PM Skerrit sends SOS to India for COVID-19 vaccine; China offers to supply

Dominica’s Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, is among 92 world leaders who have written to India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, requesting access to COVID-19 vaccine from that country.

In a letter to Prime Minister Modi on January 19, 2020, PM Skerrit wrote: “As we enter 2021 and persevere in our fight against Covid-19, Dominica’s population of 72,100 is in urgent need of enough doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. I, therefore, request, with great humility and respect, that you assist us by donating the doses we need to make our population safe (optimally 70,000 first and second doses).”

In the letter, Skerrit mentions the enormous challenge faced by citizens in obtaining a vaccine for Covid-19, stating that a large number of Dominicans will not be able to obtain a vaccine for a very long time, given that the country is a small island developing nation, which will not be able to compete with larger nations with greater demand for vaccines and more funds with which to pay for it.

He reminded the Indian prime minister that Dominica has often been the “fortunate” recipient of assistance from India.

“In 2017, in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the Government of India graciously provided USD 100,000 for immediate relief, as well as a further USD 1 million for the rebuilding of essential infrastructure. In 2016, India also provided medicine for Dominicans as part of a grant in aid scheme. We hope now to again be able to rely on your generosity,” the letter added.

Dominica is not the only Caribbean country that has written to the Indian leader. Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley has asked for access to 200,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

“We are in urgent need of your assistance and support at this very difficult time,” she said in her letter to the Indian Prime Minister. “Barbados is very much in need of access to vaccines to provide the necessary immunization coverage for a large segment of our population of 287,000.”

She requested 200,000 doses (for 100,000 citizens) and noted that her government would also be willing to purchase the other 100,000 doses should her request meet favorable consideration.

While India has not yet responded, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday said China will contribute to COVID-19 vaccine accessibility and affordability in all countries. He made the remarks during a phone conversation with Prime Minister Skerrit.

“In the face of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, China and Dominica have joined hands to combat the pandemic, a manifestation of the profound friendship between the two sides,”- Xi said, adding that China will continue to provide help and support to developing countries, including Dominica, in the fight against the pandemic.

The Chinese president also said both countries should firmly support the World Health Organization and cooperate to build a global community of health for all.

He further pointed out that in the nearly 17 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, bilateral ties have made great progress, with both sides supporting each other on issues of core interest, cooperating well in areas such as infrastructure construction, agriculture, healthcare, and education, and deepening the friendship between the two peoples.

He also said China appreciates that Dominica has made the development of its relations with China a diplomatic priority and is willing to continue to assist Dominica in its economic and social development to the best of its ability.

For his part, Skerrit said the Chinese government adheres to a people-centered approach and is committed to addressing the issue of unbalanced development, providing valuable assistance to Dominica and other developing countries in their economic and social development.

He reiterated Dominica’s adherence to the one-China policy, supports the peaceful reunification of China, resolutely opposes foreign interference in China’s internal affairs, and stands firmly with China on issues relating to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Dominican prime minister expressed appreciation for China’s leadership in addressing global climate change and stressed that Dominica will actively participate in building the Belt and Road Initiative and promoting the development of relations between Caribbean countries and China.

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  1. Tt
    January 30, 2021

    Oh boy, had dominica had leadership we wouldn’t be begging. This new culture of beg and handout is destroying the island. I agree with vaccination for all but not like that..

  2. click here
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    these vacines have to proof. you are all the guinea pigs.

  3. Bob D
    January 28, 2021

    These are some of the policies that was envisioned when the New World Order/Globalisation was initiated and implemented.The powers stayed True to their intentions, Culling the international Population through Wars, Sanctions and this the Mother of all Crimes against Humanity,Sars/Covid 19. They have recolonize mordern day society, International borders on lockdown, the people in control are the ones directly related to Finance, the piper have to be paid. Contaminated Vacs, could became another pandemic, as it is written, Millions have to DIE, to obtain their objective, as they politicize who should get or should not get the Remedial vaccines. Their International corporation drug Pushers are having 1000% + profits as we speak, while they SQEEZE the Life of the improvished. It may seem like India is a major player in this covid ting, yes? and No. Most of the International drug corporations have their factories in Sind, but business done elsewhere. Sankofa is in the now.

