New cabinet to be announced in early January

A new Dominica cabinet will soon be appointed into office.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says by the first week of January Dominicans should know the new cabinet.

“The cabinet is being put together… Very soon I shall advise His Excellency on the composition of the cabinet and it is His Excellency, who will in turn appoint them.

“We’re hoping that in the first week of January, the cabinet will be sworn in,” Skerrit disclosed.

The Dominica Labour Party won overwhelmingly in the December 18 general elections, securing 18 seats of a total of 21; the United Workers Party attained three seats.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

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  1. Bundapamjap
    April 3, 2011

    many thanks for the article, I love it

  2. G.J
    December 31, 2009

    Giso, MD excellent advice, The PM needs to heed constructive criticism, especially from sensible people as this type of criticism will only enhance his leadership qualities. I am not convinced that the majority of people he surrounds himself with are concerned enough about maximising his leadership potential, many of them are only so fiercly alined with him in order to line their pockets and they wouldn’t dare point out his flaws or any errors in his judgement especially as their primary concerns are not about the welfare of the state, and their allegiance is temporal….these are what I would classify as ‘snakes in the grass’

    He is a man, and although he may have exemplary qualities he is not perfect. He is still young and approaching the pinnacle of his leadership potential, the people in his camp will either help in steering him to his zenith or cause him to veer sharply to the left…thereby invoking his downfall, so he should be prudent, humble and discerning.

    As a young person, I believe the PM should be an exampe to all young people aspiring develop Dominica into a progressive and prosperous nation. I also want him to seek guidance from people who genuinely have the interest of the Dominican populace at heart, especially people who are formally trained in areas where we need intense improvement…health, the environment, law enforcement….etc.

    Then ministerial appointments should take into consideration, track record, training and management skills. Not everyone can be offered a ministry as the treasury cannot afford to pay the salaries of a large contingent of ministers and not every candidate who has successfully contested the elections can efficiently manage a ministry.

    In 2010 and beyond, I hope we pay more attention to environmental reform and awareness in Dominica. We really are too lax in this regard and too many environmental ‘atrocities’ are being committed on the NATURE ISLE.

  3. The Facts
    December 30, 2009

    .Some interesting observations about the elections and the spin doctors, clowns and jesters that continue to raise their heads to suit their own personal agendas:
    1) 32 thousand votes were counted in the 2009 Dominican elections
    2) DLP got 61% of the popular vote, over 9 thousand more than UWP who got 35% of the vote
    3) 13 of DLP’s 18 seats were won by a margin greater than 250
    4) UWP alledges that 600 voters were imported

    Some questions:
    1) Assuming UWP is correct; does this change the outcome of the election? The people have spoken sorry SHOUTED but a minority is of the opinion that they know better.
    2) Who selected/voted for the MRD? We just had an election and did not see them.
    3) Who do they represent?
    4) Who is financing them?
    5) What is their agenda?
    6) Do we advance Dominica by launching a pathetic campaign to discredit, distract, disrupt?

    I have also discovered that there is nothing honest about the honestdominica website. They only publish articles that are favorable to their agenda or articles that can easily be refuted. ..
    -The Facts

  4. MD
    December 29, 2009

    I truly appreciate your comments. There are some of us who wish to or have succeeded in critizing the PM constructively and have had just reasons to do so but have been treated with contempt and have been snubed by himself and others. I am afraid that the people who surround my good friend and comrade are the ones who will DIVE for cover if he plumits. My point is for whatever personal benefit or gain they desent secretly or within themselves but lack the gull to speak up or speak out. These people are hampering the man’s growth and development. They are always ready to tell him what he they feel he WANTS to hear and not necessarily what he NEEDS to hear. This is a man I still have alot of regard for but NOT too happy with whom/what he is becoming.

    I can quote one minister in the immediate past administration as saying, “everything I have been saying about the PM is in black and white right now”, but that same individual would only speak privately and has gone on to contest the elections of Dec. 18 and won his seat and will granted a ministry I am sure! Is that the kind of FRIENDS that the PM needs?, but then again this the kind he surrounds himself with.

    My comrade need to listen to his “critics” while there are some who a dead against him for whatever reason however when a man like me oppose it is because I need him to do better for I AM SURE HE CAN.

    This saying is true,
    ” not everyone who digs you out from some “shit” has your back, they may just do so to take their turn in destroying you. Not everyone who throws “dirt” on you wants to eat you, these are the very ones who could be trying hard to protect you in the process”

    I love HON Roosevelt Skerrit to bits! and will not contribute to his demise! For I shall only support him when he’s right at the end of the day I will remain the friend he NEEDS!

