DLP plans to build “Cruise Village” in Canefield

Blackmoore has many plans for the Mahaut constituency
Blackmoore has many plans for the Mahaut constituency

The residents of Canefield will see the construction of a ‘Cruise Village’ in the area if the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) is re-elected into government.

Addressing a DLP rally in Canefield on Wednesday night DLP candidate for the Mahaut Constituency, Rayburn Blackmoore, said the Board of Directors of the Dominica Air and Seaport Authority (DASPA) has already approved that project.

The Cruise Village, he said, is expected to be built on the site of the Canefield Airport.

“Think about the prospects or the possibilities of having three big ships docking right there in Canefield,” Blackmoore said. “I can say to you the people of Canefield, the people of Massacre, the people of Mahaut, Dominica, I am saying to you tonight, that Canefield, Massacre and Mahaut will never be the same again when we ensure we construct this Cruise Village for you the people of Canefield.”

Blackmoore also stated that government has already discussions with potential developers and they are happy about the possibility of constructing the village.

He stated discussions have also been held with the AID Bank “to standardize the manner in which business is being done at the Industrial Site” in Canefield.

In fact, he said, the intention is to create a business platform for a diversity of businesses to set up shop in the area “and to create twenty-first century jobs for our children and our children-children…”

“We have begun to improve the physical infrastructure; we have done the sidewalk to be followed by the road and proper landscaping,” he said. “And speaking about the cruise village in Canefield, we shall improve the beach and to create a proper sidewalk from Canefield going back into under the cliff and to create a wonderful environment and to transform Canefield and to transform Dominica.”

Blackmoore revealed that the DLP plans to build a business platform upstairs the Mahaut market and projects for Warner and Jimmit are also in the making.

He said that both communities and Mahaut “will never be the same again.”

“Because there will be a major boost for both commercial and residential real estate,” he remarked.

A resource centre was also promised to the people of Jimmit, while one will be opened in Campbell next week.

“I want to say to the people of Jimmit that we shall ensure that you get a resource centre in my new term,” Blackmoore said. “We are also targeting Warner and Campbell. And speaking about Campbell, in terms of resource centre, we have already secured the computers, next week Monday we shall be opening this resource centre in Campbell for the people of Campbell.”

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  1. 4-cars
    November 29, 2014

    Please, please people, do yourself, your children and your country a big favor and vote that labor party OUTOUTOUTOUTOUTOUT………OUT! They are no good. They are all rich people – Where did they get all their money from?

  2. anonymous2
    November 28, 2014

    Not a good idea. Why don’t you fix the streets and sidewalks of Roseau and dress up that City?

  3. Anonymous
    November 28, 2014

    Two terms now we are hearing of this project…This alleged project w,asn’t even mention in the 2014 manifesto…As representative of the people,,you all should refrain from misleading the masses. Also think you all should be held liable to your promises and taken to court for failure to deliver…Moroccan Hotel…unfinished….Coffee plant nonoperational. arbortoir nonoperational.

  4. Jon Carson
    November 28, 2014

    Mr. Blackmoore, could you please come and have a talk with me because all these promises are out right not going to materialized and they are not even feasible in the areas that you have alluded. Certainly, Canefield is dire need of modernization and have been ignored for the past 30 to 35 years. Candidly, all the Parliamentary Representatives and Governments (past and present) of the Commonwealth of Dominica have ignored Canefield. They have simply lacked the vision and foresight for that community when the opportunities where readily available to do so, and now we are hearing all these “promise in the sky”. Are there deliberate attempts to take advantage of the gullibility of your constituents in Canefield in particular Blackmoore?

    The talk about “Cruise Village” is one of the most ridiculous promises I have ever heard coming from you and out of your camp. For beginners, and those who supports the DLP and in particular Blackmoore (your gullible constituents), where in your election manifesto are there reference made to such a project for that community? Was that an oversight and if so, it really is a major oversight? How do we compare that in fairness, to that of your opponents who made a similar error in their manifesto by mistakenly labeling the wrong constituency for three of their candidates’? Blackmoore, in my professional opinion, that cruise village is pure nonsense because it is a bad idea and unrealistic in that area. Several factors are to be considered Mr. Minister for Public Works and Infrastructure. Have you consulted with your staff on this? This is not feasible because that will create a major traffic disaster in that present location unless you are talking of dredging and deepening the sea and building that cruise village on manmade land into the sea. In that way, all traffic, shopping centers, vendors’ stores, etc will be away from the present traffic volumes on that Canefield to Massacre/Mahaut outboards and inboards traffic coming into the Capital Roseau. The average daily traffic counts in that area is already excessive for a roadway that is was poorly designed and constructed. Thereby, the continuous traffic flows will most certainly create a vehicular conflict.