    • Toto
      January 29, 2021

      Well Bob, just keep eating your garlic bro. It is healthy and if it does not keep the Covid virus at bay at least people will avoid you. Apparently it is also good against evil spirits and who knows it may work against conspirators too. Good luck.

  4. Kalinago
    January 28, 2021

    Well that’s quite interesting. Is India the vaccines coming out. Those your children taking at the health Centers.

    • Toto
      January 28, 2021

      Educate yourself bro that vaccine from India is the same one created in England, Astra Zeneca. We have plenty of medicine in Dominica also made in India.

  5. Viewsexpressed
    January 28, 2021

    SKERRIT, why SOS to China? This is not a democratic Government, neither one with Human Rights. This one Party Ruthless inhuman Communist Government is brutal and has no respect nor decency for human beings and the people of China.
    This dictatorship Brutal China should not be a member of Human Rights, Democracy. The Rights of the Chinese people to decide who their Government should be, thei Transparency in government and politics and this be brutal system where the Human Rights of the innocent CHINESE Citizens/People be are forced to accept a brutal President and his brutal acolytes who are also engaged in the brutality of religious and Christian people and their respective churches. It is obvious that the President of China, its failed brutal Government MUST have respect for the Chinese people and their fundamental Rights..
    Too many innocent Chinese people are trapped under this brutal President and Inhuman Chinese Government.
    Shame on the Chinese President and Brutal Government.

    • Me
      January 28, 2021

      The heading says SOS to India, not China.

      • Viewsexpressed
        January 29, 2021

        Me… that’s what you think. It’s not only India (we welcome their donation and collaboration everyday.
        India is a democracy, with numerous talents in sports, business, numerous doctors in all nature, and intellectuals who works worldwide. The Chinese government is a brutal regime, not even religion nor other matters of social embracing by the youths to be engaged in youth groups etc. This brutal Chinese leadership and Government are brutal, dictatorial, obsene and have taken away and control and manage the life of the Chinese people. Shame on this wretched disgusting brutal regime, so called the Chinese government. This is shameful behaviour and a brutal regime that controls the religion and faith of their people. Shame on the President and the Chinese Government. It’s time that this brutal Chinese leadership and failed Government open their country and allow your Decent people to plot their life and destiny. It’s their life not yours neither this brutal dictatorial…

  6. Viewsexpressed
    January 28, 2021

    SKERRIT, why SOS to China? This is not a democratic Government, neither one with Human Rights. This one Party Ruthless inhuman Communist Government is brutal and has no respect nor decency for human beings and the people of China.
    This dictatorship Brutal China should not be a member of Human Rights, Democracy. The Rights of the Chinese people to decide who their Government should be, Transparency in government and politics and this be brutal system where the Human Rights of the innocent CHINESE Citizens/People be are forced to accept a brutal President and his brutal acolytes who are also engaged in the brutality of religious and Christian people and their respective churches. It is in obvious that the President of China and its failed brutal Government MUST have respect for the Chinese people and their fundamental Rights..
    Too many Chinese innocent people are trapped under this brutal President and Failed Chinese Government.
    Shame on the Chinese President and Brutal Government.

  7. Gary
    January 28, 2021

    SOS for vaccines, wow, is this what it has come down to, 113 cases no deaths, a population of 72,100, almost 1year into the so-called Pandemic, survival rates by age group CDC data 0-19: 99.997%, 20-49: 99.98%, 50-69: 99.5%, 70+: 94.6%, is there really a need for an SOS for such vaccines.

    When the PM says quote, “I, therefore, request, with great humility and respect, that you assist us by donating the doses we need to make our population safe” really, there two things that supersedes humility and respect making such a decision, ethics and morals. The controversy regarding COVID-19 vaccinations, and the development should not be swept under the rug or ignored. The PM should not take it upon himself to make such a decision, people should be given the right to partake in the decision-making regarding what goes into their body.

    • Waiting For Airport
      January 29, 2021

      People lie, Numbers don’t and the numbers above do not reflect a true pandemic.

      Based on the statistics, there is no evidence of the need to vaccinate anyone under 70.

