sexual abuse charges against Your PR. Don’t try to score political points at the unfortunate movement of a business. ?0/0 You sound redundant and a public annoyance. My Papie is a better political than Lennox Linton. Self centered praises.

      • %
        August 9, 2018

        I am talking about a billion dollars company,you and you I’lks force to leave our country.Dont stray away from the topic.I almost called your comment asinine.This is the most disgraceful thing in the history of governance in Dominica. You are lacking the ability to spin,don’t make yourself a preposterous Skerrite. We’re you sitting at the back of the chalkboard at school?
        Where The Wicked Rule the People MOURN
        This DLP is a Wicked and Evil Party.

      • Trying to help
        August 10, 2018

        Should we all go to LUNCH

  32. Africo
    August 9, 2018

    Call for an enquiry for local political purposes by all means, but this changes nothing. The long and short of it is that our island governments are powerless in the face of the whims of foreign investment companies to come or go from these small nation states as they please. Our Medical Board bent over backwards to get Ross accredited for US acceptance and look what we got in return.

    Ross University and the companies that owned it over the years (Ross, DeVry/Adtalem) are not charities or welfare organisations. They are hard-nosed capitalist corporations seeking to make optimum profits out of the US offshore medical education businesses that they operate. This is regardless of the chaos or economic fallout that they leave in their wake. Company profits are the ultimate objective whatever the local consequences.

    • True Say
      August 9, 2018

      I concur. Ross now Adtalem is about making money/ profits for themselves.
      They ain’t care who hurt in the end. I see that as a former employee. They cut your neck easy if you appear to be a threat to their business and o fcourse has the litigation bugjet just in case

    • ?????????
      August 9, 2018

      Africo well said! I have been trying to say this too. Also Mr. Linton well knows that as he used to work at DCP later acquired by Colgate Palmolive. Linton did u ask for an inquiry back then? Those “Mega Institutions objectives are profit and having a good positive variance against their budgeted expectations. Linton behave yourself and get your feet on the ground. Real reconstruction work to be done. Not mouth reconstruction. Talk is cheap; There are a lot of persons you “team Dominica” can help as a party. Real action that is needed not talk. Take up your own fund raising and do some management in the situation we are now in. That demonstration, walk out, opposing everything and calling “Talking, Talking” won’t work Linton. Throw the pride away and listen. Time to change your tactics. Working hands is what we need.

  33. infowars
    August 9, 2018

    Everyweek linton have a new use for the cbi money,,tink of d amount ot things he say do with it in the last year,,,

  34. zandoli
    August 9, 2018

    Linton is making DEMANDS which Skerrit is sure to ignore.

  35. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    August 9, 2018

     “Ross presented a number of investment support issues and public infrastructure improvement that needed to be addressed satisfactorily to facilitate the return of the American owned University. “(Lennox Linton).

    So, here we have it, commonsense now dictates that one of the conditions that must be resolved to influence their return is an International Airport, as that is a very essential part of any infrastructure of any country!

    That is why Roosevelt get on Radio talking crap about he is going to level land and put up three steel cargo containers together, call them  a terminal building to accommodate passengers, and passenger 747, 737, and 777’s will fly in and land.

    The idiot compounded his stupid corrupted  argument by lying about by the middle of next year, contract will be signed to build International Airport, because two friendly nation, and a private institution giving him money to build Airport.

    Roosevelt is liar who sucks, If Dominicans reelect Roosevelt next…

  36. Voice of the South
    August 9, 2018

    What a bunch of lazy guys dressed up like fools. Stop wasting the tax payers money and find some constructive work to do! SMH

  37. August 9, 2018

    Inquiry into what? Stupid. Ross was no more interested in DA. That is the bottom line. Dominica has too many natural impediments, like hurricanes, mountains, flooding, overhanging cliffs, precipices, and so forth. Every disappointment you Linton wants to score points out of, and your disrespectful Joshua Francis and your idiot Danny Letang. Get a life all of you.

    • Iceman
      August 9, 2018

      well said.couldn’t have explained it better.
      bottom line.

    • JBaptiste
      August 9, 2018

      Apparently 40 years ago “continental shifts” had Dominica located in the middle east. Do you realise that all what you have listed existed forty years ago. Hurricanes, mountains,overhanging cliffs etc. Ross moved from 11 students to thousands over the years while Dominica regressed considerably. You people need to start thinking for yourself while its still legal.

    • Iamanidiot
      August 9, 2018

      Wait, Dominica has too many mountains and cliffs and precipices? Garbage, So you saying Ross move to Barbados because Barbados Flat. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
      Boss man, The lady CLEARLY SAID they moved to a country where the government is ACtion Oriented. Dominica had cliffs from the day they set foot here and for 40 years after that, is not last year cliffs and hurricanes show up.

