Direct Democracy Movement of Dominica concerned of dual citizenship allegations

An organization which has been around for almost 31 years has taken issue with allegations suggesting that politicians hold dual citizenship.

President of the Direct Democracy Movement of Dominica Rogatien Ishmael Fontaine says his organization is worried about individuals with dual citizenship who contested the December 18, 2009 general elections.

Fontaine said the Direct Democracy Movement of Dominica will not tolerate any groups, organizations or institutions of any private and public sector that violate the constitution.

He proposed that by-elections be held in the Vielle Casse constituency because he believes the incumbent Member of Parliament Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit holds dual citizenship, based on information revealed by investigative journalists and Opposition party members during last year’s election campaign.

At a political rally, former prime minister Edison James of the United Workers Party (UWP) had accused PM Skerrit of having both a Dominican and a French passport.

The country’s electoral laws contain a dual citizenship restriction. Prior to the general elections PM Skerrit had responded to accusations, confirming that he in fact holds a French passport, but denied that it prevented him from being a parliamentarian.

“There are people who keep going against the constitution and they know themselves. There should be by elections in Vielle Case again. I am calling on the relevant authorities to investigate the matter,” Fontaine stated.

The matter regarding the dual citizenship of Prime Minister Skerrit is being challenged in court.

Chapter 3 Part 1 outlines the requirements for qualification and disqualification as a parliamentarian. Under ‘Disqualifications for Representatives and Senators’ (32) it states that A person shall not be qualified to be elected or appointed as a Representative or Senator (hereinafter in this section referred to as a member) if he- 1. is by virtue of his own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power or state.

For more on that section of the constitution click on:

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    August 12, 2010

    @Margret Rose:



    August 12, 2010


    What is the point of this continued nonsense. Even though Skerrit is deprived of his Vielle Case seat, the DLP will still be the Govt for the duration and Skerrit will win his seat at a bye election
    Therefore, the present protestation is a waste of effort and tax payers funds which we know Dominica cannot afford


    • Draci
      December 31, 2010

      So you do not believe in the Constitution? Clearly the Constitution says that Skerrit is wrong. Do you not believe in principles? So you believe in lawlessness only because you love your party and PM? So the law really is an ….

  3. SMDH
    August 1, 2010

    You really not getting the point.

  4. Thunder Horse
    August 1, 2010

    @Law-abidding: Dude, did you read my comments properly, I was simply challenging those biased people who checked the PM’s dual citizenship and not looking into theirs to see if their US, BRITISH AND DUTCH PASSPORTS ARE NOT EXPIRED.


  5. SMDH
    August 1, 2010

    The man have a point. But what good for the goose is also good for the gander(Ron Greene = US Citizen). Dominicans needs to wake up and open their eyes, if you want to run for office you should give up citizenship from the foreign country. Why should a french citizen be the head of our country? What sense does this make? Dominicans needs to feeding into this bloods(labour) and Crip(uwp) nonsense and electing people who actually give a shit about Dominica instead of themselves. These corrupt politicians are gonna turn Dominica into the next Haiti or Jamaica just watch.

    • Draci
      December 31, 2010

      Only if the people let them and the the people deserve what they get.

  6. Righteous!
    July 31, 2010

    In my humble opinion, there should be an ammendment to the constitution. That was in place back then to avoid the wealthy white/british men from coming to Dominica and trying to hold Representative positions. We should change with the time less we create a leadership of idiots. Many people have left Dominica in the pursuit of a better education and some in the process have acquired citizenship in other countries. That should not make them ineligible to be Representatives.

    The constitution should be changed to stipulte that you will have to have been a resident of Dominica for atleast a year or two or three before you are eligible for such office…

    Enough of the power-hunger a–holes sho are out to get the PM.

    Cased closed

    • Draci
      December 31, 2010

      If that is done very soon we shall have a Chinese PM

  7. ok den
    July 31, 2010

    @Margret Rose: Miss Rose u sure?

