NATURAL HEALING: Understanding Change

Malaika Durand-Kakudji

I was having a conversation the other day about life; actually it was about death (which is part of life). More specifically, it was about suicide. I know this is a very morbid topic to begin with, but stay with me. I was speaking to someone whom I hold in very high esteem. We broached the topic of despair, and the act of suicide. This is what I observed during the course of the discussion: “When someone commits suicide, it’s as if they believe that their situation- their state- will never change (for the better), when in fact, that is the only thing it can do”. I then realized that what we were really talking about was the nature of this reality, which is that of evolution or constant change. Whatever it is will change, and then change again. To resist change is to work against the flow of the Universe.

Why do I say that this life rests on the concept of change? Because, if we sit in observation of nature we will notice that nothing remains the same over a protracted time.  This example is very cliché, but very true. Since we are part of nature, it then follows that we (our physical selves) do not remain the same either. Deepak Chopra says that we inhabit several bodies in this lifetime. If you look in the mirror right now, you will not see the same face staring back at you as two years, or even six months ago. The change may be subtle, but it is undeniable. The body you inhabited at five years of age has now changed into what you see before you today. You would think that with something being so inevitable, we would have to accept it right?

Well, why is it exactly the opposite with most of us? I say “us”, because I have struggled with this myself. Why do we resist what is an absolute must? Because we are attached to things as they are, and fear the unknown. Attachment and fear are the result of the need for security as experienced by our egoic self. That is the simple answer, but anyone and everyone who has wrestled this knows that it is not so easy to accept having to let go. We want things to stay the way they are when they are going well.   Sometimes even when they are not going so well, at least we know what to expect, right?

I am here to tell you now that this is the basis of unnecessary suffering in our lives. I’ll use myself as an example (as usual), and let you in on one phase of my development. I was very reluctant to let go of the hope for a particular relationship even when it became apparent to me that it was useless. In fact, it was never a relationship. It was an unhealthy exchange between two insecure people. Anyway, I was finally forced to surrender when this individual moved away (and even then I tried to hold on). But this was after much intense heartbreak. So, fast forward some years later and it dawned on me that the entire time I was bound to this person, I had hinged the whole thing on one thing this person had said to me. One thing, which I thought was so life-changing, so important that I couldn’t let go.

It gets deeper. This statement, I now look back and realize that it may not even have been be true! It may have been, but that is not guaranteed. And you know what? That is fine. I have moved on thoroughly, so there is truly no emotion left from the memory but remembering it was like a key that gave me some insight into my behavior. Now I am willing to entertain the possibility that this may have been a fabrication, it may have been heartfelt, or it may have simply changed over time. Yet, here I was at the time subconsciously holding this person to that one statement. And worse yet, I was holding myself prisoner to what I thought it meant. I was resisting the change which was apparent: He no longer wanted to develop a relationship with me. The process was agonizing. It did not have to be though.

Now, the story has a happy ending-apart from being married to a very committed person- I have a lifelong lesson to apply when I need it. Since change is always going to be part of life, I always need it. This is the lesson: Sometimes we experience change as small or gradual and sometimes it is sudden, or unexpected or even dreaded. Either way, resisting is going to create more conflict, more sadness and more anger. What is the solution? Remember the example I gave you of nature being a template for change? Well, this example is important because of the cyclical basis of nature. It means that although things are constantly changing, there is constancy in the change! Isn’t that good news? We have the dry season and the rainy season every year, year after year. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, day after day.

What this tells us is that the underlying essence of life is unwavering. Eventually, it all comes back around to the ultimate reality which is unseen and constant. Please rest in the awareness that there is more to life than that which we see with our physical eyes and know that your stability lies within. All change is eventually moving us in the direction of our origin, just like the hands on the face of a clock.  It does not mean that you should take leave of this reality and  not plan or visualize your future, but it simply means that you should work with whatever change is occurring and not against it. It then becomes easier to see the support which is always there for you. Develop stillness of the mind with meditation, that way you feel connected with our Source and are unfazed by the rolling landscape of this paradigm.

Below I have included a very simple tool called the Inner Ease Technique which will help you to feel calm no matter what change you are experiencing, or just to help you feel lighter! I practice this myself.

Inner ease technique

You can use this technique to affirm self-love and to reduce stress.  It will be most helpful if you try to use this technique three times a day for the next week.  It takes only a minute or two:  three simple steps:

Step 1:  Place your hand over your heart.  This gesture in itself releases oxytocin.
Step 2:  As you breathe, imagine your breath is coming in and out through the center of your heart.  This will drop you into your heart center.
Step 3:  On the in breath imagine you are breathing in compassion, ease, and love.  Exhale normally.

