Statement by Lennox Linton on resigning as leader of the United Workers Party

Below is a statement by Lennox Lennox on his resignation as leader of the United Workers Party (UWP). The statement was first made on Linton’s Facebook page this morning.

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  1. Danziger
    October 5, 2022

    A conplow montée dont trust that, the source is cold like née chien. Don’t be fooled

  2. Lin clown
    October 5, 2022

    How can you be a good leader when nobody following you?The contested the 2014 election as leader and LOST.He again contested as leader in 2019,instead of moving forward,the man LOST 3 seats and 1,163 votes.What kind of leader is that?How can a good leader go backwards.UWP losing seats and votes and those JAH KA S.ES say that is the sign of a good leader.

  3. October 4, 2022

    More boom boom fly comments from those who believed in him. Lennox was a gangster who created destruction when he could not get his own way. Good riddance.

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  4. Smh
    October 4, 2022

    OSrry to say but right now Dominica is a lost cause. Sorry sir that you never got a chance to lead this country. You look rathere stressed. Focus on you and your family. Just do you.

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  5. The truth comes out
    October 4, 2022

    “All political parties have their challenges with infighting and leadership succession, the United Workers Party is no different….no political party has any monopoly on these destructive behaviors that hurt leadership efforts and injure the party’s image as an honest agent of change. Still a house divided onto itself cannot stand, yes there have been the infighting, the vilification from within, the backstabbing and the treachery but I’m alive… “-Former UWP Leader, Lennon Linton

  6. mine
    October 4, 2022

    This wasn’t an honest speech. the person taking up the leadership have to be very very careful with Lennox. He blamed his resignation of inner circle problems and backstabbing, imagine he did not wish the new leader GO LCK.

  7. Jonathan Y St Jean
    October 3, 2022

    Well done good and faithful servant. You sacrificed a lot for the party and circumstances now require that you hand over the mantle of leadership to someone else. By your willingness to step aside in the grand scheme of things for the good of the party is heroic and a true testament to your character. Novices seem to forget that in the US some contenders including Hillary Clinton didn’t step aside until after the party convention. This is not what you’ve done but instead voluntarily stepped down so a new chapter can begin. You still have a great deal to contribute to help the party succeed and I’ve no doubt that you will. Just like when the seasons change vibrant new life come so will the fortunes of the UWP. Lennox, your action shows that the party is united in it’s vision and goals. Some internal scuffle is good in families as In organizations, this is nothing new as DLP had it’s internal shakes also. Well done Sir, your service and actions will be rewarded in the end.

  8. Zicack
    October 3, 2022

    Well DA all you lost Rosie,Pierro,Mamo,PJ,Mike,LeBlanc and the list goes on. Now Lennox. Nothing good all you want. The Baby Doc all you have there
    l want him to bring all you to you’ll knees.

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  9. Max
    October 3, 2022

    He seems like a good guy, intelligent and with the right motivations. But he has done nothing to galvanise the UWP support at community/grass roots level where elections are won and lost. He focused far too much on Skerrit’s corruption and far too little on the needs of real people. If the UWP is tearing itself up, then this is a worrying development. There must always be strong opposition in a healthy democracy. Linton has failed to deliver that and his resignation will make things worse. Far better would have been to kick out the so-called backstabbers. Instead, he’s done what he did every time he walked out of parliament – he let them win.

  10. So we stay
    October 3, 2022

    Man look like a lion that cannot row no more.
    I hope he can have peace in his life and he’s family!!

  11. Ibo France
    October 3, 2022

    This is an exemplary act of real statesmanship from a patriot who believes that God did not will Dominica to him. This man is a pragmatic and selfless individual.

    Roosevelt, whether one wants to admit it or not, is a formidable force to be dislodged from his present position.

    In order to rid the country of the tyrannical misleader, every UWP supporter plus a number of disgruntled Labourites need to coalesce around the leader who was democratically elected by the majority of the party supporters. Those hypocrites who wanted Mr. Linton out should have defeated him at the last Delegate Conference.

    This is a dose of reality for those party supporters who believe this gross misconception that Mr. Linton was the stumbling block to recruiting new supporters to the UWP.

    Mr. Linton bore the brunt of criticisms of the Labour Party and their deleterious supporters. Whoever the next leader is, he/she too will suffer the same abuse.

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    • October 3, 2022

      You miss the part about backstabbing, the gentleman was forced out. So stop with this idiotic talk.

    • Ryan Voss
      October 3, 2022

      You Sheep, I wonder what color your wool is. there is nothing sad about any of this, annoying yes but sad no. Dominicans and this politics thing.

    • October 3, 2022

      Wasn’t Lennox at the forefront with his criticism of government ministers calling them all types names one could think about including rapist and the DLP responded. This is called politics and according Linton if you can’t stand the heat get out of the peoples kitchen. It seems Mr. Linton can no longer take the heat so he has abandoned the peoples kitchen.

