People’s Parliament organizers dismiss notion of ‘UWP affair’

Sam Raphael/Photo credit:

ROSEAU, Dominica, CMC – The organizers of the People’s Parliament, which holds its inaugural gathering on Thursday to coincide with the first sitting of the National Assembly since general elections in December, have dismissed that the event is merely a United Workers Party (UWP) forum.

The Movement for the Restoration of Democracy (MRD) and the Citizens Forum announced this week they would hold the activity as Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and his winning Dominica Labour Party (DLP) candidates and senators readied to take their oath of allegiance in Parliament.

The UWP has maintained it would boycott the National Assembly, a decision it took following its landslide 18-3 defeat to the DLP to protest “massive irregularities in the conduct of the elections”.

Coordinator of the MRD, Sam Rafael told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) the “alternative parliament” would include the members of the opposition who are boycotting the national Parliament, but that members of other political parties and members of the Diaspora would also present on issues ranging from political corruption to the economy.

“To suggest that this is a UWP affair is inaccurate,” Rafael said, noting that the “People’s Parliament” would occur on a regular basis and would give all Dominicans the opportunity to air their views on the important issues of the day.

However, he defended the UWP against concerns that participating in the event would send conflicting messages to the public in light of the party’s decision to stay away from Parliament.

“We use the word ‘Parliament’ liberally. There is only one parliament in Dominica.

“The members of the UWP are acting on principle. The concern should be why they are boycotting the Parliament rather than this preoccupation with why we are hosting this event. They have a right to speak to the public. There should be no confusion.” Raphael said.

He said the issue at hand was the insistence of both the organizers; the MRD and the Citizen’s Forum, that there must be a system of rules that people adhere to and that there must be free and fair elections in Dominica.

Both the Speaker of the House Alix Boyd-Knights and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said Wednesday they expected no significant hiccups in the functioning of the legislative chamber in the absence of an official opposition.

Skerrit announced Wednesday that Bentley Royer, who contested the Salisbury constituency; Dayton Baptiste, who failed to unsear former prime minister and Edison James in Marigot and 24-year old newcomer Tammy Jean Jacque would join ministers Charles Savarin and Alvin Bernard as DLP senators in the Parliament.

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  1. shocked
    February 5, 2010

    To Barbie and Vibes: FYI, i am a very well off young woman. i am 27 and have my own business, my near million dollar assest valu, my rides, my house and yes i do live in Dominica so wat the hell you want to tell me bout freeness…..i do freeness, to those that don’t have. You may say people from where, from Sam’s constituency. the same place he left at a young age, pass people straight on the road and last election he wan tto come ….? the same people he pass on the road walking to their farms or walking to school…

    ..The People’s Parliment is suppose to be for the people eh…well the people are those that walk to school with their kids to make sure they safe cus they can’t pay bus. the people are those that have to carry load on their head cus they can’t get a ride. the people are those that work in hotels and have to walk to and from work.

    Well the educated people that met to form the MRD are just full of it. and unlike you ” vibes and Barbie” i will continue to give freeness to these people…..sak way,….

  2. Hurting Youth
    February 5, 2010

    What example are these politicians sending out to young people….these power hungry men claim their actions “for the love of country” but its apparent its all for the love of “SELF”. Let us all humble our selves and if we claim to love our beautiful Dominica let us build it and not destroy.

  3. lisad
    February 5, 2010

    The people’s parliament will continue to be the meeting place of a few disgruntled businessmen.However, Dominicans please keep your eyes open and watch these so called restorers of democracy. This is how those revolutions start. Don’t let down your guards. Don’t take these people for granted. Power hunger can lead to anything.keep praying for your country Dominicans but keep your eyes open.
    God bless Dominica.

  4. caribbean genius
    February 4, 2010

    To Misa…

    I think you described yourself perfectly as being a flat fish, think you should take out the stone in your eyes before you tell people a sand grain in theirs.

    Do you know that in every caribbean country that have seen progress, it was brought about by the labour party. Antigua, St kitts etc, labour has always been a party of the people, by the people..

    maybe you should rise at the top and stay their till your eyes addapt and move from one side, to one on each side. Then you wouldnt be so biased in favor of uwp…..

