Youth concerned about electoral process


President of the National Youth Council Delroy Williams said the youth are concerned about issues relating to the electoral process in Dominica.

Williams was speaking on the heels of the debate concerning whether national identification cards or voter ID cards for Dominica were the best way forward.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced this week that he is moving ahead with the implementation of national ID cards despite calls from the Opposition to have voter ID cards for the next general elections.

Williams said the youth will welcome any tool that will ensure a free and fair election.

“I think both are very important pieces of identification that we need. I think the national ID cards are a step in the right direction but the concerns of the Opposition is legitimate with regards to the voter ID cards. The voter ID cards is a very important issue for young persons as we participate fully in the election process,” he said.

He said whichever process is taken it should lead to a more transparent general elections.

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  1. rastalover
    June 27, 2011

    I,think we are in need of both really. Every d/can should have a id card but not all d/cans should have voters card .reason not all of us live in the country and i believe, if you dnt leave in the country ,should not be allowed to vote.THE OLD SAYING IS , ONLY WHO IN THE FIRE ,FEELS THE HEAT.BIG UP TO MY BOY DELROY ALWAYS KEEPING IT REAL.

  2. lovely dominica
    June 22, 2011

    I think the question is not just a card, but electoral reform. In that way all the issues pertaining to elections can be dealt with. For example making it easier for all nationals to vote irrespective of where u live; the issue of election petitions, the issue of declaration of sources of election finance etc.

  3. June 22, 2011

    yes, i may agree with you, but lets look at the bigger picture, the voter ID card will only be used once in every 5 years, and you looking at a coust of 4. million . where as the national ID card can be used for election and orther form of indefication where possiable.and it,s at the same coust.

  4. linky
    June 22, 2011

    youg felly be a man and tell us what are your truthfull opiun u can’t be agreeing with the both side and they are two tpoyally defernt things.i never herd no ngo or any form o organization call for national id card they call was for voters id card and that would lead to the clening up of the list’ so this idear of national id card it is one man vision and that is mr skerrit no one eles.

  5. Trevor Johnson
    June 22, 2011

    Delroy is a politician in the making. He has not really said anything on the Voter ID issue…

    • Anonymous
      June 23, 2011

      Delroy said a lot more than was covered in this article, i say this based on what i heard in the headlines of Kairi FM news, i think this article removes some of the essence of what he said.

  6. dominican
    June 22, 2011

    On the heels of a DEBATE, a more flaccid comment cannot be thought of. If the National Youth Council President has nothing to say other to say other than endorsing both positions his leadership leaves a lot to be desired.

  7. Anonymous
    June 22, 2011

    The youth too has a voice and a critical role to play in the electoral process…our comment sir is worthy

  8. Dade County
    June 22, 2011

    What about the older folks, the senior citizens are they going to get the national ID Cards also? Some of them don’t even have a passport or even know where their birth paper it.

    Just asking????

  9. LYO Executive
    June 22, 2011

    So what is he saying?

    Is he insinuating that our elections are not “TRANSPARENT???” Talk straight ma boi, are you actually saying that when you say and i quote: “Williams said the youth will welcome any tool that will ensure a free and fair election” and “He said whichever process is taken it should lead to a more transparent general elections.”

    Well for your information our elections have always been “Free and fair and free from fear, that’s why we supporting the National ID card from age 16, we are too young fro drivers license and Social Security, and not all of us is priveldge to having a passport in fact some of us cannot afford it.

    • Trevor Johnson
      June 22, 2011

      You will cut and paste only one thing from the OAS Observer’s report, but you won’t post the part where they indicated that Voter ID Cards should be implemented before the next general elections, right?

      Also, aren’t you ashamed that after ten (10) years of DLP governance that “some of us cannot afford a passport”????

