Linton blames DLP for electoral reform standstill

Political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Lennox Linton, is placing the blame for the lack of progress on electoral reform squarely at the feet of the ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP).

He said the UWP has been calling for electoral reform since 2005 but the calls have fallen on deaf ears have cleverly been ignored by the DLP.

“Since May 2005, the UWP has been calling for electoral reform along the lines of recommendations made the Chief Elections Officer and the internationally recognized observer missions,” he said.

The leaders of both parties have been blaming each other for the lack of progress on electoral reform on the island.

Just last week, Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit and his deputy, Reginald Austrie, said the UWP is to be blamed. Skerrit said when the DLP took a bill to parliament to do just what the opposition and others have been calling for, in terms of electoral reform, the parliament building and the police were stoned by protesters.

In reality, this never happened although protests were held in opposition to matters that were being tabled by the government including amendments to the House of Assembly (Election) Act. The protesters said the amendments would legalize treating and bribery, which are electoral offenses in Dominica. Debate on the matter was subsequently adjourned without further considerations.

According to Linton, since March 2008 the independent Electoral Commission which has the constitutional duty to ensure free and fair elections decided on electoral reform to protect elections from bribery, voter fraud, and other corrupt election practices.

“An advisor to the government, a senior counsel, called it madness and advised the Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit against electoral reform because it would tarnish his re-election legacy,” he stated. “I don’t tell stories, I speak truth, I speak facts.”

He said another senior counsel was “appointed to make sure the Electoral Commission did not achieve electoral reform as it promised in 2008.”

“So 10 years and two elections later, electoral reform has not happened,” he stated. “The observer mission of the OAS is not amused by that, the mission has said two years ago, quote: ‘the mission offers the following recommendations to further strengthen the electoral process in Dominica. It is important to point out that most of these recommendations made in 2014 were already made in 2009 by the election observer mission, however, the mission observed that virtually none of these issues were adequately addressed ahead of the 2014 elections. The mission therefore respectfully reiterate the need to implement them.'”

Linton stated that the ‘unreformed’ election system in Dominica has allowed the DLP to win elections through “bribery, cheating, abuse of the people’s money, and other acts of dishonesty.”

“This is our reality today,” he said.

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  1. Remaining true to party and country
    May 3, 2018

    None other than the PM, the Chair of the Electoral Commission and the DLP. It is absurd to accuse the UWP.

  2. Current
    May 2, 2018

    I am tired with Linton say and skerrit say. Why not speak the truth? Why can’t the media be brave enough to say Linton is not truthful or skerrit is not truthful? Come on. Where is the independence of our media? Do like cnn. Just say what is true. Simple! Please

  3. May 1, 2018

    The commess, that D/ca find itself in should be blamed squarely on Skerrit and his gang

  4. Peter Edwards
    May 1, 2018

    Much too many political commentators without political experience. And sad to say some of you are just repeating what you hear other people say. It’s time to pray for the nation you all say you love so much. A lot is happening because we are not even consulting Almighty God about the affairs of Dominica. All the politicians in DA are blaming each other and there us NO evidence of ANY of them trying to work together when they are elected. So blame yourselves for what is taking place in your neck of the woods and find solutions to fix them. All I hear is that most Dominicans are bought out every time there is elections. Is that on both sides of the fence? Just observing from afar.

  5. I is a cheater
    May 1, 2018

    The man is a cheater and if we take a close look at life in Dominica before Skerrit and compare it to since Skerrit one will not have to go far to see how Skerrit has changed Da, unfortunately for the worse. First he changed the democracy we once enjoyed with hypocrisy. If anyone asks me what type of Government we have I will know doubt tell them hypocrisy, where everything seen or heard is fake be & pretense. It was Skerrit that once said that ” Dominica is not a real country” and I give it to him because he was 100% correct. So yes the man has destroyed the country and I don’t think we will get better anytime soon. Again, Skerrit was so correct when he ran to the UN with his fake tears to report that “Eden was destroyed”. However he should have said that it was not Maria that destroyed Dominica but is he and the government that he leads. Sad thing though, he moved his wife and children to the US years before Erika or Maria because he knew what he was going to do.Too bad we…

    • Neville
      May 1, 2018

      Well said… You are spot on.

