Linton says a UWP government will manage the number of Haitians entering Dominica

Linton speaking at a UWP press conference recently

Opposition Leader Lennox Linton has said that Dominica has the responsibility to manage the number of persons who are allowed to enter the country.

Linton was outlining the United Workers Party’s (UWP) policy on the entry of Haitian nationals into the country.

Recently, there have been concerns about the entry of an increasing number of Haitian nationals into the country.

“The Haitian nationals entering Dominica are CARICOM nationals entering Dominica and the policy will be consistent with our regional obligations under the CARICOM Treaty,” Linton said. “However, Dominica has a responsibility to manage the amount of people that can relocate from one island of the region into Dominica.”

 He continued, “At a time when we are struggling to provide basic services, health and education for our people, it is simply not going to make sense for the country to have a policy that continues to allow any number [of people] to come into Dominica.”

According to Linton, that has to be looked at and that will be looked at under the UWP administration.

He made it clear that the Haitian “brothers and sisters” from CARICOM will be allowed to come into Dominica but, “we have a responsibility to manage the numbers.”

He said every country in the world has border protection responsibilities

Linton pointed out that, “very importantly,” his party will stop the US$400 payment that the Haitian nationals coming into Dominica are required to pay at the port of entry.

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  1. Another immigrant
    May 21, 2019

    Ask the Americans, so called Americans, Can they get rid of the Mexicans migrating to the US daily, despite border wall, starvation, fences, detention centers ..etc.? As someone already stated, the world is just full of people running to and fro including Dominica. They are called immigrants. Now, mean what you say sir!! Because words are credible

  2. me
    May 21, 2019

    i see nothing wrong with his statement, there must be a limit to immigrants in every country, the ignorance in this comment section….not to mention the more immigrants , less jobs for locals and rise of illegal activities when the jobs run out eg. human trafficking from dominica to near by islands, thats not a good thing.

  3. TeteMorne I From
    May 20, 2019

    So, do you REALLY expect the ENTIRE 10 million to enter Dominica, or,was that sarcasm?

  4. "maho pima
    May 19, 2019

    For some who are thinking of revenue from the Haitians to help the country, how would you feel if at every time you travel to a foreign country you be made to pay 400 US dollars upon arrival? after you have made all other expenses? If every Carricom country introduce a $400.00 US to enter their country would you approve that? well its the same for the Haitians, you would complain and say oh, St .lucia want you to pay all that money to enter their country. Think of you and your family traveling at the same time, you know how much you would have to pay per person? you would not travel at all. Not because you support your party you should be in agreement with everything they do. think of your self and situation before you talk about others, what you don’t like for your self you should not like for others. the Haitians are people with feelings too. The Haitians can pay it you all cannot pay it, so how would you help the other country’s revenue?

  5. Man bites dogs
    May 19, 2019

    Linton, Once again you talking rubbish and making yourself look more like a fool fool. We are in electioneering time now but if by a miracle you becomes prime minister Linton, you would not able to do anything about it because Haitian nationals are members of caricom. You don’t know the meaning of caricom because the English language is much more complicated than you thought.. Pm Skerrit is planning to open up nights schools all over the place be the first to onroll in English and maths…. Labour one love 😍

  6. A Matter of Discretion
    May 19, 2019

    After an extended period of personal assessment and oversight of this DNO forum, I have observed the following head scratching inconsistencies: 1. There is no rhyme or reason as to which comments the administrator approves for posting. 2. DNO haphazardly enforces it own content rules, especially rule number one. 3. Thoughtful comments usually disappear and are never posted while multiple instances of drivel and rantings are usually posted from the same commentator for the same article. 4. DNO is often slow to post, often posting after the article becomes stale.

    The preceding comments are intended to be taken solely in the context of process improvement. I still appreciate the fact that DNO continues to offer a forum (though imperfect) for Nature Islanders and friends to exchange our ideas and opinions.

    ADMIN: Thank you for your feedback. While we fundamentally disagree with the first points made we do take point number 4.

    You may have already noticed that the volume of news and comments has significantly increased in this political season.

    It takes longer to sift through the many potential stories and post our articles. It also takes more time to moderate the hundreds of comments we receive. However, we do not believe this excuses us from our responsibility and promise to be timely.

    We will do our best to keep pace and appreciate that you care enough to let your concerns known.

    • A Matter of Discretion
      May 19, 2019

      DNO Admin, thank you for your well reasoned response. I agree and acknowledge that it can be very challenging administering and managing a burgeoning and rapidly growing chat forum like this one. Success in this endeavor requires an “all hands on deck” effort. Again, thanks to your team for your sometimes under appreciated contributions.

      ADMIN: Thank you we appreciate your support.

  7. Pablov
    May 19, 2019

    That needs to be managed seriously as their population of 10 million WILL overwhelm our small population. To be taken seriously He needs to also address term limits for PM.