      • lovely dominica
        June 22, 2011

        u can cut and paste better than anyone else, so go ahead

      • Truth, Love, Peace
        June 23, 2011

        @ Trevor Johnson

        The cost to obtain a Canadian passport in Canada of all costs $85.00. If Canadians want it sooner for emergency reasons other than an immediate family’s death to travel overseas or elsewhere in Canada the cost is double or more.
        If they want to pick up the passport at the passport office the cost for now is an extra $10.00. I found this out when I applied to renew my Canadian passport. I opted to mail it. Guess what? It was delivered by Canada Post’s mail person to my place of residence but no one was available. I received a notice to pick it up at the Post Office in the area where I reside. I had to produce a valid ID to get it and to sign for it at the Post Office.
        A few years ago the cost was $70.00. Every year the cost increases. Multiply the present cost by 2 = $140.00, a rate of exchange. How much does the Dominican passport cost?
        You must consider that you are residing in Dominica, a West Indian country. Every possible paper is imported. This costs money.
        Paper is produced in Canada. I hope not in China or Japan :lol: We always make jokes about items which are not made in Canada and there are many of them.
        One would think that the cost in Canada would be less expensive.
        You must consider that the cost entails importing the passports and employees’ salaries.
        Too often we only view one side of the cost, namely ours but not the overall cost for producing items, transporting them, preparing them and there is such a thing as retail to the customer/clients. I am just giving you an idea of why such costs are high. As the years progress they will be higher. This includes all over the world. Dominica has approximately 70,000 to 100,000 residents. All of them are not employed. The government also provides income to the elderly, senior citizens who do not have an income or is it every adult, young or old who are not employed.
        How many people are employed in Dominica who contribute to its revenue, i.e. paying income tax. How much income tax do they pay?
        I often wonder throughout the years to today where the government of Dominica gets money from to pay its staff, for utilities and for repairs of every nature. Ever gave this a thought?
        In the words of the late President Kennedy:
        “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”
        Therefore, do not blame the Dominican PM for the cost to obtain a Dominican passport. Too many of you are unfair and do not think beyond your noses and your limited minds. Therefore do not blame the current government.
        Avoid criticism and excess ones of your government. It is every citizen’s obligation to assist in their country’s progress. Many are doing nothing and some not much except criticizing.
        You are a society to be transformed. I will add primarily in dire need of God’s blessing, enlightenment, graces and peace.

    • Delroy Williams
      June 23, 2011

      What i am saying is a national id/voter id will allow for a more transparent process in the eyes of the general populace (not just a section).
      take the cloak of the LYO from your eyes and get essence of what is being said before you attack from a political standpoint. i pledge no allegiance to any political party hence will never please political croonies. i made the statement based on the different views among the youth that i frequent. And the National ID will lead to a more transparent process, the PM alluded to it as well, i didn’t hear the LYO bash their leader, why are you looking to bash me?

      • Ted Lewis ( possie)
        June 23, 2011

        Mr. williams,

        Intuitivley , your comment implies that the electoral process is either not transparent or a very poor degree of transparency currently exist . In your opinion , which one of the two alnernatives ( national Id / Voters Id) will enhance a higher degree of transparency of the electoral process.

        As a leader for the youth you needs to answer this question with explanation . that is by saying how one card is superior to the other with respect to the issue at hand.
        when you do that , sir, you will be helping the Youths that you lead to be informed and more so demonstrating to public that your are deserving of your current portfolio which is national youth leader.
        Anything short of that will show otherwise. please control the arrogance thats demonstrated in your last response . Its not healthly for developing good leadership skills .
        hope you respond.

      • Delroy Williams
        June 23, 2011

        @Mr. Ted Lewis

        If that question was posed to me then obviously i would have given my opinion. I was asked about the stance of the NYC and not that of my person.

        Indeed the process can be alot more transparent than it is, all sides agree to that point. The discrepancy is in which implement do we use to move forward (voter id or national id).

        An economist would argue that the National ID holds more clout because of percieved cost implications. A social scientist, i believe, would choose the Voter ID as it has alot more social implications.

        As for the question that you posed with regards as to which i feel is better, the national id or the voter id. I feel that we are in need of both pieces of identification. The voter ID for the National Elections and the National ID for National Identification. One doesn’t negate the need for the other.

        With regards to the electoral process, i will defer to the view of the electoral office who called for voter identification. they would be in a better place to make that determination especially as it relates to cleansing of the voter list and transparency during elections. I don’t think we can neglect the facts as presented by the electoral report.

        As it relates to whether we can afford it and which one would be more economical to Dominica, that would be a determination for the Ministry of Finance and Financial Secretary.

        With relation to what you might have percieved as arrogance, my sincerest apologies my dear sir.

        I do hope that i have answered your concerns. I am not shy to answer the issues at all but the questions need to be asked. I wasn’t asked what you inquired of me.

      • Ted Lewis ( possie)
        June 23, 2011

        Mr. williams

        I do applaud you for returning with a very candid response and want you to know i am very impressed.
        i just one to clarify one of your views sir. You said “An economist would argue that the National ID holds more clout because of percieved cost implications.”

        Sir any Economist ( like me ) will not make a choice on cost only but would rather look at the net worth of this project. We normally do this by the use of a cost benefit analysis which involve the private cost , social cost and social benefits arising from such project.
        Also sir , i have been hearing that a national ID has lower private cost than the voters Id but haven’t heard anyone with an estimate of cost to implement the national ID cards. If you have i would love to know.

        i do wish you all the best in your role as national youth leader and hope to have a face to face chat with you sometime during my next visit.
        Good Luck.