    • May 1, 2018

      More political rubish, people like you have no idea or pretend not to know what Dominica was like before.

  6. Canefield
    May 1, 2018

    Dear Dominica, I am seeking your forgiveness, because I have been living in the U.S for more than 24 years and came down twice to vote for Skerrit and DLP. I don’t know how my name was still on the list but I voted.
    I went back last year and it was then I saw what damage I help Skerrit do to Dominica.
    I hope time will heal my wounds and Dominica will recovery from the mess that it is in.
    This time around I support change.

    • Man bite dogs
      May 1, 2018

      Canefield, Your comment above stink, that is an old trick you have never been a Labour supporter, in a matter of fact most of the people who post nasty comments about Mr Skerrit, Labour Party are in the USA. We know it. :twisted:

      • Massacre
        May 1, 2018

        You DLP Supporters like to use the diaspora when it suits
        You all eh! All the time they coming down to put Skerro back in office they were good then!
        But now some of them criticizing the nonsense that’s Skerro is doing
        All you vex!
        Shame on DLP for trying to play it both ways

      • viewsexpressed
        May 2, 2018

        This man is still running about barking like a hungry dog talking rubbish. The obvious truth is biting him hard even if he has lost his tail and no longer wags it, he using his barking and barks rubbish. No Matter how loud he barks and writes his views are ridiculous and no one is convinced of his bias, hypocrisy and ignorance to the role and rule of law of what it takes to run a government. He will bar and continue to bark and the only result he will get is disturbing the peace and quiet of the people in he neighbourhood.
        Man bite dogs, stop biting, its poison, upon yourself. We are focus on change, Skerrit must go, he is a failed Prime Minister. That is what happens when you take little boys, no experience and put to run a poor country like Dominica. Its likely that the hands will be in the cookie jar. ….hence questions of the cookie jar, the bin bobol, the fertilizer bobol. This man`s name is stained forever and you guys brought Skerrit to this low level. Woof Woof He must Go

      • Franky
        May 3, 2018

        Man go and bite your dog’s and them…ur dotty dog bitter

  7. St. Joe
    May 1, 2018

    I support Lennox and Team Dominica in their efforts to fix the wrongs that have been plaguing Dominica over the past 18 years.
    We have lost so many factories and good people through migration under DLP. The strange thing about this is that some of these same people even had the guts to come down to vote DLP back in office after that same Gov’t forced them to run.!
    Lennox and his team will fix Dominica after Skerro lost and run to the U.S . I know for sure he will not remain in Dominica as the opposition leader.

  8. Man bite dogs
    May 1, 2018

    Here we goes those Groveling synonyms is at it again I personally fill sorry for that lots, very much sad for Workers so-called party and supporters. Sorry Linton, once again Mr Skerrit has got a lot of work on his plate at the moment, having said that Linton, you know dam well it’s not possible to have electoral reform right now, it’s all a front you playing to full your supporters, I can see right though you Mr transparent.

    • Ibo France
      May 1, 2018

      Learn to spell, proper grammar and proper sentence construction before casting aspersions on people. You are causing irreparable damage to your self-image.

      We go NOT we goes
      Synonyms are Not synonyms is
      Feel Not fill
      Through Not though
      By the way, your argument about not possible to have electoral reforms right now is farcical. He had from 2004 to present. Skerrit and his disciples just don’t have the intention to do this because they want to continue to exploit the weaknesses and loopholes in this very porous system.

      • Man bites dogs
        May 2, 2018

        @ lbo, Aren’t you ashamed a uneducated person know how to make smart*** guys like you Groveling, having said that i recognise my spelling is not brilliant thanks for the lesson Mr smart***.

      • Man bites dogs
        May 2, 2018

        Ibo, instead of you rat bag trying to educate me why dont you educate yourself and also those idiots workers calamity party, yesterday Linton and his Vipers was a laughing stock in Dominica parliament, Ibo France, Francisco and supporters should give some education to Workers calamity clowns.