  8. Magdalene Thomas
    May 19, 2019

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. . Never throw stones while having glass windows.

  9. TJ
    May 18, 2019

    The Haitians are our bothers and sisters, the second independent nation in the Western Hemisphere. The U.S. was the first, they have a rich history and we can thank them for fight in ridding the country of slavery and setting the stage for other islands. Having said that a congratulations to Mr, Linton wanting to rid the importation of this horrible $400.00 U.S.
    I ran a Haitian here and had to pay for for food for him because he overstayed a few days in DA. Mr, Linton, I am convinced you are ready to lead. Best of luck.

  10. Dave
    May 18, 2019

    I love this idea because it’s not using a block but a controlled transit on the Dominican border, he didn’t say he wants all of them out, I just don’t want this to be only focused on Dominicans but all immigrants because it would look like a war against a particular group if a country alone is controlled however, great idea, tax payers should not be automatically be responsible for the welfare of people that are not yet contributing to the system.

  11. Dominica Massive
    May 18, 2019

    This is a loose statement from Mr.Linton..When comes to create revenue he has missed the opportunity..The great America collects billions of dollars in its visas and Naturalization policies..Please sir do your research….

  12. Man bites dogs
    May 18, 2019

    Sorry Linton, Boy you will never make it to the top job here in Dominica, because you are not cut out for that job. PM Skerrit has got everything under control here in Dominica we don’t need you please go away nicely like a good boy.

  13. 💕Me💕
    May 18, 2019

    Again clown master, you are not knowledgeable of the topic you want to cover. Your 2 children you brought to the USA also have the Haitians status. % you are constantly grasping at straws. On a daily basis how many Dominicans are migrating? There are more Dominicans living overseas than in Dominica. People migrate for various reasons. At one time Lenox Linton was a Haitian in Antigua! Did you burn the bridge behind you %. Thanks to the domestic helpers, the planters, and market Haitians for doing what the LAZY people like you % wouldn’t do.

  14. Step Right Up
    May 18, 2019

    Mr. Linton, immigration has proven to be a very contentious issue across the globe. If successful in your quest to lead Dominica, you will inherit the challenges of emigration and immigration, both of which play a pivotal part in every country’s national security and well being. It is indeed good to hear your intended policy on this very important and relevant issue.

    As a Dominican national and US immigrant, I can only offer my two cents worth of advise asking that you always balance your prudent stance with a measure of compassion for those who endeavor to seek opportunity and refuge in our Dominica. I know that our economy is not sustainable and a lot of folks have left our shores to seek greener pastures overseas.

    The recent influx of Haitian immigrants would lead me to believe that they see our resource limited country as a beacon of hope and opportunity for a better life.

  15. Concerned
    May 18, 2019

    They need to just ban any more from entering. I swear there are more Haitians in Dominica than Dominicans and they all just sitting on the side of the road. However if Administration (Dominicans) can’t stop them, then it’s best they take over.

  16. Jonathan Y St Jean
    May 18, 2019

    Although we feel for the plight of the Haitians, one must realize that Dominica has a massive unemployment problem. Therefore, it is wise to limit the number of people who are allowed to come to Dominica. Most of the young people are underemployed through the NEP program and as a result, there isn’t enough work to go around. When the economy bounces back under the UWP government then more people will be able to find gainful employment so more Haitians can be let into the country then. Right now the high influx of Haitians is political trickery by a bankrupt government.

    • May 19, 2019

      How can there be a massive unemployment probelm in Dominica when the Hatians come here and get employment?

      • evie
        May 21, 2019

        um…seeking employment and actually being employed are two different things. if 100 people move to a country for jobs but have no access to jobs thats 100 unemployed people added to to population.

  17. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    May 18, 2019

    ” Dominica has a responsibility to manage the amount of people that can relocate from one island of the region into Dominica.”

    Yes; but if there is a CARICOM treaty which gives them the right to enter and reside in Dominica if they wish, one have to be very careful how they are treated.
    The minute an attempt is made to prevent or manage people entering from Haiti that would be suspect discrimination.
    At leas we know they are migrating to Dominica  seeking greener pastures; which could aid in the development of the country.
    America is a great nation, all due to the amount of people who came to this country and build it.
    We have not seen a case where a Haitian came to Dominica broke immigration Laws, and when deported they go home and sue government reaping millions from our treasury.
    Jamaicans have done that to our government.
    One of our obstacles in the way of progress is our small “population” we need to multiply!
    Leave them alone!

    • v
      May 21, 2019

      rights to visit and rights to reside are completely different things, residing definitely has restrictions, if it didnt then there would be no point of having different passports or nationalities

  18. May 18, 2019

    Why is it that you are basing on only Haitians? Maby you should say foring Nationals. We have lots of st.Lucians. trini. JA . Just to name a few. But yet we see only Hatians. Dominica is going through a phase that we’ve never seen before. And rather for us to appreciate the gifts and talent of all. We castigate all kind of negative remarks. I thought CARICOM is about free movement of people.

