Eleven-year-old St. Lucia girl five months pregnant

Not actual photo
Not actual photo

A single mother of Micoud was given the shock of her life, when she took her ill 11-year-old daughter to the doctor on Monday, and was told that the child is five months pregnant.

According to a relative, the child complained of not feeling well and was taken to the hospital. It was then that an ultrasound revealed that she was with child.

The source told St Lucia News Online (SNO) that the child comes from a broken home, which lacks parental supervision, citing that this might have been the reason for the issue at hand.

“The mother is hardly ever around, if ever. She has recently gotten a job and is away a lot. The child is usually left in the care of her 16-year-old sister.”


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  1. Jenn
    April 15, 2016

    DNO clean your backyard worry about the child sex abuse issue in Dominica which is being swept under the mat. I Jennifer said this

  2. Think About It
    April 15, 2016

    Wow St Lucia give you all something to talk about,that’s Dominicans type type type talk talk talk.

  3. April 15, 2016

    Why are Dominicans so dense? Why do we act like we cannot read? The article says that the suspected father is a boy in Grade 6!!! Little boys in Grade 6 are about 12 to 13 years of age. Some people are saying the boy is 17 years old when the article is actually quoting the boy saying that he also had relations with the 17 year old sister as well. The little boy denies being the father of the child saying that the little 11 years old girl is promiscuous, indicating that he was NOT the only person who had sexual relations with the girl. My people read and comprehend!!! Shoot man!

  4. Cyrique
    April 15, 2016

    On reading this story I felt sick & faint!! I have not read the other comments because I’m grief stricken. This poor child has been robbed of her childhood and innocence!! Her body might never recover from this trauma! Did her mother not monitor her monthly? To be 5 months pregnant with your parents not noticing smacks of some form of neglect (not that I wish to judge). The perpetrator MUST be caught & dealt with harshly !!!

  5. Face the Facts
    April 14, 2016

    It is not shocking to me. Today, they are not innocent as some of us were when we were their age. I have heard that eight and nine-year old become pregnant.
    I reside in a city that some children have children. I see some of them with babies and their prams.
    Once in public, I overheard one stated she wants to have a baby. Her friends have babies. She thought babies are cute and so she wanted to have one. I lectured her and told her to concentrate on her schooling. I wonder whatever became of her.
    Some children mature faster than others (if you know what I mean). Parents must not allow their children to run around without supervision. Much more could be stated about that.
    The 17 year-old said he is not the father. It is simple. Later a DNA test will be taken. If he is the father, he will not be able to deny it. If he is, they are both minors and both will need counseling. We must leave this up to the St. Lucian authorities.

  6. silent killer
    April 14, 2016

    Jail mother sister and who ever is responsible please help the 11 yrs old adopted the baby and the the continue to be a child is very painful for a child.

    April 14, 2016

    Oh God watch over our children

  8. forreal
    April 14, 2016

    wait!!! did not some of you read the entire story?the link is right there,a 17 year old was mentioned,he admitted to having sex with the child but claims he is not the father,is this how some of you all write comments,out of you all behind,well sa” dummy in Dominican has a pshycological effect alive here man

  9. April 14, 2016

    Anyone ever considered that this pregnancy could have came about from relations with a boy of 12 or 13 years. It may very well be the case! If so, this is an issue for the parents to address!

  10. April 14, 2016

    It is written in HOLY BIBLE children shall make children that is prophecy

    • zeb
      April 14, 2016

      *JUST* if you can tell me where in the Bible it is written “Children shall make Children* i will pay you. :mrgreen:

      • Faith
        April 15, 2016

        Buttt the bible does say that.. that in the last days children will be making children, choosing pleasure over faith, betray their friends, be rude to parents

      • Steve
        October 27, 2017

        The bible said in the last days their shall be wars and rumours war earthquake in diverse places and also children will having children

    • April 15, 2016

      The Bible does not say children shall make children. This NOT prophecy. Incorrect and foolish statements like this cause confusion, and do more harm than good.

      Parents should teach their children the code God has given us for sexual behavior as it is found in the New Testament. Teachers, nurses, and counselors in the schools should reinforce this at very opportunity in health classes, and physical education classes, social studies classes, etc.

      God’s moral code includes such scriptures as Romans 1:26,27, and 1 Corinthians 6:9,10,18-20. It forbids fornication which is any form of illicit sex. It is all sex outside of a Biblical one man with one woman marriage. It includes premarital sex, extra marital sex, pedophilia, incest, homosexuality, and bestiality.