      • Fgk man
        May 2, 2018

        But dog the man bitting. . That’s what labour party harvest. .. dog bitting man.. man bitting dogs… old people saying bow your eyes.. close your head… others saying prey is root to all evil… sick set of people

    • Anonymous
      May 2, 2018

      Your comments prove that Skerrit is catering for the lowest common denominator

  9. Massacre
    May 1, 2018

    It is clear that Skerrit has been manipulating the electoral reform process all along to his advantage . That was the only way to keep the names of dead people and folks who have been overseas for more than 5 years on the voters list.
    UWP is not in office yet, so they had no access to the ,list, Skerrit put his minions on the electoral board so he can decide what they do. But the good thing about the Skerrit mirage is that we Dominicans can see the end of his rope.
    My laborites friends are now telling me that they are feeling the energy that is sweeping UWP into office. They all afraid now, but I assured them that they will be served equally under UWP Government.

    • Man bite dogs
      May 1, 2018

      @ Massacre, After the next General election, You so-called Workers party supporters will be Groveling creep, cringe, kneel, crawl at Dr Prime minister Skerrit, Feet wait and see u scumbags liar we going to give you low life lots the biggest whooping ever.

  10. zandoli
    May 1, 2018

    Linton is busy engaging Skerrit on electoral reform. In the meantime, Skerrit is buying votes with money that should be used to develop the country. Who do you think will win the next election?

    UWP keep employing the same strategy and keep losing elections, but they keep doing the same thing despite the loses. I am starting to wonder if Linton and the UWP leadership were not planted or paid by Skerrit to keep DLP in power.

    I have a hard time believing these guys will not change course despite having a losing strategy.

    • Canefield
      May 1, 2018

      You are a DLP paid distractor and will not distract concourse people of Dominica. WE all know that UWP will form the next Government of Dominica.
      You afraid! Even you will be protected.

      • zandoli
        May 1, 2018

        It’s that same mentality that will keep UWP in opposition. Every time someone suggests something constructive, UWP supporters think you are the enemy. Carry on.

    • Toto
      May 2, 2018

      Last time Lennox was the winner, in case youforget. He won three important seats from Skerrit even though Skerrit spent much more money. That is a fact.

  11. Ibo France
    May 1, 2018

    The present electoral system, as it is, can be easily manipulated to the advantage of the incumbent party. Campaign finance is a huge issue, the bribing of electors and overseas voters, the corrupt voters’ list, the improper enumeration, and I’m just scratching the surface of the problems with this fraudulent system. Telling falsehoods seem natural to the PM for it has worked out very well for him. The Opposition is no hindrance to these well needed and urgent reforms. All Dominicans know that Dominica is governed like a monarchy, what King Skerrit wants he gets. The church, the private sector, non governmental organizations, youth groups, labor unions, every decent, fair-minded and right thinking citizen of Dominica should demonstrate throughout Roseau until this unscrupulous, double-tongue, cheating administration implements fair and well-meaning electoral reforms. This shameless strategy of apportioning blame on the Opposition for the non-implementation of reforms is laughable.

    • prophet for a profit
      May 1, 2018

      all we do is talk. consultations, discussion and rallies. all talk and more talk. until there is action nothing will change. there will be no electoral reform prior to the next general election. mark my words. the government is not pressed to do this. it is not in their benefit.

  12. wrong is wrong
    May 1, 2018

    Dominica is destroyed, yes my people, Da is badly destroyed and sadly, it’s not because of Erica of 2015 or Maria in 2017, but sadly because of the young man, who was a well known enenmy of the DLP, found a way to attend the funeral of Rosie and Pierro, before they could finish a term in office combined. Sadly that was the beginning of sorrow and destruction. From that time, a day after Pierre Charles was laid to rest, Dominica became a country of weeping and wailing, as everything our parents, teachers, and church taught us was wrong, somehow have become right under Skerrit, as Dominica continues to get deeper in trouble. So Linton doesn’t even have to blame Skerrit because we know that if it is something wrong and evil, Skerrit is the founder and designer of it. He wins by cheating in every damn thing. Look he is about to make Judas a minister, a minister he stole. In cricket when one is found paying to change the result of a game they are banned and finned. Not so with Skerrit

