STORY OF INTEREST: Foreign minister says St. Lucia is getting a bad rap in the UK

Rufus Bousquet

CASTRIES, St. Lucia, CMC – Foreign Minister Rufus Bousquet believes the illegal use of St. Lucian passports by persons with criminal intent, including nationals from other parts of the Caribbean, is giving the island a bad name in the United Kingdom.

The British government recently announced that it was re-considering whether to allow St. Lucians and Dominicans to continue to enter the UK without visas.

Bousquet pointed out that as an independent country, Britain reserved the right to implement a visa review, even as he admitted that St. Lucia’s image has been somewhat tarnished.


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  1. Anonymous
    December 27, 2010

    yes sah

  2. Blanca roach
    May 6, 2010

    Oh really? Defiant blog. all things must pass,

    Here is another opposite literary attempt

    A draft summary of the findings was obtained by The Associated Press. In one instance, the investigator used the Social Security number of a man who died in 1965, a fake New York birth certificate and a fake Florida drivers license. He received a passport four days later.

  3. Cesare Bonventre
    April 23, 2010

    It is the International Banking Cartel known as the IMF-World Bank & their partner Goldman Sachs that are the worlds financial terrorists; they should be decapitated!

    It is not the UK that points the finger but rather their cartel of international bankers who sit with complete impunity in their own country – The City of London

    Throughout history when bankers have seized control of the system & impoverished the community there has been some penalty to pay & this is one of those inflection points in history where a group of individuals have taken it upon themselves to bankrupt the state.

    Stock options, like hedge funds & derivatives & credit default swapping, are simple counterfeiting! It is not matter of making poor business decisions: back dating stock options & issuing them after rigging is counterfeiting, fraud & embezzlement. It is a preplanned financial holocaust by financial terrorists! If Osama Bin Laden were running the Central Banks in America, he would be doing a much better job of it!

    The damage done by these financial terrorists like Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan-Chase along with the FED, who dole out billions in free bonuses, is incalculable! Even Greenspan himself admitted it was a huge mistake by saying: I’m in the pocket of the corrupt bankers, and I am aiding & abetting the destruction of the financial system!

    European state aid is interlocked into the International Bank of Settlements, which is tied to World Bank, which is tied into the IMF, which is once again tied into Goldman Sachs! Why doesn’t Europe & America want to be independent of Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan-Chase? Instead their lives are dictated to by a bunch of arbitrage wielding sycophants & sociopathic criminals who profit by destroying the system!

    So unemployment & the numbers of uninsured are skyrocketing; the social fabric is coming unglued such as in Iceland, Greece & St Lucia; all due to this premeditated financial terrorism by these banking oligarchs.

    The FED & Treasury are the purveyors of US T Bonds. But for many years, big banks like JP Morgan-Chase & Goldman Sachs have sold T Bonds that they had no authority to sell; which is essentially counterfeiting those bonds: Selling short Bonds that don’t even exist

    The FCC had all records on criminals like Paulson, Geithner, Ruben, Summers & others engaging in that illegal activity. But all the records of those illegal trades were destroyed when WTC 7 was brought down by thermite on 9/11!

    The Anglo-Saxons are too weak-minded to shrug off their master’s control – I pray the Caribbean is stronger at throwing off the shackles of their banking captors!

    In the meantime, today BRIC declares 2010 deadline for World Bank, IMF reform

    Currently, world is forming ad-hoc currency baskets for trade in order to get away from the contamination, which is the US dollar, (Chiang Mai Initiative & Bank of the South); & setting up for a new World Order Currency; Even the Middle East has signed on, (prompting the USA to threaten Iran now)!

    Meanwhile, the USA, Britain & Greece have Stockholm Syndrome, where the terrorized population actually supports their terrorist! For example, a few months ago, Obama actually gave more power to their captors, privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, rather than prosecuting them.

  4. April 23, 2010

    Stop blaming the Government, blame yourselves, Dominicans and St Lucians following all viex callite jamaican in the uk. Blame UWP for selling all those passports to chinese.

    We should be imposing VISAS on Americans, Canadians and the British, these three countries harness alot of CRIMINALS, TERRORISTS AND DRUG PUSHERS our young people are poisoned by them.

    Look at all the arabs, africans and asians the US accept in their country, they teach people how to make guuns and bombs, these people come with their pagan beliefs and customs, listen to CNN, NBC, ABC News gang fights in the states are infiltrating our young peoples minds with hatred.

    This is a presence of Babylon that we do not need in Dominica, all of them must be screened before being accepted in our unspoilt island.

  5. Fairplay
    April 23, 2010

    The UWP sold passports when they were in office That was one of their main cash stream.

  6. Selling your soul?
    April 23, 2010

    The ruling party in Dominica still has not learnt from the Passport — Selling, failed Layou River Hotel Project fiasco which ended Dominica in court in BVI, visa restrictions, secrecy. Dominicans are being fooled again and again or love being fooled again and again and again. The GOVT close allies and advisers were up in arms against the PM. It was Felix Chen who took the matter to court, so we were able to get back 51% back while he received his share. The Govt did nothing to obtain its share for Dominicans, but simply served as witness in the court case. Those involved included Felix Chen who wanted his $20,000,000 investment into a certain company. David Hsui, Dominica’s ambassador to China (imagine that. Payment for his service?) and Kieron Pinard-Byrne top accountant, auditor ect.. ect.. were also closely involved.

