“Would they win and continue to boycott parliament?” Savarin asks

Minister responsible for National Security Charles Savarin has questioned the intentions of United Workers Party candidates for the Salisbury and Marigot constituencies as it relates to the upcoming by-election and what it could mean for these constituencies.

On Monday, the Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit announced that by-elections for these constituencies were due on July 9, 2010. The two seats had been declared vacant by the Speaker of the House following the absence of the two members-Edison James and Hector John for the Marigot and Salisbury constituencies respectively- for three consecutive sessions of the House of Assembly.

Following the general elections in December 2009, the United Workers party had made public their decision to boycott parliament since the party believed that elections were not free and fair.

Savarin, who was speaking on a live talk show on a local radio station this morning, raised questions about the party’s intention  to serve or not serve in parliament should they be successful in the upcoming by-elections.

“…Since we’re getting up to by-elections, the challenge for the people in Salisbury and…Marigot constituency is to know… what would be the position of UWP candidates if they were to win? Would they win and then continue to boycott parliament? In other words… will they be asking people to vote for them so that they will not go to parliament?” he asked.

“Because the contract that you have as a candidate as a ‘parl rep’ is to represent your people in and out of parliament…Because you are elected as a member of parliament your major constitutional contractual responsibility is to be in the parliament to give representation to the people of all measures being brought to the parliament by the government of the day,” he said.

Savarin said that the candidates should reveal what their intentions are for their constituencies.

“Should they win will they go to the parliament and if their position is that [we want you to vote for us but we will not go to the parliament then clearly the constituents have a decision to make]” he said.

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  1. June 10, 2010

    I have come to the understanding that no matter how much the facts of the issues are in fDOMINICANS faces we will continue to be stupid but we should all know better and we shouldnt blame them, this is how it works the party ppl’s and the party followers have to continue holding up th PM not the Govt not the party and to keep the followers beholding unto him he have to keep them depending on him and one of the ways to do that is to keep giving the hand outs enough that no matter if things are wrong they will look the other way just to keep our PM and ppls happy and because of that they cannot even allow themselves to do any better we as a country and as a people should be able to discuss issues without fighting each other in the name of what !

    When you think things thru what is wrong if the UWP or any other groups decided to ask for the very same things such as ID CARDS, NEW VOTERS LIST,ELECTRON REFORM ACCESS TO THE NATION RADIO STATION ask youselves the question isnt that what we all want to see so that things that happened in the pass do not repeat itself so why it is so difficult for us to comprehend that.

    Now SAVIRIN ask if the UWP get elected will they continue to boycott the parliment I say they should because the issue is not corrected and instead of dealing with that he wonders what they will do someone have to hold the PM and his ppl’s acountable that shouldnt be something he do not understand DOMINICANS have to wait up and stop saying ppl’s as well as followers in the name of the PM after all he is doing his job but my questions is what are the ppl’s doing why are taxpayers paying them at the end of the month to do what if everything were if it wasnt for the PM .

    As for the bi-election the matter is in COURT why is it that the PM cannot wait for the decision why is he in such a hurry is he saying he do not have to wait because he is the PM instread of bringing calm on the Island instead we have more hot heads around.

  2. Electoral Reform for DA now
    June 10, 2010

    All Dominicans know that the questions of Electoral Reform and its implementation are the reasons for the opposition boycotting Parliament. It was that very same Parliament, comprising of both the ruling party and the opposition, which discussed five or six years ago the issue of producing ID cards. A budget was agreed upon. But up to now, nothing has happened. Who was supposed to release the $$$$$$$$$$$ to produce those ID cards? Was it the Minister or Ministry of Finance? Why was the money not given? So some persons of influence and power could any time CAST ASIDE a decision of PARLIAMENT? Are Dominicans concerned about that irresponsible action? How many people are talking about that? The issue of ELECTORAL REFORM is BEING STUBBORNLY RESISTED by GOVT and sections of DOMINICANS supporting the ruling Party. But ID CARDS, CLEANING THE VOTERS LIST, EQUAL ACCESS TO THE NATIONAL MEDIA, RESPECT FOR THE LAWS AGAINST BRIBERY are in the interest of all Dominicans, not one any Party? So why is GOVT refusing to seriously look into implementing those Reforms? Do you all Dominicans want every time to deal with irregularities in what we do? Illegalities, bad politics, cannot be the order of the day. So ELECTORAL REFORM NOW for a better DOMINICA. Why condone wrong behaviour? Why shouldn’t we want to do at all times what is good for our country. Unless in that case, many people, including GOVT. feel that implementing Electoral reform is a bad, bad, thing and therefore should stall all attempts to put that in place.

    June 10, 2010

    The non attendance of the illegally constituted parliament by our fairly elected representatives is founded on a principled position. . . . .