  8. 1/4 prophet
    July 31, 2010

    Prophet 2 iam not in your rank still a quarter prophet. Is that after Bush W the Decider?lol!

  9. Anonymous
    July 31, 2010

    Pit are you indicating something more interesting: The names you mentioned are Douglases.Even Behanzi are you saying what am thinking. You ask if Mr.Alex Royer did not man up?Wow! Ahfouah dem are yet to respond to the family tree of the Skerrits who hail from marigot. like the Ferrieras
    hail from St.Joe, like the Cuffys from RCyrique, or the rabesses from Atkinson and greg is related everyone from Anisonetc. one blood. Is Skerrit mom a Skerrit when she’s from V/C and someone said V/C peeps hail from G/loupe and not! Pit ,give us more vibes.

  10. July 31, 2010

    what about norris charles and all those uwp members who hold green cards and american and british citizenship? when are going to investigate them!

  11. Pit Bull
    July 31, 2010

    …What is his mamy name? Skerrit? Did Alex Royer not man Up? You called him Roosie I wonder why?? hahahahahhaLook like de beff eh reach you yet lol!Ask Ian, Elenor, Monty, Washway etc what’s the score even Behanzie.

  12. unpatriotic pm
    July 31, 2010

    Unpatriotic acts show why the law was put in place

    Release of arrested french fishermen has resulted in
    Rewarding the continued violent attacks and disapearance of Dominican fishermen

    Natural resources singed over to French men with exclusion of Dominicans and significant loss to government and increased cost to Dominicans

  13. ouboutou
    July 30, 2010

    Seems ignorance is really a crime.
    Please somebody,,explain what the constitution say about persons holding dual citizenship and going up for public office.
    In a nut shell: if one becomes a citizen of another country by his own doing,( which means he can think for himself and can make decisions for himself) he may not vie for a public office in the Gov’t. But, if he becomes a citizen of another country when he was a child, he can.

    If i am on the wrong track, please, one of you smarties,,,, elaborate.
    Tell us

  14. Interesting
    July 30, 2010

    @Margret Rose: you as so damm darksided my dear

    please go to the river and pray for light

  15. nac vibes
    July 30, 2010

    Yeah lets just turn dominica into zimbabwe, its the same way they worshipped mugabe and befor the knew it he’d starved most of them so send your money never mind about any laws.
    sh—t for brains!!!!!!

  16. nac vibes
    July 30, 2010



  17. nac vibes
    July 30, 2010

    I find it incredible how the level of stupidity by some of the commentators to this article.
    People, the same law that forbids a man raping your daughter is the same law that forbids anyone who gives his allegencies to another country to be elected to the parliament which make the laws which we should all abide by and respect.
    You cannot choose some of it and ignore the rest.
    The reason you voted was because of the law, if you don’t like a part of the law then lobby parliament to change it, thats what your parlrep is there for.Untill then its the law and even the pm must abide by it.
    To the people of the pm’s consituency, he will not be in power for ever,the day must come (how ever long) when he will have to go and then what?.

  18. Eyes Wide Open
    July 30, 2010

    Ok. Well what I want to know Mr. Fontaine is, where have you been for the past couple of years. Why are we only hearing from you at this point, seven months after the fact? I have never heard of this organisation, so why haven`t you taken steps to educate the Dominican populace of your organisation`s interests in the past? And what, may I ask has prompted you to come forward at this point in time? I am not a Skerritite, but i have problems with people trying to use my distaste for this present government`s policies for their own personal reasons. So come clean Mr. Fontaine, what is the real motive behind your miraculous aparition.

