Astaphan fires back at Linton over CBS interview

Astaphan (left), Linton

Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan has responded to Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, who demanded an explanation for alleged defamation over a much talked about CBS interview on the economic citizenship program in Dominica and Antigua.

Linton had written to Astaphan claiming that he defamed his character and his duty as a Parliamentary constituency representative, adding that he expects a response from Astaphan “forthwith,” as it is his intention to seek legal advice on “this extremely despicable behavior which you have so boldly exhibited …”

But Astaphan is not backing down.

“The man is unpatriotic, is a traitor to the country, he has disqualified himself from public office and as far as I am concerned, he is a disgrace to the country,” he told Kairi FM news. “That is my view and that is my response to his letter.”

Astaphan pointed out that Linton has gone on the world stage accusing the government of selling diplomatic passports without evidence.

“Lennox Linton has gone on the world stage with Huffington Post and the recent one with CBS 60 Minutes and in fact has accused the government of selling diplomatic passports and when he was asked about the diplomatic passport by Huffington Post, he had no answer and no evidence to provide to Huffington Post as to the sale of the diplomatic passports,” he said.

Astaphan also accused Linton of lying, saying that he told CBS that one (Rudolf) King (an alleged Bahamian fugitive) was Dominica’s ambassador to Bahrain.

“He went on CBS and he spoke about a gentleman called King who having diplomatic passport and was appointed ambassador to Bahrain,” he stated. “That was false. King, from what I recall, never had a Dominican passport or a Dominican diplomatic passport and I was never aware of him being appointed ambassador to any specific country.”

Astaphan also spoke of the matter concerning Diezani Alison-Madueke, a former Nigerian oil minister, who had a Dominican diplomatic passport and who was reportedly arrested in England on allegations of corruption.

Astaphan only described her as “the Nigerian lady.”

“He said the Nigerian lady was arrested and charged in the United Kingdom, that was also false,” he stated. “That is completely and absolutely false. She was detained by the British authorities and released.”

Transcripts from the CBS interview show that Linton never said Alison-Madueke was charged.

According to Astaphan, it is typical of Linton to never disclose facts.

“Linton never discloses the facts,” he stated.

He went on to say that the Prime Minister has addressed such matters.

“There is today, as I speak, an official statement on the prime minister’s office website or the government’s website on the Nigerian matter,” Astaphan said.

He also said that Linton gave the impression that Dominica’s economic citizenship program is the worst in the world.

He said Linton gave Steve Kroft, the CBS journalist, the impression that Dominica’s economic citizenship program is like a mail order system where passports can just be bought with a credit card.

“The man is a pathological liar,” he stated. “There are rules and regulations on the government’s website, there are registered agents that you must apply through ….There are four due diligence firms retained by the government: two in the United States, one in Canada and one in the United Kingdom and while I cannot disclose the names, every application is processed by some international authority, intelligence authority that advises government of potential threats.”

He said Linton is aware of all this and he “sits there smiling to this guy and to suggest that you can just mail in an order.”

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  1. Charlo
    January 12, 2017

    Linton ego is larger than his intellect, unless we leave this petty boy alone, we will never sort the enormous problems that we are faced with, Linton is in destruction mode talks badly at every opportunity about our country, his mission is to destroy Dominica unless he is prime minister why an earth would an international television company like CBS would want to give an insignificant individual like Linton air play on American TV, who is really behind this to promote Linton in the United States and what are they trying to achieve, when someone is cruel and acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level. The motto should be, when they go low we go high.

  2. For the love of D/ca
    January 6, 2017

    Given the recent attempt of an agent of the CBI programme to champion the cause of the CBI programme by saying it is open and transparent, substantiating possibly a lack of Governmental sensitising of the populous to be the problem – then what says the following:

    “The enabling condition under which transparency may lead to accountability intertwines with ‘Ambiguity’ of “Open Government”. The lack of an analytical framework on the CBI Programme evinces the ambiguities underlying the charge levelled against the Dominican Authorities on “Open Government” ethics.”

    The distinction of the Dominican Government’s failings re the CBI programme is a conceptual milestone in the field of open government and data and a welcome addition to a CRY for OPEN TRANSPIRANCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY, as being the real crock of the matter.

    All a deliberate act by the Dominican Authorities to keep the people in darkness!!!

