STORY OF INTEREST: Tension mounts in Antigua as election ruling looms

ST JOHN’S, Antigua, CMC – A heavy police presence was evidenced across Antigua and Barbuda on Wednesday as residents braced for an important court ruling that will decide who governs the country.

High Court Justice Louise Blenman was due to deliver a 2PM judgement on four election petitions filed by the opposition Antigua Labour Party (ALP), which, if successful, would overturn the March 2009 general election results.


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  1. deception
    March 31, 2010

    Dear Editor,
    1. May I be allowed to ask your readers the following questions?
    2. Why the constitution was written to bar Dual citizenship for parliamentarians?
    3. Was it not written to specifically prevent exactly what is happening in Dominica:
    4. Health: Villagers (Layou, Loubiere, Colihuat , Pt. Michel) health and livelihood being sacrificed for the Pocket of French Men.
    5. Why are the teachers and Children of SMP being exposed to degrading asbestos? Punished?
    6. Contracts (Roads, Sea walls, Bridges, airport works, colas….) being awarded to EU / French citizens without open tender.
    7. Fishing: Dominica coast guard and Fisheries stopped from prosecuting French fishermen
    8. How many Dominican fishermen have and continue to be chased at gun point while fishing in Dominica’s waters?
    9. Who killed the 3 young men out at sea last year?
    10. Sovereignty: Dominica coast guard no longer pursuing French Pirates who fish in Dominica waters.
    11. Venezuelans caught by coast guard with large sums of cash…what happened to them?
    12. Telecommunications: After MARPIN spent so much to win the case…what happened? Didn’t the EU companies get the advantage…local company goes bankrupt.
    13. Tourism: Does not Cruise tourism only generate 20% of tourism revenue yet consume 80% of budgeted tourism expenditure? If so why ask Stay over providers who generate 80% of the tourism revenue to pay for the 80% expended on cruise while only ~20% of the budgeted Government tourism expenditure is spent to facilitate stay over tourism?
    14. Is it a Dominican or an EU citizen as head of DHTA?
    15. Resources: Why are Dominicans refused when they apply to invest in Marinas, Hotels, Infrastructural development, Geothermal?…projects give away.
    16. Geothermal resources…enough energy to supply electricity to the entire eastern Caribbean…where are they going?
    17. Are quarries handed over to Dominicans or French?
    18. Do EIA’s include consultations with the Dominican community?
    19. Employment: Do non Dominicans pay the same taxes as Dominicans ding the same Job?
    20. Confidence in Dominican Labour: Did the PM get outside contractor and designer to build home?
    21. Commerce: Dominican merchants and craft manufactures replaced?
    22. Has France blacklisted Dominica?
    23. Roseau transformed??
    24. Population change over…Laws only apply to 100% Dominicans.
    25. Does not apply to the Dual citizens because “…Not even the constitution can stop…”???
    26. Law enforcement: When the law is broken, must be it upheld?
    27. Why is it that the Government is paying for the legal team of those who have breached the law and the Constitution of Dominica?
    28. Regional security: Is there a conflict of interest with the Chairman of Caricom and the ECC Bank negotiating with the EU if he holds EU /French Citizenship?
    29. Are not ~2/3 of our territorial seas being given away?
    30. Are the territorial waters in the Caribbean being challenged because of Bird Island being given away?
    31. How many nuclear powers are having their Caribbean territories, colonies and departments, territorial waters being threatened to be significantly reduced?
    32. Is this causing military/ naval tensions and has the regional security been compromised?
    33. Are not the 1st few years of life the years when someone develops allegiance/loyalty?
    34. Unlike Dominican law, Does not the French law prohibit its citizens/passport holders from holding a military or Civil servant post in a foreign power?
    35. If so what is the statistical probability that the French immigration authorities would not know that their citizens hold the post as Minister and PM?
    36. Is it not fair to assume that the exception is being made only if the French citizens hold such posts acting as agents of and for France?
    37. Customs: do all entering ports go through customs and quarantine when importing heavy equipment, containers, plants… ? Is it just Dominicans?
    38. Are customs officers being stopped from checking non Dominican cargo?
    39. Leadership: Are there not any qualified Dominican Members of the DLP to take over as the leader?
    40. History: Or is it the typical divide and conquer psychology?
    41. To ensure that “ALL SHALL EAT” rather than some shall eat?
    42. Has the Oaths Act been broken?
    43. Has the electoral law been broken?
    44. If the electoral process has been tampered with
    45. and if the freedom of access to the press has been denied
    46. Has the Treason act been broken?
    47. …

    100% Dominican father.

  2. March 31, 2010

    I wonder what will happen in Dominica if the verdicit comes out as the same in Antigua will they understand that it have to do with the Constitution and nothing to do with party politic or they will start to take the Constitution more seriously..

  3. NIKE
    March 31, 2010

    NOt only the issues arent similar, …………………………but the gap is wayyyyyyy larger. Even if you remove three from the 18 it would not make a difference.

  4. Our turn next
    March 31, 2010

    It is not wickedness or madness for a party to file election petitions to challenge in the courts the legality or illegality of an election. Breaking news here The ALP has been successful in the courts and it seems the result of the last general election in 2009 in Antigua should be overturned. The opposition did the right thing and taken the correct legal move. The ALP challenged the unfairness that took place. That is the same approach the UWP has taken. History will be made. Believe me.

    Are the labourites in Dominica now displeased with the action ALP took? Are you mad or happy with the courts ruling in favour of ALP?

    Dominica’s turn is coming. Elections must be free and fair. Voter ID cards to efficiently identify voters, cleaning of voters list, and political education must be implemented. It seems there is a deliberate refusal on the part of authorities here to implement ELECTION REFORM that would make our elections free and fair. No more should any political party in Dominica engage in election bribery where persons living in the diaspora are induced to vote through purchase of travel tickets and cheques for voters. The Govt has not been listening to the numerous calls with regards to reforming the electoral system.

    A Govt for the people, with the people, by the people would seek to put mechanisms in place to make elections more free and fair and allow everybody in the diaspora to have the opportunity to exercise their franchise and to vote for their party of choice. Stop that illegal act and the sooner the better for Dominica’s sake. It is against the law to bribe voters in that way. Ask the president.

    Dominicans should also know where campaign funds are coming from. We need electoral reform. After elections it is pay back time for the ‘gros bougs’ who fund the parties campaign, while the people get crumbs and poverty increases.

    Some people are trembling all now. They fraid the repercussions. Do not take all Dominicans for granted. We believe in pursuing democracy. Many things were not done right Democracy is at stake in Dominica. Who say no constitution or law can prevent the PM or others doing wrong from doing what they want to do? It’s just a matter of time. No political party affiliates, or politicians should be above the law. Either you have dual citizenship or not, there is no in between. Either there was inducement with travel tickets or not, no in between. The world is listening. Now is UPP, just now is DLP..

  5. Trevor Johnson
    March 31, 2010

    Maybe because the issues aren’t similar?

  6. de caribbean change
    March 31, 2010

    Power not by might.

  7. j
    March 31, 2010

    Dominicans need to pay close attention to this case. but i’m wondering why is it its not a big topic here?

    • hmmm
      March 31, 2010

      i guess everyone waiting to hear the verdict

      March 31, 2010

      It will now be a hot topic here in the next few days.

      For all those who keep saying a court cannot rule against a seating government. WAKE UP

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