      Even those over 70, less than 5.4% of the elderly, i.e people who would have probably died anyway. Out of that 5.4%, we can safely assume based on mother nature that most would have died with or without COVID as people that age tend to do naturally.

      But they trying to force it. Hidden agenda! All of all you that gaan take them people vaccine, by the time the truth start to reveal itself, it will be too late for all you!

      • Bricks
        February 1, 2021

        You will earn nothing and be happy their so called Moto it’s their agenda to depopulate the earth be wise my people

  8. January 28, 2021

    The evil that man do leave with them. Skerrit is start you start begging. You have squandered enough of Dominica money. Money that could have been put in place for times like these. But big man you were playing, giving thousands here and thousands there for just a vote. You never ever imagined times like these were heading. You have more begging to do because is man you PLAYING man. And my people do not follow at what he is begging for. The Chinese vaccine is 54% so called effective. Read all about it before Jim Jones make you take it.

  9. Not A Herd Follower
    January 28, 2021

    “We stand resolutely with China on Hong Kong and Taiwan “. Would Roosevelt Skerrit like to be thrown into jail without a charge or conviction or simply asking for democracy? The man is prostituting Dominica in the manner in which he is conducting Dominica’s relations with the rest of the world.

  10. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    January 27, 2021

    Here is a man whom when he heard of the first approved vaccine, opened his big lying mouth, and told the nation that everyone in Dominica will be vaccinated for “free.”
     Shortly after that we read where this puppet Carissa, began running her mouth advising Dominicans to take the vaccine. I questioned on DNO; “how can one take a vaccine which they do not have in Dominica?”

      I compounded my comments by suggesting Roosevelt may not even have the resources to pay for one vial of the vaccine!

    I am shocked to read where the corrupted richest prime minister in the region is putting out an SOS: “Save All Soles” begging of all places China, and India for vaccine?

     Something is very phony about that; why asks China, and India for free vaccine when the vaccine was not developed and approved for use in either countries.

    What happen to the Pfizer, and AstraZeneca vaccine used all over the world, and is somewhat safe, thus far!

    China and India?

  11. Man bites dogs
    January 27, 2021

    Have you ever asked yourselves why the hell we black people always standing at the bottom of the queue? Well the answer lies here with that so-called Workers supporters clowns seven days a week, three hundreds and sixty-five days a year those idiots keep on criticizing the great man Dr. Skerrit Pm. Yet still those suckers can never win, we’ll always be in Triumph over the idiots.

    • Toto
      January 28, 2021

      Think before you talk my man, you ever look at Skerrit? He is a black man if you didn’t notice. Is he at the bottom? No, he is the top crab in the barrel.

    • awa wi doctor
      January 28, 2021

      Crazy how you stay praising another man. right now, its not a matter of if UWP wins, what YOU dont realize is that Dominica keeps losing. And …. like you who refuse the accept fact becaue of your feelings towards a man that you love will keep hindering any real significant progress. what takes 10 years to be completed in Dominica right now can be done in months. Time is money, that is a fact. Meanwhile time and money continues to be wasted. And people like you continue to act like we are recieving manner from heaven. And we should be good little slaves and just say thank you for the crumbs. Man bites dog did you complete high school or state college/clifton dupigny community college? a simplpe yes or no will suffice. while you celebrate a false triumph, as if it an us against them, know that the country suffering in the meantime. Slave mentality will forever hold back the nation.

  12. Ibo France
    January 27, 2021

    The public is kept in the dark on issues that directly and profoundly affect their lives. This nocturnal regime, led by a notorious fabricator, is an existential threat to Dominica.

    These are a few takeaways from the article for me.

    *The coziness of Mr. Skerrit and President Xi, one of the world’s worst dictators, is very concerning.
    *The CBI program has raked in billions of dollars for Dominica. Why does the Dominican misleader have to stoop to literally begging dictators.
    *The efficacy of the Chinese vaccine is highly questionable. The last I’ve heard about it, is that, it was 70% effective. Who wants that?
    *My final takeaway is that Roosevelt Skerrit has no respect nor concern for Dominicans. He imposes his will on the people without any form of consultation. Dominicans are mere guinea pigs.