  3. Anthony Ismael
    January 5, 2017

    So in the land of Tony and his cronies, anyone who has an issue with the current government is an economic traitor. Here is a Senior Counsel doing everything in his power to stifle the right of the common man to express himself freely.
    But, we should expect nothing less from Tony. Dominicans must always remember that Daddy Astaphans was the reason why Guinness Brewery chose St. Lucia to construct their brewery instead of Dominica, although our natural spring water is better. That’s because Daddy Astaphan was the agent for a competing brand of beer being sold by his little store in town. So there is history in Tony’s behavior. He observed how his Daddy behaved and he carries on with business as usual.
    Fly your kite Tony. Just keep on fooling the uneducated and ignorant Dominicans among us and keep on suing.

  4. Wowo
    January 4, 2017

    The fact that 60 minutes ran the story is because there was some credibility to what was said. It’s only a matter of time Skerrit because unlike Cuba Dominicans have access to the outside world. The clock is ticking.

  5. January 4, 2017

    i have heard ASTARPHANS and the prim-minister said the country is good while i must say the country has small strive of development not to bad but the majority of Dominica can not make a living and even have a decent lunch and i think the prime minister should know that. Mr prime minister please do a price control the local man cannot buy here goat meat 15 dollars tomatoes 9 dollars a milk 45 dollars what going wrong all stores want to become milioners over night, food expensiveness i might have to rethink next election when we come down to vote that is to much while some having it very good pls sir wake up

  6. Mahaut
    January 4, 2017

    Tony needs to shut up already

  7. January 4, 2017

    Tony Astaphan knows that he can say whatever he wants in Dominica because he supports and defends the ruling party that has millions of dollars to ensure that they remain in power with imported voters, bribes and massive concerts. Tony also knows that he is part of the “elite” in Dominican society being of foreign decent and considered as being above and better than the “black” sons and daughters of former slaves and the indigenous Kalinago people of Dominica. Last, but most important, Anthony Astaphan is quite aware that he speaks down to a people whom he considers as docile cowards, afraid of one man in the person of Roosevelt Skerrit, afraid of the Police and, as a result, afraid of the great Anthony W. Astaphan. With these convictions, Mr. Astaphan finds it very easy to go on the airwaves and other media outlets to outright insult, denigrate, malign and disparage whomever he wants whenever he wants. I don’t blame him! I blame the fools who allow it!!!

    • January 4, 2017

      Your statement is out of line..You are trying to put down people…What evidence do you have to support where Tony says he is better than those you mentioned?In this global village what does foreign decent come into play?There are rights and obligation of becoming a citizen..Tony family has play a significant part to improve Dominica economy… In the past when people refuse to hire young people,his father company trained him,made them became leaders of today….What is imported votes? Dominicans are called to make a contribution wherever possible..Ask the Workers Party what they were doing in St.Croix at Midland night Club hall in 2005?

  8. Ettienne
    January 4, 2017

    it funny to me dat all the peeple here complain about the passports yet what choice the government have since every one in D/Ca is too lazy to work and can’t pay taxes because we have no work ethic. We talk every day about our pride, yet when push come to shove, we have none. D/Ca people too lazy to do anything for ourselves we gave our country to china because we too lazy to do anything for ourselves

  9. anonymous2
    January 4, 2017

    Tony, get over it already.

    January 3, 2017

    Linton going to pay for his mouth again, all them people going to charge him. That’s another Donald Trump….lol A walking time bomb for Dominica. Look at story of a man who want to become PM soo bad he’ll even betray his own country.

    I tell all you them wesley and marigot people are just like Antiguans, they chat until they put themselves in trouble.

  11. Island empress
    January 3, 2017

    Shamefully our authorities have once again put on their shoes before their socks. Stop spitting in our eyes. Wespewe, tout kochon ni samdi yo cest toute mwen ka di zor.

  12. GOD IS Watching
    January 3, 2017

    They can just high they can just low… thing they must know for sure is that THE GOD THAT WE SERVE MUST and WILL INTERVENE and set Dominica and Dominicans free for these corrupt and dangerous guys one way or another BECAUSE while their BELLIES are FuLL our children are CRYING BECAUSE THEIR BELLIES ARE HUNGRY………GOD HEAR OUR PRAYS

  13. freegid tree
    January 3, 2017

    Dominica is a sick place, its people are sick, its leaders and council to leaders are sick. No blog and comments will remedy this place and people – It’s a brand new year and I’m not going to waste my time as last year; trying to put sense in kalabashes. Have more important things to concern with. I’ll just let the chips fall where they may. Good luck my people. When the country is free, then a bird will notify me. :twisted:

    • Dominican Passports
      January 4, 2017

      I blame black people

      • Tjebe fort
        January 5, 2017

        Does that also cover Tony Astaphan bro.?