  38. Voice of the South
    August 9, 2018

    What a bunch of lazy guys! Stop wasting tax payers money and find some real work to do. SMH

    • %
      August 9, 2018

      Just read this (not verbatim),from the CEO of Adtalem, and tell me who is lazy.
      Quote “”””At last we have found a government that is biassed to taking action”””.The CEO was referring to the Barbados government.This tells the world those idiots and MISLEADERS in the DLP are real lazy bodies.Ain’t it!!!
      Where The Wicked Rule the People MOURN
      This DLP is a Wicked and Evil Party

  39. Man bites dogs
    August 9, 2018

    Look people of Portsmouth tell Linton and his funeral directors dressed up all in black on a very hot summers day trying all his con artists trick, Just some days ago Linton and his …. were all over the moon celebrating on Q95 blasting off Mr Skerrit, Who those idiots workers calamity party thinks they are fooling, to my mind no one in Portsmouth and it’s time we tell Lennox Linton and his clowns to pissoff.

  40. August 9, 2018

    Why don’t you go and educate yourself DA or whoever you are this is not Red Clinic talk which is all people like you care about.

  41. mine
    August 9, 2018

    You making headline everyday now where were you all after Maria. Thy will be done, God knows who we are the evil u do to DA will never let u all be winners.

  42. DA
    August 9, 2018

    Why this man don’t go and find some constructive work to do in the country SMH.

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      August 9, 2018

      @Da, holding a political meeting to talk to the people most directly affected by the departure of Rods University, and to the country as a whole is work. Don’t you agree? If not why don’t you say the same when the red party organizes and holds meetings and rallies across the country. You can’t have one standard for your party and another standard for the legal opposition in the country. Your leader, Skerritt, buzzes in and out of Dominica like a bee which has tasted some beer, and on his return to the country brings back only his empty hands and briefcase of dirty clothes. He is the most travelled political leader Dominica has ever had and the least effective.

      • Paul
        August 9, 2018

        You even replying to that jack…… those people ther are labor rats they stupid stupid stupid. Idiotic set of people. .. they like too beg and so they want it stupid or skerite can give them a Lil change now and them. ..lazy greedy arse set of people

      • ??????????
        August 9, 2018

        Jonathan and your bro Gabriel why can’t you be a little more respectful. What does your leader do? What have you all done? See how you refer to the Leader of the Country “Your leader, Skerritt, buzzes in and out of Dominica like a bee which has tasted some beer, and on his return to the country brings back only his empty hands and briefcase of dirty clothes.” Jonathan you know this is not true. We in Dominica have seen tangible efforts of the Prime Minister. Talking like that doesn’t mean that I support him. You need to come see us in DA soon so you can see first hand for yourself. From My comment elsewhere if you read, I have said No one & I mean no one could have presented Ross from leaving (reasons I have given already and I am not always at my computer – again too much work to do out there). Read . I am extending an invitation to you to come down and visit. Reserve your comments for later. And by the way, your leader only speaks; no tangible thing done after the…

      • ???????????
        August 9, 2018

        Hello Jonathan, someone using my Name ???????? this is not me. But after the previous comment, I am continuing here. You two (2) guys (Bro and you) sound like two men who are disgruntled and landing missiles at “Skerrit”. For the person and where you came from, I would have preferred hearing some constructive criticism and some suggestions instead of the “hate war” against the PM (Respect for the position). Again before anyone says something , you two giving “mepuis”. Guys grow up. You are both over 50 years old and I know as we grow older, we get wiser. Forgive yourself and do as God wants you to be. I do not know what is bothering you both but God is able. Emancipate yourself from “hatred slavery”. Go silent and listen to yourself. Ask what message do I bring out there. Tone, Atmosphere.

      • Is So
        August 9, 2018

        Apprentely you needed to seat at the back because you would NOT be a dropout. All the Henchman, pallbearer and the grave diggers for UWP are having a Pity party. Businesses downsize6, business merge, business file for bankruptcy etc. What’s your gripe..

    • %
      August 9, 2018

      This is the most constructive work that any Dominican can do at this time.Are you inebriated?.Do you know that Ross is gone because,those buffoons in DLP,were sharing ration, when they were supposed to be trying to keep Ross here,?,This patriot Linton is a genius,and I support his call for an enquiry.
      W the Wicked Rule the People MOURN
      This DLP is a Wicked and Evil Party

    • neutral
      August 9, 2018

      @DA They are doing just what they ought to do as the opposition. They have to question and demand answers for what is being withheld from the citizens. This is a vital question they are asking as concerned citizens who have the islands’ interest at heart would want to know the reasoning behind the departure.

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