Try it right now and notice the change in energy you experience.  Do this exercise a couple of times each day.
You can also use this technique when you sense anxiety, fear, anger or any other stress producing emotion.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”  Charles Darwin

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  1. January 10, 2013

    The problem of suicide is a difficult one to speak – or write – about. The lady has done it bravely. She has shared insights with us that are worth considering. I found it helpful that she made a connection between being “born again” and suicide. People commit suicide because they find themselves in unbearable circumstances. It may be physical, mental, relatonal, or financial. But, as the writer has said, they don’t believe it will change. These are people who have lost hope. This is why the NEW BIRTH is so important. The Bible tells us we are all sinners. Our sin has brought spiriual death upon us which means it has separated us from God. “…so death passed upon all men, for all have sinned.” (Romans 5:12) But there is a solution to this problem. The Bible shows that Christ died for our sins. This means He paid the penalty so we can be forgiven. We read “…God commendeth (or demonstrated) his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) When we receive Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour He reconnects us to God and we have eternal life. The Bible says “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.” (1 John 5:2) This is what it means to be born again! Now here it is. This new birth is what gives us hope! The Bible says “…God…hath begotten us again unto a lively hope… (1 Peter 1:3) To say that in modern English without changing the meaning we would say “…God has given us new birth into a living hope…” He frees us from the guilt of the past and delivers us from the fear of the future! We have His promise “…I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20) I invite you to visit my website Listen to the SERMONS “The New Birth” and “Coping with Discouragement”. Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  2. Roberta
    December 6, 2012

    It is a strange thing: But many persons–especially the Religious–who oppose Suicide and Abortion support Capital Punishment!

    • January 17, 2014

      We oppose suicide and abortion because these acts are the taking of innocent life. :cry:

      We are for captial punishment because it is the execution of a guilty person who has taken an innocent life. 8)

      Many of us believe that capital punishment for murder is the only thing that guarrantees the murderer will not kill again. Even a life sentence does not prevent a murder from doing it again as inmates (a) are sometimes released, (3)sometimes break out, (3) sometimes kill other inmates in the prison. It also serves as a deterent. People are less apt to kill if they know they will be executed if they’re caught. All murder is bad but some murder is so very horrific (children, women, torture, etc.) it is hard to imagine any punishment less than captial punishment being suitable. :twisted:

      In the Old Testament capital punishment was mandated for various crimes including murder. The Old Testament law ended when Christ died. (John 19:30, Romans 10:4) Capital punishment is not divinely mandated in the New Testament. However, God has now given human governments the right and responsibility to make and enforce their own laws and we are to obey these laws according to Romans 14:1-4 as long as they don’t require us to disobey God’s Word to us in the New Testament. In other words any “law” that commanded us not to read the Bible, pray, worship, and preach the gospel, and obey our New Testament Scriptures, etc., would be invalid to true Christians. God would not require us to obey that law. This could apply to many situations. But here is just one example. Please read and compare Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 4:18-20. 8)

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Pentecostal Evangelist.

  3. smh
    December 5, 2012

    Such a well written positive article and the comments are full of religious nuts going off on a tangent because of the mention of suicide. smh

  4. Dr. Lucia john
    December 3, 2012

    In life, there is something called Surrender. Sweet Surrender to the God within you, whatever name you choose to call that God. This is Trust at its highest level. Those who have reached that crucial moment of having nowhere to turn and no one to turn to, it seems that once they just remember to call on God for help, even out of desperation, frustration, or even engage Him in a confrontational conversation of the usual ‘why me’ – any communication at all at this point directed towards God brings immediate and startlingly pleasant results. These are the ones who live to tell the tale, and change their lives from whatever brought them to that point in their lives to a more balanced, ethical, altruistic, loving life with good or higher morals. That person finds deeper meaning in life. I have treated several persons on the verge of suicide, and every single one of them had an interesting, inspiring story when the ordeal was over.

    Life is a school where divine beings, made in the image and likeness of God but clothed in human garb, learn to become Children of God.

    There is a reason for everything and every experience in life. Nothing is useless or baseless. If we understand the underlying reason, then we move on to the next experience and next level. If we don’t understand, or miss the point, the lesson keeps repeating itself and sometimes this experience can push us to the edge. This is what happens when we do not accept change.

    We are not free to take our own lives if we so wish. Life has a goal. Life is like a supreme play and we are all playing a part in it. The image is supposed to shine like its Original. Oneness with God, Perfection, Wholeness, that is our goal, everyone of us, no exception.

    Every action in life has consequences. Fulfilling life’s goal has its rewards and cutting life short has its consequences also. Just as cutting short the life of anyone else has dire consequences…

    • December 6, 2012

      Amen! I love that!

  5. Piper
    December 3, 2012

    In the case of suicide, the change you referred to can only be for the better because your premise is based on the fact that anything is better than death. That is true provided the person takes steps to make it better. Left to itself, the (change in) pain could get worse.

    Sometimes change can be good, but I have seen examples of change which were very devastating. I suppose one can always learn from mistakes (change) that they make. But sometimes people think the grass is greener on the other side only to find there is no grass on the other side of the fence.

  6. pisceangoddess
    December 3, 2012

    Love the positive vibes you exude positivity and i love that. Alignment with one’s self and the universe helps us to accept change that which is inevitable.

    thanks for posting this.

  7. Dr. Lucia John
    December 2, 2012

    Change is happening in the entire creation and in our lives. This is why Christ told us; Be still and know that I AM God. Experience the stillness of life within you. Experience the ocean of life. This is what is within you, nothing less. This silence stillness is TIMELESS. Time only exists in the field of change,. Man, being made in the image and likeness of God, can experience God within himself in the stillness of his heart. It is the meditation day and night, or morning and evening that brings that blessed silence out to be lived in daily life.