    There was talk of the liquidation of the company Felix Chen could not afford to lose that huge investment. The case of liquidation will soon be heard in the BVI courts. Will the PM be a witness? Will Dominica’s name be further rubbed in the rubbish heap?

    Yet there is no pronouncement or plan made by the govt to provide Dominicans with a comprehensive Report, an evaluation of that Economic Citizenship Programme. The indiscriminate, unaccountable Selling of our passports have been plagued with all kinds of problems. Who are the persons selling passports? How many are being sold and have been sold, to whom as well as how mucv money the activity has brought in to our treasury? Even one asks, be it political party, Civil Society Organisations, or individuals, no information is forthcoming. Agreements are made and signed with foreigners, individuals or orgs. to sell Dominica passports for those who want second citizenship, but people are in the dark as to who until the story breaks.

    Authorities must listen. Evaluate that Selling Passport activity with the view of stopping that nonsense that are going on because crooks, vagabonds, money-launderers, terrorists have penetrated. Don’t continue to aid and abet such persons who cares nothing of Dominica. Have we lost our sovereignty? We tell the children if they do not listen to good advice they will feel. But who cares? We like it so? Is so Dominica come?


    • Domerican
      April 23, 2010

      I hear you fellow Dominican. At least there are still those of us who truly care about the soul of Dominica.

    • Tete sot
      April 23, 2010

      SELLINGYOURSOUL, i have been a supporter of the ruling party for quite some time now. However i monsieur tete sot strongly agree with what you wrote in your three last paragraphs. You hit the nail onthe head. I would like to see the programme scrapped altoghether. It has brought us too much pain. NO ONE should come to dominica and be allowed to apply for a passport unless they have lived in Dominica for a period of not less than 5 { five} years and must have kept their records clean , they are gainfully employed or are conducting legitimate business in dominica. ALSO NOW IS THE TIME TO DO A COMPLETE OVERHAUL OF OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS TO BRING THE UP TO INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. We must also weed out the corrupt imigration officers and ALL OTHERS who aid and abet such actions. thank you.

      • Mark Hunter
        April 23, 2010

        Economic Citizenship will bring in assets, money and more importantly technology from industrialized nations!

        As an American ex-pat, I am currently organizing strategical plans to bring an Austrian manufacturing plant to Dominica to locally produce ICF’s, (insulated concrete forms – a sustainable (green) solution used to construct hurricane & seismic proof buildings). Dominican’s will be highly trained to work with these products and to build a Dominica that is resistant to hurricanes & seismic events, (such as the recent seismic events in Portsmouth).

        At present I am handling the first phase to promote ALL Dominica’s building assets & construction firms – Which is among other things, creating open forums and proving technical material to enhance the construction techniques on all Dominica; and, providing conferences of construction-related dialog to promote concerns of bankers to the Public Seismic Networks, Inc., Dominica. This organization is called, The Nature Island Builders Organization; and, will be providing an online web-based education portal called, The Nature Island Builders Discovery Tool, (please note the Organizations preamble at the end of letter).

        As a well-connected physician here in Manhattan, New York, eager to immigrate to Dominica, I am also eager to DONATE a significant measure of medical assets & expertise to Dominica.

        I would very much like to provide education assets to the school children of Dominica; stimulate native interest & expertise in Dominica’s natural ecology; enhance the computer technology & internet backbone of Dominica; promote the Waitukubuli National Trail as an Ultra-Running event, (The typical entrance fee for Ultra Running is in the hundreds of dollars ($750 US on up) – and they still have to turn runners down as there are too many – Many Ultra Running events are held in Costa Rica – Buy clearly, Dominica would be the best place in the world for the event!); bring geothermal to Dominica through Raser Technologies (a firm which can fund & have operational geothermal solutions of any size within a couple short months or less); and many other contributions I am unable too fully innumerate here.

        The purpose of this editorial writing is to promote how Dominica’s future will benefit through the JUDICIOUS acceptance of foreign citizens as her own. And through this means to end the continual drain of Dominica’s talent to foreign lands.

        Many capable Dominican’s are forced by circumstance to live in foreign lands for opportunities they can’t find in Dominica. Promoting the immigration of the very best, brightest & truly committed ex-pat’s into Dominica will guarantee her prosperity long into the future & create opportunity that brings Dominica’s own great people back home again.

        In summary, gifted & fully committed ex-pats replete with extraordinary new technologies from foreign lands can provide prosperity, pride & protection to the extraordinary people of Dominica.

        The Dominican government’s role is to assure it is JUDICIOUS in granting economic citizenship. To achieve the best selection of outstanding ex-pat’s into the citizenship programme, it must base its decisions of immigration acceptance NOT solely upon A FIST FULL OF DOLLARS, but rather upon the commitment & ability of an ex-pat candidate to devote their entire lives to improving the quality of life on Dominica!