  19. 4ALL2C
    July 30, 2010

    I must say our peole are really ignorant when it come to the LAWS and constitution of the land. They will obey their foreign state laws and constitution but they fail to obey their own. No wonder we making no progress in advancing forward.
    All those that wishes to disobey the constitution when it comes to their party in power are they ready to move to Venezuela, Cuba or China? Do they have Visa for any of those countries? I hope they are not carrying passports or Visas to countries that seems to want to live and die by their constitution.
    It is sad we see right and wrong as party colors. If you red no matter what , you right and if you blue, green or otherwise you are just dead wrong. This is the ignorance Perro was talking about!!!

    we are back to the colonial master times — if you are white you RIGHT, if you are BLACK it does not matter how damn good you workor skave you are WRONG and will always be a ***%%%

  20. texas
    July 30, 2010

    Dual citizenship is a problem for those in power, yet we allow we allow the chinese to enjoy it, and we also patronize their businesses. Dual citizen is a problem yet many Dominicans living here and abroad crave for it amd have it. Question, are their Dominicans with dual citizenships from other caricom countries? Or are we just prejudice against a particular individual for having the privilege of dual citizenship? Dual citizenship is a problem yet many Dominicans hold very high positions of power in large industrialized countries where decisions are made that affect the lives of millions of people. This is a far cry from the constitution and it’s requirements, it is about those who are out of ideas for turning this country into a haven of job creation, influence, and productivity, alright, let us say that the member with the dual citizen became vacant and was replaced, then what? The proponents are not interested in dual citizenship. They are interested in ousting the prime minister at any cost. Very soon, they are probably going to call for his impeachment to?

    • Draci
      December 31, 2010

      What a load of cobblers.

  21. Ny Bulldog
    July 30, 2010

    You guys still talking about this pointless nonsense?……….Roosie was born in V/case and his dad name is Alex Royer aka Big Steve….anything else?

    July 30, 2010

    WILL TELL ME THAT…………………..sorry

  23. Interesting
    July 30, 2010

    its growing daily how Ignornace is such a Massive part of Dominicans

    wonder if they will tell God its better to be Ignorant than wise!!

    i think it will happen…i will keep on saying that Dominicans are proud and adored by many of US in the Caribbean for upholding and praising Ignorant Levels to such High Limits

    What a bunch of foolishness who the hell is skerro a poor guy who never saw toys has the so call educated and spiritual minds all confused, hmm seems he has to special charm from a unknown source…

    The Guy can do absouletly no wrong his is praised for doing anything which is opposite to the Lwas of the Land…only time will tell….

    July 30, 2010


  25. Margret Rose
    July 30, 2010

    Ron Green on 17th of December 2009, was in Barbados trying to give up his USA citzenship. Eddison James has a British and St. Vencent Passport to via his wife, Bernard Wilshire had a British Passport, Sam Rapheal has a Dutch Passport. every UWP Member has two Passports, look into that too.

    Earl Williams was born in Southall England, Cabon has USA Passport he won his seat for Wesley and went to work and live in the USA , and was still getting pay $2000.00 each month by the Tax payers of Dominica,

    I guess it is OK for the UWP Members to have as many Passport as they want but no body else should have more than one Passport. The Leader of the DFP have a British Passport.

  26. Domincan overseas
    July 30, 2010

    There are so many things that politicans should be exerting
    their energy in rather than the same stupidness all the time
    we need the politicans to think of the everyday person to help them put food on the table for their children, we need to keep the island clean, find solutions to curb the crime ……
    that is what the people are interested in, their daily livelihood, who cares whether
    thePrime Minister has dual citizenship or not? i care about education for the children. Concerned should be focused onimproving the island. These politicans are for themselves. I wish they could stop this stupidness and help get new industries to come open hotels and get people to work
    Dominica has alot to offer to visitors with all it’s natrual beauty…’s the same sh…..all the time

  27. Law-abidding
    July 30, 2010

    @Ryon: Ryon and Prissy comments mean directly that they have no regard for the law of the land. What does the law state on that issue? Both of you and the others who cannot understand simple English much less for legal matters, should tell us what does the law state. Is there a section of our laws in Dominica which prohibits someone with dual citizenship (BY virtue of his own act) from being nominated, elected or appointed to represent anybody in Parliament? Of course there is? Deny the law. There are some people who also deny that Dominica have laws against drug trafficking or money laundering, so they commit those acts thinking that if caught, there will be no law to punish them. How DUMB and IGNORANT some people could be IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE. Do you all want us to live in a lawless society? How could you be a supporter of ‘No law could prevent me from being nominated? That is lawlessness. Now I understand what kind of persons you all are and what kind of country you want to live in. How comes you all could not, did not challenge Ron or Edo in court on dual citizenship. You all are free to do it.