      God’s moral code should also be taught and preached in the churches, from the pulpits, in the Sunday Schools, and in youth services.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist.

  11. Pebbles
    April 14, 2016

    This sad little girl must be so tramatized by this rape and neglect. The pedophile who raped her should be given a hash punishment plus castration. Her parents who neglected her should also be charge.
    She is at risk of death from the birth. I hope the medical community intervene before it\’s too late .

    • April 14, 2016

      how old is the perpetrator?

    • abc
      April 15, 2016

      pebbles i thought u graduated from DSC

    • April 15, 2016

      Some believe a crime this serious deserves the death penalty if it was committed by an adult.

      Personally, I believe the death penalty should at least be on the table. It should be an option at the discretion of the judge.

      If the judge does not hand down the maximum sentence of time behind bars he (she) is (in my opinion)
      inviting vigilante justice and should be held responsible.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist.

  12. Dominican
    April 14, 2016

    So have they said if the dad is her age group or not? :?:

  13. anti bs
    April 14, 2016


  14. April 14, 2016

    Children need a mother and father in the home to teach them right from wrong, and guide their steps. Both are responsible to protect and shelter the children. This is why a “broken home” or a “single parent” family is a difficult situation in which to raise a child or children.

    It can be done but the parent will face challenges. Members of the extended family should help out when they are able. It is a God-sent if grandma lives nearby, and mum has sisters who love children and are willing to lend a hand.

    We recommend parents regularly attend a family oriented evangelical church where the Holy Scriptures are revered and taught, a church that has a strong Sunday School and youth ministry. Take (do not send) the kids! Make sure your children are in the Sunday school on a regular basis. Find the right church and what your kids learn in Sunday School can keep them out of a lot of trouble.

    Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist. (Pastoral Counselor Certificate)

    • Face the Facts
      April 14, 2016

      The Catholic Church has Holy Bible studies. Children receive their fair share according to what their little minds can absorb.
      If parents are Catholics, they have recourse to the Priest and to receive counseling. Some people do not seek it. They prefer living their life in whatever manner. Even though they are spoken to, they refuse to listen. Will you whip and force them?
      It is obvious the mother was not church-going. She was a bad example and an irresponsible one. She did not take an interest in her children. She was too busy doing whatever else. How often she was at home, slept at home, prepared meals, even breakfast for her daughters? What type of nurturing she gave them?
      Prior to your charade of finding the right church, you will have to speak to the mother to know how negligent she was in this matter.
      The only Right Church is the only one which Our Lord Jesus Christ established 2,000 years ago, namely, The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    • Maria
      April 15, 2016

      Well yes when God instituted the family, it was always intended to be Dad, Mum, and the kids.That was His original plan but because of sin, we have many consequences. and unfortunately, Single parents home is one of them.
      I am a Christian and a single mom and now Grandma. Wife abandoned on her youth who raised up three beautiful daughters all by myself and the guidance of my heavenly Father and I am extremely proud to say that they turned out pretty well. With all due respect to you Reverend, it is wrong and unfair to blame this un fortunate circumstance on Single- parenting .

      • Me
        April 15, 2016

        If both you and the children’s father are proud parents why did he abandon you?

  15. Anthony P. Ismael
    April 14, 2016

    That’s why jail will always be a possiblity as the parent of a young girl child. I can never rule it out of the realm of possiblities.

    • Face the Facts
      April 14, 2016

      I do believe people must be given a second chance. The mother will obviously be counseled. She may not have known better. There are many mothers as her, no exception in Dominica and elsewhere in the world.
      Consider the father. I wonder if the mother knows who fathered her children? Do her children know their father? It is stated that her 16 year-old took care of her.
      It was not stated if the mother has sons.
      How many fathers for her two children? If only one father for both daughters, do they know him?
      You know about dead-beat dads.
      So many questions to be asked and answered. The Social Service authority in St. Lucia will quiz her and offer her advice.

  16. My Take
    April 14, 2016

    If alleged high ranking men in Dominica could have the heart and courage to behave inappropriately with a 15 year old girl, do I find it a big matter for most likely a bear foot man in SLU who probably doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend to turn to?

  17. MOTHER
    April 14, 2016

    IT TAKES A VILLAGE. We all have to get involve to prevent such unlucky conditions.

    The same people who are judging the parent are the same ones who aren’t doing a damn thing for her. She went to work

  18. I Love Dca
    April 14, 2016

    End times – children will bring forth children. Really thought I would be old and gone before revelations started..

