Edison James responds to statements by PM Skerrit on international airport

James said there is no evidence to prove the statement

Former Prime Minister, Edison James, has rubbished a statement by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit which blamed James for Dominica not having an international airport.

James described the statement as a “Nancy story” and challenged Skerrit to provide evidence to back up his claim.

Skerrit made the statement at a town hall meeting on April 2nd 2017, saying that an international airport would have been built years ago but James prevented this from happening.

“We’ve spoken about International Airport for a very long time. Dame Eugenia Charles, may her soul rest in peace, because of our friendship with the US Government promised to assist with the International Airport…Mr. James, the then leader of the opposition, wrote to the Americans to say to them that they should not come to build an Airport because it would interfere in an election in Dominica,” Skerrit said.

The Prime Minister described James’ alleged action as “bad politics.”

“It was bad politics, it was bad statesmanship on the part on Mr. James and the Workers Party to have written to the Americans to say to them they should not come to build the airport for us…We would have had our operating airport in the 80’s in the 90’s,” Skerrit said.

But James told DNO that there is no truth to this.

“No one has been able to provide any written, audio or video documentation to show the truth of this (Skerrit’s statement), and that is because there is no truth in this,” James said.

He said that the number of times the Dominica Labour Party has been in office and has been speaking about the construction of an international airport, “we should by now have five international airports.”

James stated that these types of statements from the Prime Minster are what you get from “a leader who is totally incompetent.”

“That is, he blames everyone else for his failure,” James added.

The former leader expressed satisfaction over progress that was made by the United Workers Party in constructing an international airport in Dominica.

“Had we continued in office, we would have had such a facility here a long time ago,” James remarked.

DNO contacted the office of the Prime Minister on James’ response, however efforts were futile.

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  1. April 9, 2017

    Anyway boy skeritt i will give u this,you got guts,”BAD STATESMANSHIP”?hmmmm that is all i am saying skeritt

  2. Robert LaBassiere
    April 8, 2017

    Its about time is for small countries like Dominica to realize that the only way to get things done ,is to have a lobby doing their bidding in Washington and Brussell Rl.

  3. Look in
    April 8, 2017

    No one cannot convince me that Election is not hovering in Dominica’s atmosphere. Once IA talks is big topic; just look out election is near; it’s only when election is nearing that one is bombarded about an IA. MY advice to The DLP; stop concentrating on what was not done; cause its the past. With overwhelming popularity for 17 years, flourishing details of how you were going to building the international airport in your 2014 Manifesto and numerous friendly gov’t cash at your reach- more than any other PM; you should not be blaming the UWP for Dominica not having an international airport- jet plans should be landing at our international airport. BTW, Mr. PM, where is the Chinese that were coming down to begin work on the IA by BOOT it was, right; and why now I am hearing is an American Company that will be building the IA? I mean what else will we Dominican’s belief from this ineffective gov’t.

  4. Long Lost Dominica
    April 8, 2017

    how can Skerrit blame a man who was in power for 4 and a half years for not having a international airport when he has been in power for 17 years and still we wait to get one?

    • April 9, 2017

      This is not about what he did in 4 and a half years but why he did in February of 1990 before he came to power, don’t mix the issue, Edo is a liar.

  5. Tj
    April 8, 2017

    Open your eyes poto Laborites and see how many times before election that you are promised an airport of international standards!

  6. April 8, 2017

    Nancy story? Vote Edison James back in office and he,too, will be just a big talker. Politicians are just that–talkers, well except Trump who will bomb their arses when they piss hi off.

  7. Daughter of the soil
    April 7, 2017

    He know damn well he stop the process just like Linton always against anything good for Dominica then all u damn skerritt

  8. Old Fool
    April 7, 2017

    PM Skerrit, I am very concerned that you have gotten so desparate now that you are now following the lead of America’s orange clown accusing people without any evidence to substantiate your claims. Also, you have been in power long enough and could have built an international airport but you allowed yourself to be duped by the likes of Ralph Gonsalves, and Ivor Nassief, a dire reflection of you stagnant incompetence.