    It is mind-bogglingly puzzling that Dominicans could remain so passive in light of such atrocious treatment which is consistently meted out to them by a rogue prime minister.

  13. My Bad
    January 27, 2021

    I don’t believe anything Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says so I will not comment. DNO since I don’t want to talk about PM Skerrit, please allow me the opportunity to use this article to pose a few questions to a person I refer to as Anou Palay:
    1. Mr. Anou Palay, why is the name of my country always involved in all corrupt investigation around the world?
    2.In Iran and Monfared investigation, I see my country.
    3. In Nigeria and Diezani Madueke investigation, I see my country
    4. In Malta and Hamidreza Ghanbani investigation, I see my country
    5. In Venezuela and Alex Saab, investigation, I see my country
    6. In Swiss and Matthias Krill investigation, I see my little tiny country.
    8. In a letter addressed to the US senate by five Democrats Congressmen involving Trump’s lawyer Rudy Guiliani and work he did for corrupt countries, I see my tiny country.
    9. Now I hearing in a potential 2016 US election and the Russians, my country is there because we sell passports to those…

    • Toto
      January 27, 2021

      You forgetting Ng Lap Seng and Francesco Corallo then?

    • Gary
      January 28, 2021

      There is a difference between what you see and what a thing is. There is much more than just seeing, so long.

  14. UKDominican
    January 27, 2021

    Roosevelt, of course our people need protection but your mendicancy is breathtaking. This Dominican had his Covid vaccination yesterday, compliments of the NHS with no after effects. It was the Astra Zeneca vaccine, priced at €2.50 or U.S. 3.00 per dose when the company released this vaccine last Nov. Today We learn that S.Africa has ordered the same vaccine for U.S. 5.25 per dose from the Serum Institute of India, which produces it under licence. Even at this price, it would cost no more than say U.S.$ 750, 000 to vaccinate our entire population, less than 4 CBI passports, if we trust your perpetuated
    myth of a island population of just over 72,000.
    Please, don’t be a schnorrer showing not just the colour of your underpants but your bare cheeks to the embarrassment of Dominicans like me. It is not as if this virus only arrived yesterday. You had ample time to order the vaccine, secure a supply and pay for it or ask for the assistance if your soul mate, Baroness Scotland.

  15. VereTere
    January 27, 2021

    I hope India will tell him where to go! The government of Dominica has sold billions worth of their ordinary passports and diplomatic passports to all kinds of people. What has the country got to show for it? Some sub standard flats which they gave away to their supporters, some questionable hotel investments in properties that belong to their supporters and a PM that has private accounts that are bursting in the seams! If I was India or any other country he approaches with his begging bowl, I would tell him in no uncertain terms where to go and pay for the vaccine out of his ‘own pocket’. This man has NO shame!

    • Man bites dogs
      January 27, 2021

      @Vere Tere, If the world was a cow you’d be at the bottom of the cow 🐮 🤣🤣🤣

      • click here
        January 28, 2021

        Man bites dog if the world was a donkey, you would be its posterior. and your mouth would be the opening. You are just a troll. Sent here to promote ignorance. the people know better. They see for themself daily. Their pockets feel it every time they go to the supermarket

    • Viewsexpressed
      January 27, 2021

      Hey, Great response to this fake Prime (Odd) Minister. It is time that Skerrit gets in to know that he’s thoughtless and has lost all focus on the nature and value of Socioeconomic development concept and what it stands fort.
      DOMINICA and it’s people desperately is in need of a new government with a new Prime Minister able and ably professional trustworthy to undertake the task of rebuilding our Dominica from the abyss of poverty and failed in Development by this Incompetent Labour government who has failed us big time and has our people begging and pleading for Handout cash and job that they don’t have to follow failed incompetent Skerrit and his failed questionable incompetent Labour government.
      We are crying out loud for a change and a disciplined professional Political Party ably supported by a distinguised experienced commited trusted Leader and professional trustworthy leadership and with sound givernvay and transparency. This is overdue.
      We welcome the UWP under Hon…

  16. Zandoli
    January 27, 2021

    I thought Skerrit said we would have vaccines by March?