    Like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King before them, these national heroes will not be bought, bullied, cajoled, bribed or otherwise lured into betraying the will of the PEOPLE who voted them and also gave them the INSTRUCTIONS TO STAY AWAY.

    Win Lose or Draw the by-elections, the PRINCIPLE remains; the integrity of national elections is too precious to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

    If instead of skerrit doing the right thing he prefers to have A BY-ELECTION EVERY THREE MONTHS…. Well that’s fine It will be a good publicity for the cause


  4. Scorpion
    June 10, 2010

    Should the UWP candidate win the up coming by-election again, would they still boycott the house? What would it prove? If as the UWP claim the elections were fraudulent, isn’t it in the people’s best interest for them to be in the house to make sure that things are done correctly and to give reports to the people who voted them, the taxpayers who are paying their salaries?
    While I don’t support a one party state government and believe that good governance must come with strong opposition, I think UWP should look for new reps and that the persons in these constituencies should loudly and clearly make themselves heard.
    GOOD REPRESENTATION before personal ambitions. COUNTRY BEFORE SELF

  5. June 10, 2010

    Sarvirin is a grafted labourite and not a genuine one. He’s sucking the nutriens of the Labour Party now!

    June 9, 2010

    Now in Dominica, in the 21st century, Savarin and his ilk want to mess with the people’s right to vote for the candidate of their choice? Astaphan tried to persuade the people of Salisbury and Marigot not to vote for the person of their choice in the bye-election. Isn’t it time that you all realize that the hard working people of those communities are not for sale. They do not depend on handouts, but by the sweat of their brow they are eating and will continue to eat bread. Those agricultural communities have been severely affected and devastated by the neglect of the agriculture Industry. Production is at its lowest Dominica is witnessing and feeling the results of inaction of the worst Minister of Agriculture in the island’s history. Savarin would be better advised to alert his colleagues about the plight of the poor people in this country, instead of seeking absolute POWER. According to the popular calypso, whose name is on that ‘LOOKING FOR THEIR POCKET LIST?’ Certainly not the people of Salisbury and Marigot. By their comments, they agree that they cannot win in that forced bye-Election. My people, be vigilant and watch out for the usual irregularities that Savarin dare not admit.

  7. possie
    June 9, 2010

    thats y marigoat and saucebry will always stay as backward as aLWAYS

    • da lover
      June 9, 2010

      True that ! at the back of god lol

    • June 10, 2010

      Possie, have you ever stay and have a good look at Porstmouth?
      Its neglected. and it seems further away behind Gods back than Marigot.

  8. reader
    June 9, 2010

    Why don’t we allow the people to do has they please with there vote. The government has 18, what can be done with 21 that can not be done with 18. In the interest of true demcracy everyone has a right to chose. God gave us this right and no must attemp take it anyway from man kind

  9. concern dominican
    June 9, 2010

    yes they need ID cards and to clean up the voters list be fore the opposition return to parliment.

  10. Jen Dominique
    June 9, 2010

    That’s all Charles Savarin can do …talk! talk! and talk….but he will never become an elected member of parliament

    • da lover
      June 9, 2010

      his good for you all jokers!

  11. LovelyDominica
    June 9, 2010

    Off-course Charles Savarin you would love for them to blurt out what their intentions are!!! I do hope that they would continue the boycott if the voters list weren’t improved, or that ID cards weren’t available for voting.

    I do hope for their sakes that the constituents from these constituencies create frenzy and refuse to vote without an updated list or and ID card. You are all trying to give the impression that the UWP candidates are just boycotting the parliament for boycotting sake in the hope that the majority of Dominicans think that they are being neglected by these Parl Reps. You and your croonies need to address the genuine reasons behind the UWP’s campaign to get you to respect the basic rights of every CITIZEN of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

    AND to all those commentators who will comment on here agreeing with Charles Savarin comments need to address their understanding of voting rights in Dominica and not just what the candidate looks like, which party is popular and how much bribes they are willing to take to avoid true and fair voting system here.

    YES perhaps the UWP does not deserve office at this time but the reasoning behind their campaign for voter ID and a proper voters list is something to be concerned about. Who cares who the Parl Rep is or which party is in power… changes definitely needs to be made. And while the sitting party may even pay constituents from these communities living in other parts of the island to go back there and vote each person needs to examine the legitimacy of the voting system.

    • Staying Tuned
      June 9, 2010

      Lovely Dominica, so please explain why did Prevost took the oath. All of what you just said can have validity if you can aptly explain why Prevost took the oath for the Roseau seat.