  9. Noreen
    April 7, 2017

    Since I was a kid they’ve been talking about building an airport, am almost
    going to my grave and they’ve yet to do so. At that time DLP was in power. So I
    guess it’s doesn’t matter whose in power they all been selling us a lot of Nancy

    April 7, 2017

    Edison and Lennox… Six of one, half a dozen of the other! Sanford and Son.

  11. April 7, 2017

    For years you and your blue party have been threatening and undermining Dominica’s development by tainting the image of a working government and Dominica’s people. For years, you have sat back while Ron Green and Earl Williams and the notorious Linton, sullied our image, and polluted the minds of innocent Dominicans. They have never provided proof to you or anyone of us for their outlandish claims. Now you are challenging the truth?

    The Chronicle published your letter on Friday April 20, 1990. Check your archives, Edo.

  12. Politics of Truth
    April 7, 2017

    What response was DNO looking for? Is Edison James saying that he did not write and send a letter to the US Embassy?
    Is DNO trying to spin the issue for Mr. James? What evidence DNO is asking for? Did Eddison James say he did not write the letter. He must say exactly what is not true (Skerrit’s statement), said a lot of things which thing is not true?
    DNO you need to go back to journalism school.

  13. April 7, 2017

    Edison James wants evidence? I’m in deep shock! Since when you want evidence? That one take me by surprise oui!

  14. Roseau River
    April 7, 2017

    I agree with EJ. If such a letter exists please publish for the world to view. DLP has been in power greater than 15 years…real stretch to blame the prior administration for shortcomings on building a jet capable airport.

  15. damas victor
    April 7, 2017

    “Because of our friendship with the U.S government promised to assist with the international airport.”
    Sir, we never promised you such we never had your back either __ only your number and we will not be calling either but we will be there.

  16. Be Good
    April 7, 2017

    yes my boy I don’t know what you still doing in politics lol

  17. Scared of FBI
    April 7, 2017

    Skerritt and his Cabal are cornered. That selling of our passports, that selling of our DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY to crooks and criminals, some arrested for fraud, others for money-laundering or embezzlement of millions, billions, have Skerrittt ranting and behaving irrationally.

    If Skerritt’s good millionaire friends, like NG Lap Seng, Monfared, Madueke, Francesco Corallo and the others, are being arrested in US, UK, by INTERPOL, and other anti-corruption agencies, wouldn’t he be seriously concerned and scared to the teeth?

    It’s not today passports selling, The Skerritt DLP Gov’t cannot, since Erika mobilise funds from the international community, the economy is in shambles. collapsing. The world knows about the secret dealings, and rubbing shoulders with crooks and criminals. Where did all the money for selling our passports go? Yesterday passport start to sell? All of a sudden all projects, programmes Skerritt and his Cabal say is CBI funds., FOOLING the MASSES AGAIN.

  18. Africo
    April 7, 2017

    The 1990 General Elections was approaching. Alexander Gibb Engineers of UK, acting for the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP), had drawn up plans for an international airport running from Crompton Point to Bottom Wesley.

    Then this letter surfaced from the DFP purporting to be a copy of a letter from Edison James, UWP leader, to the US Embassy in Barbados protesting the possible use of US military CeeBees to clear the land for the airport, arguing that it would be “interfering in internal affairs” in the run up to the elections. Photos of the letter were issued and published by the DFP. Problem was that the place for the signature was blank.! So it could well have been a political set up to spoil UWP name….politics in DA!

    • Africo
      April 7, 2017

      Seems that in a more recent DNO news item above, that James has admitted that he did indeed write the letter so although what the DFP circulated was unsigned, it was a genuine letter.