  5. December 29, 2009


  6. Giso
    December 29, 2009

    Congratulations to Prime Minister elect Roosevelt Skerrit and the entire Dominica Labor Party slate along with Honorable Edison James and the other UWP members. At this juncture in the political history of the Commonwelath of Dominica, my prayer is for wisdom and clarity of mind for the Prime Minister and his cabinet.

    With the upcoming appointment of persons to assume ministerial positions my humble advice to the Prime Minister, who will nominate, and the President will ultimately appoint, is that you do not nominate square pegs for round holes. Take heed that you do not appoint someone to a ministry because you like them or you owe them a favor. This will certainly be to the detriment of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Persons who are appointed to ministerial positions should be qualified (i.e have at least a Bachelors Degree in their chosen field), for appropriate and effective leadership).

    Finally, Mr. Prime Minister, please listen to ALL, I mean ALL Dominicans, those who voted for you and those who did not. You are the Prime Minister of ALL Dominicans. As you are aware there will be those who ctitize you and those who stroke your ego. It is those who ctitize you constructively who will be responsible for you growth and development. Be carefuel of the YES men and women around you. You need people who will tell you the TRUTH and thereby prevent you from falling on your face.

    My prayer for you is for temperance, meekness and humility. May the grace of God rest and abide with you and give you wisdom to lead this country.

    Patriotic Dominican

  7. December 29, 2009

    All the best p-m,i do hope every body will be satisfy where ever u place them.Keep the faith, b strong and positive always. Who jah bless no one curse.

  8. MD
    December 28, 2009


    Fair and Balanced contribution/comment! I find you to be quite objective and constructive in this particular comment. Whoever you are it shows clearly that you are indeed, “forward thinking” and I stand VERY proud of you.

  9. Constitution
    December 28, 2009

    I dont care about who gets a ministry cause at the end of the day its everyman and woman for theimselves. All I am asking for is reform in government. It is obvious that our system of government is dysfunctional. There is a great imbalance in the decision making process- the prime minister and the cabinet have way too much power. In my opinion the people should elect the board of directors for the state owned radio station; the people should elect the board of directors for the electoral committee thus the decision to initiate a voter ID should not be the call of the PM or Tony Astaphan but that of the people. The IPO should also be decided by the people, the chief of police; Attorney General. Let we the people select people for these very important positions. Politicians hands off. Let these offices operate independent of the party in power. Let us select these positions every 2-3 years.

    After evaluating the last 10 years of government and particularly this last election I believe that the constitution relinguishes way too much power to the PM and his cabinet. I’ve seen just way too much arrogance coming from those in power; it was the same during the UWP reign and much worse over the last 7 years.

    Iam sure that there will be nay sayers for my proposal but if we are all honet with ourselves RED,BLUE or Green we will agree that our system of government and power is not balance. If we take away the ultimate power from the PM and cabinet then there will be no cause for concern- the people will demand honest criminal investigation from the police else the chief of police is gone; the attorney general will insure that every man politicians included follow the laws of the state; the integrity committe will no longer be one of vaccilation else we vote them out within two years(let them go give communion in church) . The electoral committee would be forced to uphold the laws regarding honest election. We will therefore have no reason to cry fowl after a general election.

    The system can work – I am just so tired of all this political gimmickery, the lies and crookedery. I am sick of looking at the faces of those who say nothing in the mix of a widespread allegation only because they are looking for hand downs from the PM and his cabinet. I long for an accounbtable government not those who seek wealth as the primary concern.

    I long to see our laws in action when it comes to politicians. Declare your assets ALL OF IT- DNO I’m not making accusations here. This is not a political campaign but a call for justice for all D/cans.We deserve a fair and honest government. Let us hold these scum bag politicians accountable for thier actions.

  10. Niceness
    December 28, 2009

    Regargless of all what your people may say, show your people how you will compose the cabinet, God has granted you and only you the power to rules our beautiful Country and because of this i will respect you and know that you will do your best to place every one in the right position, for what God has put together let no man put a slunder. So with the gace of God you will give the right names to the President to appoint.

  11. Forward Thinking
    December 28, 2009


    I love your analysis and share your some of your sentiments. The PM surely has to think extremely carefully about his ministerial appointments. We need ministers who are committed, industrious, and will deliver efficient service within their ministeries. Gone are the days of rhetoric, we need action!

    We, the Dominican people would like to see ministerial stability this time round. There were too many reshuffling of cabinet ministers at the last term of office. Shuffle your cards carefully and play your cards right Mr Prime Minister once and for all – stability facilitates experience and professional maturity.

    I hope the PM considers the cost tothe taxpayers of Dminica. He need to consider streamlining ministerial appointments, making ministers deliver more efficient service to the nation.

    My analysis:
    Gloria Shillingford should be appointed Minister of Education – with a track record of many years in the teaching service, I think this is her rightful appointment – nobody else. Gloria has worked extremely hard during the election campaign for two consecutive term, so she has earned that ministry.