    Very sweet article, I love it.

    Man is created in the Image and Likeness of God, means that we are actual Holograms of God. A hologram has all the attributes of the original. Now, We have free will because God, our original, has Free Will, so we can function from any area or extremity of life. Life is full in God, as if empty in material creation, but full again when one integrates the fullness of God within with the emptiness of material life.

    The world is living in upheaval, because the people choose to live in emptiness when fullness is right within reach, within each one of us. The silence within, the stillness, is TIMELESS.

    The soul of Man IS ‘spirit’ – can’t be seen with physical eyes, can’t be hurt, can’t be born and cannot die. It is everlasting. Living the life of the spirit is living a timeless life. This is the ‘end of time’ that we hear so much about. Not the end of life on Earth!!!

    Those who understand the message will learn to dive deep within themselves twice a day, and live the life of the spirit instead of just the life of the body that will get sick and wither away like a tree whose roots have been cut off from its source of nourishment; the living waters located deep within us in the silence of our own hearts.

    When one meditates, one enters into the stillness of one’s heart. Several things happen. In that silence, one can listen to God, one becomes used to functioning with one’s Inner Self, one’s Higher Self, the divinity within, the soul, the divine part of us.
    This Self is written with a big S. The personality and body make up the little self with a little s which lives in the ever-changing world, learning the lessons necessary to integrate life in Wholeness, Holiness.

    As one meditates regularly and takes part in the chosen field of life, one integrates the two extremes of life, silence and activity. This is the life that we are called upon to live. This is what we call a Saint, or a Prophet. This is the New Man who will then create a new Earth. Heaven will descend on Earth because Man will live the Will of God as his own will. Holiness does not belong to the saints only, it also belongs to everyone on Earth. It is our birthright and this is what Christ came to tell us when He said, ‘Ye are gods’

    Christ said, ‘I and the Father are one.’ Where is the Father? In the Kingdom. Where is the Kingdom? Within each and every one of us, so experiencing the silence, stillness within is actually experiencing GOD. Regular practice day and night, morning and evening makes it permanent. Only fullness of Self can understand God, because Self is like a drop and God is the Ocean. self is like the movement of the waves on the surface of the ocean. This is why, in stillness, one leaves the constant activity and movement of waves, to settle down to the ocean. This is why the drop can experience the ocean and say with awe, I AM! ‘One must lose the self to gain the Self…’

    This is why anyone can be returned to their normal state of peace of mind, goodness, good health, tolerance, compassion, love etc. regardless of their station in life at the moment. It is said that the wages of sin is death, but stress is what causes one to sin and to want to remain on the outer limited side of life. experiencing inner silence morning and evening brings deep rest to the body, and deeply rooted stresses are eliminated so anger, rage, frustration fear, and all the other negative emotions and habits simply lift off,

    • December 4, 2012

      The soul of Man IS ‘spirit’ – can’t be seen with physical eyes, can’t be hurt, can’t be born and cannot die–commentary

      Thanks to you Dr. John. It seem as if you were speaking my mind–but that too, is normal because, as Christians we ought to be “one” in the Spirit, all of us who are connected to God Almighty, through Holy Spirit in our conscience. He might speak through us with different wordings, but His message is the same meaning.

      Holy Spirit can also call on us to correct to correct each other, for the benefit of the lesser advantaged. So pertaining to your opinion above, I just want to remind the rest of us that the soul within us is not exactly secure as you said it above–otherwise Jesus would not warn us about the mishap of: “a man who gains the whole world but loses his soul. I am sure that many of us here has read that in the Bible, or we may have heard the preaching about it.

      In fact, the whole message in the Bible speak to mankind about reconciliation to the God of Spirit and Truth—this message is the like the “blue print” for the way of Life of the soul—the guidance is from conscience, the home of Holy Spirit, who take this guidance to the mind, by which rest will happen in the soul. The way of our soul is manifested to others around us, through our attitude and conducts—you will know who you are within, by the compliments of Holy Spirit to you, through those who witness your ways—that compliment can be consistent exaltation, or always rebuke, whoever your inner self has demonstrated more frequently.

      God Almighty is “Spirit!” He cannot be born and He cannot die. That is true. But the “soul” and the “Spirit” are not the same, for that “soul” must be “born again”, said Jesus Christ. “That which is born of flesh is flesh, and that which is born of Spirit is spirit”

      We must be “born again” because Adam was given Life in the Spirit, when God breathed His Likeness of Love in him. But Adam defiled that Likeness of Love, when he agreed to interact with Lucifer, the angel who use him and his wife, Eve to rebel against his own Creator–we all know what his other names are in this world.

      As human beings we enter existence, in this world, with a soul which is spiritually dead; for that is the death which our first parents Adam and Eve suffered, before they entered the process of conception and reproduction. That is the reason we are known as sinners in the Bible, unless we have settled this condition by faith in Jesus Christ, who died that we might have the Life, as saints of God, the Father.