  14. January 3, 2017

    Why fellow Dominicans in power allow Tony Astaphan to insult our elected officials who are members of the opposition. Mr. Skeritt stop your surrogate because eventually your turn will come.

  15. The Truth Be Told
    January 3, 2017

    Tit for tat. Tony has a right to respond. Who in their right sense would go on a national TV and make such comments against their own country? Those who do are truly unpatriotic and a traitor.

  16. Corruption in passport
    January 3, 2017

    Tony this was long over due, the government of dominica is just to corrupt some thing must be done, Lennox did nothing wrong he just spoke the truth of the corruption that’s taking place with our passport, truth and in fact I want American to come down really hard on us,I cannot wait to see that happenen,that why I will never vote labour again.

  17. Durand Durand
    January 3, 2017

    Check the records people if you can remember that is how Canada put visa restriction on us because the Chinese made some false passport or some questionable character possessed our Passport .

    • The Truth Be Told
      January 4, 2017

      It did not happen like that. The James ruling party, namely UWP, sold passports to those Chinese. When they landed in Canada with D/can passports and could not speak English, the immigration officer became suspicious. They must have been questioned, detained and later deported to their land of birth.
      This is the reason why the Canadian government slapped the Visa on Dominican visitors. Consider how many years ago this occurred.

    • Mary Magdalene
      January 5, 2017

      i totally agree. am a Dominican by birth and i applied for a passport since my current one was expired and the office in the United states put me through hell, i just gave up, everything was in order , when it takes me five business days to get a Canadian passport , i cannot get a Dominican passport and when i visited my own country they have to watch me up and down and want to tell me not to be involved in work, when DA has no work for its own people.

      Lots of s happen in DA and yes that is why Canada has placed all these restrictions on our Dominica , what a shame

      • Be Good
        January 5, 2017

        I don’t belive you

  18. January 3, 2017

    that lawyer knows that he is now irrelevant . how can someone stoop so low ?

  19. %
    January 3, 2017

    I am so happy CBS got involved….Let’s see if the poor Dominican still will not benefit,especially those from the abandoned constituencies of Salisbury,Marigot,Wesley,Roseau, Rosesu North and South..These people are Dominicans like all of us!!!Can’t wait for the mighty USA to pounce upon the greedy,evil and corrupt Dominicans that have the country in this state!!

    • Mary Magdalene
      January 5, 2017

      I agree, expose them all, Its about time . The country is falling apart, one one set of people are living well,
      to get a job is a nightmare if you not for the red party then you wont be hired , this is outrageous . I know people who applied for jobs and its months just waiting on a response , pure madness

  20. Nexus
    January 3, 2017

    After listening and reading about this 60 minutes episode, one wonders whether the tag-line of Economic Terrorist used by a local lawyer to label Lennox for supposedly trying to deprive Dominica of monies from the CBI program can be used to describe what the laidoff Public Works workers without paying their redundancy is similar? Personally, I am of the view that they are the same & the former PWC workers are more disadvantaged given the current job market, that they are unemployed for almost 2yrs. I wonder whether the same lawyer has an opinion about the PWC issue? If Dominicans would be his brothers keeper, I wonder who is the real traitor in the PWC situation? As Dominicans we cannot decide which issue is expedient and look down on PWC as a has been and does not merit the requisite treatment. So, in summary because of how we treat our own brothers and sisters, the time is coming when we are all going to suffer for not speaking up like the many pastors & priest who refuse to speak.

    • 1979 is forever....
      January 5, 2017

      amen amen and amen

  21. Da in New York
    January 3, 2017

    Why can’t Skerritt tell up the truth? Dominica is selling passport yes or no simple.

  22. January 3, 2017

    When. The government would want to stop Tny with his nonsense and constatly insult elected members of the house of assembly it will be to late.bAdlf Hitler was wrong and his close advisers were afraid to tell him to stop. Look at the damage he caused in The world.

  23. hmmm
    January 3, 2017

    But Tony is the only person in Dominica to talk on EVERYTHING? I never see another man that smart so! Is like is Tony alone the Almighty give brains in Dominica! Everybody else lying, everybody else wrong, everybody else stupid… I cannot understand! Severin give a lecture for UWI… Tony to have to respond. Silver Lake had a fire …. Tony have to respond. Linton on 60 Minutes… Tony have to respond. I wish I had a mute button for Tony’s mouth!

  24. Academic
    January 3, 2017

    Such an issue of national importance should propel Skerrit to hold a press conference where the press is FREE to ask the pertinent questions and Skerrit can clear the air. That is, if he has nothing to hide!!!