  19. Val
    May 18, 2019

    So Lennox going to pull a Bahamas and pull Dominica out of the CSME agreement? Or did he not read the revised treaty of Chaguramas?

  20. Danziger
    May 17, 2019

    Danziger is a dreamer I know who brought them home many, many years ago. Only now they are our brothers and sisters, heaven help my tongue cuz the LANGUE is a dangerous weapon.

  21. Bob Denis
    May 17, 2019

    When you stop the $400.00 US dollars that’s being paid by our Haitian brothers/sisters , what are you replacing it with ? No! Mr Linton , you are embarking on a dangerous path , as a former journalist , you should be well tuned into . the History of Haiti , their History is OUR History , and also all Africans across the Atlantic . Mr Linton seems to be blind , or don’t know of the mass migration of people World wide seeking a better day for themselves and Family. We have more Dominicans out of the Island , than the Haitians can ever encounter for .

    • %
      May 18, 2019

      Isn’t Haiti a member of Caricom?
      Why is the Skerrit led administration dealing with the Haitians as non Caricom citizens? What is being done with the monies collected Skerrit? Is it none of my damn business to question you?
      I just like accountability lazy Skerrit!
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go
      LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

    • viewsexpressed
      May 18, 2019

      Bob, I think that you have lost or not comprehend the bigger social, political challenges we will face. The doors are never closed to our Haitians Brothers and sisters but we are obligated to have a policy of management and settlement in Domininca due to our limited financial and social resources. Papa Doc and Baby Doc have killed Haiti and reduced it to poverty and having seen the conditions and state of poverty and illness, it is sad to this things happening to our brothers and sisters from Haiti while Papa Doc and Baby Doc and their wives and close confidante, killed our resources, noting to export and that is why the Haitians are fleeing. There is nothing for them in Haiti until the corrupt failed Papa and Baby Docs government are gone, just as we cry for and look for that failed Skerrit and Corrupt DLP to get lost and go away as, just like Haiti, Papa Skerrit and his blind Baby Labourites have fleeced and crippled our island Dominica as some go Antigua, French Islands & Others.

    • Kalinago
      May 18, 2019

      For the first comment on such an important topic you sir have failed to represent an informed educated Dominican. What does the African history of the Caribbean have to do with protecting our resources as a nation? When we can take care of our people we shall reach out to others. I won’t waste more time. Bob Denis. You must be neutral to information despite the parties they come from.

  22. L power
    May 17, 2019

    Amen! that’s what any good and accountable government would do, you are going to be a great leader.

  23. 小帕
    May 17, 2019

    That’s one of the smartest things I’ve heard you say. Control. We don’t hate them. But there must be regulations put in place. For instance they should learn English before coming. So they should sit the ielts or toefl examinations and pass before coming to Dominica. That would make communication much easier. Next they should provide their caricom skills certificate. So sure no need for charging them at the ports. But they should at least meet the basic requirements for entry.

    • God Helps Those who Helps Themselves
      May 19, 2019

      Hope you will advocate the same regulations for the ‘Spanish’ who don’t speak English and also request certificates confirming their
      ‘skills’ before entering Dominica. What are the basic requirements of entry do the ‘Spanish’ meet

  24. Everything Crash
    May 17, 2019

    With the latest episode of the evil man that is making it’s round on social media, I think Hon. Linton can take a break for now because I feel The Lord has fought the battle for us and TRULY delivered us from the EVIL One. It’s done people and we didn’t even have to fight. His gods have left him and God is with us. Thank you Mr. Linton. May God bless you, your family, the patriots all over and Dominica. It’s over for the evil one he can’t stand again. I am now calling on those 8 ministers Skerrit embarrassed in public to resign gracefully. I also want to call on all of his new candidates to resign even if it means you have to return his Jumbee money, whicj by the way will not serve you well.

  25. James
    May 17, 2019

    They must manage the number of Dominicans going to Antigua, Tortola and St. Maarten. This statement sounds like something Donald Trump would say. Remember many of the Haitians can vote so i hope they against this nationalistic imperialist policy of Mr. Linton.

  26. Winston
    May 17, 2019

    In 2012 at macousrie near salsbury the dishonourable skerrit stated that he want to be pm till 2050 so he intend to import a million hatians to archieve this goal and dilute d locals

  27. Anthony P. Ismael Minister of Free Pampers
    May 17, 2019

    It’s time for the body politic to start embracing a 10 year plan for Dominica. The plan must be clear and political leadership must lend from other successful models when and where necessary. Politicians need to start thinking and planning at a much higher level than the 5-year model that we have unfortunately embraced. We need to be strategic thinkers and take advantage of our centralized location within the Eastern Caribbean and expand our port facilities.

