Persons who damage solar street lights warned of ‘stern consequences’ if caught

Minister for Public Works, Senator Cassani Laville, has expressed concern about the damage which he says is being done to solar light fixtures installed across the island and has warned that offenders will be punished if they are caught.

Government has undertaken a National Solar Street Light project to complement its ongoing efforts at improving the island’s road network.

 “In the last 3 weeks we have seen 34 light fixtures being damaged and it is by human intervention,” he said while speaking to State-Owned DBS Radio. “ My thinking is that these actions are not necessarily from the less educated, but it’s likely people who know well, who are intelligent enough to understand the value of the battery packs, the charge controllers, the solar panels and so on, and to probably profit from that.”

According the minister, police are investigating the matter and urged the Dominican public to play their part and be on their guard.

“…This is quite concerning, it is very sad,” he remarked…“This is not the Dominica I know, the Dominica I was raised in.”

He admonished those inclined to damage the lights to be mindful of their actions and to note that there will be stern consequences if and when they are caught.

“We will continue notwithstanding, we will not be disheartened,” Laville stated and indicated that there are 1100 lights available which the government will continue to install.

“We have to replace those that were stolen,” he said. “Key areas, along what we call lot 2, which would be the route to the airport from Roger to Pont Cassé we have seen quite a few lights stolen from there along the E.O Leblanc Highway.”

In April, 2017, it was announced at the launch of a Low Carbon Development Project in Dominica that a U.S. $34-million solar street lights project had been approved for Dominica which would assist in reducing the impact of climate change.

It was revealed that over 4,000 solar lights would be erected and more than 2,000 of those units had been provided by the government of China.

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  1. October 1, 2020

    What happened to my comment that was made on 09/30

    ADMIN: We don’t have any other comments awaiting moderation for you. If you still don’t see your comment please try resubmitting it.

    • Jam
      October 1, 2020

      I was horrified seeing them when returning home to Dominica they are an eye sore ruining the beautiful nature island. I can only pray they all come down in the next storm.

  2. Ti Garcon
    September 30, 2020

    So no one is commenting the fact that the gov’t took an EC $100 million loan for this marjee? We have to pay this back- lighting in the bush. Not even rural communities or for replacing current street lighting. This was a waste and a very poor decision. That money coulda built a 20 MW solar farm. And the money wasted on geothermal coulda buy 60MWH of battery storage. Combined with hydro, we coulda been running on 100% renewables!!!
    Cassani, the issue you are currently raising just shows how naive you are. After Maria all solar on the ground was ransacked, what makes you believe people would suddenly stop??
    Also, allu just installing them on people land without even asking permission. DOMLEC asking first before installing a post but those chinese allu give contract just trespassing were they want.
    Also 70%+ of these light doesn’t work. And they won’t survive a tropical storm… actually that little wind that blowing all now will throw down a set.

  3. Wye Knot
    September 30, 2020

    Too bad the lights weren’t given to every home in Dominica and then the country would truly be a little more climate resilient. Last time I looked there are very few countries in the world who waste money lighting up remote stretches of highways between small villages. Cars all have headlights and if anyone actually walks these roads at night a flashlight is all they need. But if each home in Dominica had a small solar panel, charge controller, battery and lighting system maybe we wouldn’t all be in the dark the next time a hurricane passes through. It certainly looks like there is enough of these lights to give every household a solar system.

    • September 30, 2020

      Wye Knot. You dont make no sense at all so you are saying because cars have headlight the streets should not have light. You must have grew up in the city what if you are driving and get a flat or your car brake down what do you do. Do you sit in the car and wait until day break or would you walk to the nearest home or where you can get help. Seems like you still in the dark ages when only houses had light. Also it is so beautiful to see lights on the road it really helps also the people can walk from one place to the next without fear. I have no idea why one would like dark streets. Only you known.

      • Wye Knot
        October 7, 2020

        We got along without lighting up the whole country for years and people still changed flat tires and walked after dark. But Maria came and no-one had lights for months and couldn’t charge their phones and on and on. I guess we just choose what is important and you have different needs (or fears).
        And no, I didn’t grow up in the city!