  25. Open all eyes
    January 3, 2017

    Dominican *

  26. οἰκονομία
    January 3, 2017

    Citizenship by-Investment Bill 2015

    A bill to place sanctions on nations that offer citizenship by-investment programs to prevent tax evasion and reduce threats to our national security.

    BE IT ENACTED by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

    1 Countries to be Sanctioned

    1) The provisions of this act apply to the following nations who offer citizenship by investment programs: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Grenada

    2) A citizenship by-investment program is defined as a program that allows individuals to receive citizenship of a nation while bypassing regular citizenship requirements in return for investment in the economy, government, or property of a nation

    2 Actionable Offenses

    • οἰκονομία
      January 3, 2017

      2 Actionable Offenses

      1) The following actions will be considered legal grounds for the penalties in section (3) to be imposed when taken in connection with any of the nations in section (1):

      [A] Attempting to purchase a citizenship through investment in the economy, government, or property;

      [B] Attempting to acquire a new citizenship through any other means;

      3 Penalties

      1) A civil penalty not to exceed £500,000 may be imposed by the Chief Secretary of the Treasury on any UK citizen or corporation who violates any license, order, rule, or regulation issued in compliance with the provisions under section (2).

      4 Further Measures

      1) Citizens of any of the nations mentioned in section (1) may not acquire dual citizenship in the United Kingdom

      2) Citizens owning dual citizenship of the United Kingdom and any of the nations mentioned in section (1) will be required to renounce one of their citizenships within six months after the act comes into force, after which…

  27. Rigged!!!
    January 3, 2017

    I believe the opinions on this issue has been rigged big time.

  28. Lennox, you are not a lawyer, you best option, is to seek legal council, on the mater: I would advise that you find a lawyer not Dominican able to practice in Dominica, and if you are informed that comments made have defamed you which according to what I read I know is defamatory my all means you must file a law suit for damages thy have caused you.

    Do not let it rest: Remember the comments you made about politicians prey on women when they go to them to seek economic assistance, which turn out to be true. Skerrit and all the perverts in his cabal sued you for more than a million dollars; even if you did not mentioned a single person by name.

    Even Justina, sued you too:


    (I doh know who she prey on if is man or woman). So, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander!

  29. Doc. Love
    January 3, 2017

    In my opinion Tony’s dislike for Mr. Linton goes beyond politics. It is unbelievable that those few words Mr. Linton said during the interview could have offended Tony so bitterly.

  30. Jharris
    January 3, 2017

    tony calling people un patriotic hmm boy mr have guts eh not little guts

  31. Helas!
    January 3, 2017

    How dare tony, call anyone by his sunday best name. We in Dominica do not know what is going on , there is no transparency!

    Tony just imagine i have a question, all those hotels will be be built with our passport money, and in most cases on our own public land, Does it ever become our property?

    Why isn’t the int. airport built using passport money? our airport, our money, our land etc.

    listen to what happened in south korea!!! tony will stop one day, and to see he lives out there!!!!

  32. DSC yout: independent thinker
    January 3, 2017

    What I have gathered from all these talk going on about passport sales are all sort of foreign people are ambassadors on behalf of Dominica; my question to the government and Mr. Astapha is what have these ambassadors done for Dominica; what are their contributions to Dominica, its image and economy? What sense does it make to give them a diplomatic passport passport and the title of ambassadorship if the rewards to the country are not seen?

    • Ou est voleur la
      January 7, 2017

      The benefits are lining the pockets of the agents. That is why it is difficult to be transparent. Various clients might have purchased the same passports at differing prices, different agents might take different commissions, some clients may actually have fake identities, etc.

  33. January 3, 2017

    Dont worry Mr Linton, we consious Dominicans got your back, so anything Tony says enter one ear and comes out the other :-D :-D
    Skerrit and Tony keep telling us, that the CBI program is the best thing to happened to Dominica since jakari was invented
    A few months ago Skerrit spend a bunch of taxpayers money to fly his poppets to Dubai, saying is to promote the CBI, now one of the worlds biggest mediahouse comes right in your backyard to give Skerrit a chance to promote the CIB and what Skerrit did, he run with his tail between his legs, little coward,
    Any right thinking Dominican can see that the CIB thing stinks and Tony is only protecting his pocket and nothing about patriotism

  34. Love
    January 3, 2017

    Why are cabinet ministers still poor while you and your kind filthy rich? Everything has a beginning and an end! It isn’t right what you all are doing to Dominica and Dominicans. and you, you, you are the most unpatriotic of people. How Dominicans can keep doing this with you is beyond me. You are well off, meanwhile the state of others fridges and pantries getting worse.