    Sonia Williams should be reappointed as senator and be Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education. This will give Sonia five additional years sto contest the 2015 election in the Roseau South Constituency for the DLP.

    I do not think Bentley Royer should be appointed senator – he is not caught up for politics! I think he should go back to teaching!

    I think Allo (Alvin Bernard) should be appointed senator and should be given a ministerial position -Minister for Urban Renewal and Planning and Development. Allo’s position of Project Analyst, Economist and Social Development Planner at the Ministry of Finance qualifies him for this ministry.

    I don’t think Matthew Walters have performed and delivered well at the Minister of Agrculture – He cannot handle that Ministry efficiently. I think he is best suited for Culture and Gender Affairs.

    I think Ivor Stephenson, with his 30 years experience as an Environmental Health Officer, and as a successful banana and livestock farmer, he would fit well as Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry and Wildlife and environment!

    I think Dr Kenneth Darroux would perform well as Minister of Health – as medical officer for the GrandBay Health District for 11 years, he is qualified for tha portfolio.

    With an extensive nursing background, Justina Charles could be Parliamentary Secretary in Ministry of Health.

    Kelver Darroux’s experience with youth work fits well with an appointment as Parliamentary Secretary in Minister of Youth Affairs, Sports.

    Dr Collin McIntyre should be kept as Minister of Trade, Industry , Commerce and Diaspora Affairs.

    With a background in the Police Force, Rayburn Blackmore should move back to National Security, Immigration and Labour.

    Timothy could be Minister of Finance. Ha, ha, ha, PM won’t trust this man with his finances!. Tim could be appointed to Public Works and Infrastructural Development.

    Johnson Drigo, with his experience in Early Childhood Care and Development and in Adolescent Development and Skills Instructor, could be appointed as Minister of Welfare, or work as a junior minister with Matthew Walters in culture, gender affairs,combining Welfare with this Ministry.

    Ronald Toulon is a headache for PM. Toulon won as an independent candidate in 2005 and moved across the DLP. He won again in 2009 on a DLP ticket. Although it has been alleged that he has not delivered as the Parliamentary Representative in the Colihaut Constituency, I think appointing him as a junior ministry in the ministry of Public Works and Infrastructual Development, with Timothy could motivate him to perform.

    Austrie should maintain his ministry, because he has delivered and performed well – give commendation when it is due! This has to be lauded!

    Ian Douglas??????????? He could remain in this newly appointed postion. However, it is still questionable. What is the best suited ministry for Ian Douglas????? His delivery grade with both ministerial position is still mediocre.

    Asthon Graneau, as a kallinagoean deserves the appointment of Minister for Carib Affairs – without doubt. He is one of the people, he is with the people, he knows their needs, their plights, etc.

    Charles Saverin conducted his radio politcial campaign with Crazy T so well. Therefore, the PM may well consider awarding him with a ministerial or ambassadorial position. Although I think it would be unfair for Charles Saverin to deprieve an elected candidate a ministerial position. Again the PM also has to consider the extensive experience and qualifications of Mr Saverin.

    PM’s biggest threat, night sweats, and insomia, is to know what to do with Mr Ambrose George (Deputy Leader of the DLP).
    Hmmmmm, does he deserve a ministerial positon with allegations of money laundering and undercover deals? Ambrose George, former Minister of Public Works and Infrastructural Development, was fired by Roosevelt Skeritt in November 2008!

    Ambrose George was initially sacked by deceased Prime Minister Pierre Charles in 2002 following serious allegations of money laundering attempts.

    Indeed Ambrose appears to be invincible and unstoppable! Wow! This is a tough decision for Prime Minister Skeritt.

    We, the Dominican people are waiting patiently for the announcement of the ministerial appointments. Hope we do not have too many surprises and hope every appointee is well suited for their ministerial position.

    A Proud Dominican!

  12. Medler????
    December 28, 2009

    Medler what are you talking about? The President appoints Cabinet on adivse of the PM. In other words the PM chooses his team and just informs the President. I find that statement is misleading and it might be time we start phrasing things to say exactly what they mean!!

    You really think President going to say he want Darroux for Health, McIntyre for Trade etc? De man has better things to do ( that part is a joke!) We know the President doesn’t do squat!

  13. jah bless
    December 28, 2009

    lets get it together to build dominica wesley international airport and finish melvile hall airport happy new year.

