Election results will not determine political future, DFP leader says

DFP Leader, Judith Pestaina

Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP)Judith Pestaina says the outcome of the December 18 general elections will not determine the future of her political career.

The previously powerful DFP, fielded 11 candidates at the December 18 2009 general elections, but failed to win any seat in parliament.

“You cannot give up because you didn’t win an election” Pestaina said.

“As I said before, I wouldn’t do like former leaders of the party did. When they lost an election, they went and had a coalition with another party and just forgot about building back the party,” she stated.

The DFP leader believes she has made strides since she assumed the leadership of the DFP in September 2008.

“Within one year having come from where I was, to where I am now, in terms of building up of the party, making sure that the party had an image and took part in the whole political process, I think that says a lot for myself and for the party,” she said.

But Pestaina also disclosed the results of the election did not surprise her. In fact she said, “It would be naive of anybody to think that the Dominica Freedom Party was able to do much better”.

“We have to realize that the Freedomites who put in the Labour party in 2000, 2005, also voted Labour in 2009, so there’s no mystery about that. It is quite obvious that that is what happened,” Pestaina underscored.

“I certainly wasn’t surprised at the outcome of the elections because Freedomites are still supporting the Labour party and it is clear that is what happened,” she added.


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  1. Dominican lover
    December 22, 2009

    Listen to soufrier hisorian. Dominica is traditionally Labour. Freedom only got in after the unrest when they knew they could not beat labour at the polls they initiated the unrest, so Judith u know Dominica history. Freedom Party is dead for now, it wil only ressurrect if Skerrit fail and lose touch with the people.
    I commend Mrs.Pestianie for having the courtesy to accept defeat graciously. Maybe just maybe, she might provide the type of reasoned opposition our country will benifit from in the future.
    Marigot is the only non-labour seat now that Soufreire have gone to labour, traditionally Soufriere was freedom, but now it has gone to Laour it wil stay that way. If Eddison steps down Marigot will go to Labour. That leaves Salisbury.

    We need to discover how to have a one party state but work for the good of all the people. There can be a one Party state which might be the best thing for Dominica, the opposition comes from within, and internal dialogue, and discussion about issues. We determine our future without ouside interference. Demorcracy does not necessitate an opposition. It necessitates reasoned dialogue and consensus politics.

    The people become the supervisor of the government. The people will determine when the government is not doing the job they have employed it to do.

  2. spirit
    December 22, 2009

    Friends we must appriciate that the opposition parties had their role to play as weell in the election process…

  3. Shana
    December 22, 2009


  4. Shana
    December 22, 2009

    AH PEST-IN-HER! ALAS! You mean you knew all that and went thru all that trouble to tarnish the good name of Dominicans at the US embassy! Ah Magwasa!
    You lie!
    You thought freedomrites who became labourites were foolish people to come back home to freedom after all that development they seeing going on in the country.

    ah Magwasa!


  5. Ticush
    December 22, 2009

    Palin should have heard that the poll star indicated that Freedom died five years ago. What is currently left are the ashes.

  6. Peeping Tom
    December 22, 2009

    Pestaina: “It would be naive of anybody to think that the Dominica Freedom Party was able to do much better.”

    So, what was all that noise and campaigning and accusations and ultimatums and late nights all about?

    Cheese un bread, man!!

  7. December 22, 2009

    In addition to my previous comment, the Freedom Part only took office in 1980, when the unrests of May 1979 caused the current administration to resign. There was the Committee for National Salvation who installed an interim government to pave the way for General Election. The Freedom Party under the leadership of Dame Eugenia Charles won in a landside victory. She remained in office for 15 years. She performed superbly. My point is that the country was all originally Labour but with the unrests etc of the 1978 – 1979, the ppl of Dominica voted the DFP. Soufriere was the only Freedom consistuency as in my previous comment. Just readers to take note.

  8. rgonline
    December 22, 2009

    Good admission by party leader, accepting that the results were real and expected. Do not follow the UWP with their evil, hatred and madness. Spend the next 10 years rebuilding the once mighty party, get some young visionary people who are willing to serve, and start the rebuilding, you will surely place yourself in the next 10 years in a good position to win the election, with good ideas and plans for development, to be an opposition in waiting to replace labour

    The UWP has self destruct itself with political hatred and bitterness, Dominicans have rejected them, they are finished. Eddie and gang will not give up their dirty politics that is getting them no where. So, freedom spend your time rebuilding. You made a major mistake joining with MAD UWP in the last election. If you had run on you own platform , and keep away from the allegations and personal destruction of the PM, you would have done much better. Any body who link with UWP are only seeking political destruction. Seek a separation immediately, and start rebuilding for 2020, when you might have a good chance to win.

    The only way UWP can come back in Gov, is to have the young man from Salisbury lead the party with a group of young people for the next 10 years. Eddie, Ron, Prevost have no place in Dominican politics. They are political rejects. Eddie only have 8% popluarity rating in the country compared to 67% for the PM.



    cold and windy

  9. Engras
    December 22, 2009

    And the present membership of the UWP they came from NOWHERE?

  10. somethings happening
    December 22, 2009

    hold hand with skerro. now is the time for u to start off

  11. DD
    December 22, 2009

    You guys have a lot of work to do. Start by getting new blood in that party. Young people, time for some of the stalwarts to step back. New Blood is what you need. And don’t wait for next elections. Continue the work, build the party.

    I believe you guys have integrity and good ideas but i could not vote for you because you were not ready yet.

  12. La Diabless
    December 22, 2009

    At least SARAH PALIN has a point. Let it be.. and go write a book. Here is a great title:

    Going Rogue: A Dominican Life by Sarah Palin (Hardcover – Dec 19, 2009)

  13. LMAO
    December 21, 2009

    Now is the time for true party building, and taking part in working the respective constituencies, whether it be in support of the currrent administration’s policies and works, or against; just focusing on what is in the best interest of the constituencies,. let the vorters know who they are……. too many politicians wait until elections to meet their constituents…..


  14. Alexander Ramirez
    December 21, 2009

    In addition the P.M was a young freedomite turn DLP candidate in 2000. So the present DLP is a combo with very old DFP ites rengades and DLPites who need the help from the DFP classics.

  15. December 21, 2009

    The only true DFP consituency was the Soufriere Constituency. They were the original DUPP (Dominica United Peoples Party). Anthony “Papa” Moise was the candidate who won and was the leader of the Opposition when there were eleven (11) constituencies. Later the Dominica Freedom Fighters and Dominica Freedom Party emerged. The Historian would attest to that fact. This is the constituency where it was diffficult for any other party beside the DUPP/ DFF/DFP to win. Labours win in 2005 was history created. Just some facts to ponder on.

  16. Shakier
    December 21, 2009

    Miss Pestina start your homework today .. Do not wait until the month before election . Do not settle and take dust and cry fowl next time around .

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