    Additionally, you have ignored or not considered other impeding factors and hazards such as the school located in the general vicinity. Blackmoore, you may consider us “gullible” but you are dead wrong because many of us know better and know very well this is not a project that is near feasible or probable in the next five years. Cease fooling us Blackmoore because that one did not pass the smell test.

  5. Rabbit
    November 28, 2014

    backless go away! As long as all u kno when all U come out de we going to make all u pay.

  6. choice
    November 28, 2014

    bosss canefield doh want blackmoore period some will vote bcuz of skerrit but majority doh want mister for parl rep in that area mister passing that area straight but is ppl that have de power to put what government they want. you doh make it this time around. a parl rep suppose to be pass around his constituency and be around people but is like every five years i seeing blackmore in cane field

  7. ////
    November 28, 2014

    BLA BLA, RUBBISH, you not winning this time nuh, I live in Canefield, and the roads are bad, think you smart, you cannot even talk properly, you are an arrogant bastard, conceited, and always on the phone,you drive with your windows up, and pretend you do not want to talk to people you are so high and mighty, one thing I telling you and balding Skerrit, GOD is mightier…..

  8. Mahaut talk roro
    November 28, 2014

    Blackmore.. please remember the mahaut village counsel you a young lady to work because she was your brother kids mom. Yet you dam know the girl had sticky fingers you show mahaut people u don’t care.she did the same wipeout like the same in town .ohhh Man U so careless you about your friends and families but not for all

  9. d bad et al
    November 28, 2014

    black stop tryin to fool d ppl with this cruise nonsense. why is it not in d manifesto? further, d board na sanction nuttin like dat… u is d board???

  10. Anthony Ismael
    November 28, 2014

    I think continuing the industrial theme in the Canefield area would be much more feasible. Modernized office space, coupled with a movie theatre and a shopping area would make sense in that area. We lack modernized office space in Dominica. It would also help to alleviate vehicular congestion into and out of Roseau.
    Furthermore, promising a Cruise Village to the voters when you know full well this project has not even been conceptualized and will not be constructed is wanting. It shows the desperate efforts of a desperate man who will do and say anything to maintain power. Sad, but true.

  11. Mee3
    November 28, 2014

    I wonder if the people of canefiedl is buying this one too. We broke grounds for a coast gaurd base a couple years ago and look this yeat we broke the ground again the same place for a new hotel, yest still the one at the cabrits don’t know if it will ever finish. COme on Blacmore, you really think Dominicans are fools….oh sorry sir, some of us are since we keep following you and listening to and believing you rubbish.

  12. Anti-Labour
    November 27, 2014

    OK so someone please tell me why is it only now Blackmore coming up with those plans? Hmmmmn nope that’s not fooling me at all. Never get my vote.

  13. professor
    November 27, 2014

    I THINK Dominicans need to travel more to see how things are done on the outside before they come on here and criticize this project. Talking about space, the location has more than enough space so there is no need to oppose without knowing facts. Look at St. MAARTEEN, Antigua, St. Lucia…these islands have docks for four, five and six cruise ships to come up along side. so why would the location of the canefield airport not have enough space?

  14. November 27, 2014

    Aye aye Blackmoore i find you come out. Was there a missed print which excluded the cruise village for canefield in the 2014 manifesto? Oh my bad I forgot you were reading from the 2000 manifesto. Layban maechastay ki zor ye!!!
    You blatantly neglected the people of canefield, all your projects was for your jardin pa-tata!! Hold your empty promises!!! Beggar days are over.

  15. The saw for sure
    November 27, 2014

    Make way for the Blue. I am not voting for BillBoards. I can’t eat BillBoards.

  16. Big stuff
    November 27, 2014

    I’m starting to think Labour Party is the real team foo and not the uwp….how many elections u intend to play that broken record for…that was uwp idea all steal it,talked about it last election,nothing has been done now u coming back with that same talk about cruise village in cane field?? Get serious

  17. %
    November 27, 2014

    This is one of the guys that should realoinsultive packing.He stutters nonsense,he is arrogant an insultive. These are not leaders. They are all bad examples. HOW LONG? NOT LONG!