  19. Freedomite turn Labourite.
    April 7, 2017

    If my memory serves me right, I recall seeing a letter which was written to the US Embassy by Edison James. It stated about the fairness of the elections. Please somebody refresh our memory. I dont think I am senile.

  20. April 7, 2017

    But ka li bud. U have no sense man, don’t u read y there is a problem with banks having nothing to do with CBI funds$. Keeping sticking ur head in the ground.?

  21. dressing like freaks and they call it fleek
    April 7, 2017

    Laughable. In the 80’s there was NO UWP. UWP only emerged in the 90’s. Now is that is the case, you are on your 4th election as a member of parliament and 3rd as PM, are you trying to say that in the almost 20 years in power, it has been the UWP who told the americans not to come? and that is why in almost 20 we have only had only one chance to have one? and uwp messed it up? Or was it that for almost 10 years you all were adamant that an international airport was not needed. You see people, do not be like blind sheep. We could have had this eons ago under the DLP governance. I am also pretty sure that the money was there also. but THE PRESSURE IS ON SINCE THE CBS REPORT ON CBI. soon you will hear they want to build a new cargo port somewhere or a new cruise ship birth. they have to find ways and means to wash the money to obscure the paper trail they have been hiding. you cancel 2015 creole fest because we “had no money” but all along we had more than enough.

    • freedom fighter
      April 9, 2017

      UWP Party was formed by Edison James and compadres in 1988 in Londonderry. Dominicans must know their history.

    • April 9, 2017

      The DLP when Patrick John was PM started the construction of a Stadium at canefield. When the DFP came to power in 1980 Eugenia Charles demolished it to put factory sheds it took us over 30 years before we could get a Stadium. Edison did not want the DFP to get credit for building an international airport, just listened to his reasoning why it will not be built by Skeritt and his DLP . He said because the location to build the airport was identified by UWP Skeritt will not build the airport as he does not want to give any credit to the UWP. So you see it is all about the UWP and no concern about the people. If James was a statesman he would be urging Skeritt stop talking and build the airport.

    • Africo
      April 10, 2017

      The UWP was founded in July 1988. So it was in play for the run up to the 1990 general elections.

  22. BEB
    April 7, 2017

    Every Dominican will remember when these words were uttered by Mr. James then Leader of the UWP in the 80’s, there could be some recordings in the archives of Dominica

  23. Thomian
    April 7, 2017

    Another of his Nancy Drew story…PROMISES PROMISES

  24. April 7, 2017

    Let me give you a small refresher James..pay attention, so your memory can be restored fully.

    The Dominica Freedom Party was in government, Dame Eugenia Charles served as the Prime Minister. Your letter was dated February 7th, 1990, addressed to the U.S. Embassy out of Bridgetown, Barbados. You stated that your party’s concern was that the international airport project would be embroiled in the general election campaign. You further advised the US government to not involve itself in Dominica’s affairs.

    I’ll stop here and allow you to catch up.

  25. sousey sell
    April 7, 2017

    The only way we going to get an international airport–from the Americans is if Trump dump a few missiles down here.

  26. Chief Jacco
    April 7, 2017

    I remembered that same letter from Eddison James to the US embassy in Barbados being read at a public meeting. I remembered all the freedomites, especially guys like Johnson Boston in the YFM expounding on this letter.
    So Bossy and all those freedomites lying in bed with UWP come out and support the “nancy story” and tell the world that your past great leader Dame Eugenia was a damn blasted liar for cococting such a malicious, low down and dirty lie on Mr. James and the UWP.
    Or, Boston as a present leader of Freedom Party support your party and the great Dame and tell the world the evidence exist.

  27. sousey sell
    April 7, 2017

    Afoo all ah we

  28. April 7, 2017

    James, your credibility has already gone down the drain. You squandered our monies and brought us head over heels in debt. We don’t want to hear you.

