Doctor in hot water after prescribing ‘Jesus’ to patient

A Christian doctor in England has been threatened with an official warning from his professional body for discussing Jesus with a patient, The (London) Sunday Times reported.

Richard Scott, a doctor for 28 years, is under investigation by the General Medical Council (GMC) and faces disciplinary action after he suggested to a 24-year-old man that he might find solace in Christianity.

Scott, who practices at a medical center in Margate, east of London, well known for having Christian doctors, insists he only raised his spiritual beliefs after carrying out a thorough and lengthy consultation, during which medical checks and referrals for further care were arranged.

When the man’s mother inquired of the consultation, however, her son apparently replied, “He just said I need Jesus.” This prompted his mother to refer Scott to the GMC, claiming that he had not offered medical advice during the consultation but instead talked about Jesus.

The young man, who has been described as “in a rut and in need of help” grew up in a different religion but his faith had lapsed. He has continued to seek treatment from the practice despite the complaint filed by his mother.

The GMC has written to Scott suggesting he accept an official warning but the GP (family doctor), who has an unblemished record as a medic, has decided to fight the allegations and stand up to what he believes is a politically correct trend in Britain to persecute Christians for expressing their faith in the workplace.

Scott fears that if he accepts the warning, and discusses his Christian beliefs with other patients, he could be struck off.

He maintains he acted professionally and says the complaint was made against him in the knowledge that professional bodies are nervous about claims of a religious nature.

Scott said, “I only discussed my faith at the end of a lengthy medical consultation after exploring the various interventions that the patient had previously tried, and after promising to follow up the patient’s request for an appointment with other medical professionals.

“I only discussed mutual faith after obtaining the patient’s permission. In our conversation, I said that, personally, I had found having faith in Jesus helped me and could help the patient. At no time did the patient indicate that they were offended, or that they wanted to stop the discussion. If that had been the case, I would have immediately ended the conversation.

“This complaint was brought to the GMC not by the patient, who has continued to be a patient in this practice, but by the patient’s mother.”

Scott is a partner at the Bethesda medical center in Margate, Kent. The six partners at the practice are all Christians and it has taken a biblical name. Practice leaflets and message boards publicize the doctors’ religion and invite patients to raise Christian beliefs with them.

Scott is being advised by the Christian Legal Center. Paul Diamond, the leading human rights barrister, has been instructed in the case.

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  1. i dont go to church yet i know god.
    May 24, 2011

    i am looking for a problenm and i cant find it

  2. cuscus
    May 23, 2011

    But i doh see with de lady, the guy is an adult , if had taken up offense he could have fight his battle on his own . Parents need to Know when to let go .

  3. pat
    May 23, 2011


  4. old and sexy
    May 23, 2011

    why couldnt the patient report dat.the patient has a right to accept or decline and he still going with the flow,so wats his mother’s point. he is not a child,is he mentally challenged or something?

  5. Blessed N Highly Favored
    May 23, 2011

    This by no means will Prevent the fact that God will return to judge the just and the unjust. Dr. Scott saw the need for this young man’s salvation and he did his responsible act on earth, as a witness to other people that they need to repent and serve the God Almighty or else he will be going around in circles. And all the naysayers need to also surrender their heart to Jesus because they too must stand before Him on the day of Jusfement ;-)

  6. AHHA???
    May 23, 2011

    Whats really wrong with Buckingham, the Vatican, the Pentagon, and the White house…? The mark of the beast just ah come and ah creep in under man feet!!!!

  7. tiny
    May 23, 2011

    that name Jesus………………..demons tremble

  8. Dr.Finger
    May 23, 2011

    There is no double standard and hypocracy anywhere than the Muslim Faith (Islam). May the blood of Jesus Christ be upon you. I believe you need Jesus.

  9. moi
    May 23, 2011

    More Power to Dr Scott. Jesus is the answer.

  10. J.J.John-Charles
    May 23, 2011

    In 1962,prayer in public school was found unconstitutional. in the U.S.
    By 1973,abortion on demand was legalized.

