UWP appeals thrown out petitions

UWP Leader Ron Green

The United Workers Party (UWP) on October 5, filed an appeal against the decision of a court master to throw out several  of its election petitions against the incumbent Dominica Labour Party (DLP) Administration after the 2009 general elections.

In these petition the UWP alleged bribery, unequal access of their party to state media, among other alleged election irregularities. The court allowed one petition to go through, which was related to the dual citizenship of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and DLP’s La Plaine candidate Petter Saint Jean.

Leader of the UWP Ron Green told a People’s Parliament gathering earlier this week in Wesley that the party intends to take the matter to the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

“The issue of bribery, the issue of access and the blocking of DBS Radio were not sent  forward to the court, but I want to inform you here today that on the fifth of October last week the United Workers Party had filed an appeal into the Eastern Caribbean Supreme court on all of the five petitions in particular, the issue of bribery, the issue of access to state owned media,” Green stated.

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  1. La plaine New-jersey
    March 27, 2011

    Ron foe..

  2. Bones...
    November 17, 2010

    You talking about pants down? they won’t even have a towel on,they will be caught naked brushing teeth…LOL.

  3. Miss D
    October 24, 2010

    @joker: I absoluutly agree. But some people just can’t handle defeat. UWP lost, get over it jeezz

  4. Visionary
    October 23, 2010

    @african: You are cutting off the roots of your tree and you expect the tree to stand? During this Celebration of Political Independence, again one of the most significant CULTURAL, SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES that will be taking place in Dominica will be the staging of the WORLD CREOLE MUSIC FESTIVAL.

    Hotels, Govt, Inland revenue, Customs & Ports, Taxi men and women, vendors, artists, Business places, everybody will benefit and make some money because of the increase in visitors and the staging of WCMF. Wasn’t that VISION? Didn’t those ideas and implementation come from UWP? Isn’t that activity an excellent avenue to promote and propel Dominica, its artists, its food, its natural beauty etc. etc. etc. Isn’t that activity causing many, many more visitors to come to Dominica during that time?

    Wouldn’t the International AIRPORT complement that WCMF, improve significantly air access into Dominica? What about easy and quick transportation for our agricultural produce and other goods into regional and international markets and a halt to hassle free travel straight into Dominica without overnighting in Antigua or Barbados? That was the best VISION for Dominica.

    $30,000.00 plus spent on NIGHT LANDING Inauguration without immediate NIGHT LANDING and Govt. cannot tell people exactly when? MASH UP AGRICULTURE? ASPHALT PLANT in a community throwing Cancer-causing fumes to destroy people’s health and well-being? Coffee Processing Plant without Coffee production? No Agro-Processing Plant for the tons upon tons of fruits rotting every year? I could go on and on of that Govt. foolishness, Lack of Planning and BAD GOVERNANCE. Total backwardness……………$27,000,000.00 for building a President Palace and Agriculture dying? Building up mountains of ASSETS while in Public Office in all kinds of controversial ways…… That is Vision by DLP Govt.?

    The VISION of the WCMF and the construction of an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, massive investment in Agriculture for our FOOD SECURITY, among others, is the kind of development Dominica needs, not the BEGGING, HAND-OUT, CONTROL- FROM- OUTSIDE strategy that the inefficient DLP Govt. is embarking on.

  5. poorwe
    October 22, 2010

    Hello to all who talking about Ron green dont you worry pig had ask it mother why it mouth so long so am hoping some Dominican’s dont ask the same question, Mr green continued the good work please dont let these issues rest because if we do they will come back and do the same thing, and trust me all those who talking have to beg for the uwp party someday soon, so again let me say a big thank you to Lennox Linton,Angelo Allen, matt pilttier, jerry Brisbane, Hon Edison james, Mr Ron Green, And all those who really helping us to keep our democratic right alive in our country and indeed the truth hurt very bad so we know they hurting please dont stop good guys one day soon God will reward you all for taking care of his people when they needed care

  6. New wave
    October 22, 2010

    I have never been inspired enough to make a comment in this forum before. but after having read what “Chief” had to say, I felt compelled to add my bit. We need a viable alternative in Dominica. If this present admnistration were to be kicked out today, which party would be ready to take the bull by its horns and steer? UWP need to step up and show us that there are the better alternative. Tell me what your plans are to take this country forward.how will these plans be implemented?
    i agree completely that we need electoral reform etc. but these are not the only issues affecting our country.

    October 22, 2010

    that party dead long time

  8. Keep
    October 22, 2010

    Keep up the struggle UWP ….we are right behind you….dont you see this DLP will self destruct
    Policemen spying on their Citizens what the heck is Dominica coming too…

  9. One Love
    October 22, 2010


  10. Papa Dom
    October 22, 2010


    What kind of logic is this? We may as well scrap the constotution and repeal all laws in the country.