      If we study the conception of Jesus through his mother’s womb, we might stop to ponder about God’s true plan of conception for the reproduction of our species–we human beings. We were not created to be who we are today. And God is after the redemption of souls to again dwell with His Image and Likeness, Love.

      Hence we, as the offspring of Adam and Eve inherited the death condition from them–existence with a carnal mind and a “dead or sleeping soul” from the beginning. But God has prepared His manner of change for those of us, who are His chosen people–most certainly not every human being of this world

      God’s intention for the offspring of Adam and Eve was that we would live the Life of Love, in harmony with Him, who is Love, in Spirit and Truth. And He has made provisions for His people to become reconciled to Him, with that change, which we can only acquire by faith–not by works, lest any man should boast.

      And so, by our steadfast faith and trust in His authority of Life in us, He gives us the Life of Love, by first bringing our “dead or sleeping soul” into revival, quickening, or awakening. That is the only time we can stop to know the stillness that is of peace and joy from God, who is Love.

      Then and only then, will we know that God Almighty, Eternal Spirit, Christ in the Man named Jesus, is walking with us and talking with us, telling us that we are His own; being rooted and grounded in Love, knowing the fullness of God—of Spirit, Truth, and Holiness—for we will be like Him; just not Him.

      Otherwise the soul remains in it sleeping condition, sedated by the noise and haste of this world, as the mind receives, process es, and produces the seeds, of every poison, which are sowed on its ground–causing more and more death to its possessor, who is the person of its the soul. That sleeping condition of the soul is known as “spiritual death” according to the Word of God.

  8. Bob
    December 2, 2012

    Suicide is a personal matter and choice.

    I see nothing wrong with it.

    Why should anyone feel or be compelled to exist if he/she opts not to.

    None of us chose to be here. Hence: “to be or not to be is the (ultimate personal) Question.”

    • hmmm
      December 4, 2012

      when people in their good time they doesn’t think of suicide. they happy happy happy they have life. they does even forget and not show appreciation to whoever blessed them with it so when they want to take it away, they need to take it up with the one who created them some way some how. suicide is a personal matter but there IS something wrong with it!

  9. out of south city
    December 2, 2012

    Sistah Malaika,

    I must admit that change does not come easily and your piece on “understanding change” will not be accepted very well with the media fans because many people are very blind to reality. Most of our people do not believe that the body goes through change when the breath ceases.
    Certain minds have been conditioned to think a certain way and so change is not one that many are willing to accept.
    Religion is the cause of our myopic state of consciousness and since most of us do not like change it is very difficult for us to let go of these religions that we have allowed ourselves to be controlled by. What makes it worse is that questioning the origin/s of these religions has not been something that we see a need for.
    I was a Christian but when I realized that there is something more to life than Christianity I had to change my way of life. If we know our history as African people we would never accept the Biblical stories that have been used to control our minds. I do not belong to any religion. I have come to realise that we were not sinners when we were born, neither were we religious. These were forced on us even when we had no notion about them. Tell me when a baby is born what does he/she knows about sin and religion?
    As far as I have read, according to history, our ancestors were always a spiritual people and they were a people who were one with the universe.
    I concur when you said that “all change is eventually moving us in the direction of our origin”. That’s why I believe that regardless of how the situation is on the greatest planet(Africa), that one day it will rise again in all it’s power and glory just like it was before.
    We are from the earth and therefore we are one with nature and the universe. That’s why our ancestors from Egypt (Africa) could build these great Pyramids not even using modern technology. They were such great creators that the minds of men are still baffled at this present moment.
    We do need to meditate so as to find peace, tranquility and new ideas. I was meditating one morning before I went to work and I heard the birds just chirping away. That was so relaxing and amusing to me that I just smiled. I then remembered Bob Marley’s song, Three Little Birds. We need to appreciate nature and look not to destroy it.
    Nature sustains us and if we intentionally destroy it we also destroy a part of ourselves. We should use what we need from nature in order to survive but that’s not what is being done at the present moment.
    If we look at the way things are going on at this present moment, with all of the weapons of mass destruction that are being used, herein lies what I mentioned above that to destroy nature means destroying a part of us. As I have mentioned in previous comments, development comes with a price.

    Peace and love to you, my sistah! Keep on writing.

  10. Dr. Lucia John
    December 2, 2012

    Great article!

    I think the writer means that when one commits suicide, it is because the person thought that their situation will never change…they see no escape from the thoughts that badger them, especially vicious, intrusive, persistent, and negative thoughts. If the problem, whatever it may be is an anthill, they see and feel it as a mountain weighing down on them. To them it is very real, so real, that they see no other way out but to end their life here and now. They usually cannot fall asleep, and if they do, they have nightmares. They may even hallucinate – to make matters worse. Therefore they feel that life is a place where they do not belong, neither in sleep, nor in dream nor in the waking state.

    They withdraw from friends and family because they are so caught up with the processes going on in their own minds.
    This is a crucial time for friends and family to help this person to experience stillness of the mind through meditation. (Transcendental Meditation gives this experience of stillness from the first session) get the person out of the stressful environment. This is the time for the person to call out to God and build on their personal relationship with God regardless of their religion, or what name they call Him.