  28. %
    May 17, 2019

    Linton, i must admit that the Skerrit wicked regime is falling apart because of your responsible and exquisitely mature opposition! Oh how much you have grown in a short space of time, and oh how much you have captured the love and support of so many former labourites.
    I have been waiting for a statement on the Haitian issue for months ..Notice that you fell short of asking for an audit of all the US$400.00 per head collected so far. We will clash horns mr Linton,very fast too, if a myriad of forensic investigations are not conducted on all suspicious dealings you will notice after assuming office.To cleanse corruption, it has to start from the top.
    Why didn’t you ask for the stadium to launch your (our) 21candidates..Can the boulevard accommodate 20 to 25 thousand people? I doubt! Does Roseau have the space for this massive influx of vehicles?
    Skerrit can buy
    Skerrit can sell
    Skerrit can spend $$
    But Skerrit cannot win Linton.
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    LAZY Skerrit…

  29. Anthony P. Ismael, Minister of Free Pampers
    May 17, 2019

    I admire Hon. Linton’s courage, but I vehemently disagree him “Managing” the number of Haitians who enter the country. Please do not start appealing to the fringes of the Dominican electorate. Please read the Singapore Model on Economic Development. Dominica lacks the required population to compete locally, regionally and internationally. Consult with your economic advisers and find a balance between, sovereignty, protectionism and growth. Do not allow recent complaints by lazy Dominicans to be your saving grace. There is no price control on island and the Haitians are ready, willing and able to work and compete for work, hence the difference in price. The Dominican employee do not have the right to simply overcharge their customers, simply because they are Dominican nationals.

  30. ChangeIsAMust
    May 17, 2019

    Finally! Mr Lennox We have to get rid of them Haitians! you are indeed the man for Dominica!

    • God Helps Those who Helps Themselves
      May 18, 2019

      Really! What about the so called ‘Spanish’ plying their trade all over
      Dominica, and then sending all our money back to their country. At least Haitians are working legitimately to support themselves and families and paying their taxes. We need to see control of the
      number of ‘Spanish’ entering Dominica. What exactly are they contributing to our economy?

    • Joseph John
      May 18, 2019

      So is this a form of racial profiling. What about people coming from other countries. No immigration policy ? Does this mean that the Hon Lennox Linton, Parliament official opposition leader have no clue on the meaning of policy, of CARICOM ? Does he know that he cannot have an immigration policy based on racial prejudice. Does he want to have contentions with the UN ?
      Does he have any clue as to the role of the opposition leader after 4 years ? Much less the role of the PM as Head of State. Does he ever have reason or understanding of anything?

    • Joseph John
      May 18, 2019

      Yes Linton, you are the man. You can continue to say ” I’m Bad”…..I am one big bad dog. You take no prisoners.
      You are the man who will expel all Haitians, Chinese, Whites, Latin and Kalinagos ( (Caribs). Dominica will only have people who look like you and talk, talk and talk like you. Wow. Globalization and the international reduction of racial profiling is not for you, not for Dominica.
      Now you can continue to disparage the Dominica-Chinese bridge and the new hospital. Wow. What power. And that is the racial ticket on which you will win the next election and become the next PM. CONGRATULATIONS, BIG DOG !

    • viewsexpressed
      May 18, 2019

      “Change is a must yes, but n matters like this we have too be seen diplomatic and concerned and these Haitians are our brothers and sisters where a failed corrupt incompetent President and baby Some ran Haiti and decreased it to poverty, begging, homelessness and Haitians are fleeing like a flock of bids seeking refuse and food and comfort. We must kick Skerrit that UWP Hon Linton will have the speech and courage and decency to build up our Domininca, but they can`t do it on their own, we need to raise the resources and that is you, me, business people, volunteers etc to return our Domininca to one of peace, tranquillity and hour and Isle of splendour and plenty to offer. Lets get this ODD Minister clown, Skerrit out of our government, he has been this failure and this incompetent. He has been hopeless. We Welcome Hon. Linton and his decent UWP Team. Change is a Must. Get out Skerrit: We welcome Hon Lennox Linton. Amen

      • Joseph John
        May 20, 2019

        Does your big dog, model and patriot know anything about brotherhood. Does he know what “brothers and sisters” mean. You say now is the time to be diplomatic. You man hide your true self and lie. Just as rivers flow from the mountains to the sea without changing course LINTON WILL NEVER CHANGE. Because he does not want to change. You do not put hogs in palaces and expect them to change. He has no empathy and is as arrogant as a right wing extremist.
        What is his tract record ? What are his qualifications ? Experience ? What competence has he displayed. Now is the time to display his assets .

    • Gary
      May 18, 2019

      Such a comment is based on willful ignorance, It is very sad.

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