  28. July 30, 2010

    We are not missing the point. Firstly, Mr. James and Green are NOT citizens of the US – even if their children are. Secondly, it is not naturally our place to judge, but on this objective standard we must. I am driving on the right side of the road. It is not your place to judge then when I bounce you.

    Sorry to say that it is those like you who have brought my once God-fearing country to the lawless mess that it is right now. Every country has its CONSTITUTION, and every citizen id \s suppose to abid by it. It is because of the constitution that we have what we might call a ‘Prime Minister.’ It is because of the constitution that you will go to COURT if the government takes your house from you without paying you.
    Even if you all make Mr. Skerrit into a GOD, he is not above thew constitution, so he has to abide by it.
    Oh! There are still a few sensible, law-abiding PATRIOTS left in this country, so hope isn’t dead yet!!!

  29. joe
    July 30, 2010

    i clearly remember in 1995 when Ron Green ran for elections they were all up his to relinquish his US citizenship so guess this law should be made for all u can only serve one country at a time . So if the PM does have french citizenship every dam parliamentarian should be barred as well if they do

  30. Anonymous
    July 30, 2010

    should we ask the us government to take back the green cards of Norris Charles and those other uwp members who currently hold green cards and usa passports?

  31. The Third Side
    July 30, 2010

    DNO, you don’t find that group sounding just like them terrorist groups that no one knows about and suddenly when there is a bombing, they coming out of the woodwork claiming responsibility

  32. Birdie
    July 30, 2010

    Who is mr fountain wheare he come from first time i am hearing about him what citizenship he holds. Let me tell you who ever you are you will not decide for the people of Vieill Case we said in December is Rosevelt Skerrit we want and thats it you only want to start a war in vieille Case we dont want UWP.Skerit mother Father Grand Mother Grand Father is from Vieille Caes He was born and raised in V/Case went to school there then to PSS then to colledge in roseau then to the university of new Mexico he did not return to Guadeloup or Farnce he came back to V/case his birth place and leaves there still so what he have is his buisness all we know in V/case we dont want no by election so go and clean your dirty back yard v/case people own cleanand leave us alone keep your advise for you and ron Edison Spraks and the rest of foolish monkeys. we dont want it go and find some work to do and leave V/case people alone FOOL did you know that all V/case people origanated from Guadeloup so all of us are feench you and edison came from Africa Ron is an albino so we are from wheare we are if there is a by electioon in V/case you still cant vote there and we will still vote SKERRIT not the zouzou uwp sent.

    • Draci
      December 31, 2010

      If stupidity hurt you would be screaming all day from the pain

  33. WOW
    July 30, 2010

    At least one group of people is getting fed up with the nonsense happening in this country,especially by the Skerrit administration…Take care they target you….In any case so many people are tired of these guys you will get others speaking out…It has just started….!!!!