    The mind is like an ocean, and when one is stuck in a situation, it is like being stuck in a wave, frozen in time and space. It is like looking at the real ocean, but living it like a picture of the ocean. It is important is to get the person to experience the ocean again, and they see the insignificance of the one wave that they were stuck in. This is where meditation comes in. The result is immediate! As soon as the mind gets quiet, the individual sees the smallness of the situation. It is only an infinitely small part of the whole picture. Therefore, the person begins to live a normal life again.

    Life is EVER changing.Someone who sees the underlying EVER in the constant change of life will not go on to commit the act of suicide. I think this is the point she wants to bring across.

    The writer is right when she says that the whole of life is change. It is made up of Creation, maintenance and destruction. You take a seed and throw it in the mud, the seed is destroyed, but the sprout is created then maintained as a sprout long enough to gain strength to become a stem. The sprout is destroyed, and the stem is created. The stem is maintained as a stem for the support of the tree. Later, a bud is created, the bud dies, but a beautiful flower is created, maintained with fragrance and finally it is destroyed to give rise to the creation of the fruit. The fruit ripens and rots or is eaten to expose the seed and the whole process is repeated again and again. This is the eternity of life – from seed to tree to seed again. This is the range of life.

    • December 4, 2012

      The writer, of this news article, presented her point on suicide ineffectively.

      She meant to say that when a person commits suicide it is because that person did not see the authority of change in his or her Life, in other words that person simply accepted that wicked command of his or her mind—that action is not pleasing to the God of Life, and on the other side of the grave, there is no process of change; but there is the gathering for the judgment, which will decide our place in Eternity.

      But there is change for every one of us, now and then–it is a choice which we make; and to allow the changing effects in our lives—which has nothing to do with the physical, because God is the only Person who can make those changes in us—once again, He is of Spirit.

      Otherwise, we continue the way we are, because in all cases change demands commitment, in all forms, and since people do not want to make those commitment–that will interfere with their present lifestyle—that is the reason Jesus said the door of the gate that leads to Eternal Life is a narrow door; only a few will enter.

      The thought suicide is the worst kind of distress, which leads to a dangerous state of despair in a person’s mind; but that person chose to allow that production in their mind through “free will”, for they do not have the truth in their minds, that God Almighty in His Person, Jesus Christ, is their gracious deliverer. Many people want a cure for their ailment, as it happens today, for tomorrow, but God knows what He is doing in our live, we have to maintain, faith and trust in His authority.

      The act of suicide is a rebel against God; that person refused to call on Him, because they were actually angry with Him in the first place. And so there is nothing no one can do to help that person–unless he or she is willing to go for the change of better-nees–instead of committing that disgusting crime against his or her self.

      And by the way, change must happen before we pass away in the body, because the mind goes to its “subconscious” sleep in the grave, as the physical body decays back into its form of dust, until the day of resurrection–when judgment will be called. Those who passed away in Life will continue in Life and those who passed away in death will continue in death, it is the same for those of us who were found in existence, at the return of Jesus Christ.

      One again, that death condition in us, means complete separation from the God of Life, who desired that all would live; but some people chose not to take heed–it was their own choice. Those of us who are now in existence today, we still have the choice, not to leave this world in our state of death, but we will not be making that choice, if we continue to focus on “religion” “culture” “church denomination” and all the other nonsense that I read here from some commentators.

  11. Home Alone
    December 2, 2012

    Positive vibes!! Great commentary.

  12. The Deanvoy
    December 2, 2012

    Wakeup people. Are you people for real? Is there anything about this article that’s inspiring? In my humble opinion this is just a whole lot of NEW AGE mumbo jumbo.

    I am the one who has a problem here? Or is it something wrong with human kind on a whole? Then we turn around and wonder why is society the way it is?
    The problem here is that some of us leave our little island state to go further our education but in the process we allow our minds to be poisoned by all this nonsense they have at those so called schools.
    My people wise up. The Good book says the Dragon is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. There is a battle going on for the mind of the individual, hence if we are not grounded in the TRUTH (JESUS CHRIST) then we will become but easy prey for the enemy. On reading this stuff one might be tempted to think that it is something so uplifting but in reality it is nothing more than another snare of the master deceiver to keep mankind in bondage.
    Someone may ask, why am I saying this? Well, it’s simple. If you read between the lines you will see that the article has nothing to do with NATURAL HEALING but everything to do with HER, NEW AGE AGENDA. Why, you may ask? Well ask youtube, who is Deepak Chopra? This guy has a video posted on youtube for example, here it is: called the way of the wizard. In which at the beginning it states: A wizard exists in all of us. This wizard sees and knows everything. Then at the end of her article she is quoting one of SATAN’s agents which he used to corrupt the mind with this evolutionary RUBBISH. Still not convinced?

    And the LORD (Not the cosmic christ whom these people seek to promote): “To the Law and testimony : if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them” Isaiah 8:20.