  4. lmckoy
    September 30, 2020

    If the government continues to install the 1100 lights without putting a proper theft/damage deterrent in place, the lights will be stolen/damaged in short time. Maybe actions such as installing and monitoring a few security cameras at strategic locations will help.

  5. click here
    September 30, 2020

    I fully agree. punish them.

  6. Toto
    September 30, 2020

    OK Cassani, you must not take what is not yours, that is stealing. But what about putting these lights on peoples land without permisssion, not even asking them first. What you call that.

  7. Iyou
    September 30, 2020

    “ My thinking is that these actions are not necessarily from the less educated, but it’s likely people who know well, who are intelligent enough to understand the value of the battery packs, the charge controllers the solar panels and so on, and to probably profit from that”

    Mayb they are not profiting from it. but are aware of the real purpose of these instruments…

  8. Whocares
    September 30, 2020

    Not the Dominica I knew of, laville you so right ask the question again, fail cheap Chinese lights a little wind throwing down

  9. our Sisserou laying Eggs
    September 29, 2020

    that’s a high level of country bookie-ism :lol: maybe y’all could do two three things. 1. educate the people. tell them that they shouldn’t steal the lights. 2. install gps trackers on them to find out where your stuff was taken to. and 3, install security cameras on them. you would see where they are coming from and where they are going to.

  10. ElizabethLinaXavier
    September 29, 2020

    This is mischief, just wicked and evil mischief! How do those people expect our country to grow when they continue to do those dirty and wicked damages both mentally and physically?

    And yet when the police do their work, they are the first ones to go on social media to speak their foolishness against them and the Government on the whole.

    There are some people in Dominica who need some very firm disciplining, the time must come someday.

  11. Ibo France
    September 29, 2020

    These acts of vandalism and theft should unequivocally be condemned by all Dominicans. Those who are engaged in this illicit activity have no national pride. The heavy hand of the law should come down on those who are caught. There is no justification for this!

  12. September 29, 2020

    These are the set of people that dont care about others safety and better for the country it is for all of our good please people if you see something say something.

  13. Country Man
    September 29, 2020

    It is unfortunate that the lights are being destroyed. However, these lights should be installed in villages and urban areas – not in the national park and rain forest. Lights can have a negative impact on biodiversity.'s,and%20are%20active%20at%20night.&text=Glare%20from%20artificial%20lights%20can,part%20of%20the%20breeding%20ritual.
    Where is the minister of environment and the relevant policy makers on this.
    Growing up in Dominica the hercules beetle was a common sighting. I wonder how many are left.

  14. lol
    September 29, 2020

    May they pay 100 times more than they stole in Jesus name, amen

  15. September 29, 2020

    What’s in the dark must come to light.🤣🤣🤣.

  16. Shaka zulu
    September 29, 2020

    but it’s likely people who know well, who are intelligent enough to understand the value of the battery packs, the charge controllers, the solar panels and so on, and to probably profit from that.”
    In country where people are poor and desperate and all new home construction is by government because hard working people cannot afford and making a life is difficult these things will happen. I amd not condoning in any way shape or form but these are signs of an economically depraved state.

    • Shaka zulu
      September 29, 2020

      Additionally it is no difference from people stealing from village council to profit and leaders stealing from the state to profit. The economy is sabotaged by the government the people sabotage what they can to enrich themselves. You send police for one you send police for all.

      • Man bites dogs
        September 30, 2020

        @Zulu man, to my understanding that you are endorsing those or whom is damaging our streets lights is that what you saying?

        • Shaka zulu
          September 30, 2020

          Let me break down for you. All those who damage and steal solar equipment should be arrested so to should those who steal the state. Those who steal from the state are being terrible examples to others with the same personality who live among us. Condemn them all.

    • Man bites dogs
      September 30, 2020

      @zulu man, make no excuses for whoever is doing that nasty weakness, poor does not come into it some people just don’t want Dominica to improve, and at the same time that same lots would turn around and say how good other countries doing apart from Dominica, if i find those idiots who is damaging the streets lights it could be my relative I will turn him in so help my god.

  17. Carissa
    September 29, 2020

    Wicked set of people

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