  34. Mouche miel
    July 30, 2010

    Prissy, do you know who Skerrit’s father happens to be?He mentions his mother but never his dad.Who is the elder Mr.Skerrit? maybe marigotians can clear the air for us the ignorant as the skerrits hail from Ahfouahwee land. In that case he might even be related to FET , Eddo,James and Norris Prevost amongst others.
    This may seem a deviation to the theme in question but the relavance will be seen and appreciated ina subsequent discuss. Once Prissy can and has clarify the initial question I will proceed.
    As much as am diametrically opposed to Skerrit likewise Eddie et Al and what their mode of development represents Mr Fountaine’s idea of banning persons with dual citizen ship is of no consequence. Basic reason being D/ca by extension the rest of the caribbean lacks a satisfatory of individuals capable of running our affairs. Ej in question look at what we have as our P.M and his Ministers! It was no different in the previous administrations hence barring individuals secondary to dual citizenship and we already do not have quality leave us in Doodoo. We have so many over qualified Diasporans who would dwarft the crap we have in the region if they were to choose to return. So barring dual citizenship is certainly a negative.
    Let me make it clear when talking about able dual citizens :the current crop of watered down,by-products of dire poverty and(by luck obtained a little education or maybe studiation) individuals occupying positions in the absence of able upright citizens or those who prefer to hoover behind the scences are not what is desirable.However in the absence of the capable we get these
    uncultured ,egoistic, braszenly ignorant of the like of Skerro himself the PJ’s the Eddos the Earls,the Austries, and the sunglasses Rayban Blackmores, not forgetting the Ians etc who are not only vexations to the spirit but even the living body.I rest my case unless or until Prissy can tell us who is the daddy.

  35. Prophet2
    July 30, 2010

    The Prime Deceiver is illegitimate, kick him out.

  36. bothered
    July 30, 2010


    I now only hold and will only hold a Dominican passport….that is until we are forced to get chinese passports.

  37. Perseverance
    July 30, 2010

    Did I miss out something? Isn’t Mr. Ron Green an American also. I recalled talks stating that he had dual citizenship.

    Has the constitution been revised. I also know that Mr. Carbon was an elected member while holding a US passport. Please give my Prime Minister a break. Let him serve his time and give his youthful energy to the further development of our beautiful island “DOMINICA”.

  38. Patat
    July 30, 2010

    All d years I in Dominica I doh never hear about that organisation. Never in d time of mamo or OJ.

    Is where that one come from?

    All d news papers I buy in my life in Dominica , all d news on radio and TV that organisation doh never get mention.

    31 years is a long time to be around and yet not even Nabes & I make mention of u all this time.

  39. Interesting
    July 30, 2010

    @Ryon: think you are wrong on Edo sir he holds a Dominican Passport so be clear when you give info out ok…..

    we already have just to much gossip and choosen ones from above in DA?

  40. S
    July 30, 2010

    What’s the point of having a constitution if we aren’t going to enforce it?

  41. July 30, 2010

    Mr Fontaine are you going to investigate Ron Green and Edison James as well? i understood they to have dual citizenship.
    In my opinion Ithink you all are just a bunch of jokers from a pack of cards. You all are very godd at stirring up touble, always setting fires that you all are unable to put out.
    You act like all Dominicans are stupid because you guys earn a college degree.
    Give your people some credit.

    Dominca has no money, yet people like you have the Government spending money to defend
    allegations. In days gone by we had leaders who ruled our country who were not Dominicans and look how we turned out. Regardless if Skerrit was born in Da or not matters not to me, both his parents are Dominicans and that makes him a Dominican in my book.
    Mr Fontaine try putting your energy in something more constructive instead of stirring up a pot of destruction.

  42. Ryon
    July 30, 2010

    Are we missing the big point here? Fontaine is talking about a possible bi election if the PM dual citizenship is a breach against the constitution of Dominica’s electoral laws, if soo then we will be having alot of bielections even up to the time general election will convene.

    Dominicans are getting fed up with politics by now and we are tired with those childish behaviours, i mean this is the very thing which can destroy a country and its happening right now.

    Mr Green and James are both Citizens of the USA even their children, can immigration deny that you’re a Dominican by bith because you hold a second passport? As far as i’m concerned Dominicans are holders of the moset passports in the caribbean.

    Who are we to judge? I hold an Antiguan Passport as well.

  43. possie
    July 30, 2010

    do u think the people will not vote the same nxt time y cost da more money when u
    just had 2 elec just let it be let da work take place move on people move on

  44. The Third Side
    July 30, 2010

    “Fontaine said the Direct Democracy Movement of Dominica will not tolerate any groups, organizations or institutions of any private and public sector that violate the constitution”

    Will not tolerate….what is he going to do…blow up somebody, blowup something…lol

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