      October 3, 2022

      Ibo MALAPROP France, Really? A statesman? A statesman who Al jazeera exposed his signature for wanting to sell the country’s passport even while in opposition while he is there accusing and pointing fingers at someone else for just what he was caught of doing?

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    • elizabethlxavier
      October 3, 2022

      “This is an exemplary act of real statesmanship from a patriot who believes that God did not will Dominica to him. This man is a pragmatic and selfless individual”.

      Ibo France, please stop with your foolishness! Which God are you referring to in your statement above? For I am certain, that it is not the Holy, Almighty God of Heaven and Earth.

      Right after you claim that Lennox Linton “displayed statesmanship” to not believe that God willed Dominica to him, the reason he resigned as the Opposition Leader, you return with your “bias” thoughts against PM Skerrit, who are you do decided whom God, willed and whom He did not will.

      You sound like a hypocrite the way you spoke about Linton, instead of acknowledging, as he did, that he failed his mission, which I know you would not do.

      You did him no favor, for I did not read anything in his message where he claimed that the Laborites were the reason for his resignation, as you have claimed.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        October 4, 2022

        You know Lennox may have actually followed the constitution of the UWP.
        When Athie Martin wrote it party members agreed that no member would serve for, I believe more than two terms; that means they could not serve as prime minister for more than two terms.
        Again, Elizabeth, remember Lennox stated in every political party there is backstabbing: not everyone is cut out to tolerate such things especially if their Standers of ethics are high.
        Now, remember he mentioned Prier Charles whom backstabbing in the Labor Party caused an early demised!
        We saw another early departure to the grave, by Reviere, whom Roosevelt Skerrit harassed night and day, calling the man at wee hours of the night when people should be sleeping.
        That was not enough Roosevelt went over Reviere head, to the Chines Embassy in Barbados, where he said looking for help for Dominica, when he was told the Chines could not deal with him because he was not the prime minister.
        Lennox life value more than leadership!

  12. Beta
    October 3, 2022

    The speech of a TRUE leader! He never stood a chance against corruption, endless lies and unfair elections. It’s a sad day for Dominica when we loose an honest man in the political landscape but we remain stuck with one that will ultimately ruin our beautiful country.

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    • October 4, 2022

      The speech of a boom boom fly with no backbone. Good riddance. Now, we can continue to move on. Go Skerrit Go. For beta and not for worse. Why still call it beautiful if it has been ruined? It is a beautiful day for Dominica. With all that rain falling, they are blessings from the Most High. Where have you ever heard of fools standing a chance?

      • Robby
        October 7, 2022

        So says the snake in the grass that never ones in its life walked upright. Man, YOU have absolutely no credibility. Keep on cleaning the white mans s..t.

  13. My Little take
    October 3, 2022

    I am a strong supporter of UWP and extremely strong supporter of Hon Lennox Linton as our leader. However I must say I was very disappointed at what I heard this morning. In everything organization there will be those inspiring to be leader and those that will want change as was rightly said by Hon Linton. But to ho hear talk about backstabbing in his speech was very hurtful especially when I heard other strong supporters of Mr Linton call q95 and gave a clear indication of who the alleged backstabbers are even before Mr Linton’s message.
    I just feel it would have been better if Hon Linton had left out that backstabbing and instead zero on the change and encourage all of us to support the new leader. Someone from within wanting you job doesn’t make him or her the enemy from within.
    UWP is a very good party and I really like their stance on democracy. However their strategy is terribly wrong and that’s hurting us more than anything else.

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    • elizabethlxavier
      October 3, 2022

      “UWP is a very good party and I really like their stance on democracy”. However their strategy is terribly wrong and that’s hurting us more than anything else.

      @My Little take, sometimes it is better to say nothing at all, than to say things that contradicts our own thoughts.

      Above, your first sentence is completely opposite the second one. How can you claim that UWP are “a good party” with one breath and with the other you claim that: “their strategy is terribly wrong and that’s hurting us more than anything else”.

      So what makes them the good Party that you like so much? That is how people make the wrong choices at the election pole, because they don’t know the true thoughts of their mind.

      • My little take
        October 4, 2022

        @ Elizabeth,So what if I said Elizabeth is a good person but she is very biased and ignorant? Does that mean you are not a good person? Well in your case based on the number of comments I have read from you you sure sound like an advocate of evil and therefore you might not be a good person

    • Frank N Stein
      October 3, 2022

      Truth. This was very underhanded by Linton who is purported to be a diplomat. As they say when wind blows you see flows anus exposed. This may be the revival that the country is looking for so stand firm Dominicans, change is always good. I still want to thanks Linton for his service to the country and I wish him well,. Continue to help your country in whatever capacity to you can.