  29. Edison, you need to be more specific, and let people know the fact of the matter that you had contractors, and engineers from Trinidad & Tobago in Dominica in the process of building an International Airport; tell Skerrit the secondary School in Wesley was part of the project too.

    Do not hold back; defend yourself with the truth, and prove Skerrit to be the idiot he is! He is simply using you as a scapegoat, reminded him that he allowed Ralph Gonzales of St, Vincent to make a jackass out of him, when he told Skerrit not to build an International Airport in the country, because we do not need one, while at the same time Gonzales was in the process of building Argyle which went into operation recently!

    Skerrit is a notorious liar, and people like you must exposed his lies and corruption! I argue this issue here on DNO, and on Cakafet when it was in circulation; some people have no idea that you had secured a loan from the Government of Trinidad to build it. Recently Skerrit told…

    • Continue:

      Recently Skerrit told the nation that American firm will be in Dominica to select site for now International Airport. Ask him what happen to the site between Wesley and Woodford Hill that is still sitting there which Athie Martin said was better for growing avocados’ than the building of the International Airport?

      Athie is still alive, he was one of those people whom hostilely chased the Trinidadian’s out of the country when they formed their coalition circus government lead by Roosevelt Douglas, to which that little rat Skerrit was part of. The twenty year old youths may not know anything about that unless someone told them. However, any body residing in Wesley, Marigot, and Woodford Hill knows the truth.

      The people of Wesley who’s property became public domain, and was paid for their land knows the truth. In regards to the Londonderry Estate paid for by the government, the coalition lead by Rosie, gave a large portion of it to a guy from Woodford Hill, who…

    • Finally:

      In regards to the Londonderry Estate paid for by the government, the coalition lead by Rosie, gave a large portion of it to a guy from Woodford Hill, who went and chop down thousand years old Mangrove on the Londonderry river bank! At that point Athie tried to intervene with the police, by the time the police was brought into it Athie was powerless to do anything because of a phone call from someone which tied both arms of the police and that boy Athie!

      The man from Woodford Hill said the land was given to him as his pound of beef for money he gave to Rosie to be used during his political campaign. The older ones of us knows the truth, the youths do not know, you need to tell them while you are yet alive! Do not allow Roosevelt Skerrit to tarnish your name and the little good you were able to accomplish within the less than five years of service to our country!

      • freedom fighter
        April 9, 2017

        Pure “Hog wash” :-? :-x

  30. April 7, 2017

    Look, a failed PM come up for air!!! :lol: :lol:

  31. Truth
    April 7, 2017

    On the issue of evidence, the MP for Portsmouth had written a letter requesting that Mr. James send him a copy of what was written so that he could “dent the credibility of the Dame” but with credit to Mr James he started the project, bought the lands and had the funding so we must not only look at the negative we must also recognize the positive. If the current administration builds the project that will the best response to all negative thinking on the project.

    • April 9, 2017

      What funding? Phantom funding I guess?

    April 7, 2017

    EDISON you are indulging in a DELIBERATE UNTRUTH. I was a big DFP supporter and student of EUGENIA. The letter was published in the NEW CHRONICLE and formed part of the records of the house of assembly i.e HANSARD. Man this is a disturbing part of your unpardonable legacy; you prevented the project and the late great MIKE DOUGLAS condemned you for so doing . You fall for d PM TRICK.
    This increased public involvement by you in the affairs of our UWP is worrying. You will adversely undermine our progress. JOSHUA must be restored as Deputy. A public apology shall be issued to him for the failed attempt at destroying him politically ; this will pave the way for his elevation to the leader of TEAM Dominica into the next General Elections.

