A mother's Cry picMothers are the most resilient beings on Earth, and their power is best seen when they must protect their young, and when they are in love with life. From time immemorial, mothers have helped uphold the home by taking care of the children, feeding, serving, and caring for her husband, and constantly forget herself. She also ensures the physical and spiritual wellbeing of spouse and children. Mothers will fight to protect her young when everyone else runs away. In our generation, are mothers giving up the fight?

Mother is like a soft cushion between dad and the children. She is the perpetual peace-maker while absorbing the stress unto herself for the harmony and smooth functioning of the home and safety of the family. When she is rested, home is happy, joyous.

Tiredness brings stress on the nervous system and then mothers experience negative emotions. They are most of the times the first to smell danger.

In order to remain joyous, understanding and tolerant, loving and kind, mothers must find time for themselves so they can rest and rejuvenate.

Laura’s story: (name changed for privacy)

“I wake in the morning, and before brushing my teeth, I must make my husband’s coffee because he leaves home early for work. Right after that, my boys must be ready for school, so I prepare breakfast and their clothes etc.  After that I’m already tired, but now I must prepare myself for work.  I drag my body to work and most of the time, I can’t focus. My memory is also affected and I try to write everything, but sometimes I forget to check what I wrote. In those times, my mood is bad, and I start craving all the things I know are bad for me like chocolate, KFC, coca cola, etc. and on top of that, icy cold water or juice.  When I am like that, I can see my family suffering, but there is nothing I can do. I feel helpless. I know that I need to regain my strength and fast. When I am rested, my body functions well, my mind is clear, alert and stable. I can take the stress of my husband, and the children without being too affected by it.

In the past my husband would help me at home with the chores and with the children’s homework. I had more time to be rested and to be more available to them. But most of the time he comes home drunk from visiting his friends. He used to help when we first got married, but some of his friends called him names and made him feel bad even while I had a new born baby. I used to be slim, but now I am obese and suffer from several chronic illnesses, the best thing my husband found to do was find himself someone younger. I used to cry every day. I felt so betrayed.  I live alone now with the 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

When I started meditating 5 months ago, I had nowhere to turn. I was told by everyone I asked for their opinion on TM that it was the worst thing to do. I prayed about it and one day, I woke up just knowing what to do. I went to the Centre and started and never regretted it.  I wasted 9 years in fear of meditating, but now, it has provided me with answers that no one could give me. The solutions come from within my own mind, especially when I am calm. I can now talk to God and he responds. It’s that simple. In the past, My boys, 15 and 13 used to make me talk till I get tired to have their own way. My daughter would talk back and I would shout. I would pray to God, but would always end up drifting or having a string of negative thoughts and had to stop. They seemed to come especially when I started to pray. Since I started meditating, my mind is much clearer, I feel healthier, have lost a few pounds and feel better about myself. I have stopped shouting at my children and they listen to me more. We meditate together. The home is calm again. My mind is clear, I can focus at work and finish whatever I start.  I also feel the need now to pray with my children so we pray together. Church has taken new meaning for me now and we all go together each Sunday. No questions asked.  With meditation, I feel so peaceful that even when there is a situation that would have angered me in the past, I am surprised that I am not reacting negatively. My children notice also and it makes them happy.’

Laura is not alone in her situation. I have interviewed many mothers who have similar stories and they are getting help from within themselves when they learn to simply settle down and experience their own inner silence.

If a mother would like to get rid of the stresses that bother her, one of the things she can do to regain her inner peace is meditate. Transcendental Meditation twice a day, morning and evening would help her eliminate the stress and regain her authority in the home.  It is on the bases of her own inner peace that her strength lies. A calm mother finds it easy and effortless to manage the home while remaining calm. Such a mother will correct the children with love, and be emotionally available to both children and spouse. She will find time for herself, because she knows that her calmness depends on how rested she is. With meditation, her emotional disturbance or imbalance would be relieved and eliminated.

When children go astray, parents suffer. Mothers suffer the most though. They quickly fall sick, victims of one chronic illness or the other. Almost every chronic illness has an emotional component. This emotional component can easily be balanced with Transcendental Meditation and Ayurvedic Treatments for Rejuvenation. With greater balance, the symptoms begin to dissipate, so you can help your medical doctor to reverse your illness, but you must create an adequate situation in your body/body connection by removing the stress.

Some mothers are often so tired and stressed that they cannot pay adequate attention to the children. The children feel that lack of attention and after some time, they get frustrated and react negatively, stressing the mother even more.

Children grow up very fast. To enjoy their childhood, you must be rested, balanced and in good health. If you are not rested, your child’s childhood will slip by without you even noticing it. When you do notice, you realize that you have a total stranger under your roof. You don’t recognize your baby anymore.

When there is no harmony in the home, both parents get stressed and on edge. The children feel the total lack of love and will seek love and caring outside the home, on the streets, with friends etc. and of course, get into trouble.

Children who grow up with quiet time, prayer, and meditation in the home are much more stable emotionally and this helps them to avoid the pitfalls of adolescence. Children also need a goal to work towards and a stable religious/spiritual structure in their lives.