    These people with their agenda always talking about light, energy and the universe, yet fail to accept the true light of the world: the man Christ Jesus the righteous One. For He says I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. John 8:12
    For these people with there brain washed intelligence and their hidden motives, the word of GOD is never good enough for them to use as reference but all those pantheistic writings they can place their hands on are quoted from as if they are the greater light.
    In closing let me say that the only solution to our problem is Jesus Christ and His royal Law. If we would but get back to the basics of life the word of GOD, much of the problems in this world and in our country Dominica would go way. All these like shooting one another down, going into peoples houses and killing them and many other evil would be unheard of. Let us stop being a religious nation but rather one that is living the word of God. Hence we will get out all this spiritual wickedness that’s hidden in high places.
    May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless and keep us as we think upon His words.

    • December 6, 2012

      The Deanvoy

      You have spoken a lot of truth here. I bet you, that many of our Dominican people do not even know what you mean when you speak of “New Age Movement”.

      However,I know about them, they are the false prophets, whom Jesus spoke about, who would be revealed in the last days—based on their teachings.

      You are right pertaining to this article. That is the reason I could not help but to object to the writings in this article.

      As a Spirit filled person, who knows where my Life belong, it is not possible for me accept those things, much more not to point it out to those of us who do not know yet know the “Truth”.

      The things is that, Jesus claims to be the Truth, but people will not give Him the glory, as they do not speak by His influence, who is Holy Spirit. But they are full of grumble and blasphemy as well, against those of us who do so.

      And so the honors and the merits continue to go to the human beings who sole speak about the existence in this world, claiming to be talking about Life, but there is not such thing as Life in the flesh.

      For even Jesus Himself denied His fleshly nature when He said: I can of myself do nothing. Jesus relied on the Power of Eternal Spirit, Christ who lived Him to do the wanders that He did in this world. Jesus tells us that: It is the Spirit who gives Life, the flesh prophets nothing–we can only attain this Life by our faith in Him.

      We need to feed our people with the things of the Spirit–Life in us–when we are connected to God, through conscience by Holy Spirit–otherwise all we are doing is plaguing their minds with further confusion, and confusion causes further doubt in people’s mind—what good is that?

      I also believe that most people do not read or they do not understand what they are reading, you are right; there was nothing inspiring in that news article. You are not alone on this.

      An inspiration is an effect, which enlightens the mind, bringing its state to exaltation. I wonder how were those people enlightened and exalted, as they claimed to have been inspired, here. God help us!

  13. December 2, 2012

    “When someone commits suicide, it’s as if they believe that their situation- their state- will never change (for the better), when in fact, that is the only thing it can do”……..New article

    Having learned about the many reasons for suicide, I cannot accept that statement above. How in heavens name can I discover that one of my loved ones has committed suicide, and to simply say it is for the better—that suggestion cannot be a truth—it is another flaw of human wisdom and philosophy; but God does not approve that attribute in mankind.

    In the first place suicide is a crime against ones-self, hence it is a crime or a sin against God as well, for that person rejected the authority of Life, which is from God, and to take matters in his or her own hands–that is an example of thinking that we have compete control of our lives and so it is all about Me, Myself, and I. Hence “the wages of sin is death”—that is what we receive for taking the matter into our hands–what is the change for the better in a person committing suicide?

    The act of suicide demonstrates that the person has lost complete hope in Life—that is a disgusting product of the carnal mind, in that person, to the flesh—so where is that person going to find this hope by taking their own Life?

    Not only that, the act of suicide is an action that will result in the second death—which is complete separation for the God of Life—for that person most certainly did not accept Life in Jesus Christ, before he or she left this world. But Life in Jesus Christ is the guarantee of our Living Hope for Paradise. And so, once again, I am asking, what is the better-ness that the act of suicide can do for its victim?

    Life is what we all ought to be hoping for—regardless of our race, color, or creed—this stature of Life is a gift from God to us, forevermore—living in His presence with the ecstasy of joy and peace of Love—flesh and bones along with our scocial conducts of this world must have nothing to do with this Life, according to Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul.

    As people of God, we must become lost to the things of the flesh, that we might become found in the things of the Spirit—that is the reason the apostle Paul teaches us: “Do not be conformed to the world, but be transform by the renewing of your mind, that you might know what is the good, and acceptable, and perfect Will of God Almighty” He who is Eternal Spirit, Christ in His Person of Love—His name is Jesus.

    In other words, we must get rid of the functions of the human mind, that we might enter the functions and practice of the Mind of Love, which is of God, He who is of Spirit and Truth. It is only then that we can claim to have Life in us–in any other cases we are still dead and doing the things of death.

    • December 2, 2012

      “Please rest in the awareness that there is more to “Life” than that which we see with our physical eyes and know that your stability lies within. All change is eventually moving us in the direction of our origin”—–News Article

      This idea above sounds much more positive to me; that is one of the reasons, why we cannot accept the act of suicide to result in the “change for the better” I still don’t want to believe that is what the writer intended to say—perhaps the flaw is in the manner of phrasing—it is difficult to know. I do not even understand why suicide is a part of this message.

      As human beings we definitely have an “original form” and this form is perfect, just as God is perfect, for He created us in His Image and Likeness. This likeness has to Love, for God is Love, according to the apostle John, with the theme of Love in the Holy Bible.