    • Mosquito 1
      January 3, 2017

      Love: maybe i am stupid or what, I have read your comment about three times and can’t make any sense out of it ,

    • The Truth Be Told
      January 3, 2017

      What have you stated? Are you referring to Tony? Since Tony was conceived and born he was already rich. Do you not know his Father, Waddy and what he owned? Tony also stands to inherit some of his father’s estate, if not, in the end, all of it. He has a successful profession.
      If you are referring to the PM, you also did not utilize your common sense. You know how long he is the PM. He has been getting a salary.
      Do you have to be reminded of all this?
      Some of you make silly comments. They really make no sense. Cease your nonsense. Telling it mildly.

    • indira Ghandi
      January 4, 2017

      Please Tony,give us the names of all the DUE DILIGENCE FIRMS so we can check for ourselves.
      Tell us how many passports you have sold
      and give us the names of all the persons ivvolved in selling our Dominican passports.
      Your days are numbered

  35. nutcase
    January 3, 2017

    “Lennox Linton has gone on the world stage with Huffington Post and the recent one with CBS 60 Minutes and in fact has accused the government of selling diplomatic passports” ……..but wait a while nuh…so how come every time some question is asked of the government or some issue about the government surfaces is this guy who comes out to answer nuh? is he the government, is he an elected member of parliament or is he a Dominican …is this guy genuinely interested in Dominica and the wellbeing of Dominicans.????? just want to know

    • forreal
      January 3, 2017

      he is the government lawyer’dummy :-P

    • The Truth Be Told
      January 3, 2017

      You are nuts! Do you have any common sense? It looks like, not.
      Tony is the government’s attorney. He reserves the right to speak for and on behalf of the PM, his government and Dominica. It also includes you. Do you not know? So what is your problem?

  36. Vaffanculo_PM
    January 3, 2017

    Israeli police have spent three hours questioning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    over whether he illegally accepted gifts from wealthy supporters. When u ask questions in Dominica they attack your character but look at Israel development compared to Dominica you can see the vast difference in quality of life. :-P

    • Me
      January 3, 2017

      Our P.M. has invited the local press for a free lunch tomorrow, at the State House no less. The full armory of psychological warfare will be employed to make the journalists feel good, soften them up, to deflect, make them less inclined to ask awkward questions and try and convince them that it is the P.M., who is the victim of counter-revolutionary forces, who try to undermine his efforts to make Dominica great at the expense of his personal sacrifice and that it is Lennox linton who is the barbarian at the gate, Roosevelt Skerrit’s nemesis. Alice in wonderland indeed!. Mr. Skerrit, you have got what you always craved, global attention, albeit not of the kind you wished for perhaps.

    • Gary
      January 3, 2017

      Why make such a ridiculous comparison of Dominica to the latest scandal in Israel regarding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Let us us stick to the CBS interview issue regarding Linton, are you saying what Linton did and said, it is wrong to question his character.You cannot weave the truth from a string of lies.

    • The Truth Be Told
      January 3, 2017

      Do you know all the comments and type of comments which were/are stated in Israel, pro and con?

      • Dominican
        January 4, 2017

        Don’t try to divert. We are not Israel, don’t have an army, airforce, navy, nuclear bombs or our own airline with jet planes and still the P.M. cannot create unity in that little country of ours. If he was the manager of a football team he would long be fired!

  37. Iamanidiot
    January 3, 2017

    Tony calling somebody a pathological liar?

    The Nigerian lady was only detained and release, Lenox is lying when he says she was arrested right?
    Ok lets fact check this.
    Google : “nigerian oil minister london” and see for YOURSELF what comes up.

    Tony : “King, from what I recall, never had a Dominican passport or a Dominican diplomatic passport and I was never aware of him being appointed ambassador to any specific country.”

    Ok lets fact that this
    Google : “Rudolf King Dominica”
    You’ll get an article from back in 2006 where it says “Prime Minister of Bahrain on Tuesday August 29, 2006 received Commonwealth of Dominica Prime Minister Special Envoy Rudolph King”
    So King was a goodwill ambassador to Bahrain.
    So an ambassador without a diplomatic passport? really tony? you say you dont recall. One phone call and you can find out…so don’t talk that GARBAGE about you “cant recall”. I would keep fact checking everything you say but…I run out of space to…

    • Gary
      January 3, 2017

      Wow, do you know what it really means to fact check. If you knew what fact checking is, you would not be writing such nonsense. When you say quote “OK lets fact this Google : “Rudolf King Dominica” do you you know how ignorant you are, this is not fact checking, this is not confirming the truth of an assertion made.The goal of fact checking is to uncover all evidence, the hunt for evidence to confirm an assertion made, your comment says nothing to provide evidence regarding the assertion made, wallow in your fallacy.