  18. Lang Mama
    November 27, 2014

    The two farmers boat to go with that

  19. Malpardee
    November 27, 2014

    Haha boo he is queen man, waving lol. Well i am tired of hearing project project. I need to hear hospital hospital. It is a shame to see the deceitful tactics that people use against others. Enjoy all u self cause when god arrives,i wonder what are we all going to do or say! Politics is a dirty game folks. Face it. Lies, lies and more lies. No wonder why uwp could not deal with d clean man!

  20. need a raise
    November 27, 2014

    ok so let me tell you what is happening. cruise ships come to the bayfront and on the port. all the vendors will be removed from the bayfront. chiney stores sell our souvenirs. all chiney stores have souvenirs. when the cruise passengers come they go through these shops and get their souvenirs. meanwhile all the vendors will be packed into the canefield airport.
    next to the port, a chinese market will be going up where all the souvenirs will be sold. where will our vendors be? in the canefield airport.
    chinese win
    dominicans loose.
    dominicans please dont let election tricks fool you
    why couldnt skeritt give us a free show once a year.
    why all those artists in one month. so expensive
    why cant we think
    skeritt owns the chronicle. i now buying the sun. skeritt controls dbs. they cant say anything anti government.
    skeritt is turning the country to commmunism. all his friends are communists. we are heading for big trouble. please save our country. please vote for a change

  21. Anonymous
    November 27, 2014

    This is something I suggested years ago and I know that is the way to go. But with the DLP I equally know it’s never going to happen. So, sorry, good idea I do not trust you guys. No doubt the UWP will be doing it.

  22. Massacre
    November 27, 2014

    I will not vote for another party to have 3 terms in office. nowhere else in the world this sort of thing happens. So this could be why we in Da are out of the world! Change things around.

  23. St.Paul's
    November 27, 2014

    You have lied to us in Massacre enough, there is no way that I will vote you Blackmoore again. There are already so many empty buildings in the Canefield industrial estate , why not develop that area? 15 years you guys have been in office and is now you seeing that we need development?
    Dominicans use your head, and its time for change!

  24. St.Paul's
    November 27, 2014

    You have lied to us in Massacre enough, there is no way that I will vote you Blackmoore again. There are already so many empty buildings in the Canefield industrial estate , why not develop that area? 15 years you guys have been in office and is now you seeing that we need development?
    Dominicans use you head, and its time for change!

  25. Son of the Soil
    November 27, 2014

    Is the coffee processing plant in Portsmouth operational? What of the abattoir in Layout, is that up and running?

  26. Mahaut talk roro
    November 27, 2014

    Blackmore u put lights on post but not anywhere UWP ppl …y. Y why not work for all not some but all…

    • maz
      November 27, 2014

      even if he put they still wont see it…so y bother

  27. Anonymous
    November 27, 2014

    Blackmoore doh even know his name . His mom name him Rayburn, the posters name him Rayband and look in Canefield last night he was Ray. I loved his wife being supportive to him.

    • Shameless
      November 27, 2014

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Oh lawd allu killing me! Change Is A Must!

      Assertive, NOT Aggressive!

    • Anonymous
      November 28, 2014

      HAve you seen his birth paper? Were you there with him mother? Idle you too idle with your idle comments how does that make him lose his seat? Stupes

  28. Mahaut talk roro
    November 27, 2014

    Blackmore u fix road mahaut but when u reach places u know it a UWP it get skip the spot remember belfast on the hill

    • maz
      November 27, 2014

      even if he fix it they would still say he aint do nothing for them ……so y bother…..do good mama rass do bad mama rass might as well just do bad

  29. Architect
    November 27, 2014

    Has anyone considered what it takes to build a cruise village? such as the physical space required, where in this area does this much land exists? since an artificial marina would have to be constructed in order to provide a protective zone for the ships to dock along with land for future developments…! physical the Canefield area doesn’t seems capable or appropriate for such a development.

    • Big stuff
      November 27, 2014

      Workers first brought up the idea and had intended to use the cane field airport….they were ridiculed by labour as usual but sooner or later the same labour comes with it like its something new they just thought up.