      Adam was a perfect man; he was the perfect son of God Almighty, and through him God planned to bring the perfect conception and reproduction of the species of mankind to Life. The man like David of old, would not have written in the Psalm—“In sin did my mother conceive me”, had Adam not defiled that plan of God.

      But Adam had the gift of “free will”—just as we, who are his offspring has the privilege of free will today. Through that gift of free will, Adam chose to defile that perfect body and mind of his, as he partook in the sinful seduction of Satan with his wife Eve.

      No more could God continue to do the works of perfection through Adam and Eve—instead He send them away in the condition of spiritual death, which He had warned them about.

      Through that state of separation from God, Adam and Eve would know of the toil and strife of existing without His Love and authority. We human beings, who are their offspring continue with the same conditions today, unless we acknowledge that we cannot make it without the message of Love from God Almighty; as we must learn what that message is about, and to practice His ways of Life in Spirit and in Truth, for that is who God is.

      In other words, God has kept His plans for Life in His chosen people—who are from the seed of Eve, for Satan, who seduced Eve, through his rebellion against God—he also has his own people in this world to do his evil and wicked works against God’s people. Hence Jesus said: `You will know them by their fruits.

      Again, through the man Nicodemus, Jesus also said: “That which is born of flesh is flesh, and that which is born of Spirit is spirit; do not marvel as I say to you, you must be born again of Water and the Spirit”

      So why must we go back to our original form, and how does this change takes place in us. Look at my understanding below, for this one is already too long.

      • December 2, 2012

        The return to our original form happens by no other way than through our conception of Love. However this return is a choice we make; God loves us, but He will not force His Love on us—that is the reason for the gift of “free will” to begin with.

        And through this gift we either choose God, who wants to live, or we choose the devil, who wants us to continue in our state of death, until we eventually perish with him.

        Jesus tells us through Nicodemus, that we must enter a “new birth” and this birth has nothing to do with the flesh: “For that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of Spirit is spirit”

        Our birth of the Spirit happens when Holy Spirit connects us through conscience, from where He will begin to reform our mind to respond to the things of Life. The reason is because we all entered this world with a carnal condition of our mind, this state of mind cannot respond to the laws of God Almighty.

        Having encountered the “new birth” we enter the process of mind renewal to come to know the good, and acceptable, and perfect Will of God, on our way to Spiritual maturity—just as a baby gradually grows into adulthood—and through a mature mind of the Spirit, we gradually achieve the perfection and completeness that is satisfactory to our God of Love in Spirit and Truth, He who created us to live in His presence without the destruction of His Holiness.

        The perfect plan of our God, for us, is reconciliation to His Love, which is Life in Spirit and Truth. In this Life, God is in complete control, as the apostle Paul tells us: “Mortality is swallowed by Life”. We live but not us that live; it is Christ Jesus who lives in us.

        Faith in God is the major channel by which we attain this Life and its attributes. Hope is our driver, who presses on to the fullness of Life, on our behalf.

        Our destiny is to become rooted and grounded in Love, knowing the fullness of God Almighty, Eternal Spirit, Christ in His Person of Love—the Man whose name is Jesus. We can of our own self do nothing, and so without God and His Love we also have nothing, nothing whatsoever!

    • kakabawi
      December 2, 2012

      Dude, I can see you know some English but it is not 101. Please do a course in “Understanding What I Read”, that will help you.

      • December 6, 2012

        @kakabawi December 2, 2012

        You name identifies your state of mind correctly. No thanks I do not care for, or need anything that you read, I have my own reading materials, and all is about Life in me.

        If you were able to read abd understand what I write–it would help you much more–the same goes for the fools who gave you the thumbs up

    • Listening
      December 2, 2012

      “When someone commits suicide, it’s as if they believe that their situation- their state- will never change (for the better), when in fact, that is the only thing it can do”……. That is to say that while the person believes that their situation is soo terrible it can’t ever get better, but in fact being so bad, life can only get better. At least that is what I got from it.

    • Anonymous
      December 3, 2012

      I believe you misunderstood the opening words of the writer. She was merely pointing out that in the mind of the person contemplating suicide there seems hope when in fact the reality if they don’t take their life things would only change for the better for them.

      If you didn’t get that from the early words you should have at least got it from the message flowing throughout the rest of the message.

      • December 4, 2012


        Except that is your personal understanding–it not expressed in the writer’s opinion at all. The saying that “when a person commit suicide” does not tell me that the person stopped to ponder about the idea and to change his or her mind–and to not do the action.

        Not only that the writer continued with a different theme in her writing as she used her personal examples which is familiar in that lives of most of us.

        And let us remember that thess meassages pertain to “natural healing through a mind that is in complete balance–the primary process of healing and change must happen first and foremost in a person’s mind; the process of this healing and change stops when the person has passed away in the body, as the soul goes to sleep, much worst for if that person commits suicide–that soul is no where to be found in Life with Jesus Christ.

        How do we use the examples of suicide to speak about healing and change in our lives. The thought in the mind, and the act of suicide is complete enmity and denial of the God who wants us to live–there is no blessed reward on the other side of the grave, for a person who commits suicide.