    England is no better.
    Muslim call the west hypocrites?. You cannot practice any other faith in a muslim country,Yet the muslims are free to practice their religion in the west.That is double standard.on his part

  11. Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
    May 23, 2011

    I had to laugh at this one but in a good manner. Actually it thrilled me what the doctor finally said to the man :lol: Hearts off to this doctor.
    It is a serious matter and one to be taken seriously about our Christian faith, this is a clear indication that Christians are persecuted worldwide. They are not allowed to speak about God in the workplace and those who are professionals as this doctor is not able to counsel the man, after examining him, offering him medical advice and informing him that he needs Jesus.
    Whenever others inform me of their burdens which none of us are immune to, one way or the other, I inform to practice the faith and pray in addition to performing good works – act of love – charity in Jesus Name. JESUS IS THE ANSWER.
    GOD IS THE ANSWER TO OUR PROBLEMS AND WOES AND OUR HEALTH TOO! God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
    I do believe that the doctor is within his Christian right to inform this man what would cure his ailment. You know, it is not difficult to conclude, if we are so inclined to godly enlightenment after listening to some people speak to us about their problems
    There are too many people who have ceased practicing the faith. Some were not baptized in the faith. They are ignorant of the Christian faith and what God can do for them, calm the storm, provide peace of heart, mind and happiness, no matter what the struggles. They live with no hope and have no hope. This man needs to be informed about Our Lord Jesus Christ for his own sake and eternal salvation.
    It is said that religious (Christian) folks who practice the faith are happier than those who do not practice the faith. I read this in a Toronto newspaper. I clipped the copy and have it in my files.
    Some years ago while at the cashier’s counter waiting to pay for my groceries I noticed a small book – booklet entitled “Faith”. I bought it. Briefly, at the beginning of the booklet many doctors stated that some people were cured by their faith in God and that they were amazed.
    It is what the man relayed to his mother. He meant no harm. The mother assumed that all the doctor stated to him was that he needed Jesus. As ignorant in every respect as she is, she reported the doctor. This very mother appears to need Jesus. Who knows? She may not have nurtured her son in the faith. He may not be baptized.
    Some people are practicing nothing. These will have all sorts of problems and health problems and cannot cope with them. They think that the doctor could cure them with a few pills. Those pills just make them worst and eventually lead to their demise. This doctor is a spiritually enlightened one to inform the man that he needs Jesus.
    My further thought is that Christians, if it were possible, as many as possible should assist this doctor and write the GMC, also descend on the Court and be witnesses and defend this doctor.
    Some people as the GMC, no exception governments which also implement immoral laws pacify others as the agnostics and atheists. I cannot help but state when they stand before God they will have much to regret for all eternity.
    Our Lord said: “Those who do not recognize Me before all people I will not recognize them before My Heavenly Father” and “Whoever is ashamed of Me and My Word I will be ashamed of them when the Son of Man comes in His glory with his holy angels.”
    This is the Word of the Lord that no one can change and/or sever and by no means by their adverse and ungodly words and arguments. The Lord who is Master, King and Savior has spoken. His words are final. He is faithful and true to His promise. He does not rescind them.

    • Gary
      May 23, 2011

      When you mention quote “I do believe that the doctor is within his Christian right to inform this man what would cure his ailment.” that is very troubling and shows a great sign of arrogance and fanaticism on your part. Where this thing about Christian rights. comes from. It reminds me of the dark ages and the crusade I understand freedom of religious expression but using the term Christian rights, that is troubling. Now what makes you think that what ever ailment the person has, the mere fact the Doctor is a Christian and prescribe his religious beliefs as a form of healing or cure, do you think this is going to cure the person aliment or sickness. it would be interesting as to what your comment would be if the tables was reverse and the Doctor was a say Muslim, Buddhist or any other religion. What you need to understand is that, there is a difference between faith in God a creator and faith in Jesus, and it seems also you do not understand what the word respect means, it does not matter what religion you belong to, you have no right to intrude on a person and prescribe your religious views on another person, with out seeking first to understand them or getting to know them that is where the problems lies. People with their religious beliefs must learn to know when and how to engage people rather than being in your face, not everyone likes that.

      Another preposterous statement of yours quote “it is said that religious (Christian) folks who practice the faith are happier than those who do not practice the faith.” saying that you read this in the Toronto Star, and so it is true. Let me ask you, don’t you have a mind of you own? do you see any truth to this? well i guess it is because it suits your belief and lazy thinking rather than sifting facts from the truth. What is wrong with you or why are you obsessed with people if they do not practice or believe in your religion. What makes you think your religion has the cure for all sickness. When someone approaches me and tell me Jesus will cure me is this how you know someone is spiritually enlightened just because he mentions Jesus or believe in Jesus. Go read a book, learn what enlightenment is and stop making absurd statements based on what your religion teaches you and what you believe. Are you serious when you say that Christians are being persecuted sometimes i wonder about the things you say. I have always told you quoting the bible as a reference to prove your point means nothing. Matters should be examined and judged on their merits and not with religious beliefs, this was the same thing used to discredit knowledge, and suppress people, go read about Galileo, Copernicus and Micheal- Angelo and many more in the annals of history what religious beliefs has done to keep mankind in darkness in the name of God.