  11. jbfox.
    October 21, 2010

    Run ur mouth Ron we haven’t forgotten ur five years running DA,when u came close to pushing her in a ravin.Lick ur wounds Ron.

  12. Keep
    October 21, 2010

    Keep the Pressure onto this Most Corrupted DLP Regime ever in Dominica’s History

    Great Work UWP…..History will record it as a Party with gave everyone in Dominica a chance…

    Dominica does belong to any one man who has the right to do wrong things then smile to his ignorant base….and all the do is laugh….poor souls….even the so called proffessional ones have surcumed to this high level of foolishness….

    The facts are on the wall this country is so broke…folks dont have extra cash…because the so called man made God Pm Skerro…is so smart in this state of the island building a state house costing in excess of 27Mill……and he owns 8 Villas too…

    Mamo would never stand for that at all…its a shame guys like Maynard the so called Pope is so damm evil….

    We need to crank this struggle up more…taking it to all corners of the globe let the chips fall where they have to….if the Corrupted DLP Regime cant feel they will learn the very hard way..

    Guys….we definetly going to crank up this campagin… 24/7 all year round!!

    Its going to happen indeed….

  13. Chief
    October 21, 2010

    @john bess: Are you kidding? By the time the case gets to the Privy Council to be heard, it might be time for another general election. And in the present state of the party they will be caught with their pants down like the last general election and suffer another major defeat at the polls.

    October 21, 2010

    I find it impossible to understand why all of this is still going on after almost one year.

    To those who are jumping on the bandwagon, shouting off about dual citizenship. Let me ask you how many of your relatives (or even you) have UK, USA or Canadian passports and still hold a Dominican passport and still claim to be a Dominican.

    What a bunch of two faced hypocrites.


    October 21, 2010

    Aren’t you guys tired….how do you sleep at nights man?

  16. Pawol Ah Boosh
    October 21, 2010

    I think Ron should challenge the order.

    If he feels he has a winning case, go all the way to Privy Council.

    We may not like him or his party, but as long as the courts there, I say Go Diego Go!

  17. Chief
    October 21, 2010

    I wish the UWP would spend equal energy on convincing the people of Dominica that they are a viable alternative to the DLP.

    OK, fine there may be issues with the government but gosh, are they the ONLY issues affecting the development of the nation? Whenever the UWP comes on the news its about elections petition this and election petition that, villa ownership this and villa ownership that, etc, etc. What about job creation, the world economic recession and its impact on Dominica, legislation to fight crime and to combat the very corruption they keep preaching about? Geez, I could go on.Give us more to sink our teeth in Mr. Green.

    Furthermore, if their archenemy Skerrit is kicked out of office, what impact would that have on the political landscape of Dominica? Would it propel the UWP into power? How would the UWP react to such scenario?

  18. john bess
    October 21, 2010

    We shall not be moved,we going all the way to the privy council,good move Ron,keep the candle burning,tony aastaphan is dominica real prime disaster not scareritt .

  19. underprivileged
    October 21, 2010

    Ron Green and the UWP clan should start putting their plans together for the 2015 elections he is like a broken record or for up to date CD.Be man act like a man and move on Ron you loose time will tell give us something that is substantial.

  20. Die Hard
    October 21, 2010

    Mr Green what is your stress. Just agree u are out until 2015. Don’t u see the trend the UWP is taking. U can never be leader anymore. Ezikell Bazil is next in line. And further more can’t u see the level of development taking place in La plaine. Never before has that taken place.

  21. Ragboy
    October 21, 2010

    As long as there’s a great deal of a lack of understanding in what real DEMOCRACY is all about, the comments I read in suport of those who corrupt, will continue to fuel and sustain the inevitable.

  22. legit
    October 21, 2010

    we want to know why we must vote UwP ..thats the question??…who cares about election petition…its been a year count your loses ,dust your party up and move on..remember is the labourites you must win over..whats the plan whats your program…STOP IT RON!! STOP IT!! you behaving like a baby with a pacifier .

  23. Mrs Reid
    October 21, 2010


    and the current leader has vision? are u people serous? The PM is waste of time, he is a selfish; power needy human being.

    Ron Green – you are a man I have great respect for; give it a rest, let Dominicans suffer by the hands of the man who thinks he is invincible; he thinks he is all knowing and all powerful; he forget that God pulls the strings.
    And for those Dominicans supporting him, half of them don’t work nor do they know what it means to wake up, get out of bed and work hard for what they want, so they can go running off at the mouth, thats fine.
    We will see…. I give him the next term to mess up the nation more than he has already done
    lets just see

  24. sad
    October 21, 2010

    many dominicans dont see any light at all…thats why this corrupution has confused their way of thinking……mongoose gangs will be in the corners all over the island soon..