    Its not the MARIGOT WORKERS PARTY but the UWP and the strangle hold which the North East Blues have over us is making it difficult to form the government . The Party’s base has moved towards the South with 50% of our seats . THE SIKIRI EFFECT DID…

  33. April 7, 2017

    Oh, now you want evidence? Throughout the entire smear campaign from January 1st, how many times have you asked the Lintons and the Rojicks and the Copleys for evidence in their many articles against the Prime Minister? Have you ever asked your UWP colleagues for evidence when they said that the US is investigating the Prime minister and he cannot step foot on their soil? Don’t ask for all the erroneous facts the UWPeas have ‘brought to light’ over the years…. just a bunch of lies and misinformation!

  34. LifeandDeath
    April 7, 2017

    When a sitting Prime Minister makes such a brittle statement and expects his citizens to believe it, then one can be assured that this country is in deep mud..
    If Mamo being the Mamo (Iron Lady) that she was had an agreement with the US to build an International Airport, do you think one letter from an opposition party leader would stop that?..
    Again, things to expect from an incompetent leader..says anything without clear rationale..Dominicans really need to wise up, ‘cuase Skerrit really thinks Dominicans are fools or he just can’t do better when his back is against the wall..
    Now, remember he has vowed to build the International Airport..all of a sudden, Skerrit found a newfound fervor to build an Int’l Airport..Seems Ralph had to finish his in SVG, before Skerrit could start moving..Let’s remain hopeful for the good of Dominica, but given the track record of the hotels..hmmmm…

  35. R. Charles
    April 7, 2017

    I do not understand. Is Mr. James saying, that he nevervwrote to the US Embassy in Bridgetown to complain that the presence of US military personnel on Dominica in the lead up the general elections in 1995 is false and that he never wrote to the embassy? Is that what he is saying? Or is he saying that this one letter could not have prevented Dominica from having an international airport all these years. These are two fundamental issues. One denying he wrote the letter dissuading the Americans and two even with his letter, Dominica should have had an international airport. I ask these questions since I am very sure I saw a letter to this effect in tbe name of Mr. James. Even Bosso my friend from YFM days would agree.

  36. April 7, 2017

    Mr. James, you wouldn’t know what evidence is if it hit you smack in your face! The letter surfaced some years ago, I’m sure dno or your boys at Q can source it for you. It needs a resurrection.

  37. Erasmus B. Black
    April 7, 2017

    I’ve been a very staunch supporter of the Freedom party and the policies of the late Dame Eugenia. She has pride of place on my list of great leaders. However, If anyone really believes the version of the ‘Nancy Story” that the Americans were going to build an international airport in Dominica but changed their minds because of a letter allegedly written by an opposition MP, then I have a bridge to sell.

    • Erasmus B. Black
      April 7, 2017

      On another note, when the alleged letter story to the US Embassy first broke out, the experts had not even completed the feasibility study on the proposed site at Compton Point. You can’t have an airport without a location. At the completion of feasibility study, the late Dame said the Americans had informed that they were involved in the Gulf ( first Gulf War in 1990) so they could no longer build the promised airport. Politics as usual! To refer to events that happened more than 27 years ago and use them as an excuse for lack of progress shows that the Dear Leader may be really bankrupt of ideas and is beginning to scrape the barrel.

      The late Dame was apt when she declared “I do not believe people should rule for more than 10 years; they get lazy, things don’t get done.”

    • April 7, 2017

      I get your point, but an airport was never built so we will never know the reason for it not been built. It could be that the US was not serious or the letter from Mr. James was the reason. I am willing to place my bet on the lack of interest by the US, that however is not the issue. Mr James is now asking for proof that he wrote to the US concerning this matter, I am not able to use the word alleged as I know for a fact that a letter was written to the US. I knew of the existence of this letter long before it was exposed at a Freedom Party meeting in Lagon.

    • dressing like freaks and they call it fleek
      April 7, 2017

      But you dont see this is all physchology? The man has said over and over we dont need one. Now all of a sudden he wants to appease the masses, she he announces he is going to build one, with CBI money. right now we dont even need a loan or a grant or donor. we doing it ourself. All of a sudden. But dont worry, when departure tax raises from $40-100 and more, because the airport comes with a cost, i hope you all can still travel. now to save money people will use ferry, then the airport becomes obsolete and useless because the anticipated numbers of travellers through the airport are not the reality.