  5. Wait A Minute
    February 4, 2010

    Can you believe Lennox just refered to Athie as MR SPEAKER at the so-called ‘Peoples Parliament’ lol, man dem fellas not easy boy,lol. You mean that is the only way Lennox and Athie find they could get in parliament is in a charade at the Harlem Plaza. You guys remember ‘bebel’ the play that many of us did as kids where we played mammy and daddy and at that moment really believed that we were parents, well that’s exactly what happening to these guys THEY ARE HAVING THEIR BEBEL MOMENT as politicians in an imaginary parliament. I believe someone should wake these guys from their imaginary world and help them to get a dose of reality. THIS IS THE REAL WORLD GUYS, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wait A Minute
    February 4, 2010

    LOL, boy look jokes. Can you believe that the member for Roseau there in his so called ‘Peoples Parliament” at the Harlem Plaza debating issues which were discussed earlier today in the House of Assembly (The Real Parliament). WHAT PAPPY SHOW BUSINESS THAT!!!!!! Man I tell you guys that these guys are really participating in a carnival “pappy show parliament” which is the replacement to the pappy show wedding. As Ron said everything is being done in THE NEW WAY!!!!
    I just hope that, like the “pappy show wedding” these clowns are asked to parade the streets on Carnival Tuesday to give us a good laugh.

  7. vibes
    February 4, 2010

    shocked shut your***. all u too like too much fricking freeness in this country thats why their is so much prostitution and hormosexuality around because of people like you kind of mentality.

    why the hell would the man invite u too his hotel for free dinner. is hard everybody working hard to have what they have.what d hell u think.people must work hard and then just turn around and feed some lazy*** like u all the time. i am sick and tried of hearing all u those lazy sorry *** dominicans there say stupid things like that.go and get work for all u to do.

    d man have a hotel he cannot pay more people than he can.and just to end people like u will never go their to get anything free because all like to eat too much at once.never hear eat little and live long. and u must stave to have . stop being jealous of the man for what he has. is d man that make u poor then.stuuuuuuups.

  8. Barbie
    February 4, 2010

    To Shocked:

    You seem to have something personal against Mr. Raphael and your comments makes no sense. First of all he is running a business so why should he give out free-ness. Would that be a smart move for any business man?Not everyone have millions to give away like our PM. Mr. Raphael is providing jobs…that’s a good thing since the government can’t. I think you are going too far with your hatred. The more you hate Mr. Raphael….the more i love him.

  9. February 4, 2010

    Dem brothers look so official all they missing is whistlie.

  10. shocked
    February 4, 2010

    sam u will stay …… i hate to see de man….playing part intellect and looking at othe rpeople as lesss than him. why doesnt he invite the poor people of dubiquie to dine in his hotel, or gice free meals to them some time or even hampers like the PM gives on a Christmas…instead he creates jobs right? for whome? and pays wat? debate dat Samo…. fool…i cannot see dat man u know

  11. Jammers
    February 4, 2010

    What think you guys should do is make Ron Green Primie Minister of the People’s parliament and make Judith Opposition leader. Its Like playing dolly house. lol. Make Claudius Acting PM and Shanks President.

  12. max
    February 4, 2010

    Well folks Skerrit and his folks I must admit came all dressed up for the party on High street. Tjey looked real good intheri new suits and Sunday best. Let them party till the cows come home. Long live Sam, Ron and the true and honest Dominicans.

  13. February 4, 2010

    To Misa:

    Stop being an idiot. You are swimming on one side just like the biased labourites, but in your case you find yourself in the dungeon of the UWP’s poorly conceived, convoluted and failed political plot.

    …In the dungeon on one side as the flat fish trying to cry foul over election results that were strategically planned by the DLP and so irresponsibly executed by the UWP.

    … In the dungeon of harbouring contempt against people who like you exercised their right to vote for their party of choice.

    …In the dungeon of believing that with or without a bribe people are so stupid and senseless that they would not know who, where or how to vote.

    ….In the dungeon of pretending and forgetting that high level political bribery was introduced by the UWP who would not have been so self righteous and pretentious if they had won 2 or 3 more seats.

    …Rise from your dark musty dungeon Misa. You’ll drown.

  14. Thoughtful
    February 4, 2010

    I wonder if the authorities in the US would sit by while there is a “People’s Congress” a “People’s House of Representative” as alternatives to the real Congress and the real House of Representatives.

    That would be an interesting thing to explore.