    Dislike the Corrupted Labour Regime they have brought this island Dominca to the damm Gutters by their child policies…

    their backers are so damm foolish look at what happend in Melville Hall next time i wish their man made God will transform them to a damm Gult…like way back in the JJ DAYS DOWN GEO!

  25. Time
    October 21, 2010

    i will always back the UWP why they are party whom you can sit and chat with i fully endorse that move 100%

    again it just shows how bias and ignorant most dominicans are of issue nothing wrong in having electoral reform at all….the process must be seen as fair play across the board didnt the electoral chief give that requirement for upgrade….

    again is just shows how smal minded and silly many backers of this corrupt DLP regime are…
    DLP will never bring sucess to Dominica because the Prime Minister has breach the laws of the land and owns the 8 Villas without being clean…

    dont we see why this country cant be considered real….look around all where you do same cry money is tight but the foolish dominicans cant see that Rossvelt Skerrit the young man is give them that crooked smile and is being wealthy why they cry…

    maybe the white folks did a right think not to give we black freedom as we can see beyond and lack the ability to be just and right when it comes to rule of law and governance what a damm shame…they will let the country crash in a few months because of their ill and bad thinking just to protect one young man who isnt able to make his country prosper…


  26. Justice delayed
    October 21, 2010

    Is the court in Dominica an impediment to FAIRNESS and JUSTICE? The judge agreed that among all the genuine petitions filed, only the case of DUAL CITIZENSHIP of PM SKERRITT and PETER St, JEAN should be brought to court, yet after almost 1 year, the judge, the Court have not found it urgent enough to even set a date for the preliminary hearings of that case. The Constitution stipulates that such matters be dealt with EXPEDITIOUSLY, meaning QUICKLY. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED.

    During all that time of unexplained delay TACTICS, PM Skerritt, and PETER St. Jean have the right to do whatever they want as Ministers of Govt. The Unnecessary slumber of the court in that case has serious implications for Governance in Dominica. As the calypso tells us, Dominica is being ruled by HALF OF A FRENCHMAN and it seems OK for the next four years? A TOTAL AFFRONT to DEMOCRACY.

    Is the JUDICIAL SYSTEM in Dominica aiding and abetting Bribery and/or inducement of persons overseas to come just to vote by giving them FREE TICKETS and/or cash to travel with the sole purpose of coming to vote for a particular Party, then returning the NEXT DAY? Certain numbers of persons of a particular persuasion are mobilised, by even Public Servants, to offset the voting patterns in particular constituencies. Millions are spent for special plane Charters. TECHNICALITIES MY FOOT. The illegalities are calculated to make the Playing field unlevel, unfair, undemocratic.

    Many Dominicans overseas without the FREE tickets or cash are disenfranchised and cannot come to vote. Such an illegal practice is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, against the LAWS of Dominica, and must be stopped. The Judges, the court, the JUDICIAL SYSTEM, all fair-minded loving Dominicans have a responsibility, if they believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL to rally and advocate strongly against such lawlessness. $20,000,000.00 to spend for an ELECTION in Dominica with a struggling Economy? Health, Education, Agriculture, Manufacturing facing serious problems. Crimes, Violence, Unemployment, Women and Child abuses on the rise, yet millions wasted for what?

    Because at the end of the Election campaigns, the population is no where more educated about the pertinent issues of National Development and the role they should play in their own development. AFTER PEOPLE VOTE, THAT’S IT. For the remaining 5 years, politicians do not even know if they are alive. They are not consulted. Their PARTICIPATION is not REQUESTED. Their inputs, Experience and knowledge cast aside. The few Politicians now RULE and DICTATE.

    The MASSES who Put them in Office have to be on BENDED knees, with HANDS outstretched, BEGGING for Favours and waiting for the CRUMBS falling from their MASTERS’ Pockets. The Masters are now looking to make their money and increase their wealth or assets as quickly as they could while in Public Office. The few sometimes engage in all sorts of dubious secret deals, controversial illegal deals and are never brought before the courts. They organise their PROTECTIVE SHIELD.

    During that time though, the youths, the poor ordinary people and their children who voted or did not vote them into Office are heftily fined, jailed for all the crimes, PETTY or Bigger criminal acts. And the vicious cycle continues until the NEXT ELECTIONS. Are the Courts, Churches, Trade Unions, Business entities, Civil Society Orgs. interested in advocating and stamping out DICTATORIAL TENDENCIES? Why the SILENCE on Corrupt and Illegal practices? NO MORAL OR ETHICAL VALUES ANYMORE? You not in it? It does not affect you? Is not your Business? Time will Tell.