      We the the rest of the 18 Seat rest our case. Please explain

      • reader
        June 9, 2010

        Please let the people do as they wish with there vote. What can be done 21 that can not be done with the 18. In the interest of democracy every man has a right to chose, and God is the one who gave man that right. So we must learn to repect mans choice on who he want to vote.

    • sadist
      June 9, 2010

      ya u sound lovely. and not to 4get savarin was bought by the red party

      • Madame Speak It
        June 9, 2010

        Prevost took the oath to mess up PM Skerro’s plan which one of this ministers sold out. Which is to resign and give up vielle case before the case for the French Pass port and run in ROSEAU. Cause he knows ROSEAU central constituency so cheap like the minister for National securities easy to be bought. So Prevost came to block the plan. the others had no need to do that as Salisbury and Marigot people aint cheap they cant be bought so easily. YOU UNDERSTAND Stay Tuned. Thats why Prevost entered the house took his oath and walked right out.

        • sadist
          June 9, 2010


        • wow
          June 9, 2010

          Prevost took the oath because he would have lost the by-elections point blank so stop spreading lies, if you have proof of this alegation you are pointing out on the PM put it out on DNO so all can see, thats why your party lost the elections because its base on gossip and not facts, people need facts a country cannot run on gossip and say say, thats why they did not have enough time to put out a manifesto bunch of jokers.

        • Staying Tuned
          June 9, 2010

          Madame Speak It, I can tell by your crazy posting that you are are a lost UWP. I feel so sorry for people who are clinched to these old men who have missed the boat and are still on shore quarreling among themselves which way to go

          I think UWP and its followers are blind sour losers and are swimming against the current, against history and against Dominica. This goes for you Max as well.

          And also you the other UWP person who is thinking of commenting.

          • June 10, 2010

            Correction Stay Tune, Hundreds of UWP followers voted for the DLP at the last G.E.!

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
        • Cannot Stop Laughing
          June 9, 2010

          Madame Speaker IT, you really making me laugh. So Sekro was planning to run in Roseau; and Prevost block him because Roseau People would change thier minds about Prevost representing them I assume, in the case of a possible Bye election . So that was the strategy James, John and Ron talking about for Prevost attending the third seating of the house.LOL!

          Why would not Alvin Bernard who lost to Prevost by only three votes challenge Prevost? Oh oh oh, I get it! Since Skero is a Frenchman, and a Frenchman has no right to run things in Dominica,maybe Skero want to ensure that if the court rules in favor of Ron , John , and James in June , Vellie Case has representation in parliarment. Alvin can take over when he is sent to jail(hang) for treason becuase DLP will still be the Government LOL! UWP strategies and actions are too complicated for me to firgure out pappa. Do I mean it is senseless? .

          Madame Speaker IT, Ron, James and John need to admit that they are being ill advised. They need to stop playing on the ignorance of some of my people; and most importantly they need to Release Constituitonal Law Artonney Lennox Linton.

          It is going to be so embrassing, if James and John contest the bye elections, because nothing has changed in terms of electorial reform since their willing participation in a” fradulent election,” on December 18th, 2009. Contesting represents a defeat of everything they are fighting for . Also, it is so unfortunate that UWP has done nothing in terms of assisting with the developing of the country over the past six months. All they have been doing is complaining about how bad things are – agriculture, crime, unemployment, education, health, economic productivity, social services, handouts(begging goverment) etc. They have no tangible solutions for Dominica’s problems because in their minds they can only perform if they are the government. They claim that the Prime Minister and his team abuse the Constitution, yet they are failing in helping the Dominica population understand the content of the Constitution. Their actions demonstrate that they themselves are confused, and don’t understand the content of our Constitution. What a shame! Most of these politicians have been in politics for years(40, 30, 20, 10, etc) form the opposition , form the government, ready to retire.

          I love the idea of a People’s Parliarment( of course in collaboration with respectful and deligent representation in parliarment) but unfortunately not even that UWP REPRESENTATION is able to manage and exploit productively and in earnesty.

  12. max
    June 9, 2010

    Can Savarin address the citizenship issue with Skerrit and how the court should rule? This ‘has been- sell out ‘ would do well to just keep quiet and pick up his monthy cheque.

    • VC Girl
      June 9, 2010

      Max – the issue is with the courts right now. So just be patient and let the judicial system play out. Savarin is not an attorney and there is no reason he should be updating anyone on the citizenship issue. Write to the court if you need a speedy response on the issue.

      • Madame Speak It
        June 9, 2010

        Max had to ask that question because this days Savrin doing like he is skero PRO. He playin lawyer while astaphan is the paid lawyer

  13. Texas
    June 9, 2010

    Mr Sarvirin The pr were already elected and they bouycot parliament, what make you think that they would not do it again, however if they contest in the by election they would essentially be asking for a second chance, then the real victims in this process would be the people who elected them.

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