  10. Da
    June 22, 2011

    The future belongs to you young people so , it is up to you all to set things right in Dominica. Stand up and show your dissatisfaction about where Da is going. You don’t want to inherit a lost ship!!

  11. Massacre
    June 22, 2011

    It so refreshing to see our young people come out to talk about what is affecting them. I hope that will act when the time is right and vote out this DLP Govt, that is running a mockry of Dominica and its people.I mean there are so many things that are wrong with this DLP pretenders.

  12. Conscience
    June 22, 2011

    Congratulations Mr Williams on maintaining a non-affiliation to any political party. As long as you and the National Youth Council do not associate yourselves with any party while discussing issues, your stand should be respected and taken into consideration. It’s not an easy task, but will be well worth it in getting more youth involved.

    Be prepared for opposition to this idea, that’s politics.

    One Love

  13. 谢谢。
    June 22, 2011

    Yes Williams…Kelva Darroux taught you well…

  14. stupes
    June 22, 2011

    ID cards has never stopped corruption at the polls anywhere else and it sure won’t do anything come voting time down here. It’s just a ploy to implement more regulations at the expense of the little man.

    • Ted Lewis ( possie)
      June 23, 2011

      Will not stop but will alleviate the level of corruption.

  15. Anonymous
    June 22, 2011

    i my view , you are not saying anything really

  16. I'mWondering
    June 22, 2011

    I am for the idea of a generally recognized card that only citizens can have. Life other places…as Dominicans, there are rights that only Dominicans can have – including voting rights.

    I believe that Dominica does need a standard national identification system. However, i see no issue why a legal passport cannot be used as a legitimate tool for identification purposes to vote since citizens are the only people who can have a Dominican passport.

    I am all for cleaning up the voter list… however, i think a National Id card is the better way to go… it should serve more purposes than just a voter id card.All Dominicans should have a standard card which can prove identity… not just for voting but for all purposes

    • Ted Lewis ( possie)
      June 23, 2011

      The pasport does not solve the problem of people registering in the wrongful constituency. to obatain a voters id you most be residing in the constituency for at least six month.
      there are bodering constituency that the current process is makes it easy to move people from the one thats strong to the one thats week . a passport can’t solve that.
      thats just one of the issues.

      • I'mWondering
        June 24, 2011

        Yeah.. but the issue of voting in any constituency should be an easy one to fix, which does not necessitate an expensive voter’s id card. Its a solution, but not one that’s the best recourse right now.!

        Many of these problems can easily be resolved without the need of expensing a one purpose card!

        In Canada – if one is a registered voter..1 must show 2 pieces of ID… 1 govt accepted and one depicting your address. All that is needed after your name has been verified on the VOTER’S LIST! Therefore, whom ever is responsible for registering persons to vote, on compiling that list- needs to exercise due diligence.

        The issue seems to be the need to clean up the voter’s list. Perhaps, moving forward before another election, the current list be verified. It might be time consuming but could be more cost effective. Dominican residents who are able to vote and are registered can have their details verified. Non residing Dominicans can do so online – a system can be implemented which can validate citizenship.

        These are simple, not outside the box ideas… but they are just logical ideas based on systems which work in most established nations.

  17. Alex
    June 22, 2011


    You have earned yourself, a wecome pass. I continue to look at you, and stand ready to award you with an honor of distinction.

    Please keep up your good work my son. Youn are the future of this blessed land called Dominica.

    I admire you for you independence and balance.


  18. gice it to them
    June 22, 2011

    yes my bro u on d right path …u see nobody not commenting on dat one

  19. Truth, Love, Peace
    June 22, 2011

    Whatever you say and do, do so peacefully and respectfully. Much can be achieved in this manner.
    Do you know the saying? “You cannot catch a fly with vinegar but with honey.”
    Proceed cautiously and respectfully. This is my advice to the youth as well.
    Whichever ID Card is implemented, be it one or two, may they prove useful for a fair and peaceful election. Pray for this too.

    • No Hogwash
      June 22, 2011

      No election without voter ID cards PERIOD!!!!

      • lovely dominica
        June 22, 2011

        well don’t vote

  20. Fred
    June 22, 2011

    Where are you on the issue?

    • me
      June 22, 2011

      And why shouldnt he be on this issue?

      • me
        June 22, 2011

        opps should have read before hitting the send button

    • Right on
      June 22, 2011

      On the contrary delroy… i think as a positive young man, your response was adequate. Dominicans too quick to brand, and with this level of victimization in DA, tred carefully.

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