      • Truth, Justice, Love, Peace and Unity
        May 23, 2011

        @ Gary

        By your response you are wrong. You lack comprehension. You have depicted that you know absolutely nothing. You are not on the side of God but of Satan, the enemy of God and of our souls. :twisted: There will always be people like you in this world who criticize, downplay and denounce the good that others are doing in Jesus Name and by quoting some people who may be in the eternal cauldron of Satan’s everlasting fire. Whoever you are, conform your life to God’s Holy Will before it is too late for you – for all eternity.
        Do us a favor. Please do not include Michael Angelo in it.
        Did you comprehend the primary article that after the doctor listened to the man he informed him that he needs Jesus Christ? The Christian doctor is within his rights and is correct.
        Actually I meant to say, “Hats off to him!”
        People who complain to me about their burdens, I do not only listen to them then I inform them to pray to go to church and pray to God.
        Read James in the New Testament. “Faith and Works and Doers of the Word”.
        There are too many people who want help and who seek it be it mentally, physically and financially but who do not recognize God. They also envy those who may also not be well off but who practice their faith and who are happy.
        It appears to me that either you do not know what is contained in Holy Scriptures or you are an atheist.
        St. Paul said: “Proclaim the faith whether it is convenient or inconvenient…” IT IS IN HOLY SCRIPTURES!
        Therefore, cease your critic which is spurred on by the enemy of God and of our souls, Satan. Whose side are you on anyway?
        I suggest that you read and study Holy Scriptures.
        My primary teaching is taken from Holy Scriptures. I suggest you do likewise.

        • Gary
          May 24, 2011

          What is it with your condemnation of me calling me Satan or an enemy of God, is this how the religious mind reacts. I will tell you this God knows his enemies and not you. The enemies of God are not judged by religious beliefs. When you recommend that i conform, this gives me goose flesh, do you understand what it is to conform, do you understand what conformity means,.conformity is one of the greatest psychological evils of man. Well i guess it is the same way the Christian Doctor is correct it, is the same way you are correct wanting people to conform to your God and religious beliefs, very frighting indeed and when they don’t they are are called evil,
          that is how religion works, frightening indeed Oh by the way that thing you called Satan which you are so quick to associate me with is a belief of which is part of you religion and its teachings. Peace, unto you what ever you believe.

  12. Watching
    May 23, 2011

    Blessed is the man who is persecuted for the sake of Christ.

  13. Draco
    May 23, 2011

    England has become an increasingly atheist nation. Any religious people that work in areas of science or medicine are often scrutinized. Men like Richard Dawkins and Peter Adkins are responsible for that. They believe that any one proclaiming a faith based on the bible is “stupid or incredibly wicked”. Mr. Dawkins’ works precisely.

    • To Draco
      May 23, 2011

      Perhaps the bible isn’t as good a book as you think it to be, dear Draco.

      • Draco
        May 23, 2011

        I’ve heard my share of bible bashing sir, trust me, by skeptics and atheists alike. Still it stands.

  14. cockball
    May 23, 2011

    This is a wake-up call for all Bible believing christians. We will be required to make a stand for the kingdom, and this will likely cost us, possibly our careers even our lives. Thanks for Standing up Scott.

    • ?????
      May 23, 2011

      True say for this one!

    • Lizavier4Jesus
      May 23, 2011


      I say, Amen to that! And Praise to the Lord!

      At the name of Jesus, the demons tremble and raise the battle of fear! But God wiill silence the foe and the avenger, and His saints will win the war! To God be the glory. Alleluia!

  15. Really?
    May 23, 2011

    I guess if he had advised the patient to be gay, then there would have been no problems with that. What is this world really coming to, nuh?

  16. Amen
    May 23, 2011

    I guess the Doctor knows that they cannot heal. They only treat symptoms!

  17. thank god
    May 23, 2011

    god have his way off dealling with evil men
    we need a man like that in dominica
    god bless you scott i will ask m my church to pray for you

  18. shatta
    May 23, 2011

    the only people you can fool so easily in dominica is bath estate people ,u can sell dem $10 dollars for a $100 dollars, never came by a stupid community as there

    • Pre-Med
      May 23, 2011

      I see you’ve moved on from “people of grandbay” to “bath estate” now, huh?
      I hope you get the attention you’re OBVIOUSLY looking for.

    • Draco
      May 23, 2011

      Shatta, in the US they would call you an “attention whore”. Why are you making comments everywhere about bath estate? What happen, your ex from there and she give you G.P.?

  19. P.Aaron
    May 23, 2011

    this trend is nothing NEW ,the U S and england claims to be god fearing people,just like dominica but they we know the truth
    In the end its all about how many votes they can get by saying that

  20. Muslim_Always - an "infidel's" worst nightmare
    May 23, 2011

    So much for freedom of speech in the west. Double standard and hypocrisy.

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