  30. we had enough
    November 27, 2014

    Mr Blackmoore just make way for the new Team you and the labour party has been there 15 years why did you not build it?

  31. Eugenia
    November 27, 2014

    Blackmore why all the desperation if you did nothing wrong in Govt u have nothing to fear, no need to show your face when you fixing road

  32. Francisco Telemaque
    November 27, 2014

    We heard that song and saw him dance to his old song before!

    There is one thing about a lie; and liar, and that is a lie forever remains a lie, and the liar forever shall be liar! Fifteen or more years ago this same liar, Blackmoore, came with the same bit of trash he is spewing today.

    Fifteen years ago he came with that same dangling bit of rubbish, garbage talk. Anybody with commonsense who here that idiot talking about a “Cruise village” should ask him to define “Cruise Village” in Dominica vocabulary only, even in patios, so that we all can understand what this fool is talking about. I doubt he is trying to fool Dominicans, with a promises that he is going to build another Port close to the Port where the Tourist Ships berth, when they visit Dominica.

    And if Skerrit said five years ago in Marigot it would cost a billion dollars to build an International Airport, and he did not have it, where is perhaps more than a billion dollars will be needed to fulfil Blackmoore’s dream and toy project?

    That to me is a silly and stupid promises for any politician to make; unless they intend to build some sort of mini shopping mall, designed specifically for the tourist to shop. What point would it make to invest billions of dollars into something like that which is not even remotely possible? Why would any politician think of such nonsense whiles depriving, and has deprived the nation of an International Airport? When tourist visits an island, or any major city in the world, they do not leave home intended to shop on any particular island or city! They visit because that is what they chose to do with their vacation time.

    Besides anything a tourist can buy on the island they can buy it on the ship they are traveling on; or can be bought, from their place of origination. Blackmoore is just another desperate “don’t want to leave,” so he is grabbing on to any floating dead bit of straw he fantasize floating down a muddy raging overflowing river, with the hope of getting reelected.

    Anything thing he can say to fool the people that will be his indulgence!

    Now if he spend some time talking about the construction of the badly needed International Airport, maybe he might attract an audience, but this hollow, and unrealistic promises he is making he should be ashamed to talk such crap, but then again Mahaut people believed his lie the first, second, and third time, so we never can tell, they may allow that creep to take them for another ride the fourth time! We also heard the guy from St. Joseph talk about a high speed rail for his train to transport people between the villages of Mahaut and St. Joseph, that too was promised in the last election! When people such as Blackmoore open their mouth to make stupid comments don’t they know that there are people much more intelligent than they are listening to the nonsense they talk?

    How dumb do they believe Dominicans are?

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  33. Channel 1
    November 27, 2014

    Mister dem come back AGAIN talking about cruise village in Canefield eh. That is not the same cruise village they had talk about a number of years ago nuh.

    Now elections are around, like a broken record, they come back talking the same thing. They think all of us does forget what they have said in the past eh.

    Blackmoore, Skerrit, you guys are expired. Goodbye!!!

  34. zamm
    November 27, 2014

    Las mateeee, you guys did nothing n will continue to do nothing. Blackmore just like skerritt, they all jumpy n going crazy. Cruise village for canefield, jus a pack of lies n fooolish talk. You right cruise village, the roads are so bad, so soon its boats peps will use to move about…
    One big truth, uwp is a much more intelligent party than labour poorerrrr. Uwp manefesto is de best jus Domincans need to give it a chance….
    Team Dominica All da way. Blackmore alive nous…. not one thing he has done for his constituency…. ohhhh remember his luxurious vehicle n big house….
    How can you labourites sleeeepppp with such guilty consciences……..

  35. change
    November 27, 2014

    So all of a sudden blackmore remembers Canefield. Why haven’t this project started. 5years and he now looking back and is ashame of himself for the poor representation. Industrial Estate? Well tell us whythe donkey beach road haven’t been repaired. It’s months now you guys started this project that cannotbe completed. You guys held your heads when clear harbor almost collapsed cuz u knew
    what it would do to the economy. Blackmore just stop with your empty promises.

  36. Mahaut talk roro
    November 27, 2014

    I love labour but Blackmore you forget about what u told me about Rodney’s rock u told me the something the last time.. Am in nyc if u remember what u say u will know who is talking…well the place is just the same where is the big hotel we talk about…. Lolollkgzzghhcaerxzwrn well look roro… Try Felix maybe u win

    • Francisco Telemaque
      November 27, 2014

      I believe he told you he was going to build an Hotel on Rodney’s Rock, didn’t he?