    • Jon Jones
      January 4, 2017

      This man Astaphan is like a boil on the face of Dominica.

      The public did not appoint him to have any representative profile but he has used his money to influence those sad people in govt so they can all reap wealth at the expense of its passive, semi-literate citizens. Despite independence, Dominica is clearly in the grip of colonialism as its people still look for outsiders to develop them rather that doing things for themselves. By stunting growth and development he has successfully helped in keeping Dominica backwards so that he and cronies can exploit it for his own personal, contemptous gain.

      I hope 2017 sees the end of these selfish clowns who bring nothing but embarrassment to Dominica with their greedy, seedy practices.

      • Me
        January 4, 2017

        Perhaps in this case a more appropriate word would be carbuncle?

  38. Nature
    January 3, 2017

    So why isn’t this ………….. ,tony what ever his name is,isn’t brave enough to have an interview with cbs..stop hiding behind kiari fm

    • The Truth Be Told
      January 3, 2017

      Why should Tony waste his time to talk to those people. In the real sense, do you think the US is better than Dominica?

    • My 2 Cents
      January 3, 2017

      @ Nature not everyone ideal and don’t have a life like lennox linton who just out there looking for attention. Some people are busy and have a real life doing important things

  39. Concerned
    January 3, 2017

    i watched the program and everything that Linton said was truth. what was so badly said for him to be called a Traitor and unpatriotic? when all the traitors are revelled in their colors. Will and come again Tony you all days will soon come …TICK TOCK

    • Lennox is big Trouble
      January 3, 2017

      What was Lennox’s point in participating in this program? What did he intend to achieve? This man is a disaster for Dominica. If you think that Dr. Skerrit is bad, just wait to see when this monster gets in power.

    • indira Ghandi
      January 4, 2017

      I really want to see for how long all you going to keep lifting Tony up and help him to put fown our own black brother,Lennox who knows what it is to struggle to m ake it. Do you people really think Tony cares about Dominica or Dominicans?

  40. So help us Lord
    January 3, 2017

    Tony where is your heart and conscience boss? Boss your father who laid a foundation for you, unlike most of us, is dead and has not been buried. People are sympathising with your family as we speak. Boss shouldn’t you be showing some respect to him until he is buried? What a shame and disgrace ? If that’s how you are treating the death of your father I don’t want to see how you would treat others.

    • The Truth Be Told
      January 3, 2017

      He is showing his respect for his late father who worked hard to build his industry in Dominica, to provide jobs for some D/cans. I do believe his father would say no less; probably more.
      In any case, life has to go on.
      Be sympathetic with Tony. In his heart, you do not know what he is going through. It is his father who passed on. Think and comment kindly.

  41. Pres_Donald_Trump
    January 3, 2017

    I just emailed Steve Kroft CBS 60Minutes telling him his reporting was false, i hope he can contact Mr Astaphans for a new interview, we should not play politics with passport sales, this is affecting the Global community and could label Dominica a rogue state, we have alot of Dominicans travelling to the United State of America, we don’t want to affect their visa travel permits.

    • Tjebe fort
      January 3, 2017

      too late my friend. Skerrit let the horse bolt from the stable but he and
      Tony pretending it is still there. Only an ass and a mule left in that stable my boy.

      • anonymous2
        January 4, 2017

        Good answer.

    • Take Lennox to Court
      January 3, 2017

      Here is how we fix this mess Lennox has created for Dominicans travelling internationally.

      1) When you are next detained at an airport for matters concerning the integrity of your Dominican passport, ask your interviewers to contact Lennox for an explanation. Give them his telephone number, email and house address.

      2) If he doesn’t come good and you suffer any loss which can be attributed to your passport being considered fake/ mail-order, consult your attorney and file a claim against Mr. Big Mouth himself.

      Done deal.

    • The Truth Be Told
      January 3, 2017

      It is giving them a false picture of Dominica. Lennox has never promoted Dominica. I have done more promoting of Dominica than Lennox who is a politician. Whatever he states about D/ca, he is stating it against the PM, all for his politician gain, to put him in a good light. He will not win. I would think it is time for Lennox to sit back/take a back seat. He is doing more harm to Dominica than anyone else.

      • Titiwi
        January 4, 2017

        What do you know about Dominica today, sitting on camphor balls in your ivory tower in Toronto for so many years? You are so spiteful but also so pitiable, devoid of any charitable thoughts that I will not take your stale bait and forgive you.