    • zuf
      April 14, 2016

      I Love Dca please tell me the verse and chapter in revelation you read it?, or a matter of fact anywhere in the Bible it states “children shall bring forth children” I bet you cannot find it because it is not from the Bible..

  19. Fools Paradise
    April 14, 2016

    If a situation like this happened in Dominica I would not be surprised at all to hear the name of some policy makers being the dad. But then again we would not hear that because they would find a way to send her to China or a far country, under the name of medical emergency that requires surgery that cannot be performed here.

    • Face the Facts
      April 14, 2016

      A few D/can parents have done that but with an older child so that no one knows they are pregnant. When they have the baby they return. Then everyone knows.

  20. Shameless
    April 14, 2016

    Alas, the caribbean really have a pedofile problem that needs addressing ASAP. We are destroying the future generation one at a time. Yet when accused people are asked to step down from high positions in the public interest some have the nerve to castigate those asking them to do so. God help us all if we continue to be hypocrites and parasites while our children are destroyed. I call for castration to be one form one punishment for these crimes. God help us all… :twisted: :twisted:

    Always Assertive! :twisted:

    • Channel 1
      April 14, 2016

      @Shameless – Pedophilia is wrong. But hear dis – there are currently arguments being put forward in Europe that pedophilia ought not be viewed as an abnormality but rather as a normal sexual orientation (just like how the delusional and perverts out there have tried to justify homosexuality).

      It’s all on the internet for one to read. And some of these arguments being put forward to justify pedophilia are coming from psychologists and other so-called educated persons eh.

      Just wait for the pro-pedophilia groups to get going. One of their first orders of business might be to get the age of consent lowered. In some countries, the age of consent is 12-14(it varies across countries).

      As someone once said – The only difference between pedophilia and homosexuality is just a matter of time.

      • April 17, 2016

        I have seen several different independent studies that show homosexuals are three times as likely to molest children as heterosexuals.

        Much of the energy to have the age of consent lowered or abolished is coming from homosexual organizations. A large homosexual organization in the USA published a special edition of their official magazine devoted to promoting man-boy sex. The motto of this organization at that time was “Sex by Eight or it is too Late.” Since then they may have been forced to drop that motto.

        Some mental health professionals (psychologists and psychiatrists) have asked that pedophilia be legally declared “an orientation”. This would supposedly recognize that they were “born that way” and people would not be allowed to “discriminate” against them. Since homosexuals have already gained this legal ground in some places it is now easier for pedophiles to campaign for the same recognition.

        Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill. Evangelist.

    • Opinionated
      April 14, 2016

      Did you read the article? The boy in question is 17 years old.

      How is this pedophilia? Pedophilia is an attraction towards prepubescent children – do you know what this means? They are children who have not reached puberty.

    • BE FAIR
      April 14, 2016

      How do you know it is for an older guy/man. Could it be possible that it is for someone around her age. If she is 11 and pregnant, could the guy be 111, 12, 13
      stop putting politic into every thing. I know of a child not to long ago her age who got pregnant by a boy of just 1 yr older than her.

    • Face the Facts
      April 14, 2016

      You state pedophile. How about educating or informing the boys and girls not to indulge in this. They are not praying enough and attending church and reading relevant information.
      Recall those days when most mothers were at home and disciplined their children? They monitored their children’s activities, daughters and sons. They were not allowed to go out at nights. Today mothers work and are not home to be with their children when they return from school.
      I can tell you I had such parents. My father was the breadwinner. My mother never worked. She knew when we should be home after school and games. If we were allowed to go to the movies – matinee with our friends – she knew when the movie was over and what time we should have been home. If we were a few minutes late she would admonish us. Mind you, we were with our friends, taking a stroll after the movie or were at their home. :)
      Those were the innocent days but not for every child. It is worst today.

  21. Dominican
    April 14, 2016

    They should sling the bastard who did this in jail, throw away the key and emasculate him.

    • Opinionated
      April 14, 2016

      The boy is alleged to be 17 years old, you are not making any sense.

        April 14, 2016

        Well sah, a 17 old boy should know better. Justice for the 11 year old!

    • Face the Facts
      April 14, 2016

      Do not be harsh. This is what happens when boy meets girl and they are alone or arrange to meet and be with each other. Sparks fly and whatever else happens. :lol:

    • Dominican
      April 15, 2016

      Opinionated. I don’t know about St. Lucia but in Dominica any person, who unlawfully and carnally knows a girl under the age of fourteen (14) years is liable to imprisonment for life.
      It does not say anything about the age of the perpetrator except that should he be under the age of sixteen ( 16) the Court may order him to be whipped instead, as described by the Juvenile Offences Punishment Act.