        I am still saying that this subject does not belong in the message of healing and the change for the better in the lives of people–that is all.

    • Thankful
      December 3, 2012

      “When someone commits suicide, it’s as if they believe that their situation- their state- will never change (for the better), when in fact, that is the only thing it can do”……..New article
      Lizavier4Jesus In my understanding the writer is saying, when someone commits suicide or think of committing suicide, they believe that their situation cannot be changed, and that is the reason they commit suicide. However, the writer is saying that whatever the situation is, in fact it will change for the better just that in a suicidal mind the thought of hope is not present at the time and therefore; loses hope. She is not justifying Suicide at all.

      • December 3, 2012

        However, the writer is saying that whatever the situation is, “in fact it will change for the better”– just that in a suicidal mind the thought of hope is not present at the time and therefore; loses hope. She is not justifying Suicide at all.


        You do not understand what you are trying to explain to me either.

        In the first place these messaages are to provoke the mind of the ability of natural healing–suicide is about death and dying–both physically and spiritually, there is nothing in that thought of the mind that provokes the sense of natural healing in person.

        I am a person who has learned how to speak logically, and I must point reasons which are not logical to me, and others like me.

        Secondly, as I have already said the thoughts of suicide is a weakness of the mind, and the person who commits this crime against his or her self, has allowed that weakness to take every strength in him or her–what good is it when weakness has overpowered your stregth?

        But Strength is from God alone, then the person who kills his or her self has denied Gof the glory–where is the better for that person on the order side of the grave, where we must see face to face the change we hav accomplish in Life.

        You mentioned that the writer is not justifying suicide at all–I mentioned that also, when I said that the mistake might be in the manner of phraising or composition–read it again at the top of my second comment. However thank you also for your response to mine

      • December 3, 2012

        has denied God the glory

    • Gary
      December 3, 2012

      Why is it you solely choose to focus on suicide after reading the column as though that was the main theme.It is very sad that you choose to focus on such thing while ignoring the fundamental theme which is understanding what change means to us in our lives.

      Why is it you always use your religious beliefs and dogma to make things true for your self,can you not once use the marvelous thing called the mind given to you by the creator to think and understand things outside a religious setting. Why is it you are putting yourself in a box or imprisoning your self with such beliefs and thinking.I think you should read this column and understand what change is and it’s importance in our lives.There is nothing permanent except change.He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.

      • December 3, 2012

        Sir, as usual I am saying to you “go away already”. I choose a particular thesis in the writing to comment on–in this article the writer did not speak about anything that we all have never experienced and to observe how we challenged that experience, for our victory–if we even got that victory.

        There is no form of human counsel that teach us humans how to deal with our challenges for change and prosperity in this world, we do not even have control of returning to our “original form” the form in is that will be acceptable to the God who created us. Unless you are one of those who do not belong among “us”

        Otherwise, it long past time to get rid of that old broken gromophone in your sentiment that speaks the same thimg over and over again.

        How many times have I told that I don’t belong in religion. And how can you speak to me about the things of the mind, when you do not have the slightest idea of how yours works? According to the rest of of us here–Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupes!

      • December 5, 2012

        To Lizavier4Jesus

        It is very sad reading some of the things you believe according to you quote “There is no form of human counsel that teach us humans how to deal with our challenges for change and prosperity in this world” believing such thing finally says a lot about your mind set, wow pity you. Famous quote from Benjamin Franklyn.”He that won’t be counseled can’t be helped”. When you said that you do not belong to any religion,i wonder if you really understand yourself to say such thing.You know a wrong concept misleads an understanding. Finally i will leave you with this The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

      • December 6, 2012


        I am repeating what I wrote, for I know it is true, based on personal experience. I am a human being and another human being cannot teach me to deal with the things of my Life–most people who are like will easily understand that; for this counsel is the work of Holy Spirit, and His work alone in me–by my channel of faith.

        There is no form of human counsel that teaches us humans how to deal with our challenges for change and prosperity in this world, we do not even have control of returning to our “original form”.

        If that form in us will be acceptable to the God who created us, we are reformed, by faith and the power of Holy Spirit from conscience–this cannot happen by the wisdom and philosophy of man–get that into that small head of yours.

        I do not care what the Franklins, whoever they are say, they are all human beings like myself–the only knowledge that is important to man is the knowledge of Love and the ways of Love–which is Life in the human being. You try to talk to me about my mind, and you use what someone else says to prove your point–no thank you for me.

        I know very well who I am, I know what is taking place in my Life, and I know where I am heading to. It is you who does not know me, and you never will. I do not belong in religion, now take it or not, what do I care?

        Gary, you cannot understand my language because you do not belong in my ranks, and I am sure that you never will be. So why don’t you accept that and go away already!

  14. Distured
    December 1, 2012

    =_=. Suicide is for cowards and “insurgents”.

    It implies a certain weakness of the mind.

    Meh, just don’t do it. Hell bound is all i can say.

  15. thickness4so
    December 1, 2012

    inspiring words and life lessons indeed!!!

  16. NightRider
    December 1, 2012

    Love that my girl,definitely doing that from now on.

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