      • The Truth Be Told
        January 4, 2017

        Titiwi, you are so stupid. What do you know? Stop insulting people. You are so rude and wrong. Your bitterness of heart is showing. In time, people as you pay for your words.
        You are doing much harm to Dominica and yourself with your unkind words and mapwee. When people overseas read your garbage and hatred, why would they want to come to Dominica? When they visit they will not broadcast it for you to know. Take that and smoke it in your pipe. :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen: :twisted: :mrgreen:

  42. So help us Lord
    January 3, 2017

    But Tony, you reside in the US and calling CBS news or any of the major news outlets in the US will not cost you a penny. So instead of hiding behind Kairie, that’s only listened to by blind Skerritites that don’t care a damn about Dominica, why don’t you call one of the US outlets to set the record clear? In fact instead of calling Linton all kinds of names, why don’t you call CBS news that said much to the world about Dominica and it’s passport selling business that the few things Linton said? Better yet, since u are in Dominica, why not call PM Brown of Antigua, and tell him how he put Skerrit in very bad light when he himself appeared on the same CBS news to defend his program, while Skerrit is hiding from the media?

    • The Truth Be Told
      January 3, 2017

      Tony is smarter than all of you UWP supporters. He has good reasons not to get involved in that, in any low-down discussions. He is not competing with Lennox. You should be happy for him and proud of him. He is not in the business to bring Dominica down. Tony is more of a sincere D/can than Lennox.
      Tony does not have to elevate himself as Lennox is trying to do. Tony is already elevated a long time ago. He does not have to prove anything or force himself into anything..

  43. papa
    January 3, 2017

    How u can have hundreds of diplomat in the country well is now my da under hot water with us and stop asking ppl from the us social security numbers and say is for us saying is us that ask for that to be done all u just want to no ppl business it will take fools like u all to get it from them

    January 3, 2017

    Tony I like the way you responded to that letter you received,” The man is a Pathological liar, Unpatriotic, a Traitor and a Disgrace to the country!” Boss what else does one expect from one so hungry and thirsty for POWER? Desperate people will do DESPERATE THINGS.

    • naturally Dominican
      January 3, 2017

      kid on the block who is more desperate than you? and all such other beneficiaries, drinking the milking cow you do not want to loose your milk, when facts like that hit you in the face you become desperate, your nasty liared slogans cant fool people any more, keep on getting desperate for you are sure gonna loose the milking cow.

    • Concern citizen
      January 3, 2017

      Ma Dominique has 3 categories of slaves which one do U belong to. the are the field slave, the Yard slave and the House Slave, so which one do U belong too?
      There is nothing more I can say to U, because U seems not able to comprehend what is going on in UR. Nature Isles

      January 3, 2017

      my god, dominica is truly the land that manufacture IDIOTS…

    • You will forever remain a bit of scum of the earth, you are one of those Dominican Tony referred to as cockroaches, and kakadoor. You may know what a cockroach looks like, but let me tell you a kakadoor is a species of similar to a crawfish, but never grow as large as a crawfish, because it is a scavenger that lives in the mud a small flowing stream!

      A you not ashamed to be a stinking cockroach! They do smell bad you know! An to be scavenger in the mud is not a good thing either. One way or the other he has reduced you to the lowest species of anything on earth, you are lower than a dog, or a fly!

      Those who are lying, and make their living a crowned pathological liars your eyes are blind to them, but the man who has not yet being caught in a lie, a pile of garbage like you calls him a pathological liar!

      The reason you keep writing under all sorts of names on DNO is because you are a notorious compulsive pathological liar, and I am sure a bloody thief too, because liars are…

  45. January 3, 2017

    Linton cannot do any thing else but smile, he needs to keep on smiling any other face features will frighten the world.Why dont he do something constructive with his energy like start a project for youngsters. According to him and others Skerrit is useless, he should be the better one stand on his big head and do eomething cha.

    • naturally Dominican
      January 3, 2017

      Do you mean like the wasted 60 million dollars that was spent in the valley that could make the whole of Dominica produce green energy; .it appears like you people are walking upside down and or back to front; The vigilante’ warned us long time, is people like you he was talking about.

    • AP
      January 3, 2017

      He just did you’re just too blind and dense to see it.

    • Concern citizen
      January 3, 2017

      U see Linton is a reputable and a respectful man in the Nature Isle, and U all can’t take that from L Linton

    • %
      January 3, 2017

      Garbage again from a Skerrit sycophant…Say what honourable Linton said about the programme that was not true….It lacks transparency and accountability…It has you as a poor idiot spewing foolishness while others are filthy rich from it!!!IT STINKS REALLY!!