  14. medler
    December 28, 2009

    Dominicans watch out and be careful of what you say. The President is going to appoint ministers. We all know that everyone cannot get a ministry so let us wait and see. Don’t start the bashing as to who to appoint or who not to appoint. Everyone should be satisfied with the position that they get, It is not about any one person, it is about Dominica and Dominicans on a whole. Let us just pray that the good and gracious Lord will direct the President as he seeks to take this task ahead of him. And we Dominicans let what ever decision that is taken be for the betterment of the country. All we need now is for progress for every one and that the team will continue the work that they have started. The nation belongs to God and He is

  15. jocco
    December 28, 2009


    Comrad you at finance and foreign affairs with Timmy
    Darroux in Health with Stephenson
    Ian in Tourism and Carib affairs with Graneau
    Glori in Education and Faith with Pepper
    Blackmore in Community dev. with Kelver
    Collin back in trade with Allo he worked there.
    Ma pierro culture and genda
    Short neck in Agriculture
    Walters in communications and works
    Ambrose parl rep.
    Toulon parl rep
    Sam parl rep
    Johnno Parl rep

    Comrad you hold all the cards except that you owe Laplaine and Carib Reserve for decapitating the UWP for you. No one can cross the floor right now, read Mamo after 1980 elections to see how her Cabinet was structured. The good historian can offer some help there.

  16. Thinking Progress!
    December 28, 2009

    Mr. Prime Minister, we are looking forward to working with you and your new carbinet to move the country forward. Be steadfast in your efforts and pay no heed to doom sayers. The team who were successful at the polls respect you and will no doubt work with you every step of the way. The counrty is ours to build and your actions so far have proven your commitment to that task! God bless you and the men and women on the government team. May he give you forsight in picking the your team on ministers.

  17. Mitchiee
    December 28, 2009

    I think it’s time you all forget about politics with those political names!!! Jeezz…am just as happy for the PM as the next guy but it’s passed…

    Back to reality for some of you!!!!

  18. JA!!!!
    December 28, 2009

    Waw waw waw!!! Mr … prime minister you indeed have a challenge ahead of you. Everyone going to want job, all your lil soldiers going to want positions in the army you have created. There are only so many positions, i believe you will have to add junior positions to current positions two double it up. You guys spend crazy money to get people, and i have to give it to you guys you succeeded in brainwashing Dumb-inicans. There is no real politics in Dumb-inica, this is not politics!! You think being chavez’s buddy will not come with a price Mr … prime minister? You KNOW that there wud have been many …aimed at your dimpled face, had Dumb-inicans been a bit less naive and gullible. But now is your time, you will enjoy it while it lasts, but there is a serious train coming your way sir, dumb-inicans themselves wont believe it when it comes. For now i simply want to wish you good luck with “fixing-up” everybody so they all cud get a piece of the corrupt cake in cabinet.

  19. shelli
    December 28, 2009

    I like that line of reasoning – It is the President that appoints the ministers!!!

    You wake up from the hangover of the victory and realize that you have a serious challenge on your hands with the composition of your new cabinet.

    Ambrose giving you stresses.

    Tim Tim will give you a challenge for leadership and you cannot make him a backbencher so take that! And he will have his gang of 6 or more on his side. So look out for the true Timothy in politics.

    You have two Doctors that are smarter than you and will not take crap from you.

    You must give Ms. Charles a ministry or jeah Grabay will protest and you better agree from now that for the next 5 Creole Festivals that Groovers automatically on the line up with Ms. Charles as minister of Culture and Gender Affairs.

    We all know Kelver want a ministry too or St. Jo people will repeat their protest of 2000

    Allo doh win his seat and you want to make him a ministry and that be a good move.

    Austrie, Sister Gloria, Ian, Walters, Blackmore, have performed and will be looking forward to continue as ministers who have good experience under their belt. Ashton is expecting to be Minister of Carib Affairs

    Your backbenchers are soft spoken individuals and will compromise with you for the betterment of Dominica: Drigo, Sam Martin, Toulon, and Stephenson.

    But your biggest headache will be Peter Pepper!! You actually do not know what to do with him! For there is a court case pending to determine his political fate and you doh want to look embarrass and for your plans to start ripping apart from the Sims. And so you going and play it safe and make him a parliamentary secretary until such time when there is a cabinet reshuffle.

    Then you have to think of what to do with Charles Savarin, and Mr. Royer – they may not be satisfied for just being a Senator. Your General Secretary will want to be considered for a Senator position and rightly so.

  20. Labourite
    December 28, 2009

    Mr. P.M I hope the parl. rep. for Colihaut get a position in the cabinet. He ran independent and won last election and gave you that seat, now again after not performing he won because we voted for you, i hope he get something. Although …said he was not parl. rep. material, but we waiting. Open your eyes the people of this Constituency.

  21. December 28, 2009

    Congrats 2 all of u as u face this challenge, may our good lord guide all of u in the right direction as he takes DOMINICA 2 a higher level. 2 Peter ST Jean,hold on, b strong we are your support , no matter what the people of the world may say HOLD TIGHT AND NEVER LET GO. Jah bless.

  22. December 28, 2009


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