      Didn’t he suggest the holes on the rock caused by shelling from the old British Cannons, as they shelled the rock all night over four hundred years ago, believing the rock to be a battle ship they firing upon.

      At day break they discovered they were fighting a rock all night, Blackmoore theory is the holes in the Rock will be an attraction that will cause tourist to visit Rodney’s Rock!

      Dem people too dotish er!

      Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

  37. Yeah Man
    November 27, 2014

    DNO, You should post a picture of the meager crowd labor party had in Canefield yesterday. Please post a pic of both rallies.

    • Big stuff
      November 27, 2014

      Yeah they always fast to post pics when they have international musicians…you wud realize they didn’t compare crowds on Sunday when they had criminal and all workers had was dice and wck.

  38. November 27, 2014

    Talk Talk Talk .And foreign workers to build it . You really taking Dominican for fool we.

  39. # Dominican.#
    November 27, 2014

    Christmas, Christmas, a promise is a comfort to a fool, In my humble opinion the persons making all those false promises do not even believe in what they`re saying, but to fall for those pie in the sky promises if any one would vote for any party, man or woman on just that basis of all those ridiculous false promises, if it works out: then Dominicans deserve what they get. I have never seen more madness in our political history and the mind set of our people. Clearly! there`s lots at stake those who have allegedly obtained the goodies and enriched themselves are doing any thing in their powers not to loose that opportunity to take more from the people who caused them selves to be fooled. Vote at your own peril its your right in our Democratic country.

  40. CC
    November 27, 2014

    Stupes they will say and promise anything for votes

  41. TRUTH
    November 27, 2014

    Blackmore, you can only fool the fools

  42. Not Me
    November 27, 2014

    So long the Industrial Unit at Canefield needs an uplifting. You all promised an ICT park so long, where is it? Now you come with another talk about talk with AID Bank about how business is done at Industrial Park. Give me a break. Same talk over and over nothing happens. Guess the ICT park will no longer be. So tired with you guys. How long, not long…..

    • MY 2cents
      November 27, 2014

      @ not me Rome wasn’t built in one day. And the DLP has shown consistently that they are getting things done. You’ll duminicans always have bright idea’s but fail to realize the bright idea’s cost money.

      • Big stuff
        November 27, 2014

        Are u forgetting at their manifesto launch in TR they said financing was secured for all their projects??? They also claim the have all the overseas connections that skerrit can just call and money would be flowing in like leaves in the fall…what happen was that all lies??? U labourites are so gullible…they will continue to piss on u allu back and tell u it’s lemonade..

      • Anonymous
        November 27, 2014

        I see..! But the same Rome can be built with all that spending money during one month of Campaign?

        What will it take for us to awake from our foolish slumber?

      • Anonymous
        November 27, 2014

        Hope you remember that when the Team Dominica wins on December 8th, 2014.

      • Really.......
        November 28, 2014

        DLP getting things done? Where? Ohh I know where for themselves NOT FOR DOMINICA. Their big mansions, their villas, their rental properties and their Cayman bank accounts. Anyone one who wants an example of a corrupt government just has too look at the DLP.

        Rome was not built in a day you say, IT’S BEEN 14 YEARS, AT THIS RATE ROME WILL NEVER BE BUILT.

        I really wonder if it’s a spell the DLP has on you people or are you all just plain WICKED

        Next time better keep your 2cents to yourself. It is better to be thought of as a fool that give your 2cents and prove that you are indeed a fool.

  43. JBaptiste
    November 27, 2014

    Well If I counted well there will be three(3) cruise villages in canefield, cause I’ve heard that same ‘sheet’ three elections in a row. Maybe they should put one Massacre. :lol: :lol:

  44. Doc. Love
    November 27, 2014

    I have not seen the DLP manifesto and it is the first I am hearing of a cruise village. I would like to know if the cruise village is in the manifesto.

  45. Anonymous
    November 27, 2014

    Not too long ago Joshua Francis promised that a mall will built in New Town if elected.Now Blackmoore is promising heaven on earth.The same Blackmoore during the 2005 elections told the voters in the Mahaut constituency
    “I already have an investor who is going to develop the Jimmit beach/Rodneys Rock into a tourism center.”
    After almost 10 yrs still waiting.Labour/Workers just talking.