  46. Anansi
    January 3, 2017

    Nah Tony, Linton was not the one to point out the dangers of the diplomatic passport operation. Dominica was singled out, not by Linton, for its role in selling diplomatic passports. Whether or not Linton had been interviewed, US Homeland Security is already well aware of all of you all’s operations. Whether or not Linton had been interviewed, that would not have changed the stance of US Homeland Security.

    • Me
      January 3, 2017

      Amen to that my wise spider. Well observed. The ….. have been found out and are now accusing their neighbour for telling on them and cursing him for selling them out instead of apologising to their very own people they ……from in the first place. Sadly typical but not unusual.

    • Man bites Dog
      January 3, 2017

      Anansi : please get your facts right then come again, but i will tell you a secret USA, Canada, UK Mi5 were all looking at Edison James government with that passports selling and what they found would makes you sick to the Grave.

    • d-a born
      January 3, 2017


    • Jon Jones
      January 4, 2017

      All the jumping and shouting by Astaphan won’t prevent the US (and other) security agencies from seeing what is going on and making their own conclusions. He is the barking dog trying to protect the gate so no one can get inside to see what mischief has really taken place. Why doesnt he go on 60 minutes himself to defend the CBI policy?
      When hits the fan I wouldn’t be at all suprised if he is the first to turn traitor and drop everyone else in it to save himself.

      I never understood why he accused the Opposition of being involved with gun trafficking without any evidence to date. Considering how the information was recieved, I would see his response as that of a frightened man trying to muddy the waters to cover his own tracks. It wasnt police incompetence that scuppered that investigation but direct governmental interference. I wonder what his escape route will be…

  47. Shaka Zulu
    January 3, 2017

    Astaphan is not elected to speak on anyone’s behalf so he should STFU. Plain and simple. All this passport stuff is going to do is invite crooks and scoundrels to our shores thereby making the life for those of us who actually care about our Homeland to be stained and worsen. Wait till the bottom of the pot drop and you will see misery.

    • Mosquito 1
      January 3, 2017

      ZULU, when i read most of you Workers supporters comments it makes me wonder are you people real, Or just plain stupid wicket and mad what the hell is going on? Linton is creating mayhem his following monkeys see monkeys do so stop your crap about Tony Astaphan and talk to your nasty mad leader before it’s too late.

  48. Jack Man
    January 3, 2017

    DNO i love the fact that you fact checked some of the rubbish Tony spewed. As a UWP supporter I listened to the program and to tell you the truth I think all the hype was about nothing. I dont see why tony workin up himself. Nothing said on the program was false and it was nothing we havent heard of before. The fact of the matter is there have been questionable people who possess our diplomatic passports. People who have no righr to be our diplomats. The only logical conclusion is that these passports are being sold to them!

    • Gary
      January 4, 2017

      When you say that quote “DNO i love the fact that you fact checked some of the rubbish Tony spewed” so laughable, it only displayed your ignorance.First off, DNO was reporting what Tony said, in response to Linton, who is demanding an explanation for alleged defamation regarding the CBS interview. There is a difference between reporting what Tony said and the hunt for evidence to confirm what he said is true, it does not seem you know the difference.

      It also seems to me, you are one of those who are lazy to do your own thinking, you rely on others to do the thinking for you, very sad. The reason I say this, is because again, when you say quote “Nothing said on the program was false and it was nothing we haven’t heard of before” (the CBS interview) Do you think the statements and conclusions made in your comments sounds like someone seeking to know the truth or have the truth. There are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn’t true and to refuse to believe what is…

  49. viewsexpressed
    January 3, 2017

    Astaphan is not backing down….what I interpret here is this is, who really this Astaphan man is?.
    This statement is really about Tony and he puts it better than you or me…..Here goes, and we quote him:
    “The man (Astaphan) is unpatriotic, is a traitor to the country, he has disqualified himself from public office and as far as I am concerned, he is a disgrace to the country,”
    Come on Tony give us more…..give us one on Skerrit also, we know in closed doors what you think of Skerrit, if true, give us the que.

  50. FORKIT
    January 3, 2017

    so tone, only now a statement from the prime minister’s office is forthcoming, after all those years of lennox exposure. so it had to take an international TV reporter to expose allu darkness… its amazing….. dominica full of IDIOTS.

    • Moi
      January 3, 2017

      Except Me :mrgreen:

  51. Me
    January 3, 2017

    Tony, you are past your sell-by date. Even judges getting fed up with you.

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