  13. viewsexpressed
    May 1, 2018

    This man is a bigger joke than we expected – Read this nonsense: “Skerrit said when the DLP took a bill to parliament to do just what the opposition and others have been calling for, in terms of electoral reform, the parliament building and the police were stoned by protesters….”
    Skerrit, shut up and stop making a royal fool of yourself. You have the power to call Parliament, when it suits you, you know what to do, and when it embarrasses you – you run away. Hypocritical behaviour we call this.
    Skerrit must Go…..Get out…Get Lost. You are not worth being our PM

    • prophet for a profit
      May 1, 2018

      but they were not stoned. Supposedly there was a bag of stones behind dowasco they found. that was their reason for not doing it. Now, lets just say that is true, ANYONE can place a bag of stones anywhere. This is Dominica, coolwash is free. It could have been easily placed by a labor operative just easily as an opposition operative just to kaiboshe the passing of the bill. That was just an excuse not to.

    • Dominican to bone
      May 1, 2018

      He is ur p.m and that’s wat it is stop being bypass he is a Dominican and he ain’t goong know where and u know it so go and put ur head in a bag if u don’t want to see him .

  14. LifeandDeath
    May 1, 2018

    According to Simeon Albert would say..”is true!!”… :lol: :lol:

  15. May 1, 2018

    Election reform has come to a standstill because of the attitude of the UWP. The UWP believes that only their ideas and that of their supporters must be considered in this matter. For electoral resort to happen there must be a meeting of the minds not this one track attitude of the opposition.

    • Ibo France
      May 1, 2018

      Anon, your remarks are quite chucklesome. Do you get paid for writing such ridiculousness? Even though you may be a Labor Party diehard, and that’s your inalienable right, don’t reduce yourself to a parasitic liar for crumbs from Skerrit’s bowl. It is blind and obdurate supporters like you who retard the progress of the country. Although this administration’s ill-advised policies have brought nothing but hopelessness and desolation to this country, the DLP is assuredly rewarded with your support. This is problematic for the development of the country.

      • Dominican to bone
        May 1, 2018

        Stop defending Linton that went all over and tell lies about Dominica this guy have know love for country.

      • May 1, 2018

        @Ibo France, it appears that the basic functions of your brain have been overtaken by the blue bugs. All you seem to be able to do is vomit blue when confronted with an opinion you don’t agree with. That’s why your party will never win in its present form and with supporters like you who insult people whom you don’t agree with. You can’t bully people into supporting your cause, the rubish you write shows that you have no clue of what is happening in Dominica, sadly you are just repeating the propaganda you have been fed by your political masters as you are incapable of original thought.

      • Ibo France
        May 1, 2018

        Anon, this will stun you. I have absolutely no political affiliation. But I’m an unapologetic critic of Skerrit and his failed policies. He has driven Dominica’s economy into a bottomless ditch. Poverty, vagrancy, joblessness, pain, misery and hopelessness have flourish during Skerrit’s tenure as head of this corrupt and worthless government. Unprincipled and dishonorable politicians dearly love ignoramuses like you. Gullible imbeciles like you, who are easily persuaded, give these reprobates superlative happiness. I will never support wrong, and the present regime is wrong for the country. Any alternative is better for Dominica. The incumbent administration is synonymous with a wrecking ball. This government should be flogged with your votes for the abysmal failure to produce a robust economy, excellent healthcare, safe roads and bridges, a vibrant agricultural sector, better sporting facilities, etcetera. Just CANNOT support darkness literally and figuratively.

      • May 2, 2018

        Ibo France, you definitely drank several gallons of blue cool aid before you wrote this response. You have nothing to support your crazy allegations, but you keep rambling on , it seems that your ignorance and stupidity is limitless. Next time try some RED WINE.

  16. Da passports
    May 1, 2018

    I blame DLP for everything, Rituals, Subway, Pizza hut game shops, movie theatre, crazy kokonuts and de kfc in portsmouth close down long before maria, all good ideas but they cannot stand under DLP is only skerrit and his lackies to make a dollar :roll: :roll:

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