    • winston warrington
      April 7, 2017

      First of all, get it right. After the invasion of Grenada, the Americans did complete the airport at Las Salinas started by the Cubans and it is no stretch to believe that a similar favor could have been promised Miss Charles for Dominica. But the fact is Miss Charles asked the US to have the Army Corps of Engineers to start the preliminary earthwork – the most important engineering aspect of the construction – to which Mr James objected, claiming the undertaking as being able to influence outcome of the imminent general elections. That is fact. Miss Charles is documented on YouTube in an interview reporting this. All politicians lie; but some like Patrick John rely on memory and ignore history. Edison James is a good politician whose memory magnifies his delusions.

      • Warrington I do believe he erred; that was a bad mistake, I do not believe the people would simply go to Dominica and move earth simply for the hell of it.

        You can bet as long as they agreed to become involved in earth moving; an International was in the making. James did not see a drawn out engineering plan; dollars and cents, hence he underestimate the effort.

        What he perhaps did not realize is that the American Army Corps of Engineers do have money at their disposal for such emergency undertaking. I believe James allowed politics, to take precedence in that case, and erred!

        The good thing is he corrected his error by securing funding for building an International Airport, and no one can deny that!

    • Agree
      April 7, 2017

      You killing me. Lol

    • Just Passing Through
      April 9, 2017

      FYI the allegedly written letter seemed to have been found and is on an updated DNO News Item.

  38. April 7, 2017

    Mr. James! Mr.James! Please stop lying you did send a letter to the US advising against them getting involved in the construction of an international airport as it would be an interference in local politics. I am 200% certain that the letter I saw and read was genuine.

  39. Erasmus B. Black
    April 7, 2017

    The real cause for concern about the international airport is the statement by the Dear Leader that his government will deliver on its promise. One of his options was through the BOOT – Build, Own, Operate, and Transfer -option’, with a team of “private developers from China.” (DNO, April 6, 2017). The question is , “Are we being taken to hell in a hand basket? The people of Dominica need to understand the potential implications of this BOOT program. They need to understand that if people build own and operate something it is theirs and gives them exclusive rights including naming it whatever they want. Will the MOU be made public? Will the deal be explained in detail to the people of Dominica? Will the “private developers from China” be able to allow or disallow people from entering their premises including born Dominicans who are holders of passports from other foreign countries?

    • KaliBud
      April 7, 2017

      Such a pessimistic approach. The facility will always be in Dominica. You cannot take it back. Note also, the T represents transfer. So in de end u get a facility without paying up front. Smart way of getting a large important facility u can’t afford

      • Erasmus B. Black
        April 10, 2017

        We should be pessimistic! If the people of Dominica have to repay the loan, why should the facility be owned by a foreign company? And as for that T for transfer, what does it mean? Will it be a 99 year transfer like Hong Kong or a transfer when both parties agree like the case of Guantanamo Bay which was still signed in 1903 and is still going strong to date 114 years later?

    • MI
      April 7, 2017

      Dont forget the T – Transfer. the name can change then if thats what u are concern about.

    • lightbulb
      April 7, 2017

      naming is the least of the concerns.
      when you privatize core infrastructure there are public policy implications
      for example if the prison is private, do you have to maintain a certain level of occupancy (so the operator can maintain an acceptable profit margin)
      of if the road or airport is private – what tarrifs/landing fees/departure fees are going to be imposed to pay of the infrastructure.

    • Chief Jacco
      April 7, 2017

      Eddison James and the UWP never denied the letter then, and its the first time Eddison is denying he wrote the letter or that it existed after twenty-seven years of accusations. They whole Freedom train ran a campaign on that letter and UWP never ever denied it untill now. Must be they think the letter extinct.