        Ending economic citizenship all together would spell the end of an enormous opportunity to enhance Dominica’s future. However, simply relying on “money” as the sole-measure for citizenship is just as bad as having no citizenship programme at all.

        Simply relying upon money seldom works any better for a government than it would for a father who tosses a few dollars at his children every time they have a problem, (when what is needed is the extension of more personal one-on-one interest in their individual problems).

        Money alone is seldom ever a complete solution to anything – Viable solutions will always require a little time and personal effort extended in a case-by-case basis! In the matter of economic citizenship, government will have to resolve itself to consider the immigrant applicants commitment & potential to improve the great nation of Dominica.

        In summary, a smart Economic citizenship programme would grant acceptance based upon the applicants commitment and ability to serve the people of Dominica over the long-haul; and, not simply on a fist full of dollars!

        Preamble to the Nature Island Building Organization:

        Dominica’s natural resources are her best asset

        The people of Dominica are the humble care-takers of these vital resources

        At this time when most the Caribbean is short of water, the people of Dominica need to continue teaching her children that the earth is our mother. What befalls the earth befalls all the sons of the earth.

        This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.

        I was direct witness to the destruction of the pristine lakes of the Texas Hill Country – All lost due to the run off of fertilizer used to promote lawns & golf courses. The fertilizer run-off of luxury constructions changed the pH of the water & promoted the growth of algae, etc. Soon, no one could see a foot through the water – An utter & complete destruction of all her waters took a mere two years! Never again will Texas have beautiful waters.

        The Dominica people love this earth as a newborn loves its mother’s heartbeat. So, if they move forward to develop the land, those who build upon her must love it as the people of Dominica have loved it. Builders must care for it as the people of Dominica have cared for it. The builders of Dominica must hold in their minds the memory of the land as it is when they receive it: Preserve the land for all children and love it, as God loves us all.

        As we are part of the land, you too are part of the land. This earth is precious to us. It is also precious to you. One thing we know: There is only one God. No man, be he Black, White or Yellow, can be apart. We ‘are’ brothers after all”

        ADMIN: Next time please try to keep you post shorter, or else it won’t be approved.

  7. ja
    April 22, 2010

    mr skerrit i beg you please to resign. Trust me I know the perks are nice, but the job is not for you. save this country , do the right thing please step down

  8. de caribbean change
    April 22, 2010

    Not somewhat tarnished – it has been tarnished for years now and the governments of St. Lucia seem impotent against the rising crimes taking place in the Helen of the West, the Cinderella of the Caribbean. TOO MANY INSENSATE MURDERS. This trend needs to stop, and I beg the governments of the Caribbean islands to resume hanging at the gallows. Believe me, hanging is a deterrent if it is enforced and applied. If you do not hang, then the senseless murders continue unabated.

  9. 4ALL2C
    April 22, 2010

    This is a leader that makes sense and admits that it is foreign nationals with cloudy reputation using fake St.Lucia passport as their ticket to Britain. He realise the importance of a good name and the effort that is needed within government that has to be done to curb this negative image.
    We in Dominica , bad name is no BIG DEAL!! Pm Skerrit telling the national some BS as to D/cans lieing on imigration forms etc— That was just a pact of BULL. He forget that the same vagrance that using St.lucia passports he is sellin D/can passport to the WORST criminals in the world- That is why those countries national need Visa—STOP SELLING D/CA PASSPORT TO TERRORIST HOT BEDS like Iran and the OTHERS—-Soon we will hear of a DOminican Terrorist born in IRAN….SKERRO STOP THE MADNESS!!!

    • gwatance
      April 23, 2010

      True say! we have Dominicans born in Haiti, Dominicans born in China, Dominicans born in Santo Domingo, Dominicans born in Nigeria, Dominicans born Iran, right now the Iranians changing their names from thier arabic kind of names to local names right here in our registry after they get the passports, boy we on a time bomb waiting to explode! recently i went to the US Embassy to get a US visa, i was amazed to find that out of the ten of us Dominicans who were applying for visas, seven were Haitians, and they got it. That means seven less Dominicans to get US visas this quarter, and i was told by the taxi driver that every week he having to take Haitians/Dominicans to the embassy and all of them getting thier visas, i was even informed that once they get the visa they dont come back here they buy a ticket at Grantley Adams straight to New York or Boston; boy we in trouble, real trouble here;

    • oh yes
      April 23, 2010

      READ READ READ!!!!! AND UNDERSTAND!!!! He didnt say selling passports, he said the illegal use of St. Lucian passports. Big difference with selling. Stop interpreting it in your own way to make it political!

      Everything that happen allu have to bring it to politics??? DAMN IT MAN! Politics that running your life?

      • ES
        April 23, 2010

        @ oh yes. stop tryin to play smart! it doesnt make a difference, at the end of the day, either way, the same problem exists! so open your mind!

      • ES
        April 23, 2010

        but what Gwatance said there…is very serious. we gone be in lots of trouble with that kind of situation. am surprised to hear this. hmmm. peter gona pay for paul here.

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