    But really………this doesn’t make sense to me. If the gathering is a forum or convention or whatever but don’t call it a parliament and “People’s Parliament” to boot. Didn’t the majority of the people rejected them?

  15. Dominican lover
    February 4, 2010

    Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous, precident. However Dominicans are smart, intelligent people,and they will see through these distractors. What do they hope to achive. It is this democracy they are enjoying that they are able to set up their own parliament when the people of Dominica have no elected them. Is that treason. I know it would not be allowed in England or America or in any first world nation, how can u have an alternative parliament, and say u are trying to restore democracy when democracy is still alive and kicking.
    Prime MInister, let them burn themself out, they are trying to force your hand to act. Then they will say u see our democratic rights are being abuse. Leave them alone to their stupidity and let dominicans show them what they think of them in five years time. They will lose even the three votes they get.

  16. Truth B Told
    February 4, 2010

    What a complete load of crap! The so called “people’s parliament” – better know as the UWP Pappy Show, is just another distraction and a total waste of time. But then I guess the UWP has a lot of time on their hands.

    It is embarrassing to the nation to have big men (old and tired as they are) behaving like spoiled children, but that’s all we are getting from the UWP, they can cry all they want… it isn’t gonna change anything.

    There is no need to restore democracy in Dominica. The people have voted and made their wishes clear. THE UWP LOST – FARE AND SQUARE – GET OVER IT AND STOP ALL THIS FOOLISHNESS!

  17. Nitara
    February 4, 2010

    Denial is a sad thing boy. Sam, things u can’t do in the states that’s what you coming here to do?!

  18. Misa
    February 4, 2010

    A normal person in their acceptance of bribes and the adoption of dihonesty becomes a LABOURITE, thereby portraying the characteristics of a FLAT FISH the SOLE.

    1. Flat – Nothing of substantial inside – Just like their leaders

    2. Practice swimming only on their side – Cannot produce anything fairly or balanced (one-sided)

    3. Later starts to swim at the BOTTOM on their side with half their body covered in mud/sad- Acceptance of Bribes, practice of dishonesty and throwing mewpuis

    4. The underside eye gradually moves to the other side of the head – In their practices of dishonesty and twisting of the truth as a payback of the already accepted bribes (by word or deeds of their leaders)

    5. They now have to spend all their time at the bottom of the ocean (practicing dishonesty and giving mewpuis) it becomes their natural habitat.

    6. If they swim towards the surface, they are in danger because one side of their body is blind (they will me castegated by their leaders – they fraid)

    7. They also blend into their surroundings easily especially the PIPs (any pegs fits a hole – look at their leaders and their ministries).


    Dominicans have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to exercise their democracy, and so does the MRD.

    Its not about LOSING AN ELECTION, its about these citizens putting their lives on the line as Martin Luther King did, to secure a SANELY JUST AND DEMOCRATIC DOMINICA for the youth of tomorrow.

    I PRAY THAT FOR DOMINICA’S SAKE, LABOURITES WILL STOP SWIMMING ON ONE SIDE LIKE A SOLE. (I hope thats not where the symbol of the shoe came from. lol)

  19. ron
    February 4, 2010

    Yes Sam, MWAD also told us they were a neutral, lol. Who are you people think you are fooling.

  20. DVT
    February 4, 2010

    ..they should continue down their road towards total decay. Every time parliament meet they should go by Garroway to meet. After they done meeting they should have a long drink and talk about how happy they were at that meeting. Then they should go to their home and have a good night’s rest. It only takes three meetings of the “people’s parliament”. Lol lol lol.

  21. KING MAN
    February 4, 2010

    which set of them that is going to protest in that people’s parliament???? that will be interesting.

  22. lovely dominica
    February 4, 2010

    The people spoke when they re-elected the DLP Government back to office! Petitions have been fowarded to the courts so what is the issue about staying away from the “only parliament.”What if the courts rule against the petitions? A questions the supporters .. should ask.

  23. People Power
    February 4, 2010

    Who is the opposition in the People’s Parlaiment??? Sam stop the pretending. .. You all are just sore losers and acting like clowns.

  24. As I SEE IT
    February 4, 2010

    The peoples parliament is just another nail in the UWP coffin….having been caught with their pants down, the UWP thought they could win an election with a series of question marks no! second nail. Then all the bikering and fuss after the election and then this. ITS ALL OVER SAM< DONT SUGAR COAT THE TRUTH

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