Transcendental Meditation, also known as TM is a simple, natural, effortless technique for reducing stress and unfolding total brain potential. It is easily learned and practiced for 20 minutes twice a day sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.

The role of mothers on earth is near and dear to the creator. They have the role of raising the children into responsible, evolved and spiritually developed adults who can do the same for the coming generation. This can only be accomplished in the proper way when individuals are free from stress so their bodies, minds, emotions and spirits are balanced and functioning in coherence with each other. Stress breaks down the mind-body coordination and bad decisions are taken, mistakes are made, energy and problem solving ability decrease. The result is more stress, a vicious circle. Clear minds in healthy bodies would make better and more profound decisions resulting in a better society.

Whatever the situation, Transcendental Meditation will help you to eliminate the stresses, clear your mind and be happier and healthier.  You can share the videos below with your friends.

More next week

Dr. Lucia John is a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation and Director of The Maharishi Vedic Health Spa which offers Ayurvedic Treatments which includes body type and how to regain balance, massage, heat treatments, warm oil treatments, cleanses, elimination of toxins, weight-loss, relaxation, yoga, etc. for more information or for a consultation please call  1 767 316 9765      1 767 500 5060  email [email protected]  [email protected]


Lucia John has a doctorate in Vedic Science and Technology which is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India.  Dr. John is also a certified stress therapist, certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation, and is the director of the  Perfect Health Institute, Maharishi Vedic Health Spa and co-director  of the Dominica Institute of Natural Law.

Dr. John can be contacted at tel #’s: 1 767 449 8154 – 1 767 614 0903 – 1 767 275 8154 or at [email protected]

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  1. August 4, 2013

    :) :-D :wink: :( 8-O :lol: :-| :cry: 8) :-? :-P :-x :?:

  2. Anonymous
    July 25, 2013

    :-D :) that is soso true

  3. Be Nice
    May 14, 2013

    I love this article and I appreciate the writer for what she is trying to do.

    I have a neighbor who has 5 children. Every morning I usually wake up to arguments, noise, foul language, foul music, the whole nine yards. Recently not only were parents swearing, but children too.

    For the past two weeks or so, these neighbors were silent, civil to each other and even greeted me a few times. This had not happened in a very long time. I wondered what I had done to them.

    I became very interested in what kind of Busta they were drinking now. I decided to chat with the mother and found out that the whole family now practice Transcendental Meditation. They joined the ADHD group and meditate everyday, twice a day. She is very thankful for the peace that she experiences now, and also for the new relationship with her children. She told me, ‘I don’t know how it happened, but I am happy inside, I don’t swear anymore and I think I am controlling my tongue better. I was really out of control before.’

    I am sharing this comment, because I know that many of our respected Dominicans think that TM is bad. Someone whom I highly respect told me not to do it, but I am thinking that a bad thing cannot give such good results. The girl in the home is about 15 and normally she is not home till very late. I am more and more surprised to see her on their porch in the early afternoon, with a book seemingly studying. She looks much happier and even helps her smaller siblings to do their homework.

    I am awe struck because I tried to just sit and be quiet and I really got to a place within myself where there were no thought. Wide awake, I could hear the cars passing on the street, I heard my clock ticking at a certain moment, so I know that it can be done just by sitting and being silent. The thing is that since that day, I have tried it a few times, but I have thoughts each time. I understand better now, the usefulness of a technique. It makes it almost automatic. My neighbor confirmed it.

    She also shared that she had so many bad thoughts that actually pushed themselves into her mind without her having the power to chase them effectively. She was even having suicidal thoughts. Now, she said, her head is clear, her mind is clear and she feels a happiness deep within her that she loves but cannot understand. she thinks she does not deserve happiness for all the bad she has said and done.

    As a people, we need to check things before telling a population that something is as bad as we say that TM is. Investigate, you must find out the truth if you do so with an open mind. I would like to share a link that was very helpful for me.

    If you are a mother, you need to see what is right and good for your children and make a decision based on your findings, not based solely on what someone said someone else told them. Your children are your responsibility.

    I think it is worth my while to try the TM Technique and I will visit their Center in the coming week. I will share my experience on DNO so those mothers who are suffering to raise their children with no where to turn can get the benefits that my neighbors are experiencing. I believe that a loud and aggressive nature is bad, calm and inner peace is good, impatience and anger are bad, tolerance is good. Judging others with no basis is bad, communicating is good. I hope this will help others to turn their turbulent homes around and give their children a chance at life.

    One word of advise, When people tell you not to meditate, just tell them to give you an alternative, because I am convinced that if they had one, they would have given it to the people without them even having to ask. I thank God for opening my eyes.

  4. Anonymous
    May 8, 2013

    Liz Xavier even replying to her own post, lol look madness in the place. And who ask you to make husband coffee, who cares? My husband makes his own coffee and mine and he gets up early to go to work very far, woman get a damn life! :mrgreen:

    • May 9, 2013

      @Anonymous May 8, 2013

      The joke is on you. At least you know that there a person with the identity of “Lizavier4Jesus”–you even know that I am a “SHE” but who are you?