    • Toto
      January 27, 2021

      Oh, he said so many things he believes are true but turn out to be just promises.
      You always must take him with a spade of salt.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      January 27, 2021

      Zandolie; the only thing Roosevelt is very good at doing is selling Dominica passports, and lie!

      This man is so corrupted and lie, when he hears his very own lies repeated by someone; he believes his own lies not remembering that he is the author of his lie eh!


      Before it’s all over Roosevelt might be the cause of COVID-19 genocide in our country.

      Donald Trump a notorious corrupted compulsive pathetic liar told America there were only fifteen (15) case of the virus in all of America, and it will soon go away.

      Since then almost five (500,000) hundred thousand people has died to date in America.

      Will Roosevelt lie cause the demise of our entire population?

      Roosevelt is looking for a free lunch, he wants the vaccine for free, he is soliciting a free dona such as China; there are no free lunches left in the world.Money talks the baloney BS walk! 

    • Bwa-Banday
      January 27, 2021

      Dar-Pway-wu! When Skerrit finish with alu people must say is Mal they make us Dcans :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: . That man is like Trump in many many many ways….both are pathological LIARS in my view.

    • Me
      January 28, 2021

      Ah, but he did not say which year.

  17. derp
    January 27, 2021

    CHINA nah I think I will pass on that china vaccine and the Oxford-AstraZeneca one which seems to be less effective than the Pfizer one

    • Pipo
      January 27, 2021

      That is your choice, if you have one in Dominica. I bet you have to take the one that is donated to the government. Myself, I would take the Astra Zeneca one because not only are the American ones more expensive, they have to be kept at very low temperatures and I don’t think we have reliable facilities for that. as for the China one, that is too much of an unknown quantity. Meanwhile I will keep well away from crowds, wash my hands and wear my mask.

  18. LifeandDeath
    January 27, 2021

    Why is everybody just following the leader like Simon says.

    Has any one of our Gov’ts in these small island states consulted with their population as to why or whether we need a vaccine for a disease that has a 1% death rate?

    It seems like we all just get onboard this frenzy train of mass vaccination for something that seems less harmful than Aids or Ebola, diseases which they took no interest in creating vaccines for. But this “new” thing seems to be hip.

    • Just asking
      January 27, 2021

      You do not have to engage in critical thinking when you listen to ‘fox news and oan’ just because they come free with your cable subscription, but it would certainly help you. Aafter all, trump is gone you need to move on, It’s over, they had him ‘pack his ssh*t and leave’. Good thing we didn’t believe you-all when you also told us that the earth is flat, don’t you think? Lol lol

      • Faxx
        January 27, 2021

        Yes because CNN with their homosexual anchors that lie to you everyday is better right? It’s not like ALL of mainstream media lied about nearly everything about the virus from day one including lulling people into a false sense of security by telling them it was no more dangerous than the flu and that we didn’t need masks or immigration control. I know some of you all think you are intelligent but you all don’t even have good memory. They lie in your face because they know you forget quickly and will never hold them to account.

        Do you even remember when our own prime minister told us we didn’t need to use masks and then supposedly sent 10,000 of them to China? Do you remember when China swore that they would keep the virus under control? Do you remember when the democrats were railing on Trump for blocking travel from China? I could go on…

        • Toto
          January 29, 2021

          Faxx, grow up. China using anal swabs now for Covid testing. They say it more accurate than oral testing. Maybe they know a thing or two.

    • Really?
      January 27, 2021

      You still don’t understand why you need a vaccine?

      • iyou
        January 28, 2021


        Will taking it mean that death will not come visiting..this day. tomorrow. a week from now or whenever. will it ensure ones body reaches a state of immortality. SPEAK…..

    • Iyou
      January 28, 2021

      When something has to be done. then there is nothing under the sun or beyond it that can deter that. and..their will will be done. it started with the mask. there is no store one can enter without it. the same will apply with the injection. at present people can still sell. but very very soon if the sellers have not taken an injection they too will not be able to sell. all monies will be seized..people will have now control of their finance. actually most of the global population will be unemployed. all will be controlled by whats in the injection. this really is hell and they want to be complete masters of it. and we theirs slaves. this injection will finally put the Father his they think..

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