      • October 5, 2022

        He never was helping his country. What are you talking about? Are you drunk and disorderly?

  14. DA2DBONE
    October 3, 2022

    That was pitiful. Nothing of substance. A whole bunch of rambling. Like he was some Mother Theresa of politics. A politician trying to control the narrative and create a “legacy” according to him.

    If Mr. Linton is so called leaving due to his recognition for the need for change, why not give a period of transition? Be the “elder statesman” and see this through until a new leader is elected.

    I’m not buying this. An abrupt resignation effective the same day. Makes no sense until it is truthfully explained.

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    • elizabethlxavier
      October 3, 2022

      @DA2DBONE, I salute your thoughts. Linton demonstrated nothing but a “failure” by resigning as the Leader of the Opposition, nothing more than that.

      That Party keeps on talking about “Change” but Dominica is changing for the time and season, just like any other country of the World.

      There is nothing going in Dominica that is not different in the rich and mega countries.

      When I was growing up, my parents had a 2-bedroom shack, one for them and the other for 10 of us–but we never went to bed hungry or walked around without clothing and shoes–we were a happy family.

      I now live in Toronto, Canada. When I returned for a vacation in 1979, rooms was increased and in 2008 it was transformed into an 8 bedroom house, with all its amenities.

      And yet my mom and and dad were “not money” parents. So how is Dominica and her people worst than any other countries around us?

      Politics is just a thing controversy, too bad the World has embrace this movement.

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      • elizabethlxavier
        October 3, 2022

        Correction: There is nothing going on Dominica that is not the same in the rich mega Countries

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          October 4, 2022

          Sorry Elizabeth, you can’t be serious!
          That’s not even sweet-sounding words, you are indulging in that sort of rhetoric to cover shame!
          Under Roosevelt Skerrit, Dominica is worse off than it has ever been, under any administration, even to the day the first legislative council ruled over Dominica, and that was way back in the colonial days.
          “I now live in Toronto, Canada. When I returned for a vacation in 1979, rooms was increased and in 2008 it was transformed into an 8 bedroom house, with all its amenities.”(Elizabeth).
          Yes, but how much it cost then?
          Do you know Elizabeth, to build a halfway decent house in Dominica cost more than a million dollars East Caribbean Currency today?
          If you don’t believe me, whenever you see a property advertise on DNO for sale check the selling price; the quotes you see, are in US dollars. So, US$700,000.00 is $EC1,890,000.00, how many people at home can afford that?
          Only passport sales-people, drudge dealers, and thieves can afford that!

          • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
            October 5, 2022

            Elizabeth, there is something very different happening in the more developed world than the crap going on in Dominica!

            First of all, there are no job, or work opportunities in Dominica, in order to earn money, one must become involved in illegal activities, unless one gets a handout from the you know who; the corrupted crook Roosevelt Skerrit!
            Elizabeth, Dominica’s main industry, and source of money used to run Dominica a Roosevelt said, are proceeds from the sale of our nation passports.
            How many people in Dominica do you anticipate makes a living by selling passports?
            Only a selected few, hand pick by Roosevelt Skerrit!

            That is why Elizabeth so many of the youths of the country are so eager to leave the country. In Antigua, an illiterate person who can’t read or write, makes their living by cleaning houses earns $15.00 dollars per hour, in Dominica it is less than five dollars per hour for the average employed, think about that, and come again!

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      • My Bad
        October 4, 2022

        @ Elizabeth… you sounding as if you wanted Lennox Linton but he broke your heart and as a result you using this medium to personally attack him no matter the subject. Am I right Elizabeth? I hope Lennox didn’t prevent you from getting a husband lol

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 5
        • Man bite dogs
          October 5, 2022

          @My Bad, You sound as if you were at the LAB all night long in Mahaut, please read property at what the lady said, before making stupid comments.

  15. Rasta Pasta
    October 3, 2022

    Only a man of integrity falls on his own sword for the good of his country.

    While you ADVOCATED for us, we were AGITATED to discover specks of dust in your closet while there are skeletons and putrefying remains in ours.

    “If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;…..
    ….If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run—
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!.”
    If (Rudyard Kipling)

    May our historians remember you favourably.
    From an ex-labourite, I thank you for your service!

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    • elizabethlxavier
      October 3, 2022

      @Rasta Pasta, so did this part of the poem refers to Lennox, pertaining to his resignation as the Leader of the Opposition? How did his resignation “made him a man”?

      Please read the Poem again!

  16. Man bite dogs
    October 3, 2022

    Ugly Lenny, please do us a favour and go away you are a joker and a complete Halfwit waste of time to yourself and other people around even your friends taking the biscuits out of you behind your back you are a laughter.

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