New forum for Caribbean and Latin America will not be a burden – CARICOM chairman

CARICOM Chairman, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says a new forum established by the Caribbean and Latin America will seek to address issues affecting member countries.

The first ever Caricom/Mexico Summit ended in Cancun on Tuesday with the formation of the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States, which “should not be another bureaucracy which will cause any burden to existing governments in terms of its own funding,” Skerrit said.

“It’s a forum where we can come together as Caribbean and Latin American countries to address issues pertaining to us,” he said, pointing to matters such as democracy, crime and security, trade, and integration.

The CARICOM chairman dismissed suggestions that the new forum is meant to exclude the United States and Canada, and will undermine the Organisation of American States (OAS).

“There have been much talk about attempts to set aside the US and Canada; this is not the case at all. The US and Canada are not part of the Caribbean region and there are particular challenges which confront us …We cannot set aside the fact that there are several issues which are germane only to the Caribbean and Latin America and some of them we have to find solutions for ourselves and others. We must draw on the support of our fellow Caribbean and Latin American states to seek to advance our issues

He further clarified that the new forum will not ignore an existing organisation; rather Latin American and Caribbean leaders believe it will strengthen the OAS and their resolve at the United Nations (UN).

“If we had done this in the 80’s in a more profound manner, the challenges which we have with our banana industry would not be so …While the US is the one who led the fight against us in terms of our bananas, Ecuador plays a very important role too,” he added.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 25, 2010

    Carribbean Genius:

    No need for your hostility. Thats your opinion.

    The french like America is an industrial country . They used the poor countries to make themselves rich. The same goes for most of the other industrial nations.
    Yes they have a socialist Government driven by enormous Capital but like America there constitution of freedom brotherhood justice etc is simmilar, as a matter of fact the constitution of the US whch brings power to the people was adopted from france.

    The bottom line is these countries have historically had a bad government system where the leaders a greedy for wealth. They forget about brotherhood and freedom and blame America for there poverty. If you have a broken house you fix it and make it strong. If you let me come and do that for you then am gonna take over.

    All these large countries are looking to make a statement to the world that I am more powerfull than you, i would prefer be associated to one where i know i cannot Go to jail for speaking against my Government and where the power or the sucess of the political system lies in the hands of the people based on the basic principles of equality, Fraternity, justice and so on.

    Remember you are entitled to your opinion and that I respect.

  2. caribbean genius
    February 24, 2010

    To LCM and Skerrit following Chavez too closely..

    Are you kidding me, do you all really understand what capitalism is? LCM i think you are very limited in your understanding of the three types of system, take your head out your a** and research the different types of systems…Socialist, Capitalist and Communist. Then you come and talk to me, and please refer to me by name and we could argue this.

    Latin America and the other countries are poor because capitalist countries like the U.S.A, which you adore, through the IMF have instituted measures to keep these countries poor. Funneling wealth from the smaller developing countries into the developed ones.

    For your info France is socialist…
    Here is something you could start with…Capitalism. A love Story… Please make an effort to watch it.

    I think there is too much information at our fingertips to still be living in blindness and idiocy….

    I know we still suffering from the Willy Lynch syndrome and brainwashed by the education system, but at some point we need to wake up, rise up and find truth..


  3. Grand Bayrian
    February 24, 2010

    Tell me another one! Excluding Canada and the US?…… Do I have to remind you that most of your country men reisdes in Canada and the US. That is a rediculous idea. I am for greater cooperation with Latin America, but you can’t begin by excluding countries.

    We have Caricom/Cari-go-no-where,OAS, OECS, now we want OS without A.

    The Rest of the world are coming together, and we trying to go in the opposite direction?… I guess we have lots of financial resources to waste. Chavez, is unstable, and we have to be careful, with his antiques.

  4. LCM
    February 24, 2010

    Democracy Hmmm hmmm, Was it not Chavez who talked about forming a new world order without America a few months ago. I see a big wolf in Sheep clothing. This is just the begining. Latin America cannot fix there problem. Columbia and Venezuela in friction over paramilitary problems and has a mini arms race. Russia is again playing with venezuela trading large stocks of military hardware.

    Cocaine problems in Colombia and other latin american countries which pass through the Caribbean to the US. How can you separate the problems of the caribbean and latin America from the US.

    Some of these countries economies depend on large sums of money sent home by there citizens living and working in the US. Just ask Ecuador.

    If they want to solve the problem they need to fix their Government system and respect the rights of every citizen. Give them the opportunity to develop and use their skills, gifts education and talents to the development of their country. How can you talk about Democracy when Cuba is still communist and chavez is trying to be an extreme socialist.

    The reason Why the US is powerful is because their political system is without a doubt the best in the world that promotes free enterprise. Believe it or not the power is in the hands of the people not the Government. That is why they are change potentially every four years. Don’t you realize that they do not need to have a leader for more than 8 years. It tells you where the power is.

    I say the US, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean needs one another and our problems are linked. Let see how long this last before hot headed Chavez explode.

  5. The King Is Coming!!
    February 24, 2010

    This is the sign of the end times. Canada, North America and South America coming together, the Caribbean must join. The new dollar is cominig, the “Amero”, read about it on the internet. There is also the “Gulfo”. There is already the “Euro”. Soon there will be no US dollar bill, as all this will be moved to one world currency.

    Repent, for Christ is coming soon. The Word of God is true, and the King of Kings and the Lord of lords will soon be revealed.

  6. Skerrit is follwing chavez too closely!
    February 24, 2010

    It is really disturbing to see how closely Skerrit is follwoing chavez and castro. Yes, it is a sad mistake to form a new organization when there is already the OAS. All the countries in this new group are anti-USA and have socialist ideas. Are we going in this direction, Mr Skerrit? Chavez is quickly nationalising the private companies and closing the free press. Is that the guy that is skerrit mentor? It is interesting to note that the loveres of castro and chavez will only talk but will not live in cuba or venezuela but will run to get a USA green card for themselves and theior children, hmmm,

  7. February 24, 2010

    Mr PM to exclude Canada and the US is a grave mistake , not only are the other Countries in the same position as caricom some are even worst, we could never compete with the other latin countries in banana production, you are in a better position with all your latin compadres make it happen now you are the “man” work your magic.

  8. LMAO
    February 24, 2010

    hmmmmmm… interesting…..


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