  40. Truth
    April 7, 2017

    Was there a letter written to the US embassy by Mr. James on the International airport. Could someone publish this letter so that one could determine if there is any truth to what is being said. We need to establish the facts based on the content of the letter that was written. I remembered that the MP for Portsmouth at the time had requested a copy of this letter. We need to get all the facts to clarify the matter.

    • KaliBud
      April 7, 2017

      Yea yea yea. James has no relevance in our current drive. What I’m interested in is UWP evidence for causing all this disturbance in the land. And to stop all the slander if there’s none.

    • Papa Dom
      April 7, 2017

      Yes, a letter was written but the crucial point is what was the content of the letter. What the letter was asking was that the Americans not come to Dominica to engage in an earth moving exercise as was pronounced by Eugenia and that on the eve of a general election. That was a vote catching statement and anyone especially a leader, who in 2017 is still using that as a pretext to justify his failures is a dishonest fool. The record is clear, there was no proper study on the site, no plans for the physical infrastructure or the financing of a project. Skerrit knows where he goes to make those dishonest statements and the type of audience he makes them to.

    • Just Passing Through
      April 9, 2017

      Truth seems someone heard you and DNO has kindly produced the alleged letter. Now that we know a letter was written what excuses will we listen to. We wanted to know whether a letter was written, now we know the truth, yes it appears that a letter was written.

  41. Sakah boy sister
    April 7, 2017

    Eddie…you know is true…accept it….if it was not for your foolishness we would have our international airport…it burning you every time you get blamed for that…not true? eh?

  42. kingman
    April 7, 2017

    Ahh Edison!!!!!! Boss you really don’t have a conscience. Are you saying that you never write to the Americans asking them not to get involve in the international airport project because that is interfering in the national politics.
    these people bold face, lying dry.

  43. KaliBud
    April 7, 2017

    But since when UWP want evidence nuh. They accusing Skerrit if selling diplomatic passports for years without evidence. I say to James, stay in the twilight. Or go talk to Lennox about evidence. We’ve read in Huffington Post that he has none. So be quiet, rumor mongers

    • LifeandDeath
      April 7, 2017

      You fail your country..Even Tony Astaphans posted DP of Monfared..Madueke DP was identified and you still talk about evidence?
      With that mentality, Dominica will forever struggle ..time to wise up and open your eyes people..

    • Jon Jones
      April 7, 2017

      The is quite a bit of evidence of corrupt people having been secretly granted diplomatic status by this current DLP administration lead by your lord and master, Skerritt.
      Any crook will try to cover his tracks when he knows he is doing something wrong, so hold fire on that as karma is a bitch when she is ready.
      Don’t you think such clever people like Madeuke, Monfared, Lap Seng and co had covered theirs earlier. None of these were caught red-handed but the hounds of justice are baying for their blood right now with the grim reaper in tow.
      I will say it once again – it is rare for a serving head of state to charged while in office. I’m sure Skerritt is aware of this but notice that Astaphan is already taking a lower profile in his defence. When SHTF, Skerritt will find the truth regarding some of his current allies to be very uncomfortable.

    • Papa Dom
      April 7, 2017

      Susan Oldie my friend, Susan Oldie.

      April 7, 2017

      kalibud u dum ***
      just look at all the criminals holding diplomatic passports. there is your evidence. ……

    • %
      April 7, 2017

      Just stay begging and talking/writing/typing balderdash….Well I can tell you that in the absence of any letter, I am believing Mr James former PM, and I am rejecting Skettits nonsense.

    • April 9, 2017

      U must be living on mars,uwp not only accusing,the uwp also provides creditable evidence and if u dont understand what this means,it means documented evidence,not word of mouth like the labor party does with the biggest liar Dominica has ever seen,if someone asked u to write this stupid comment go back and tell them that de charwah spot that ****and educated you.know your facts before saying things that are absolutely baseless and vague.

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