  22. JahGuide
    April 14, 2016

    8-O 8-O 8-O 8-O 8-O

  23. Big Bannan
    April 14, 2016

    Well yes papa.

  24. Parasite
    April 14, 2016

    My good god must be a monster that committed such an atrocious crime. What does that little girl even knws about parenting much less too lock after a baby?? Sickening. All you monsters out there go and look for grown women to have sex with and stop preying on minors.

    • Face the Facts
      April 14, 2016

      When you read matters and on DNO, keep them in mind. It pays to have a good memory. Children are not as innocent as those who are adults believe. Remember the eight year-old that the aged man had sexual relations with? Do you recall that she told her brothers, “Me and uncle . . . was sexing? She knows about that. It was as if there was nothing to it and acceptable for an eight-year old. Some of them are smarter than you think.

  25. Too Hard Too Long.
    April 14, 2016

    I am crying for these children.
    An 11 year old girl is pregnant for a grade 6 boy. Two children in trouble but as usual, the girl and her mother are the ones with the problem. Women – watch out for yourselves and your children

    • may
      April 14, 2016

      Read and understand,the girl is the grade 6 student not the child father.

    • Face the Facts
      April 14, 2016

      What we must do is to pray for them. We must pray for the entire world, no exception our country and wherever we reside. This is what God wants of us.
      A few years ago I attended a Catholic prayerful gathering. A visionary from former Croatia visited Toronto. He receives messages from Our Lady, The Mother of God. After he received the messages, he told us what She stated. One of the messages I vividly remember, as he related to the gathering: “The children of today are facing difficult times.”
      God knows what is happening to His children on earth, the little children. It must make Our Lord Jesus Christ cry. We must tell that to the world.
      Children are the future adults. Note the attitude of some adults be it on this Website in their comments to others. Their comments tell much about them. I need not elaborate further.
      This should tell us to pray for them. Some of them did not, others do not have proper parents and guidance.

    April 14, 2016

    The man who did this to a child is worthy of all punishments available. A heart does not respond to misery, is miserable!

  27. Dominican Passports
    April 14, 2016

    Yes I… Lawd have mercy on this hungry men.

  28. April 14, 2016

    Best outcome find out who is responsible .If the male who is responsible is a minor ,his family is responsible,if the male is an adult ,he is responsible by law and should be put under arrest as soon as possible,while this child should be taken away from her family and be placed under protective care because many people in st Lucia have been killed to prevent them from being the main witness in a criminal case.I do feel sorry for that child because if she comes from a broken family now her life can be a wreck due to an early pregnancy..I can only wish the best for this child and hope in the near future she will overcome her troubles ..she isn’t the first very young child in this case ,there have been others who were even younger ;but take this as a lesson,having children at a very young age is not good for any child nor the families of both parties that are involved..

    • B.E.B
      April 14, 2016

      The male is a 17 year old and he claims that he is not the father of the unborn child, he claims that the girl was sexually active with other guys. The police are looking for him and his family sent him to live in another community. The mother of the girl had just found herself a new job leaving her in the care of her 16 year old sister.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        April 14, 2016

        BEB: you appear to be fully informed, you are even more detailed than what is written in the article. Whereas it seems that a teen age is the father, I doubt there is much one can argue.

        However, such is likely to happen in the Caribbean where sex education is taboo! When I was a child I was told that my pines is my puppy. Little girls were told they have a nunuosh, of some other stupid name beside a vagina.

        When a child used the “F” word they were wiped, when parents refuse to discus the anatomy of the human body with their children, what we are reading here is likely to happen even more often.

        When my oldest daughter was around this child in question age, I sat her down along with her older brothers, and sister about four years old, and gave them some sex education, my former wife thought they should learn that else where, nevertheless, I never had any of my children involving in premature sexual activities!

  29. FED UP
    April 14, 2016

    Why are we not protecting our children? What is happening to this world? I am disgusted – and of course the sickos out there will blame the child. CHILDREN CANNOT GIVE CONSENT!

    • Face the Facts
      April 14, 2016

      Are you not aware that parents are the primary educators of their children? Blame no one else but them.

  30. kisses
    April 14, 2016

    hmmm common thats expected thats not news to my ears

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