      I do not reply to my own post–it would mean that I ma contradicting my opinion. But I cut out the long message that DNO does not want–and you people cannot read. But how could your silly mind understand such sophisticated input?

  5. May 6, 2013

    I start craving all the things I know are bad for me like chocolate, KFC, coca cola, etc. and on top of that, icy cold water or juice–Laura

    Since we are talking about Natural Healing, which can only happens through the state of Mind, the above habit or practice would demand extreme self-control, first and foremost.

    Self-control is one of the Nature of the Spirit, where Life exist in us–the flesh profits nothing. In the Spirit we remain whole and complete regardless of the circumstances of the day–if we know how to come out of the flesh and to enter the Spirit by faith.

    Joy and Peace is the Supernatural Essence–the energy that moves us on our way. But as I have already said, if we are not focused on the aspects of the Spirit, we cannot know its effect.

    However the effects of the Spirit is what gives us awareness of Life in us; otherwise we are simply moving about in our mortal state, the state of existence, controlled by our human senses and a mind in its carnal condition, which only responds to the things of death.

    There is no getting out of that carnal state of mind and our death condition, unless we acknowledge that we can overcome that condition in us. And faith is the weapon we need to overcome–nothing physical and emotional will work, for there is no feeling in faith.

    • May 6, 2013

      “I wake in the morning, and before brushing my teeth, I must make my husband’s coffee because he leaves home early for work. Right after that, my boys must be ready for school, so I prepare breakfast and their clothes etc. After that I’m already tired, but now I must prepare myself for work. I drag my body to work and most of the time, I can’t focus—Laura

      All I perceive in that passage above, is that Laura found no joy in caring for her family, for whatever reason, only she alone knew what is was, or perhaps it was hidden in the back of her mind.

      But without that kind of peace and joy, nothing in her existence would give her fulfillment–her crave for junk food was a way she believed she could fill up the emptiness within her.

      I would imagine that every wife and mother has that kind of responsibility; for with husband and school children, breakfast must be made–that would be the job of the mother in the majority of cases. A loving wife and mother would find her joy in having such responsibility–not feeling tired to the point of having to drag herself to work.

      I perceive that Laura’s conflict was within herself; when we do not understand what is happening to us, we often plaster our problem on something else–it is quite possible that was what Laura was doing.

      A wife and mother who is already tired, after having prepared her family and herself for work and school, is definitely plagued with an inward conflict, which she alone can acknowledge, so to determine how she is going to have victory against that conflict. Her faith is the Spiritual weapon, which provokes Divine Intervention–with that weapon we cannot lose.

      Life is in the Spirit, and when we have this Life in us, there is nothing that we cannot conquer. Jesus said: “In this world you will have trials and tribulations, but be of good cheer, “I have overcome the world”

      What we all must learn to do as human beings, is to stop thinking that we can do it by our own strength. The human strength in us is limited–when it expires there is no refill renewal, regeneration or whatever way the force in us will return. We have to rely on the Strength of the Spirit–day in and day out, every minute of the day.

      Once again faith is the only channel that will link us to Life in the Spirit–there is no other way; but to trust and obey, to be happy in Life in Love with Jesus Christ.

    • Gary
      May 6, 2013

      Wow, here you go again.You know the highest form of ignorance is rejecting something you know nothing about, and indeed you portray that kind of ignorance.Why is it you always have to look at things through your closed mind wrapped in religious dogma, can you not use your God given mind to see and understand things without your religious beliefs,and endless nonsensical babble.

      • May 7, 2013

        And here you go again, sounding as usual like one of those old gramophones, playing a broken record. Why won’t just vanish in space like the smoke of an old chimney–which is your own formation

        Whenever you show up here, you never have a response to the news article, in question; you are always going after what another person writes–and you have the nerves to speak about ignorance. You ridiculous creature!

        At least I have a mind of my own, which can respond and or contribute to what I read in the news–not what bloggers are writing. What are you doing? You empty headed fool!

  6. se sa meme
    May 6, 2013

    Very interesting…. reminds me of my relative back then … things have changed obviously that’s why women of today don’t slave themselves for men/husbands anymore…i believe we both work = we both help out doing the chores, taking care of the children, paying the bills etc EQUALLY…

  7. toma
    May 6, 2013

    It would be better if you had said (SOME)not all women who bore children are mothers.

  8. Justice over peace
    May 5, 2013

    Why can’t he get up earlier and make his own coffee. My husband get’s up early for work and he makes his own coffee. He has been making his own coffee for years. let the lazy parasite get up early and let him make his own coffee as well as helping with preparing the kidds for school too. Whats wrong with these lazy men?…

    • toma
      May 6, 2013

      respect her decision

    • toma
      May 6, 2013

      let her run her home who are you to tell her what to do

  9. Serious
    May 5, 2013

    Very informative

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