    • Hans
      November 27, 2014

      This’s not the first time we have heard ths from Backmoore before , the continuation and repetition of lies

      • little ole me
        November 27, 2014

        they are politicians silly they all do the same thing

  46. Truth be Told
    November 27, 2014

    But look what happened to Donkey Beach and Rock-Away Beach under Labour? A return to the old cars and rusting metal dumb that they were before Freedom cleaned them up! 14 Years of Labour could not clean one beach.

  47. Papa Dom
    November 27, 2014

    Mr Blackmore, are all these things in your manifesto? If not why not ? Have spoken with the people in these communities about those resource centres. If you haven’t done any of those things why are you trying to fool the people with all these overnight projects? After all labour winning 20 seats according to skerritt, so why the desperation?

    • Red 2 Blue
      November 27, 2014

      They making a new manifesto every week. dem man MAD

  48. same old, same old
    November 27, 2014

    Skerrit and the DLP forgot how long they have been in power man? Everywhere they go they making a promise with nothing to show as ground work in 15 yrs. For example, in the Kalinago they promised 5 star hotel but not even land has been identified; they promised to make October 19 Kalinago day, to be observed by national holiday but yet last month was October and they did not even honor the kalinago people, let alone a half holiday for kalinago people alone. They promised scholarships for all students attending state college but they forgot to do that while in office for 15 yrs. They went to Marigot and did the same; Wesley heaven on earth and the list goes on. Yet they had enough money to host a foreign artist over $100K a night for less than 2 hrs of entertainment. If the DLP had spent a quarter of that amount of money on laying the groundwork for the promises they making, there would be NO NEED to bring in any artist because people would easily vote them back. But because they know they have FAILED us, they trying to sewo us, with the view that we will forget our 15 years of gwayay and poverty while they, their few friends and foreigners have been enjoying the good of the land. DOMINICANS would confirm to the word that we are FOOLS, if we vote these hypocrites and criminals back in office.

  49. Lougaoo Mem
    November 27, 2014

    Stop trying to fool your constituents sir. Your days of your party are over. We are tired of the lies you’ve been telling and we shall have no more of it. On a matter of fact, start planning on how you and your cohorts are going to pay back Ma Dominique. The damage is done, it’s time to give another party, Team Dominica the chance to reverse the painful direction you’ve got our beloved island on.

  50. 4u2c
    November 27, 2014

    Blackmore when is NIGHT LANDING commencing at the Douglas Charles airport?
    You trying to fool people and think we stupid. Fix the roads in warner and surrounding areas, Complete the main road and pay the Truckers and other workers. In 15years you could not do those simple thing and want 5 more years to waste time………HELL NO !! Get RED RED READY TO GO!!!

    • Anonymous
      November 29, 2014

      I suspect that you do not even know where you are right now.

  51. anonymous
    November 27, 2014


  52. November 27, 2014

    This is a good idea any government into office should endorse this project.

  53. Country Woman
    November 27, 2014

    14 years and now they planning to build this and that. Dominicans are we blind?

  54. Anonymous
    November 27, 2014

    What about grand- bay?

  55. November 27, 2014

    That will be great for the country, but I hope this promise is not for a political campaign, I hope voters a taking notes for all these promises,

    • Nac Vibes
      November 28, 2014

      Yeah, they took note of the same promise last two election and believe it no more. SAW FOR SURE!!!!!!!

  56. Wen
    November 27, 2014

    Look jokes. LOL. Blackmore and his government have been in office for fifteen years busy fulling their pockets and he is only now on the eve of the election realizing what Canefield, Mahaut and Massacre needs. What a shame.

    • Boo
      November 27, 2014

      WHatttttttttttttttttt ! who they think they fooling? I live in Canefield and have never seen any of the Gov’t ministers in my area.Not even Blackmore .Now elections close and they want my vote and many more all of a sudden they are there talking rubbish thinking they can fool me.No way S kerrit , No way Blackmore wheel and come again.Not my vote for sure. What has Blackmore done in Canefield? nothing at all. He drives with his windows up when its not election and just before elections his glass goes down waving everybody. Now they think they can fool the youths of Roger so quickly the trying to rush a cover over the basketball court..We are not fools Skerrit and Blackmore.

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