  27. Unfortunate Circumstances:
    October 21, 2010

    I do applaud the judge’s decision on dual citizenship and the other issues the UWP are appealling. Mr. Green, it is rather unfortunate, that the UWP is investing so much money, time,and energy on the wrong issues. Why not use the funds, time and energy on structuring and implementing projects that would benefit the people of Dominica? Remember you don’t have to be in government to contribute to Dominica’s development. Remember the political opposition represents not only the constiuents who voted for them but the people of Dominica. Stop campaigning, be geniune and unselfish in cause(the next election will in 4years) and demonstrate that you can collaborate with government when necessary on matters that would obviously enhance the nation. You want the people to support your cause as an alternative to DLP government, invest in the country’s development. It would serve your party best to invest in enhancing the skills of your opposition leader. Unfortunately, Mr. Hector John, is yet to present himself as someone who is capable of being Prime Minister.

  28. lisad
    October 21, 2010

    Seems like the UWP does not take anyone’s advice or these men are just blinded? Look here, over and over again, comments have been posted on DNO asking the UWP to bring new topics to the forefront if they want to win the next general election.Yet, they continually say the same things. After a whole year and more of the same stories, they have failed to win the affection of the laborites. Infact they continually make skerrit supporters stronger and their supporters more disgruntled. I don’t understand. Honestly, I did not vote, I do not live in dominica but plan to return home soon and if life is spared, I will be eligible to vote in the next election.For many like me, if we should not vote labour, please tell us why we should vote for UWP. This is what we want to know. So focus your discussions on why the United workers party should form the next government. Put the weakness of the country’s development on the front burner.. e.g why can’t we get more cruise ships instead of having them pull out,you know, things like that.

    October 21, 2010

    Those LAW SUITES contested by high priced overseas QUEENS COUNSEL cost quite a tidy sum , just compare the fees charged by our own homegrown QC these overseas QC’s dont work for peanuts, hotel fees plus air fare.
    This begs the question where are they getting all that money , could it be that they are being funded by a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT or ORGANISATION.
    Those RADIOTHON where their supporters are duped into making contributions, is a disservice to compassionate,loyal , patriotic, and hardworking Dominicans who contribute the little they have to an unending slew of litigations.STOP getting into trouble and when it’s time to pay you make these Radiothons to pay for your mistakes and PIGHEADED nonacceptance of the courts rulings
    You people are taking advantage of your supporters,Remember who paid MAMO

  30. Anonymous
    October 21, 2010

    i agree no law in dominica.

  31. papo
    October 21, 2010

    doh worry with them ron do wat you have to do to get us out of that dishonest vamps

  32. Look jokes
    October 21, 2010

    I have never heard more jokes than that coming from a bunch of big men. They appealing their cause. Look jokes

  33. joker
    October 21, 2010


  34. Edwin
    October 21, 2010

    Yea Ron. Nonsense talk that everytime is the same thing u repeating. Man like you that took Mrs Lewis Senatorship. New Blood. Leave voter ID card and state mdeia alone for now man.

  35. My View
    October 21, 2010


  36. african
    October 21, 2010


  37. Woe pa
    October 21, 2010

    sah quay gas man ron u doew tired run ur mouth

  38. True Dominican
    October 21, 2010

    SOS can some one pls tell me when is Ron Green? cause i just saw that man in Antigua selling food in the market lol………………. Ron get a life pls

  39. Anonymous
    October 21, 2010

    leave Ron alone…dat is y in dominica we will always stay on da same level… dat is de opposition… they have a right..so we have to 4get about everything and let it pass,….nonesense…..Ron go ahead…the talkers cant do any better

  40. Ron
    October 21, 2010

    Go for it Ron!! Embarrass yourself all the way to the Privy Council then accuse them of being bought by Skeritt. UWP supporters are anxious for another radiothon to give you their hard earned money. I can see a lot of those in the near future.

  41. Gen
    October 21, 2010

    What good are you doing for Dominica at present. No plans of development. just straight nonsense.

  42. Fete Sal
    October 21, 2010

    “Stir Of Echoes”

  43. looking in from the outside
    October 21, 2010

    Ron, i think is time you and the UWP give everything a rest. Let Dominicans feel the real wrath of the current leader.
    Sometimes we prefer to learn the hard way. So let it be……Dominicans will come crying to the UWP saying..’do something , do something”

  44. Sout Man
    October 21, 2010

    Then what? What will it take to heal a bruised ego?
    Dominicans, be prepared to spend millions for legal defense and appeals.

  45. yout
    October 21, 2010

    why is the law running like an underground stream,why isn’t the law executing it’s rights?


    has the cavalry of dishonest Roman solidiers threatened the courts?

  46. mwen meme
    October 21, 2010

    all you not heading the damn cd stick in de deck. shayte man! the most annoying thing is to hear the same majii over and over….next track please

  47. True
    October 21, 2010

    Give it a rest Ron.

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